Top 10 Best Bike Inner Tubes 2024 – For MTB, Road & Trail Bikes

The best bike inner tubes may be one of the simplest parts of your bike and often taken for granted. Most of us would not make time finding the right inner tubes because we prefer using tubeless tires. With the advent of tubeless bike tires, the need for inner tubes became unnecessary, too.

Best Choice
Bell 20-Inch Universal Inner Tube, Width Fit Range 1.75-Inch to 2.25-Inch, Schrader
Good Choice
Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26x1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack
Don't Miss
Fat Bike Tube - Schrader (Auto) Valve - 26 X 4.0 - Two Pack
Also Consider
Schwalbe AV17 Inner Tubes 700 x 28-45c / 28" 27", Schrader Valve (2 Pack)
Bell 20-Inch Universal Inner Tube, Width Fit Range 1.75-Inch to 2.25-Inch, Schrader
Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26x1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack
Fat Bike Tube - Schrader (Auto) Valve - 26 X 4.0 - Two Pack
Schwalbe AV17 Inner Tubes 700 x 28-45c / 28" 27", Schrader Valve (2 Pack)
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Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Bell 20-Inch Universal Inner Tube, Width Fit Range 1.75-Inch to 2.25-Inch, Schrader
Bell 20-Inch Universal Inner Tube, Width Fit Range 1.75-Inch to 2.25-Inch, Schrader
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26x1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack
Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26x1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Fat Bike Tube - Schrader (Auto) Valve - 26 X 4.0 - Two Pack
Fat Bike Tube - Schrader (Auto) Valve - 26 X 4.0 - Two Pack
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Schwalbe AV17 Inner Tubes 700 x 28-45c / 28" 27", Schrader Valve (2 Pack)
Schwalbe AV17 Inner Tubes 700 x 28-45c / 28" 27", Schrader Valve (2 Pack)
Amazon Prime

However, bike inner tubes should also be given utmost importance. Tubes are one of the most critical parts of your bike. It always works with your tires that make your bike run and fully functional. Having the right inner tube for your bicycle can make a huge difference. You will never be stuck with a flat tire and inoperative bikes if you have the right inner tube for your bike.

Top Bike Inner Tube Reviews

1. BELL 7064262 Universal Inner Tube

The first in this list is the BELL 20-inch universal inner tube. It is made of mold cured rubber to ensure that side walls are not fragile and easy to break. The tube can withstand high-pressure blow outs necessary for a long lasting inner tube. The item’s weight is 160g, making it extra lightweight.

The width ranges from 1.75 inches to 2.25 inches that can perfectly fit to kid and BMX tires. This inner bike tube is highly versatile, too. It can accommodate MTB tires, cruiser tires and even BELL floor pumps. You can easily replace your retiring inner bike tube with a new one using this tube.

It comes with a Schrader valve which is one of the most commonly used valves for bicycles. It greatly resembles the valve used for car tires with its 35mm cap. However, you need to be careful when selecting the size of the inner tube, it should measure exactly the same as your tire.

This best bicycle inner tube also comes with a flat protection feature. It uses standard tubes that can generally withstand normal riding conditions. You can use this on your regular bike days without worrying about getting a flat tire. However, if you intend to use your bike in a rigorous and strained environment, you should get an inner tube with a self-sealing feature.
  • Made of mold cured rubber
  • Withstands high-pressure blow outs
  • Versatile
  • Comes with a Schrader valve
  • Uses standard tube protection
Generally, this product is a great fit for those looking for a very versatile inner tube with a Schrader valve. It can be attached perfectly well to your road bike tires or even cruiser tires. You will never have to worry about finding the right tube to make pedaling easy and smooth.

2. Kenda SG_B06XJZ6W3G_US Inner Tubes

These Kenda inner tubes are a standard Butyl rubber inner tube. You can usually find this kind of material in most inner tubes in the market. It is cheaper but heavier compared to any other type of material used for the inner tube. Good thing, it is highly repairable, and you can use it for a very long time.

This inner tube is compatible with a bike wheel measuring 26”x1.90” to 2.125”. The two tubes that come with the package weigh around 13.8 ounces. It can add some weight to your bike after installation. But it can perform its job well given the durability of the material used.

