13 Best Side Load Water Bottle Cages 2023 – Cage for Full-suspension Bikes

Bottle cages are the perfect bike components to store water bottles. There are many types of cages, but a top-loading cage is the best option for you to reach out for the bottle from both sides easily.

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Lezyne Flow SL | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Right, Black, 48g, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
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corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
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Lezyne Flow SL Pair | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Left & Right, Black, 48g Each, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
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Product Name
Lezyne Flow SL | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Right, Black, 48g, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
Lezyne Flow SL Pair | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Left & Right, Black, 48g Each, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
SAVADECK Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Water Bottle Cage Alloy Bike Bottle Holder Bike Accessories (Red)
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Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Lezyne Flow SL | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Right, Black, 48g, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
Product Name
Lezyne Flow SL | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Right, Black, 48g, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
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Good Choice
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
Product Name
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
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Amazon Prime
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Lezyne Flow SL Pair | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Left & Right, Black, 48g Each, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
Product Name
Lezyne Flow SL Pair | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Left & Right, Black, 48g Each, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
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SAVADECK Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Water Bottle Cage Alloy Bike Bottle Holder Bike Accessories (Red)
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SAVADECK Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Water Bottle Cage Alloy Bike Bottle Holder Bike Accessories (Red)
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Unfortunately, if you have a full-suspension bike, such luxury is not something you can afford. After all, a top-load cage would either constantly scratch your legs or not fit on the frames at all.

That’s precisely why side load bottle cages exist. These are cages with a structure specifically for full-suspension bikes. With this guide, you can choose the best side load water bottle cage for your bike’s specifications. After all, it’d be a bummer if things become more of a pain as a result of choosing an incompatible bottle cage.

Best Side Load Water Bottle Cage Reviews

1. LEZYNE Side Load Bicycle Bottle Cage

LEZYNE Side Load Bicycle Bottle Cage


Let’s start this off with the LEZYNE Side Load Flow Bottle Cage. While it may have a plain appearance, this product is quite flexible and durable as a result of having fiber-reinforced material as its main component.

Besides, this LEZYNE side load cage comes in six different colors, all boasting a clean look, compensating significantly for its simple appearance and allowing it to blend nicely when attached to your bike. In addition to the colors, the product also comes in left and right versions, so you can pick whichever is more convenient.

I haven’t seen bottles falling out of the bottle cages, even on rough rides, it is safe to say that the cage has a firm grip. With a small build and a weight of 48 grams, this model would make a perfect bottle cage for bikes with relatively tight clearance as it does not add further burden to the bike.

While the package does not include screws, the mounting holes are standard-sized, so getting a suitable screw from a store should be no problem. You can also take your time fine-tuning the cage by adjusting the position of the screws on the oval mounting holes.

Perhaps the only problem with this product is that the arms are not bendable, so you can’t fit large bottles greater than the cage’s size, or else it might deform.
  • Flexible and durable fiber-reinforced material
  • Comes in six colors to blend with your bike’s style
  • Right and left-hand versions available
  • Weighs 48 grams with a small structure suitable for tight bike frames
  • Firm grip for the security of your water bottles
  • Standard-sized oval mounting holes
  • Arms are not bendable
It can be said that the LEZYNE Side Load Flow Bicycle Bottle Cage looks just like your typical holder, but its performance can compete with high-quality products. I definitely would buy one again, and I suggest you try it too.

2. Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder

Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder


The Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder might leave an impression as a fragile piece due to its thin and lightweight design, weighing only 35 grams. But in truth, its fiber-reinforced polycarbonate construction is durable enough to withstand crack and break.

This holder comes in seven colors, including basic models in black, blue alloy, or white and unique pieces in blue, pink, red, or yellow. Thus, you will have more options for the one that matches your bike.

Plus, you will always receive two mounting screws for each purchase, which should fit on standard-sized bike eyelets. Do not hesitate to contact the seller in case your package comes without screws.

