13 Best Water Bottle Cages for Mountain Bike 2023 – Durable & Easy to Access

Staying refreshed and hydrated is a must if you are on the road. To make that possible, you need a durable and easy-to-access mountain bike water bottle cage for your adventure.

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PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage with Secure Retention System, Bike Bottle Holder for Road...
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Bike Water Bottle Cages, LERMX Basic Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder with Water Bottle Cages for Outdoor Cycling
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Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage (Black, One Size) (Updated)
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corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
Product Name
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage with Secure Retention System, Bike Bottle Holder for Road...
Bike Water Bottle Cages, LERMX Basic Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder with Water Bottle Cages for Outdoor Cycling
Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage (Black, One Size) (Updated)
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
‎Aluminium Alloy
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Editor's Pick
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage with Secure Retention System, Bike Bottle Holder for Road...
Product Name
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage with Secure Retention System, Bike Bottle Holder for Road...
‎Aluminium Alloy
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Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Bike Water Bottle Cages, LERMX Basic Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder with Water Bottle Cages for Outdoor Cycling
Product Name
Bike Water Bottle Cages, LERMX Basic Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder with Water Bottle Cages for Outdoor Cycling
Bpa Free
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Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage (Black, One Size) (Updated)
Product Name
Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage (Black, One Size) (Updated)
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Amazon Prime
Also Consider
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
Product Name
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes - Black - 1PACK
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You not only need a holder with a sleek design, but you also will need something that has a premium and high-quality build. With this list, you can pick the best water bottle cage for mountain bike that will take your cycling experience to a whole new level.

Read on to discover the best mtb bottle cage that will work just right for you.

Best Water Bottle Cage for Mountain Bike Reviews

1. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder

The PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder prides itself on arguably the best mtb water bottle cage available in the market. I was also in deep awe the moment I laid my hands on this high-quality water bottle holder.

The brand promises many features that can take your cycling experience to the next level, and I am here to tell you that they never failed. I truly enjoyed using this mountain bike bottle cage due to how great and sturdy this product feels. Its real work performance is something that I am always craving for in a product like this.

This brand works exceptionally well in terms of security and design. It is perfectly sleek, which could match the aesthetic of every mountain bike out there. Another plus is how lightweight and convenient this water bottle cage is in daily use. Seriously, I did not have a hard time carrying this on the road.

Everything about this mountain bike water bottle mount is durable, so I did not have a problem with annoying scratches. It is also easy to install on my bike, which is an excellent timesaver on busy days. Aside from that, it could even hold a bigger bottle, which is perfect for long hours of riding.

The only downside that I noticed about this product is that it can be a little out of the budget range for some. However, the performance and quality do justice to its price.
  • Exceptional in terms of security and sleek in design
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry around on your mountain bike
  • Durable build and scratch-free
  • Easy to install
  • Able to hold a bigger-sized water bottle
  • The price is slightly out of the budget range for some
Generally, I found everything worth buying in this water bottle cage for full suspension bike. If you are searching for a bottle holder worth investing in, I highly suggest that you get your hands on this exceptional product.

2. LERMX Mountain Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

If you are on the quest to find a specialized water bottle cage that can help you boost your hydration, then I’m here to recommend one for you. LERMX Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder passed my standards, and I am sure that this, too, can capture your heart.

I can go on and on with talking about and hyping all the greatness this product offers. So, let me unpack all the things that make this water bottle holder one of the best.

In my entire duration of using this product, I benefited so much from its lightweight and easy-to-access design. I did not have a problem with quenching my thirst whenever I took a break from a long ride. Aside from that, I also loved the freebie water bottle that comes with the purchase — which is perfect if you do not have the budget to buy this item separately.

The road is filled with moving dust and unwanted air particles that might get into the bottle. To address this problem, the brand put a cover on top of the bottle to protect its valve. I also have an easy time installing the product onto my mountain bike, and the process is just buttery smooth. The surface of the holder has a nice finish.

The only thing that I dislike about this product is that it is made of plastic, which is not so great for the environment. So, make sure that you use this product carefully to avoid breaking it off, and to help reduce the rate of plastic waste.
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Provides easy access whenever you want to take a sip
  • Comes with a free water bottle
  • Has a nice cover on top of the water bottle to prevent dust from entering the valve
  • Easy to install on the bike
  • Its holder is nicely finished
  • Made of plastic
Overall, I am impressed with the performance of the brand. I did not regret my purchase because it just works as well as advertised.

3. Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage

As a cyclist, I always look for a brand that takes my hydration and refreshment very seriously. Luckily, I found the Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage, which just spells the words ultimate goal!

I feel like this product is directly designed for my liking. Its minimalist style and aesthetic is a perfect match for the look of my mountain bike.

This is better than standard cages, which means you can literally feel this bottle holder’s premium build with the quality of its performance. Take note that its price is reasonable compared to others in the market. This is also a great option if you want a cage for oversized water bottles.

I love how it holds my bottle so well due to its high-quality rubberized straps. I even used this bottle holder to hold my other cycling essentials. I swear this is a perfect multifunctional item that can securely handle your tents, sleeping bag, and even an extra bag for your clothes.

My entire ride is smooth as butter. It even holds on so well on the bike because of its very sturdy feature. So, going onto a rough road with this thing on is not a problem at all.

However, this product also has its fair share of flaws. Due to its large size, I had an uncomfortable experience with this in between my legs. It sometimes got in the way when I was pedaling. But, you can install it in a manner that gives out a comfortable result.
  • Comes with a minimalist design and a reasonable price
  • Has a premium build and quality performance
  • Able to hold an oversized water bottle.
  • Has high-quality rubberized straps
  • Able to hold extra cycling essentials
  • Sturdy on rough roads
  • Can get in the way of the legs due to its large size
I am dazzled by how the brand delivered an optimal performance with this bottle cage. This might be your next favorite purchase.

4. Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder

Are you on the hunt to look for a bottle cage that gives the best value for your investment? The Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder covers your checklist.

Cycling is a very demanding activity that can drain out your energy easily. This brand takes good care of my hydration every time I hit the road. I am always filled with skepticism about any product commercials, but this one works just as well as advertised. So, let me spill the beans on why you should also get this.

I am ultimately surprised by the great deals this brand offers, especially with its premium and timeless design. There are multiple color variations to choose from, and I was able to find one to match the aesthetics of my mountain bike.

The installation process was as fast as a breeze. Putting in my water bottle and getting it for a sip was also surprisingly easy. It securely holds my water bottle whenever I go on long hours of riding on different types of roads.

This product’s plastic material is exceptionally durable and nicely finished. This bottle holder does not even bounce on bumpy rides. The entire cage is sturdy.

One drawback of this water bottle holder is that its edges are kind of sharp for my not scratch-resistant water bottles. So, this product is best to use for anti-scratch bottles, and with it, you would not have any problems at all.
  • Premium and timeless design
  • Comes with a lot of color variations to choose from
  • The installation process is as fast as a breeze
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Has tight grip on bottles and provides easy access to them
  • Does not bounce on bumpy roads
  • Has sharp edges that may not be too friendly for non-anti-scratch bottles
Nothing could hold me back from purchasing this product over and over again. It’s an entirely great investment for every cyclist out there.

5. USHAKE Water Bottle Cages

As a quality-seeker, I was deeply astonished by the performance of the USHAKE Water Bottle Cages. The brand is stating bold claims about the product, and this water bottle holder delivered the promise to a whole new level.

This aluminum water bottle cage is the best to find in a sea of bottle holders in the market. I always love to bring huge water bottles on the road, and other holders do not seem to accommodate their size. However, this one is truly amazing, especially because it can handle oversized containers with the perfect grip.

It can even hold three-inch diameter water bottles, which is a mind-blowing feature! Even with a bigger size, I did not face any hiccups when it comes to installing this product onto my mountain bike. It literally took me only a few minutes to mount this up and prepare for my next adventure. It even has a tight grip on my water bottle and handles it so well even after going through rough terrain.

Well, if you are asking for the design, all I could say is this is the right choice for every minimalist out there! It is crafted with a simple look that makes it very refreshing to stare at. And yes, you can enjoy all these great features at a very affordable price.

However, I dislike how it creates a noise when used with a metal bottle. This flaw doesn’t affect its function at all, so it’s not a huge problem.
  • Able to hold oversized water bottles
  • Can hold bottles with 3-inch diameter
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Minimal and simple design
  • Can be purchased at a very affordable price
  • Creates noise when used with a metal bottle
This is truly a premium and high-quality bottle cage that you can purchase for half of the expensive brands’ price.

6. Zonkie Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

A brand that constantly provides the best for its consumers is one that is worth investing in. And I am talking about the Zonkie Bicycle Water Bottle Cage, which hooked me since the day I added it to my cart.

