How Long Does It Take to Bike 15 Miles? – A Detailed Answer

Cycling is a healthy hobby that anyone can try. It not only keeps you healthy but also keeps you entertained. In addition, it is possible to improve your fitness through cycling.

Of course, that’s a fantastic achievement if you can hit 15 miles by cycling continuously. In fact, this milestone cannot be achieved immediately, especially for beginners.

So, how long does it take to bike 15 miles?

The answer depends on the type of road, your bike type, and your individual fitness level.

It is possible to finish a 15-mile cycling distance in 15 minutes. However, you can achieve this if you have a strong physique, sturdy bike, and average terrain. To understand these factors fully, read the article below.

How Long Would It Take to Bike 15 Miles


As mentioned above, you can complete a 15-miles distance in 15 minutes if you have good endurance, a reliable bike, and a straight road.

To achieve this, your speed must hit the 15-mile mark for 15 min (or 60 mph), provided that cycling continuously.

In addition to speed, endurance also plays an essential part in the cycling process. If you have good endurance, you can complete the 15-mile run without taking a break.

Last but not least, the road plays a part in your journey as well. It will be in your favor if the road is straight and smooth. Conversely, you may reach your destination later if you go through rough roads and bumpy terrains.

1. For People With Low Endurance

People with lower endurance can take 120 minutes to complete a 15-mile bike ride on a straight, flat road. However, rough roads can really be a challenge for these people, and it can take them around 3+ hours to reach their destination.

2. For The Average Cyclist

An average biker who bikes with purpose can reach a speed of 15.5 miles per hour or 25 km/h. By doing simple calculations, we know that it will take about 58 minutes for these people to reach 15 miles.

If your average speed is 20 mph, which can be considered a good speed, you can expect to complete your 15-mile distance in under 45 minutes.

3. For Experienced Cyclists

For experienced cyclists, 15 miles is considered a fairly short distance and usually go for higher 20 miles trips. They can easily complete a 15-mile trip in 30 minutes.

All the estimates mentioned above focus on flat roads. However, for hilly and rough terrains, it will take you longer to reach your destination.

Is It Hard for a Beginner to Complete a 15-Miles Distance

Most things are not easy for beginners, especially in cycling. You will need to have good endurance, commitment, and discipline to ride 15 miles on a bike. As mentioned above, it is impossible to achieve 15 miles under an hour immediately without consistent preparation and practice.

Even if you’re a teenager, 15 miles can be a big deal if you are not regularly physically active. So, if you are planning to improve your fitness through cycling, it is best to regularly engage in activities that work your body, such as scheduled jogging, walking to work.

Initially, you will feel exhausted and stressed after completing 15 miles. However, your 15-mile bike ride time will improve over time by building endurance and stamina through constant practice.

What to Consider When Doing a 15-Mile Bike Ride?


1. Bike Type

Your bike type plays a part in your journey. Some allow you to increase your ride speed, while others can be a burden to your routine.

The electric bike not only saves you energy but is also fast and easy to ride. The power of an electric bike can get you to your goal in under 30 minutes.

Mountain and hybrid bikes, on the other hand, can slow you down from 2-6 mph.

Road bikes are lightweight, allowing you more flexibility when riding. Thanks to using a road bike, it is possible to complete the 15-mile distance with little effort. They are considered faster compared to mountain and hybrid bikes.

So, if you are looking for the ideal bike for everyday use to improve fitness and speed, a road bike is the perfect pick. It is suitable for both hilly terrains and flat surfaces.

2. Fitness & Health Level

As mentioned above, your fitness level is one factor that determines whether you can complete the 15-mile trip quickly and easily.

If you are fit and focused during the trip, you can complete the distance in less than an hour. It is possible to maintain an average of 18 mph once you have already built your cycling routine.

On the contrary, if you are a person without an active lifestyle, even 10 miles is a real challenge for you. It may take you over an hour to complete a 10-mile ride.

Over time, your speed will improve if your body has fully adapted to an active lifestyle. For example, you will soon complete 15 miles on a bike in about 15 minutes through constant practice.

3. Terrain & Road

Another factor that affects your performance is the road you are taking. Of course, you will quickly complete your trip on flat and smooth terrains. Basically, a flat terrain allows you to save more time and energy. So, it will only take you a short time to reach 15 miles at average speed.

In contrast, you have to put in more effort when traveling on hilly, heavy, and rough terrains. These terrains significantly reduce your speed and require you to put more power and energy into the pedals.

4. Weather Conditions

Last but not least, weather conditions can affect your speed and performance. For example, traveling on rainy days can be a bit more complicated than in the summer. Moreover, you will be more likely to have an accident when moving in the rain.

If you have to move in the rain, a mountain bike or a hybrid bike is the perfect choice for you. These bikes have greater friction, which keeps you from slipping on the road.

Another factor that can slow you down is the wind. If you go against the wind, your ride will become a little harder and slower.

Benefits Of Biking 15 Miles a Day

1. Weight Loss

Cycling allows you to burn calories at a high rate. The fact is that people who ride regularly can burn 300 to 500 calories per hour by cycling.

Therefore, biking 15 miles a day is an effective way to reduce unwanted fat. Many studies stated that frequent cyclists tend to be thinner than those who do not cycle.

2. Energy Boosting

According to the Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness, people who cycle regularly every week can lose nearly twice as much body fat in 12 weeks as those who are sedentary. Scientists believe this is because biking increases metabolic rate.

3. Stress Relief

Stress is one of the factors that affects us on a very regular basis. Many studies show that chronic stress causes hormones like cortisol which leads to increased belly fat storage.

4. Sleep Better

Many cyclists believe that they feel refreshed after about 6 hours of shut-eye. Meanwhile, others claim that they need about 8 hours for bedtime to get ready

5. Increase Bone Density

There’s no denying that cycling strengthens bones. Moreover, it also helps you strengthen the muscles around the joints. This helps prevent osteoporosis as you get older.

6. Greater Longevity

Studies show that people who exercise regularly live longer. In fact, cycling boosts metabolism, burns excess fat, and keeps organs functioning correctly. All of these factors contribute to a longer life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average speed of a beginner cyclist?

Most beginner cyclists can hit 10 mph without minimal training to ride a bike. However, if you add a few hills to your trip, your speed could go lower.

2. Is it safe to ride 15 miles a day?

The short answer is yes, provided the proper safety guidelines are followed. Always wear a helmet, obey traffic laws and never attempt tricks or stunts.

3. What to prepare before riding 15 miles a day?

You need to wear proper clothing such as a cycling jersey and padded riding shorts. Also, it is essential to bring along any necessary items like sunscreen, water bottles. Finally, be sure to have enough money with you just in case you run into trouble.


So, how long does it take to bike 15 miles? For this question, there is no exact answer, instead of an estimated one.

In general, cycling 15 miles is not a difficult task. However, before achieving this milestone, you must consider many different factors, including the terrain, the weather, your bike, and your overall health. Just exercise regularly, and you will soon hit 15 miles in under an hour.

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Have a nice trip!