The tubes are also powerful and demonstrate excellent performance compared to other products you see in the market. The brand has been existing for more than 50 years, and it has already created high-quality and premium standard products. You can use this road bike inner tube even in harsh and ultra demanding biking environments without getting a flat tire.

This inner tube for hybrid bikes is also very versatile. You can use this on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or cruisers. It is fast and easy to install without giving you a hard time. You just need to follow the guideline of proper inner tube installation, and in just a few seconds, you already have a fully inflated bike tire.
  • Made of Butyl material
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Durable and exhibits excellent performance
  • Heavy
If you need a complete package of inner tubes for both of your bike tires, this Butyl made inner tube is an excellent choice. It may be heavier than other products on this list, but it can perform its job well given its durability and fast installation.

3. SCK CSK Inner Bike Tubes Plus

This SCK inner bike tube comes in a whole package. You can get two packs of 20 inner tubes for the bike and two tire levers in one purchase. With two tire levers included in the package, you can easily remove your old tube from the tire and instantly install the new one. The inner tube can fit into a 20-inch wheel as it is compatible with 1.75 to 2.125 tires.

The product is made of the standard heavy Butyl material that guarantees durability and longevity. You can use this for a long time because it can be repaired easily once you notice the air is coming out from the tire. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Meaning, you can return the product right away and still gets a full refund.

The material used also ensures air tightness and the ability to resist heat. However, it would be best if you were careful upon installing an inner tube. You can add some air to the tube and give it a rounded shape before putting it into the tire. So it can prevent the tube from twisting inside.

This inner tube comes with a Schrader valve. This road bike tube is the standard valve type and is normally used among car tires as well. You will not have a difficult time finding a compatible tool when installing the tube because it only requires regular tool kits upon installation.
  • Comes in two packs of 20-inch inner tubes
  • Uses regular Schrader valve
  • Air tight and heat resistant
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Made of heavy Butyl material
To sum up, this tube should be your first choice if you want an inner bike tube that will last for a long time. Equipped with impressive technology including air tightness system and heat resisting element, you will never go unsatisfied when installing this to your tire.

4. Continental Presta Valve MTB Bike Inner Tubes

This Continental bike inner tube is another good pick for you. The product should be purchased in bulk, meaning you get a pair of inner tubes for the two wheels of your bike. Getting one tube or in retail is not possible with this product.

The continental inner tubes come in different sizes ranging from 26 inches up to 29 inches. You can easily choose the size that can exactly fit your bike tires. You need not worry about getting the wrong size, you just need to ensure that you get the accurate measurement of your bike tires before making a purchase.

This inner tube comes with a 42mm Presta valve, and should fit in tires constructed for a Presta valve. The construction is of threaded and removable valve core meant for easy installation. With these inner tubes for road bikes, you can readily replace your flat tire, and ride on your bike in no time.

It is made of a Polyester and Butyl material that guarantees strength and durability. Even when you use it for a rough and challenging environment, you are sure that you will not be encountering flat tires. It has enough thickness, which can add some weight once installed.
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Uses Presta valve
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Heavy
Finding a high-quality Presta inner tube is rare. Thus, this bike inner tube will make your search fast and easy. It can go well with different bike tires, without giving you a hard time attaching it. It is both easy to install and durable, the perfect duo you want for your inner tube.

5. YunSCM Universal Inner Tubes

If you are looking for universal inner tubes for your bike tire, this YunSCM inner tube is a perfect choice. It is compatible with tires having a size of 26”×1.9”/2.125” and tire width of 1.9”-2.125”. Upon purchasing, you are given two inner tubes for a pair of your bike wheels.

This product also comes in several sizes, so picking the wrong size for your bike tire is next to impossible. It has a standard size of AV32mm, AV48mm, and AV60mm. All of them use Schrader valves like the ones you are using for your car tires. Before ordering, check the size of your tires to get the right inner tube.

This mountain bike inner tube is also durable. It is made of Butyl material that can easily absorb shocks on tough and bumpy roads. The rubber is long lasting and heat resistant. It can resist bike tire challenges like shock and can withstand wear and tear. Another thing to stress about this product is that it is ozone resistant, anti-aging substance and has better sealing protection. You are ensuring that you can get the best out of this product for a long time.