Disappointment has no room when it comes to using this excellent product. I always love everything that’s portable and lightweight, and this tool just surpassed my expectations of the brand. Even with its lightweight feature, this water bottle cage was still able to hold my large container tightly.

The design is also an eye-catcher with its sleek look. Gone are the days when I have to deal with my old bottle cages with awful styles. This one is great to carry around on the road and is not too overwhelming for the eyes. It even is made with enough flexibility, which allows me to fit in my bottle, whether it’s standard-sized or large.

I did not have any issues with removing and putting my bottle back in its place because it just slides off so easily from the holder. You won’t even need to buy extra screws to mount this on because the original ones are just so durable and hold tight onto the mountain bike.

However, when I used this with my smaller-sized bottle, it seems like this cage would not handle it so well. So, if you plan to buy this, make sure that you are going to use this with a bigger water bottle, and it will work just fine.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Offers tight grip for large containers, can fit standard bottles
  • Eye-catching sleek design
  • Easy to place and remove the water bottle
  • The original screws are durable and secure
  • Not the perfect holder for small water bottles
This item is worth every penny. It does a pretty good job in performing what it is intended to do, so this is the perfect road companion.

7. EC90 Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

I am always hyped for products that are mainly focused on functionality and quality performance. The EC90 Carbon Fiber Bicycle Water Bottle Holder is the ultimate beast for this category.

So, what do I love so much about this product that I cannot seem to get this out of my mind? First and foremost, this bottle cage checks my top three wants for a tool like this. It passes the affordability, reliability, and portability standards that I always search for in a water bottle holder.

It is the perfect item to get, and I am extremely delighted with how well this holds my water bottles without them falling off. The durable material from which this product was made makes this performance possible. It also appears to be sleek in appearance and has a very sturdy design.

I am happy that this bottle holder is so fast to mount on my bike, and I finished installing it in just a few minutes! The bolts and screws seem to be a perfect puzzle piece that allows this tool to grip tightly onto my bike, even on rough terrains. This product is also best to use for motorcycles and scooters too, which makes it an all-in-one investment.

The only drawback that I can find in this tool is its delivery. Some customers have said it took them a long time to receive the product. However, it’s not something to worry too much about, since you’ll get a refund if there’s no package delivered.
  • Affordable, reliable, and portable
  • Holds water bottles without them falling off
  • Made with durable material
  • Sleek in appearance
  • Fast to mount and secure
  • Suits motorcycles and scooters
  • Delivery can take a long time
Even with its affordable price, this item kills it with its premium performance.

8. LEZYNE Bicycle Bottle Cage

If you are looking for a bottle holder that is engineered to perform to a maximum level, then I highly recommend the LEZYNE Side Load Flow Bicycle Bottle Cage. Let me unveil all the special benefits that you can get out of this amazing tool.

I am in love with how I can easily mount this on my mountain bike whenever I am in the mood to take it on the road. This bottle cage’s minimal and lightweight design makes it less bulky to look at on my bike. It is even engineered to have a kind of flexibility that allows me to fit a bigger-sized container. I did not have a single worry about stretching it too much and breaking it due to its durability.

This side entry water bottle cage is seriously perfect for my small mountain bike, and this does not get in the way when pedaling, which offers a comfortable experience. It is so sturdy that it stays in its place whenever I go through a very bumpy road.

My only complaint is that I need to exert a little effort whenever I plan to take my water bottle out of this cage. I need to hold the cage with one hand firmly and the other hand on the container, which can sometimes take a few seconds of my time. However, this is not much of a downside, especially since this cage is designed to offer extra security for your water bottle.
  • Not hard to mount
  • Minimal and lightweight design
  • Engineered to be flexible
  • Durable material construction
  • Does not interfere with pedaling
  • Sturdy enough for bumpy roads
  • Kind of hard to pull the bottle out from the cage
I am not disappointed with the decision to purchase this item. If I get another chance, I would definitely buy this again because its performance and build are just extraordinarily outstanding. This side load water bottle cage offers value for money.

9. Suruid Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

There’s no better feeling than sharing my favorite items with my fellow cyclists out there. One of my top picks for a container holder is the Suruid Bicycle Water Bottle Cage.

Having a cycling tool that does a pretty good job providing me with what I need is a true blessing since I am always on the road. So, let me tell you all the fun stuff that this product has to offer to help you maintain a hydrated body after long and tiring hours of bike riding.