Lodging water bottles into the holder is a breeze. The arms of the cage let go of the bottles without scratching the surface, ensuring no damage even if you insert or remove them hurriedly.

Corki also made sure this bottle cage can accommodate a wide range of sizes, including 20oz-33oz/500ml-950ml bottles. So, although the arms are not bendable, with their secure grip and the assistance of the bottom support, it should be more than enough to keep the bottles from falling even if you go at high speeds.
  • Durable fiber-reinforced polycarbonate material
  • A lightweight design measuring 35 grams
  • Comes in seven colors and includes two stable mounting screws
  • Secure grip yet the cage does not scratch bottle’s surface
  • Suitable for 20oz-33oz/500ml-950ml water bottles
  • Arms cannot be bent
This water bottle holder from Corki is surprisingly robust and long-lasting, contrary to its look. Overall, I highly recommend this cage for bikers that love products with a simple yet functional design.

3. LEZYNE Side Load Water Bottle Cages

LEZYNE Side Load Water Bottle Cages


The LEZYNE Side Load Water Bottle Bike Cages come as a pair, including a left-side and right-side version. So, left-handers can use this holder and enjoy cycling with ultimate safety. Plus, it is perfect when you want both of your sides to have a readily available bottle.

Both bottle cages are made of high-strength reinforced fiber, so they are very resilient. This composite matrix construction can handle heavy water bottles, measuring 700ml or more. It offers a robust and durable shield that keeps your water bottle in place, even on bumpy rides.

Besides, LEZYNE adopts a side-load technology to form a rib-like cage. As a result, we can easily reach and take the water bottle out from both sides. And with the addition of oval mounting holes, you can freely adjust the position of the bottle cage for better access.

Although the product is relatively smaller than your typical bottle cages, it comes with its own appeal, which allows you to fit more cages on the bike frames. However, this model is a bit too tight for large-sized bottles, so you might struggle to get the bottle out if it is too big for this cage.
  • Comes as a pair with left and right-entry version
  • Durable and strong reinforced fiber to hold water bottle measuring 700ml
  • Rib-like cage to easily reach and take the bottle out
  • Adjustable oval mounting holes
  • Smaller build for more space
  • Small cage is too tight for some over-sized bottles
Considering its price and the fact that it comes as a pair, you can save money by getting the LEZYNE Side Load Water Bottle Bike Cages. Beyond that, you also get to enjoy a simple and high-quality product.

4. SAVADECK Bike Water Bottle Cage

SAVADECK Bike Water Bottle Cage


One of my favorite products on this list is the SAVADECK Lightweight Bike Water Bottle Cage. The design stands out from other products with its lightness. Weighing only 22 grams, this bottle cage is relatively strong and durable due to CNC machining and heat-treatment for its construction.

With its powder-coated matt finish, we get to enjoy a corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean product. Such a feature would also make the cage a lot more stylish due to being shinier and smoother than the usual bottle holder.

SAVADECK put much effort into creating a versatile and flexible design. In truth, users can adjust the cage’s tension in 0.2”/0.5cm increments, making it suitable for small and large water bottles.

With that said, this bottle cage should be able to firmly hold bottles of different shapes and sizes, such as insulated and disposable bottles. Considering its ergonomic design, I doubt you’ll find it challenging to take a water bottle in and out of the cage.

Everything seems to be working properly, and it does what it’s meant to do. The installation also seems to be straightforward, especially since the product comes with two mounting screws.

The only problem is that the cage can sometimes leave scratches on the water bottles with easy-peeling paints, so cautiousness is required.
  • Stylish product weighs only 22 grams
  • Strong and durable due to CNC machining and heat treatment
  • Powder-coated matt finish resists corrosion and is easy to clean
  • Versatile design allows for 0.2″/0.5cm adjustments
  • Securely holds small and large cages of different shapes
  • Comes with two mounting screws
  • Scratches surfaces of water bottles with paints
There’s a lot to like about the SAVADECK Lightweight Bike Water Bottle Cage. It’s lightweight, flexible, and the brand values practicality overlooks. In other words, this product is worth its price or even more.