As it comes with a regular Schrader valve, it is easy to install without giving you a hard time replacing your old inner tube. You just need to follow the installation guide that comes with the package for an easy and quick fix. Replacing your inner tube will only take a few minutes. It is definitely time-saving and efficient installation.
  • Comes in pair of inner tubes
  • Uses Schrader valve
  • Heat and ozone resistant
  • Better sealing protection
  • Heavy
For those who always bikes through rough and bumpy roads, installing this bike inner tube is the best suggestion. It is made to be durable, and packed of functional features including heat and ozone resistant elements.

6. CalPalmy Road Bike Replacement Inner Tubes

If you are looking for the best inner tube for your road bike, this CalPalmy bike replacement inner tube is a great choice. It can fit road bikes with 700c diameter and 28” tires and is constructed with a 42mm Presta valve.

This inner tube was manufactured to add comfort to your bike ride. It is made of thick and heavy Butyl rubber that can impressively absorb shocks when you pass through bumpy and hollow roads. Since it is made of thick rubber material, you can feel an added weight to your tires, too. This is to protect you from bumps and allow you to glide along the road seamlessly.

The brand ensures that this inner tube is safe for use. Aside from adding comfort to your bike experience, it is explosion proof, as well. Meaning it can resist intense heat and has the ability to protect itself from sharp objects. It has an airtight seal that can withstand wear and tear.

Unlike other inner tubes for bicycles requiring installation tools, this inner tube requires only a lever when installing. It comes with free tire levers which will aid the installation process, in less than a few minutes, you can now have a fully inflated tire ready to go back on rough and tedious trails.
  • Shock absorber
  • Easy to install
  • Has an airtight seal
  • Explosion proof
  • Heavy
Going for a heavy inner tube might not be your best option, but this bike inner tube can significantly make your pedaling easy and smooth. Even if it has an additional weight, the shock absorbing mechanism and explosion proof feature will definitely compensate.

7. ZSFLZS Bicycle Inner Tube Tyres

When looking for a reliable Schrader valve inner tube, this bicycle inner tube tire will not disappoint. It has a regular 32mm Schrader valve size that can fit into 1.75 to 2.125 tire width. Upon purchasing, you can enjoy a set of two bike tubes, and three tire levers. This will help you with quick and easy installation.

This tire inner tube is made of high quality, thick and heavy Butyl rubber material. The material used ensures that the tube is strong and powerful that can withstand any wear and tear. It comes with an airtight feature preventing it from a future explosion.

Moreover, the tire levers that come with it are made of Nylon plastic preventing it from experiencing too much force. It ensures that the lever will not harm or damage the material of the inner tube for the bike tire when installed.

Aside from having reliable tire levers, this product is made for easy installation, as well. You can follow the quick guide that comes with the package when replacing your old bike inner tube tires. If you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer will grant a full refund, and you can get your money back.
  • Complete package with tire levers
  • Strong and powerful
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • Heavy
No one would want to install an inner tube that does not last long. That is why I highly recommend this bike inner tube to you. It is made for durability and strength. Attaching this tube to your bike tires is convenient as well, given that there are tire levers that come with the package.

8. CalPalmy Inner Tubes

If you have a regular road bike or children’s bike that needs an inner tube replacement, this CalPalmy inner tube is a top pick for you. This inner tube can perfectly fit most kid’s bikes with a measurement of 16” tires and 1.75’’ to 2.15’’ wide.

Moreover, it is compatible with children’s bike brands like Royal Baby, Schwinn, JOYSTAR and Titan. So you are guaranteed that your kid can enjoy the bike for a long time with this reliable inner tube replacement.

This inner tube is highly durable just like the ones used for adult bike inner tubes. It is made of thick Butyl rubber material that can significantly absorb shocks and unnecessary pressure to the tires. You are sure that the bike can be used on bumps and rough roads, and can still glide seamlessly.

Since it is intended for kid’s use, safety is the topmost priority of the brand when making this bike inner tube. It is made to be explosion proof, and has an impressive airtight system preventing it from having a flat tire. You are guaranteed that your kid can ride in safety once you install this bike inner tube.