First of all, I was highly impressed by how sleek this bottle holder looks. It is absolutely stunning, and the design just gives me a premium vibe. The material that makes this product is of high quality and looks and feels so sturdy. It is so light that I do not have any issues with excessive addition of weight to my bike.

Aside from its gorgeous design, this water bottle holder is so easy to mount onto my mountain bike. It has excellent adjustability, perfect for when I decide to bring my big water bottle on the road. It holds on to my container so tightly that falling out was never an existing problem.

The only downside that I have seen is that the screws that come with it do not fit my bike. Luckily, I got a few reserved screws at home to solve the problem instantly.
  • Sleek and premium design
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Comes with a lightweight design
  • Easy to mount and affordable
  • Good adjustable feature
  • Holds any container tightly so it won’t fall off
  • The screws may not work for every type of bike
The product works smoothly just as advertised. I would highly recommend this over and over to anyone looking for a nice water bottle holder.

10. TOSEEK Water Bottle Cages

If you are looking for a perfect replacement for your old bicycle bottle holder, then the TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cages is here to be your next top companion. There is a reason why this product belongs on the list of the best water bottle cages for mountain bikes, and let me spill you the beans.

With this product, everything seems to work in the finest way possible. This tool has an amazing feature that lets me pick up my container swiftly with no hiccups. The brand also provides me with a bottle cage with a very classy, sleek, and lightweight design. While using this occasionally, I have observed how this item is engineered to firmly hold my water bottle.

This product is also compatible with many vehicles. You can use it on road bikes, touring bikes, and electric bikes. The material is also another plus, since carbon fiber has high tensile strength and high-temperature endurance.

On the downside, there are just those times where it tends to wiggle a little bit on bumpy roads. But, I have solved that issue by remounting the water bottle holder tightly on my mountain bike.
  • Allows easy picking up the bottle
  • The product has a very classy, lightweight, and sleek looking design
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Engineered to securely and tightly hold your water containers
  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • This water bottle tends to wiggle on bumpy roads if not mounted properly
I am never going back again to my old and low performing bottle cages after trying out this one. It is truly a game-changer that takes my biking experience to a whole new level.

11. Hikenture Bike Water Bottle Cage

Comfortability and convenience are what I am hoping for in a bicycle water bottle. The Hikenture Bike Water Bottle Cage is just as great as I wanted it to be. So, why should you choose this over the sea of options available for you to shop?

I am a cycling enthusiast who just loves to go on long adventures on the road, and I need the perfect thing that can help me stay hydrated and refreshed. This product is everything I needed in a water bottle cage!

It is not too tight, so I can effortlessly pull the bottle from it whenever I want to. The color finish of the product is just surprisingly gorgeous, and I love how it is impregnated on the bottle so it won’t fade away.

I didn’t even have a single worry with the provided screws that came with my purchase. They perfectly fit my bike! It even is so fast and easy to mount on the bike’s trail. The bottom part of the bottle holder is firm enough for my container to not shake and drop on rough road surfaces.

The only thing that could probably hold you back from getting this product is its fragile design. Still, with extra care and enough protection, this product is guaranteed to last for a very long time.
  • Everything you need in a water bottle holder
  • Allows you to pick up your water bottle effortlessly
  • Has a gorgeous and impregnated color finish
  • The color won’t fade away after a long time of use
  • The screws provided by the manufacturer work well enough
  • Has a tight-spaced bottom part for extra security in holding your container
  • Not a very durable construction
This budget-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing water bottle holder truly holds a good record in my list of favorite purchases as a cycling enthusiast. Reap its benefits by adding this item to your cart.

12. MARQUE Dual Bike Bottle Cage

As part of the cyclist community, there is nothing more comforting and refreshing than owning a good bottle holder. The MARQUE Dual Bike Bottle Cage is the perfect lightweight and sturdy item for me as well as for you.

This item offers a very steady and durable performance that keeps my bottle intact on rough road areas. It is also not too tight, so you can easily pick up your water container whenever you desire. The classy, smooth, and black finish of this product could go so well with any bicycle type you have.

This is almost as good as the Ibera aluminum bottle cage, and I am so hyped that I get this for a very affordable price! I also enjoyed the side bottle entry feature. This allows me to take and put my bottle on either side of the cage without hassle.