5. Planet Bike Sideload Water Bottle Cage

Planet Bike Sideload Water Bottle Cage


I originally planned to get the Planet Bike Sideload Water Bottle Cage because it has a cool appearance, but I found its other aspects to be commendable as well.

For this bottle holder, Planet Bike implements cold-forging – a manufacturing process that strengthens the material while adding a better finish quality, among other things. As a result, you get a holder with a top-notch appearance and great strength.

The same can be said about its durability. Due to the cold-forging process, constant stress from rough cycling doesn’t wear out the bottle cage as fast as with typical bottle holders. Because of the manufacturing technique and premium material used, this holder is lightweight, adding only 41 grams to your bike.

Moreover, with its simple structure, you can install this bottle cage on small and compact frames with minimal effort.

The holder has a tight grip, but not too tight that removing a bottle would be a problem. And since I was able to bend the arms of the cage, this holder should handle a wide range of bottle sizes.

The bad news is that the package does not include mounting screws, so it’s up to you to get them from other stores. But since the holder has standard-sized mounting holes, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
  • Cold-forging provides better finish quality and greater strength
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Weighs only 41 grams
  • Simple structure suitable for compact and small frames
  • Firm grip yet removing bottles is easy
  • Bendable arms for a wider bottle size range
  • Doesn’t come with mounting screws
The Planet Bike Sideload Water Bottle Cage sticks out from other products due to its good looks, but it brings surprisingly excellent user experience. I definitely would buy this again.

6. Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Cage

Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Cage


With its unique design, the Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Cage is quite popular among cyclists.

Portland Design Works is known for its beautiful products, so this bottle cage having a cute design is expected. The appearance of this product is derived from Maneki-Neko, a cat that represents luck in Japan. Simply put, this bottle cage has an adorable appearance and can be a lucky charm, making it the perfect gift for cyclists.

This good-looking product is more durable than I expected. The brand is not one to compromise functionality for looks. Hence, you are with this well-made and robust design for the long haul.

They used the 5052 alloy to construct this bottle cage, so great durability and flexibility are a given. And since the finish provides a smooth texture, the cat should hand over your water bottle easily without scratching its paint, so to speak.

With the help of the two mounting screws provided by the brand, attaching this lucky cat colder to your bike shouldn’t be too difficult. The whole process is straightforward, and aligning the screws to the mounting holes is fairly simple.

But you might find a bolt or two missing from the package due to shipping and packing issues, sometimes. In that case, it is a breeze to find a replacement at a local shop.
  • Cute cat appearance which serves as a lucky charm
  • Durable and flexible 5052 alloy bottle cage
  • Smooth texture makes it easier to remove water bottles
  • Package includes two mounting screws
  • Installation is straightforward and secure
  • Might missing a bolt or two
The Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Cage would be a refreshing addition to your bike and is perfect as a gift for cyclists, too. It functions properly as a cage, so its cute appearance isn’t all it can offer.

7. KABON Bike Water Bottle Holder

KABON Bike Water Bottle Holder


If this is your first time adding an accessory to your bike, you may not have the required tools to install a bottle cage. So, I suggest the KABON Bike Water Bottle Holder, as it comes with an Allen key and two standard-sized mounting screws for quick installation.

Attaching this holder to your bike frame will only take a few minutes. This suits those who have the know-how to install a cage, especially since they can fine-tune the holder as they like due to the oval mounting holes.

The cage constructed out of high-quality aluminum alloy material and CNC machining can withstand different weather conditions with minimal damages. Plus, it is one of the most lightweight products on the market, weighing only 24 grams.

The product is also characterized by a sturdy grip, so I’m sure you won’t lose your bottles on rough terrains. KABON makes sure the edges are smooth enough to minimize scratching the water bottles while making it easier to remove them from the cage.