Even though it is made of rubber, the material is BPA and odor free. It is one of the most excellent features made for this product. If still left unsatisfied, this package comes with 40 days free return and exchange guarantee. You do not need to worry about wasting your money on an average product with these inner tubes for mountain bikes.
  • Absorbs shock
  • Safe to use
  • Odor free
  • Comes with a 40-day free return and exchange guarantee
  • Intended for kid’s bike
You kids would enjoy pedaling on their bike once you install this best bike inner tube. As it is made for children’s bikes, it is safe to use and deliberately absorb shock to keep your child from getting an injury.

9. RoadUp Fat Bike Inner Tube

For those who are looking for a great product that can significantly reduce punctures from rim cuts, this RoadUp Fat bike inner tube is an excellent choice. It is made of high quality and premium Butyl rubber material. The material ensures strength and durability all at the same time. With this product, you can already get durable and long lasting inner tubes for your bike tires.

This inner tube comes with a 26×3.0 to 5.0 Schrader Valve. Upon installation, you can easily get the right tool as the valve is similar to a car tire valve. You will not have difficulty looking for installation tools when replacing your ageing inner tube bike.

The product underwent a strict 100% quality control process to ensure durability and strength. You know that you get a reliable FAT bike ride when you use this bike inner tube. You will be confident that the product can perform and work well once you fully install it on your tires. However, it is important to follow the quick installation guide and use a separate tire lever, as levers do not come with the package.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can enjoy a money back guarantee, too. You can email the company to get your money back. You will not worry about wasting your money on a product that does not suit well with your bike tires.
  • Made of high quality Butyl rubber
  • Underwent strict quality control process
  • Durable
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Does not come with tire levers
This bike inner tube is one of the best on this list. Made from a reliable and reputable brand, you can expect that it is engineered for durability and power. The Butyl material used for this product passed through a strict screening process to ensure that it will deliver a top-quality inner tube.

10. CrabTek Bike Inner Tube

If you are looking for a standard American valve length inner tube, this CrabTek bike inner tube is the best choice for you. It can fit a bike wheel with a size of 700X38/35/40/43C. Upon your purchase, you can enjoy a complete package of two bike inner tubes, and two rim strips. The rim strips will help you out for easy installation.

Like other high-quality inner tubes, it is made of Butyl rubber material. However, it may add some weight to your tire. This material is commonly used among inner tubes because of its durability and strength. It also guarantees easy repair once you notice air coming out from the product. You know that your tire can last longer with this powerful and strong material.

This inner tube also makes your life easier because it comes with a Schrader valve. This valve type is widely used among plenty of road bikes. You will never have a hard time finding a compatible valve for your bike. Using the rim strips that come with the package, you are guaranteed a fast and hassle free attachment.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you are also free to exchange and return it within the 30-day purchase. The customer service will be happy to assist you with the return process.
  • Complete package
  • Made of high-quality Butyl material
  • Comes with rim strips for easy installation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Material used may add weight to the bike tire
You will never have a hard time installing this inner tube to your bike. Made for user’s convenience, you can easily rely on the instructor’s manual and attach this product to your tire in no time.

11. SCHWALBE Schrader Valve Bike Inner Tube

This SCHWALBE bike inner tube is an ideal inner tube for your 700c bike wheels. It comes with a 40mm Schrader valve made by a reputable brand. These SCHWALBE inner tubes are packed with functional features making your bike tire reliable and fully operational once installed.

It has an air tightness feature that can significantly hold pressure longer than any other inner bike tubes. The rubber material used has enough thickness to retain air even when challenged with extreme pressure. It can hold air pressure for up to 24hours.

Moreover, this inner tube is designed for dependability and reliability. It passed through consistent quality control set by the manufacturer. Every tube is factory inflated and stored for a day to test that it can impressively demonstrate air retention under intense pressure. You are guaranteed that you will never experience a broken or flat tire even when you use it in a rough and challenging environment.

Aside from that, it is highly versatile, too. It is compatible with different tire sizes making it more expensive than any other ordinary inner tubes. This inner tube 700c is made of highly elastic and strong material that can expand and accommodate tires of various sizes. The group tube system feature ensures that you get a perfect inner tube fit for your bike tire.
  • Comes with an airtight feature
  • Retains pressure for a long time
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Tested and passed strict quality control
  • Comes at a high price tag
Making your bike at its optimum performance is easy once you attach this tube to your bike. This inner tube will impress you with its airtight system that is great to make your bike run smoothly. This bike is very reliable given that it underwent strict quality control.