I didn’t even have a huge concern about its weight because it feels so light to carry on my bike. Each cage also comes with two stainless steel bolts for easy installation. The only downside is that it cannot fit so well with modern-style bottles. So, make sure that you choose the right bottle size to enjoy its benefits fully.
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Offers a steady and durable performance to keep the bottle intact on rough roads
  • Has a classy, smooth, and black finish
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Has a side bottle entry feature
  • Each holder comes with two stainless steel bolts
  • Does not fit well with modern-style bottles
Overall, this is a quality product that can let you quench your thirst in the most convenient and comfortable way.

What to Look for When Buying Water Bottle Cage for Mountain Bike


People may consider a water bottle holder for bikes as a straightforward innovation. However, this simple product can be a game-changer when it comes to your cycling experience. There are numerous products with almost the same features out there but come in different price ranges. So, how can you find the right water bottle cage that will work best for you?

  • Find the product that is made with very durable and sustainable materials. Remember that you are going to take this tool with you on rough road surfaces, so make sure that the bottle cage you choose can withstand that challenge.
  • Look for one that does not take too much time to mount or install. The best ones are those that are framed securely to the bike using screws.
  • You also need to search for a water bottle cage that performs with a good level of security. These are the cages that are made up of either carbon fiber or aluminum material. These materials keep your water bottle from bouncing and falling off when you’re on rough terrain.
  • A mountain bike water bottle holder that provides an easy-to-access feature is the one that is best to purchase. You need something that offers you both comfortability and convenience at any random hour of wanting to quench your thirst.
  • However, if you want one that does not scratch so easily, a plastic-made bottle cage could be the right choice for you.
  • Pick a cage that will match the color and aesthetics of your mountain bike.

Those are the features you should look for when you are on the hunt to find the best mountain bike water bottle cage. Choose wisely!

Where Do You Mount a Water Bottle On a Mountain Bike


You are here because you are looking for one essential bikepacking tip, right? How and where do you mount your water bottle holder? Well, we got you covered. Learn the simple ways on how you can securely attach your bottle cage on your mountain bike without any hiccups.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the materials needed for the task.
  • Begin the process by deciding where you want to mount your newly purchased water bottle cage. You have the free choice on where you want to attach it. Once you have an idea of where to best install it, then focus on the bolts present in that location.
  • Remove the bolts from the tube of the bike where you want to mount your bottle holder. Place them in a secure spot to avoid losing each piece.
  • You will then need to take the water bottle cage and place it on top of your chosen tube. Make sure that you position it in a way that allows you to enter the bolts. Ensure that the bolts are attached tightly and securely on that certain part of the bike.
  • Once you are done attaching the water bottle cage on your mountain bike, try to give it a nice try. Add in a water bottle and see if it can securely hold your water bottle. See if it is wiggling, shaking, or bouncing. If it is, you need to make some necessary adjustments to ensure the security of your item

If you do not have the necessary equipment to do this task, you can always ask the help of experts or a friend to get the job done.


That is our helpful list to help you pick the best water bottle cage for mountain bike. Choosing the right one can be an easy decision, but some features can make or break your experience, depending on the bike you have.