You can also bend the arms of the cage to adjust the tension applied to water bottles. In particular, you can adjust the cage in 0.2” increments. By doing so, cyclists can fit standard-sized bottles with a diameter of 2.84” to 3.54” into the holder.

One thing to note: the cage is much taller compared to other products, so they may hit your legs if you install it a bit too low on the frame. On the bright side, KABON offers a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk of purchasing this product.
  • Comes with two standard-sized screws and an Allen key
  • Installation only takes a few minutes with oval mounting holes for adjustments
  • CNC-machined aluminum alloy for a lightweight 24 grams bottle cage
  • Has a sturdy grip to secure bottles and smooth edges to prevent scratching
  • Adjustable arms in 0.2″ intervals to fit bottles with 2.84″ to 3.54″ diameter
  • Brand offers lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Cage is taller than usual, not ideal for installing at a low position
Beginners and veterans alike can benefit from the KABON Bike Water Bottle Holder. The cage fulfills its purpose without much issue.

8. Blackburn Clutch Bike Bottle Cage

Blackburn Clutch Bike Bottle Cage


Cyclists who want to invest in a premium bottle cage should check out the Blackburn Clutch Bike Bottle Cage. In my opinion, functional design and excellent use can justify its hefty price tag.

For one, this carbon bottle cage has a versatile design, making it suitable for most, if not all, sizes of bike frames. You can fit them onto bike designs with high and low tolerance levels of custom frames.

This is mainly because of the slotted mounting holes offering 30mm adjustments to fine-tune your cage’s position vertically. Besides, two bolts come with the package for quick installation.

Blackburn also utilized the clutch-design for extra security. This structure involves a hole at the bottom of the cage where bottles should fit snugly without falling through, thus securing water bottles both on the side and at the bottom.

You may also notice a space in between the back support and the arms of the cage. This gap can be used to make lodging or removing a bottle easier. It features gaps between different parts, so it’s no surprise that this cage only weighs 22 grams. One product that uses the same design is the popular Specialized Zee Cage.

Beginners and veterans alike can benefit from the KABON Bike Water Bottle Holder. The cage fulfills its purpose without much issue.
  • Carbon bottle cage with 30mm slotted mounting holes for vertical adjustments
  • Includes two mounting screws
  • Clutch design secures bottle at the bottom and on the sides
  • Effortless removal of and insertion of bottles
  • Weighs only 22 grams
  • Color seems to fade after a while
The Blackburn Clutch Bike Bottle Cage is many cyclists’ favorite, and I can see why. It’s lightweight and very durable, but what’s most important is that the brand uses a practical design to ensure the security of water bottles.

9. Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder

Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder


The Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder is the brand’s take on a unique design. And they exceeded my expectations, so I’m sure you’d be interested in this product as well.

To begin with, this cage has a minimalist design, which consists of the top and bottom support, the arms, and the two mounting holes. This user-friendly structure can fit around water bottles of varying sizes, with up to 2.7-inch diameter. Also, this one stands out as a lightweight and portable cage.

As for security, the cage already brings satisfactory results. Your water bottles stuck in the holder can be tightly secured for the whole trip. This is possible since we can bend this cage to extend to a wide diameter. Such a function helps greatly in making the removal of bottles easier.

Aluminum alloy is the main material for constructing this product. The brand also used baking lacquer coating, giving the surface several useful properties such as resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and heat. The coating layer also ensures that this cage’s color is non-fading.

A Hex wrench and two stainless bolts are included, so you can operate on your bike on the spot once you receive the package. However, you should be careful not to twist or press the cage with too much force, or it might be deformed.
  • Minimalist design for a lightweight product
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Non-fading, corrosion, oxidation, and heat-resistant baking lacquer coating
  • Stretchable 2.7-inch diameter arms offer a tight grip and easy bottle removal
  • Package includes two stainless bolts and a Hex wrench
  • Requires moderate strength when installing not to deform the cage
The Accmor brand is known for its top-notch bike products, so it’s no longer a surprise that the Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder made it to this list. After all, it has a unique design but still to does its job well.