12. BWSHLF Mountain Bike Inner Tubes

If you are looking for an inner tube made from hybrid material, this BWSHLF bike inner tube is an excellent choice. This product may be at the pricier range, but it stands out among ordinary inner tubes. It is made of 60% high Butyl rubber material making it eight times durable. The material can easily adapt to temperature changes and can withstand any form of pressure.

It comes with both Schrader valve of 35mm and Presta valve of 48mm. It can fit wheels of up to 29 inches in diameter. This inner tube is ideal for most mountain bikes available in the market. You will never have a hard time finding the right valve, as the product can provide you with both major types.

Further, it comes with a hassle-free installation process. You just need to follow the simple and quick guide to replace your old inner tubes finally. It is both time saving and efficient and even a beginner can do it in the comfort of one’s home. The durability and quality of these bicycle inner tubes made in the USA are guaranteed as these underwent 100% strict quality control.

If you are not satisfied with the product, it also comes with a full money back guarantee. It gives you a worry free purchase wherein a replacement item will be sent to you to deliver you with excellent product satisfaction.
  • Eight time durable
  • Temperature adaptable
  • Comes with Presta and Schrader valve
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Pricier compared to other inner tubes
Sometimes, finding the best tube means paying more. This inner tube may be at a higher price range, but it is packed with the necessary features to make your bike at its best performance. It can adapt to different temperatures, even extreme heat, and still deliver impressive work.

What to Look for When Buying Inner Tubes



The first consideration when looking for inner tubes is the size. There are different bike inner tube sizes available in the market. Before getting one, you should know the right size your bike tire requires. The accurate size means that it should fit inside your tire. When you examine your bike tire, the inner tube should fit your bike wheel’s diameter and width.

To give you a full picture of inner tube sizes, here is the breakdown of inner tube sizes with the corresponding type of bike:

  • Bikes with 700c wheels and 20 to 25mm tires – 700 × 20–25mm
  • Bikes with 700c wheels and 28 to 37mm tires – 700 × 28–37mm
  • Bikes with 700c wheels and 32 to 47mm tires – 700 × 32–47mm


The material used for the bicycle tubes determines the strength and durability of the device. The most commonly used material is latex vs butyl inner tubes. Rubber tubes like the kenda bike tubes are cheaper. But they tend to be heavier and resist more when it interacts with the bike tires. They are easier to repair than latex, as well.

Latex, on the other hand, is preferable because of its lightweight. Latex inner bike tubes are impressively lighter. There is less rolling resistance once you use a latex inner tube for your bike tires. However, compared to butyl rubber, they are more sensitive, fragile, and more difficult to repair.

Presta vs Schrader valve inner tube

In this bicycle inner tube review, the next thing to consider is the valve type. There are two valve types for inner tubes. They are Presta and Schrader. Presta is the most commonly used valve type, and is often preferred by many bike enthusiasts.

Presta valves are longer and narrower compared to Schrader valves. You will notice a screw at the tip of the valve. You can unscrew it when you inflate your tires. Also, pressing down on the unscrewed tip to release air is possible with a Presta valve.

Schrader valves, on the other hand, are shorter and stubbier compared to Presta valves. It looked exactly like the valves you see on your car tires.

You cannot interchange the use of a Presta or Schrader valve in your tires. Schrader valves will not work with wheels drilled for a Presta valve, and vice versa. Hence, before getting an inner tube, check if it is made for a Presta or a Schrader valve.

Puncture Protection

If you want your road inner tubes to last long, you can choose a tube with a puncture proofing feature. You can have additional puncture protection when you put sealant on the tube. Just by taking out the core, you can have a supplementary 25 to 30 ml of sealant for better protection.

What Inner Tube Do I Need for My Bike


Getting a bike inner tube is not as simple as it sounds. With this bike tube review, you should get the right inner tube your bike requires. Meaning, before making your purchase, you must inspect your bike tires, and know what size of tube it needs. Next, look whether your bike needs a Presta or Schrader valve. Then, your next consideration is the material you want to get for your bike tires. Once, you consider all these factors, you will be able to get the right inner tube for your bike.