Each of these choices is uniquely made for different needs. So, the best item for you is the one that you think will work best for you. Aside from the products mentioned above, you might also want to check out the specialized zee cage.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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CNC Bike Water Bottle Holder, Aluminum Bike Water Bottle Cage for Road Bike/Mountain Bike 2-Pack,Orange
  • [Hold Tight] CNC water bottle holder for bike has a secure and sturdy hold that will ensure that the bottle stays firmly in its place even when riding...
  • [Less Scratch]The CNC composite bike bottle holder provide easy use and are less likely to scratch the finish on most water bottles.
  • [Durable & Highly Resilient] CNC bicycle water bottle holder is made alloy-6061 it's light and highly resilient, making it perfect for road or trail...
  • [Suitable for Most Bike Bottle] Bike water bottle cages arm that wrap around bottle fits most standard & over sized bike water bottles, 20-27.2...
  • [Easy to Install] Bike bottle cage is easy to install and comes with 2 screws per bottle cage that will give it a firm hold against the threaded holes...
SaleBestseller No. 2
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage with Secure Retention System, Bike Bottle Holder for Road...
  • Stay Hydrated On Your Ride - Quick & Easy access to your bike water bottle when you need it. Great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring & electric...
  • Secure and Sturdy Bottle Retention System ensures a full bottle stays firmly in place when riding, whether you're out riding on roads or bumpy trails....
  • Superb Durable Quality & Stunning Finish to Match Your Bike - CNC machined aluminum alloy, heat treated for a strong & lightweight design....
  • Quick & Easy To InstalQuick & Easy To Install - Mount on your bike frame in under 60 seconds. Oval mounting holes allow for fine-tuning of position on...
  • Pro Quality - We’re so confident about the quality of our products that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a...
SaleBestseller No. 3
USHAKE Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
  • 4 X M5 x 12 SCREWS INCLUDED: The screws are standard size for water bottle mounts to most of bikes with DRILLED HOLES, and washers are suggested for...
  • 6061-T6 HEAT-TREATED ALUMINIUM ALLOY: High quality material and manufacturing process for extra strength and durability combined with low weight, 2.1...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Use a 4mm hex key (included) to fasten cages in screw holes on frame. PLEASE NOTE - bike frame requires threaded holes for...
  • WATER BOTTLES FIT: 26 OZ water bottle can fit snugly; min bottle diameter is 2.75inch(68.9mm) max bottle diameter is 3inch(76.2mm). The water bottle...
  • Back up from USHAKE : These Bike Water Bottle Holders are designed to be used for long term, if there is any issues about the product, please inform...
Bestseller No. 4
Bike Bottle Holder with Water Bottle and Mount Mountain Bike Water Bottle Holder No Screws Water Bottle Cages Bike Water Bottles, Kids Bike Water...
  • Active Adventure 3-in-1 Water Bottle Cage Set: Forget trying to find the right bike bottle that fits your bicycle water bottle holder, or struggling...
  • Easy To Fit, Won’t Budge! Your bike drink holder comes with a 90 Degree Adjustable Adapter so you can choose to mount with or without holes,...
  • Hugs Bottles Tighter: It’s annoying when the bottle pops out of the bike water bottle cage on every bump. But the 2.75” Open-Face Active Adventure...
  • Topographic Bottle: Non Insulated, BPA Free bike water bottle and cage. The bottle holds 20oz and features an easy no-pull Jet Valve that lets you...
  • Lifetime Warranty: As soon as your water holder for bike, bike waterbottle mount and bottle kit arrive please read your insert card and keep it for...
SaleBestseller No. 5
corki Cycles Bike Water Bottle Holder, Right Side Load Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Road & Mountain Bikes Black 2-Pack
  • 𝐒𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐑𝐄 - The number one thing a water bottle cage needs to be is secure. When riding the single-track trails and hitting berms your...
  • 𝐒𝐔𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 - You can use the Corki Cycles water bottle cage for all types of bikes. Whether you are hitting the trails, the...
  • 𝐃𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 - The Corki Cycles water bottle cage is made with polycarbonate. It's durable for thousands of water bottle attachments,...
  • 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 - The Corki Cycles water bottle cage can be attached straight out of the packaging. Every order comes...
  • 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐄- The Corki Cycles water bottle cage comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Choose the color that best matches your...
Bestseller No. 6
ThinkTop 2 Pack Ultra-Light Full Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bike Drink Water Bottle Cage Holder Brackets for Road Bike MTB Cycling
  • FULL Carbon Fiber Material - Incredible strong and lightweight(only 25±1.5g), non-deformable and corrosion resistant.
  • Holding power keeps the bottle in place when riding over rough terrain.
  • Easy to install, designed to offer secure bottle hold and easy bottle removal.
  • Perfect for those who want a stylish cage to lighten their load as they ride.
  • Size - The bottle cage is around 2.83 inches (7.2cm) in diameter, fit bottle dia. 2.79-2.95 inches (7.1- 7.5cm), bottle too big or too small may not...
Bestseller No. 7
50 Strong Bike Water Bottle Holder and Bottle Combo | 2-Pack Bike Water Bottles & Water Bottle Cage | 22 oz Sports Squeeze Water Bottle with Pull Top...
  • 2 Pack Bike Bottle Holder with Water Bottle: This combo pack includes two 22 ounce bicycle water bottles and two plastic bike water bottle holders....
  • Durable & Lightweight: The 50 Strong water bottle holder is designed of lightweight, durable plastic and is easy to install. Just mount on your bike's...
  • Fits Most Standard Sized Water Bottles: This light weight cycling cage is designed to fit most brands of bike water bottles. Specially designed by a...
  • Proudly Made in USA: At 50 Strong, we proudly make our products in America! We are a family-owned business that prides itself in excellence, as...
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can ask for a refund or exchange within 30 days of...