10. BRKURLEG Water Bottle Cage

BRKURLEG Water Bottle Cage


The BRKURLEG Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage is widely loved for incredible durability and versatility. You can install this convenient design on MTB and BMX bikes without hassle.

The brand particularly used a polymer fiber that contains over 90% carbon for the construction of this bottle holder. Hence, this carbon fiber cage is a lot lighter than most products. It should also last you for a long time, considering how carbon fiber is resistant to various weather elements.

Water bottles with a diameter of 27.5 to 28.7 inches should fit in this cage. Such a range is ideal for thick insulated bottles that keep your water warm while cycling on winter days.

This holder is unlikely to scratch your bottles since it has smooth edges. The cage has a firm grip, so you don’t have to worry about bottles popping out when riding on bumpy mountain roads. Plus, removing or inserting a bottle is a breeze.

However, there is one major flaw regarding this product, and it’s the fact that it only comes as a left-entry cage. If you’re right-handed, you might have to adjust to this bottle holder.
  • Compatible with MTB and BMX bikes
  • Lightweight, strong, and long-lasting bottle holder
  • Suitable for bottles with a diameter of 27.5 to 28.7 inches
  • Smooth edges to prevent scratching the bottles
  • Provides a firm grip yet inserting or removing bottles is easy
  • Product is a left-entry cage with no other options
All in all, this water bottle cage’s simple design makes it ideal for various bike types. If you still look for a model that matches your MTB or BMX bikes, look no further than this piece.

What to Look for When Buying Side Load Water Bottle Cage


As you may already know, a top-load cage is different from a side load cage. Just as how it’s important to consider which is better for your bike, top load, or sideload, you also have to consider several things when buying a side load water bottle cage.

Here’s a closer look at the factors when choosing these ten best side load bottle cage.


Bottle cages are usually made of either plastic or metal, the aluminum alloy being the most common. However, brands nowadays manufacture bottle holders using fiber-reinforced materials and even carbon fiber. While there are pros and cons for each product, the most logical choice would be aluminum alloy.

This material provides considerable durability and strength while being lightweight. Plus, it’s the cheapest material. A cage made of fiber-reinforced resin will also make a great alternative.

Suitable Specifications

A top-load is the better option for bicycles, yet full suspension bikes do not welcome this accessory due to their incompatibility. The same can be said to the bottle cage.

You need to find a mountain bike side load water bottle cage that has the correct specifications for your bike frame. Check your bike frame and the product measurements before purchasing.

Secure Grip

It’s essential to look for a bottle cage with a secure grip. After all, you’re most likely going to hit a bump on the road. To avoid losing your water bottles, you need a cage that can ensure the safety of the bottles.

Smooth Bottle Release

Although a cage with a secure grip usually tends to scratch the surface of water bottles, some brands found a way to remove that flaw. Like some of the listed products, bottle cages can have a secure grip and quickly release bottles at the same time.


Cyclists tend to have more than one water bottle, and that’s perhaps true for you as well. Certain bottles have unique designs, so it’s understandable if not all your bottles are compatible with a bottle cage that you have your eyes on. The best example would be the Bontrager Side Load Water Bottle Cage with its peculiar structure.

As such, you should make sure your favorite bottles, or at least the bottles that you usually use when cycling, are compatible with the bottle cage. However, it’s not exactly easy to figure out if a bottle is compatible with a holder unless you try it out yourself, which takes us to the next subject.

Money-Back Guarantee/Warranty

The only way to try out a bottle cage is to purchase it. That’s precisely why products with a warranty are a much better choice than those without.

You can try out the bottle cage and send it back if the cage and your bottle is not compatible until you find the best side entry water bottle cage. Besides, there will be cases where some parts will be missing in the package, so a warranty also helps.