How to Replace an Inner Tube

Replacing an inner tube is simple, which you can do on your own when you follow this road bike inner tube review. First, you need tire levers, a spare tube, a pump and an adjustable wrench before you begin the job. After securing all the needed tools, the first thing to do is removing the tire from your bike. Next, you need to deflate the tire, and release the air to make it easier for you to pull out the old tube from your bike tire. You can use a lever when removing the tube from the tire.

Afterwhich, inspect if there are sharp materials surrounding your tire. It is important to clear your tires from unnecessary sharp objects before putting the new bike inner tube. When installing, inflate the tube a little just enough to make it round. You can now set the valve stem inside the hole in the wheel and secure the washer if needed.

Once secured, you can gently tuck the tube into the tire, do it very slowly, a small section at a time, to ensure that the tube is properly placed into the tire. When the tube is completely set inside the tire, you can now reinstall the tire to your bike rim. Set your tire into the bike rim using levers, and fully inflate your tire afterwards.


Replacing your bike inner tube might be an easy process. But if you do not get the right size and type, you might end up not enjoying your purchase. This review provided you the proper knowledge in choosing the best bike inner tubes available in the market today.

We provided you everything you need to know, including getting the accurate measurement, choosing the appropriate valve type, and looking for the ideal material for your bike tire. We also included the step-by-step process of replacing your old inner tube with a new one.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Slime 30074 Bike Inner Tubes with Slime Puncture Sealant, Extra Strong, Self Sealing, Prevent and Repair, Schrader Valve, 26"x1.75-2.125", Value...
  • These are no ordinary bicycle tubes! These extra strong inner tubes stop flats for 2 years because there is Slime inside.
  • Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly seals punctures in your tubes up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Seal Technology
  • Designed specifically to stop tube punctures from ruining your ride and keep you going
  • Schrader Valve tube, that installs like any traditional inner tube and full instructions inside every pack
  • Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Water soluble
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bell Standard 26-inch Bike Tube
  • Mold cured rubber for consistent side wall–prevents high pressure blow outs
  • High quality, reliably tested inner tube
  • Tube Weight - 210g
  • Valve type & length: Schrader; 35mm with cap
  • Great for Cruiser and Mountain bike tires. Simply remove the tire, then remove the old tube, insert the new one, reset the tire and then inflate
Bestseller No. 3
Bell 20-Inch Universal Inner Tube, Width Fit Range 1.75-Inch to 2.25-Inch, Schrader
  • Mold cured rubber for consistent side wall–prevents high pressure blow outs
  • High quality, reliably tested inner tube. Schrader valve
  • Tube Weight - 160g
  • Valve type & length: Schrader; 35mm with cap
  • Great for kid and BMX tires
Bestseller No. 4
12'' x 1.75/1.95 Inner Tubes (2-Pack) Compatible with Most 12’’ Kid Bikes Like RoyalBaby, Schwinn Elm/Koen, Dynacraft, JOYSTAR and COEWSKE - Made...
  • 12'' x 1.75/1.95 Stroller Replacement Tubes: Fits most kids bikes on the market with 12’’ tires that are between 1.75’’ to 1.95’’ wide,...
  • ADDS COMFORT TO YOUR BABY’S RIDE: With thick butyl rubber that absorbs shocks (4X thicker than other brands), your baby won’t feel the bumps and...
  • SAFETY FIRST IS OUR MOTTO: Heavy-duty inner tube and tire. When and if punctured, it immediately creates an airtight seal to prevent damage,...
  • MADE HEAVY DUTY FROM QUALITY MATERIALS: Our Inner tubes are made from premium, 100% butyl, BPA and odor free rubbers, It’s our job to make...
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This replacement kit is an aftermarket product produced by CalPalmy (TM). It meets or exceeds the performance of OEM replacements...
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2 Pack 16" Kids Bike Inner Tubes Fit 1.75/1.95/2.125 with 32mm Schrader Valve, 16'' x 1.75/2.125 Tyre Tube with 2PCS Levers, 16'' Bike Tube Compatible...
  • 🚴【16"x1.75-2.125】Great replacement for popped tube on 16x1.95 bike tube with 32mm Schrader Valve. Note: Please check your tire size before...
  • 🚴【Superior Materials】2 pack 16x2.125 inner tubes hold their air so well that you haven't needed to refill the air and it can be used for a long...
  • 🚴【Simple Installation】2 tire levers are very useful and have a nice touch, they can aid installing the tire over the tube without nicking...
  • 🚴【Budget Savings】Do it yourself and you'll save more budget in your local store! 16" x 1.95 bike tube can be used as a spare inner tube to...
  • 🚴【Perfect After-Sales Service】If there is any dissatisfaction with 16 inch bike tube, We provide refunds within 24 hours. TIP: The inner tube...
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Hapleby 2PCS Premium Bike Tubes Compatible for 26 Inch x 1.75/1.95/2.10/2.125 Bike Tire, Mountain Bike Inner Tube with Schrader Valve, 2PCS Levers
  • 1. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: The tube is suitable for most mountain bikes and is the most widely used size Currently on the market, compatible for 26...
  • 2. REINFORCED VALVE DESIGN: We made a statistics. Among the cases of tube leaks and tears, 70% occurred at the interface between the valve stem and...
  • 3. THICKER BUTYL RUBBER: The conventional tube sidewall thickness is 0.75~0.98MM, but our sidewall thickness is 1.12MM, which is thicker than the...
  • 4. MORE DURABLE: Every tire produced has undergone strict quality inspection and is durable. For example, if a person weighs 190 pounds and the tires...
  • 5. PACKAGE INCLUDING: Each gift box contains 2PCS valve cap, 2PCS tire levers and 2PCS tube, the 2PCS tire levers that came with can save a lot of...
Bestseller No. 7
Ultraverse Bike Inner Tube for 26 X 1.75/1.95/2.10/2.125 inch Bicycle tire Sizes with Presta Valve - Rubber Tubes for Mountain and Trail, Cruisers,...
  • Presta Valve – The heavy duty reinforced rubber base and extremely robust 48mm FV Valve prevents shearing off while cycling
  • User Friendly Innertubes System - The bike tubes are designed to fit all types of mountain bikes with wheels of 26" and a tire width of 1.75 to 2.125
  • Puncture Resistant - Thorn resistant specialized tubes have been tested to ensure highly resistance to punctures
  • Tire Lever Pro Tool Kit - Quick and Easy Installation, pry and close ties in with little to no effort, reducing the inner tube installation time by as...
  • Solid Thick Butyl Rubber - Excellent resistance to ozone cracking, weathering, or aging
SaleBestseller No. 8
Continental Race 28" Wide 700x25-32c Inner Tubes - 42mm Presta Valve (Pack of 2 w/Conti Sticker)
  • The Tubes have a seamless construction, with a mold-cured vulcanization, to ensure uniform roundness
  • Size: 28" - 700x25-32mm
  • Valve type: 42mm Presta Valve
  • Contents: 2 Continental Inner Tubes + Conti Sticker
  • New in Factory Packaging
Bestseller No. 9
Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube, Traditional and Self-Sealing, Self-sealing, 700c x 35-42mm, Black
  • Traditional US Schrader valve
  • Fits Tube size 700c X 35-42mm
  • Tubes comes with liquid sealant inside the tube
  • Designed to reduce flats due to punctures
Bestseller No. 10
2 Pack 20" Bike Tubes,Bicycle Inner Tube Schrader Valve Fit 1.75/2.125/2.4,Bike Interior Tire Tube Anti Puncture Tube for Bike Bicycle Tire...
  • 【20"×1.75/2.125】For 20"x1.75/1.90/1.95/2.125 bike tubes, 2 pack bicycle tube with 32mm Schrader Valve,fits most road and mountain bikes. Note:...
  • 【High-Quality Butyl Rubber】Ours is made of 100% butyl rubber compound, it'll last longer than average bicycle inner tubes,it provides better...
  • 【Easy installation】Bicycle tube 20" x 2.125 including 2pcs plastic tire lever, 2pcs rim strip and 6 Self-Adhesive Bike Repair Kit;made it super...
  • 【Must Have Tool】The bike tire lever is a must have tool for any cyclist.20" x 2.125 bike tube can be used as a spare inner tube to prevent the...
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