How to Install Side Loading Bottle Cage


There are a few things to note first before installing this type of bottle cage, or any bottle cage for that matter. This is especially true if it’s your first time installing an accessory on your bike. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Wrench | Most of the time, you can adjust the mounting screws/bolts using a Hex or Allen wrench. As for what size the wrench is whether it is 3mm, 4mm, etc., you will need to refer to the size of mounting screws.
  • Mounting Screws | Some products included in this list come with mounting screws. A typical side water bottle cage requires two mounting screws or bolts. They also differ in size and sometimes you will need a different wrench for different sizes.
  • Mounting Holes | These mounting holes usually have a round shape, while brands make them ovalized, so there is room for adjustments. Rarely will you see some bottle cages with slotted mounting holes like Blackburn’s product.

The installation process may vary in difficulty depending on these three things. However, installing a side mount water bottle cage should only take a few minutes. So, if you took longer than expected, either you’re not experienced, or the product has some flaws regarding the installation. Either way, here are the steps to install a side load cage:

  • Secure Boltholes | The first thing you need to do is make sure your bike frame has the necessary holes to install the bottle cage. If you can’t find them, I suggest consulting a mechanic and avoiding drilling holes by yourself as it may ruin the bike’s structure.
  • Align Holes | Next, get your bottle cage and push it against the side of the frame where the holes are located. Make sure the mounting holes of the cage are aligned to the holes of your bike.
  • Insert Screws | Once the mounting holes and bike holes are aligned to each other, insert the mounting screws. Afterward, use a Hex wrench to tighten the screws, but make sure you don’t over tighten as it may damage the cage or even the bike itself.
  • Lodge Bottles | Although it’s technically not a step involving installation, I suggest placing your bottles into the cage to test its performance.

With this, you can install a side bottle cage despite being a beginner. Remember that if you have followed these steps and still can’t pull it off, there’s no shame in blaming the equipment.


To avoid losing your favorite water bottle, or prevent your legs from enduring discomfort when hitting the bottle cage, remember to pick the best side load water bottle cage.

Now that you make it to the end of this article, the selection process should not be tricky and time-consuming. Hopefully, you will make a well-informed decision to benefit your cycling experience for a long time.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Bestseller No. 1
Planet Bike Sideload Water Bottle cage (Black)
  • Side-loading cage, that is perfect for smaller, full-suspension and compact geometry frames
  • Cold forged, single body aluminum construction keeps the bottle safe and tightly secured
  • Weight: 41g
Bestseller No. 2
HUALONG Side Load Water Bottle Cage Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bike Water Bottle Cage Holder for Road Mountain Bike, Matte Black, Diameter 72mm, Weight...
  • MATERIAL: Carbon Water Bottle Cage Are Made Of All 3k Carbon Fiber, Ultra-Light, Strong, Anti-Corrosion, Good Toughness, Not Afraid Of Damage, Each...
  • FUNCTION: Side Load Water Bottle Cage, Left And Right In And Out Design,The Front And Rear Installation Positions Can Be Exchanged To Obtain Different...
  • DESIGN: Bicycle Water Bottle Holder, Simple Design, Beautiful And Stylish, Water Bottle Holder Inlet Extension Design, Easier To Get In And Out Of...
  • COMPATIBLE: Bike Drink Bottle Holder, Suitable For Bottles With A Diameter Of 72-75mm (2.83"-2.95") (600-750ml), Bottles That Are Too Large Or Too...
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY: Bike Water Bottle Cage With 4 Screws (Included) And An Allen Key, The Bottle Holder Can Be Easily Mounted To The Frame, And The...
Bestseller No. 3
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Right Side Load Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road & Mountain Bikes Black 2-Pack
  • 𝐒𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐑𝐄 - The number one thing a water bottle cage needs to be is secure. When riding the single-track trails and hitting berms your...
  • 𝐒𝐔𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 - You can use the Corki Cycles water bottle cage for all types of bikes. Whether you are hitting the trails, the...
  • 𝐃𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 - The Corki Cycles water bottle cage is made with polycarbonate. It's durable for thousands of water bottle attachments,...
  • 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 - The Corki Cycles water bottle cage can be attached straight out of the packaging. Every order comes...
  • 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐄- The Corki Cycles water bottle cage comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Choose the color that best matches your...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Lezyne Flow SL Pair | Bike Water Bottle Cage, Composite, Left & Right, Black, 48g Each, Road, Mountain, Gravel Cycling Water Holder
  • EASY ACCESS - The optimized side-load shape makes it easy to access your bottles in even the most compact road and mountain bike frames, and allows...
  • COMPOSITE MATRIX - Composite Matrix is a high-strength fiber reinforced material used to make mold injected components, creating pro level cycling...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG - A balance between weight savings and strength, the Composite Matix gives the Flow SL durability while only weighing in at 48...
  • FINE TUNE THE POSITION - Oval mounting holes allow fine tuning of the bottle cage position on frame for better bottle fitment and ergonomics
  • PAIRED UP – These pairs come with a left and a right side bottle cage, allowing you to optimize how you grab each bottle on your bike
Bestseller No. 5
N+1 Lightweight Bicycle Bottle Holder- Side Load Bike Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes
  • [Secure Your Water Bottle] The bottle cage has a firm, sturdy hold when fastened on your bike frame with 2 hexing screws, ensuring that the bottle...
  • [Keep Your Bottle Scratch-Free] Our bike bottle holder provides easy access to your water; unlike more abrasive aluminum cages, it is less likely to...
  • [Ultra Durable] Made of engineering-grade plastic to ensure it is lightweight and highly resilient, making it perfect for road or trail applications.
  • [Fits Most Water Bottles] Wraparound arm design fits most standard sized bike water bottles, including 20-25 oz. (500-750 ml) sized bottles.
  • [Easy to Install] Quick and simple to install and comes with 2 screws, which give it a firm hold when secured against the threaded holes on your...
Bestseller No. 6
Gazeer 2Pcs Ultra-Light Full Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bike Drink Water Bottle Cage Holder Brackets for Road Bike MTB Cycling
  • 1. Ultra-Light And Strong Material:100% FULL Carbon Fiber Material - Incredible strong and lightweight(only 15±1.5g), non-deformable and corrosion...
  • 2. Advantage: Holding power keeps the water bottle in place when riding over rough terrain.
  • 3. Benifit: Easy to install, Designed to offer secure water bottle hold and easy water bottle removal.
  • 4. Fit: The water bottle cage is around 2.83 inches (7.2cm) in diameter, fit water bottle dia. 2.79-2.95 inches (7.1- 7.5cm),water bottle too big or...
  • 5. Perfect for those who want an elegant water bottle cage to lighten their load while riding. Package includes: 2 Pcs Water Bottle Holder(Left +Right...
Bestseller No. 7
Colorful Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Side Load Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Outdoor Cycling Road & Mountain Bike (Colorful)
  • DAZZLING COLORFUL SURFACE: The water bottle cage about 41g(1.45oz), the size is 14.5*6.8*8.1 cm(5.7*2.7*3.2 in), lightweight and nice-looking, 5...
  • DURABLE and FIRM: The lightweight water bottle cage made of high quality aluminum alloy material, vacuum plating process, durable, lightweight, not...
  • EASY to INSTALL: Mount these Bike Water Bottle Holders in less than 60 seconds. Use the allen key to fasten stainless bolt onto bike frame. IMPORTANT...
  • UNIVERSAL FITS: This economic and basic designed Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Brackets fits the bottle diameter around 3” perfectly. This Aluminum...
  • SAFETY & EASYING HOLDING YOUR BOTTLE: The bottle cage has five support points to hold the water bottle firmly, and you don't have to worry about it...