Top 12 Best Bike Helmet Lights 2024 – Light Your Way Through the Night

Although it’s not required in some areas, installing light to your bike helmet will get you out of many sticky situations. Ideally, it’s bright enough to be seen from afar but not so blinding to oncoming traffic. With the perfect amount of light, you can see the path ahead without interfering with the vision of others.

Editor's Choice
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists. Fits Almost All Helmets. Bright and Light Bike Light. 43 Hour...
Good Choice
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT VERSION- Tough & Durable IP67 Waterproof & FL-1 Impact Resistant– Super...
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Topeak Tail Lux Helmet light, Black, 3 x 3 x 1.7 cm / 1.2” x 1.2” x 0.7”
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Magicshine MJ 900 1200 Lumen Front Bike Light, CREE LED Waterproof Bike Light, Perfect LED Bike Light for Mountain Biking Road Biking Bike Helmet...
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists. Fits Almost All Helmets. Bright and Light Bike Light. 43 Hour...
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT VERSION- Tough & Durable IP67 Waterproof & FL-1 Impact Resistant– Super...
Topeak Tail Lux Helmet light, Black, 3 x 3 x 1.7 cm / 1.2” x 1.2” x 0.7”
Magicshine MJ 900 1200 Lumen Front Bike Light, CREE LED Waterproof Bike Light, Perfect LED Bike Light for Mountain Biking Road Biking Bike Helmet...
Editor's Choice
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists. Fits Almost All Helmets. Bright and Light Bike Light. 43 Hour...
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists. Fits Almost All Helmets. Bright and Light Bike Light. 43 Hour...
Good Choice
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT VERSION- Tough & Durable IP67 Waterproof & FL-1 Impact Resistant– Super...
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT VERSION- Tough & Durable IP67 Waterproof & FL-1 Impact Resistant– Super...
Don't Miss
Topeak Tail Lux Helmet light, Black, 3 x 3 x 1.7 cm / 1.2” x 1.2” x 0.7”
Topeak Tail Lux Helmet light, Black, 3 x 3 x 1.7 cm / 1.2” x 1.2” x 0.7”
Also Consider
Magicshine MJ 900 1200 Lumen Front Bike Light, CREE LED Waterproof Bike Light, Perfect LED Bike Light for Mountain Biking Road Biking Bike Helmet...
Magicshine MJ 900 1200 Lumen Front Bike Light, CREE LED Waterproof Bike Light, Perfect LED Bike Light for Mountain Biking Road Biking Bike Helmet...

My reviews on the best bike helmet light will give you some helpful guides on which to pick for your next road trip. Hopefully, you’ll find the most suitable bike light that can ensure your safety on the road.


Best Bike Helmet Light Reviews

1. Topside Bike Helmet Light

With the easy-to-install Topside Bike Helmet Light, you can prepare for your road trip within minutes. This bicycle light can generate a fixed amount of 100 lumens, which is the benchmark number of lumens on bike lights. It also comes with a tail light with 15 lumens to alert drivers from the back.

This light features two simple modes: Flash Mode and Constant Mode. You can manage this device using the top button, which doubles as an indicator for when the battery is low. Surprisingly, the Lithium Metal battery can last up to 43 hours until it needs a recharge.

Another notable characteristic of this helmet mounted bike light is its resistance to dust, water, and frost, making it durable and sturdy for frequent road trips. Surprisingly, its design is stable enough for bumpy streets, yet very lightweight. In truth, the light measures 68 grams only.

Furthermore, it features two different mount options to choose from – zip ties and rubber straps. There are also two brackets where it can be attached. With these conditions, installation becomes much quicker and simpler.

The only drawback of this bike light is its broad light beams, resulting in a shorter distance of illumination. I think the maximum distance is 20 feet. However, from my experience, drivers still notice the light from afar.
  • Wide beam light with 100 lumens and a tail light with 15 lumens
  • Two simple modes to complement different terrains and light conditions
  • Lithium Metal rechargeable battery with 43 hours of runtime
  • Resistance to weather elements for durable and long-lasting housing
  • An effortless installation featuring two mount options and two brackets
  • Lightweight and stable mount for bumpy rides
  • Short beam light only lights 20 feet ahead
The main advantage of the Topside Bike Helmet Light is its simple installation. Taking it on and off of the helmet is quick and easy, so it can function as a flashlight. In other words, you can get both a helmet light and a flashlight with a single purchase.

2. CECO-USA F1000 Bicycle Headlight

The versatile CECO-USA F1000 Bicycle Headlight will provide you with all kinds of lights on the road. With its advanced electronic circuitry, it can consistently emit 1000 lumens of light, making it the perfect travel buddy for long-distance travel.

Remarkably, the product features five-night modes and three daylight modes – a total of 8 light modes, including the Flash Mode and Constant Mode. There’s also a Flashlight Mode if you want to detach the light source from the mount.

As for the battery power, the light has a maximum runtime of 45 hours, depending on its set mode. It utilizes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which can be fully charged within 5 hours.

You also get a Lock Mode feature, which can prevent the bike light from turning on – useful for keeping the light in storage to save for later.

Another striking detail is the IP67 resistance, providing full protection against dust and strong jets of water. Moreover, the bracket is durable as it is made of nylon resin – a material known for its superior toughness, heat resistance, and oil resistance.

So far, I was able to position it easily on handlebars. The mount is also very flexible, allowing you to adjust the lighting angle.

Unfortunately, this product is more of a bicycle headlight meant for handlebars and not for bike helmets. Still, it provides better illumination than most bike cycle helmet lights nowadays, so I’d still choose it over others.
  • Consistently generates 1000 lumens of light
  • Complete versatility with 9 total light modes including Flashlight Mode
  • 45 hours of runtime for extended use
  • Durable body with IP67 resistance, making it fully dustproof and waterproof
  • Flexible and resistant nylon resin bracket
  • A bit too heavy to be a helmet light
The CECO-USA F1000 Bicycle Headlight offers several light modes to adjust to different light conditions and terrains. Plus, you get a 1-year warranty, so that’s a huge plus. Honestly, I’ll be satisfied with just its versatility.

3. Maketheone Bicycle Helmet Light

Do you want to cram all your lighting needs in one purchase? You might be interested in the Maketheone Bicycle Helmet Light. This product can be used as a pocket flashlight, an adjustable bike helmet light, or a durable front or rear light.

To begin with, this bike helmet mounted light can produce 1200 lumens, making it among the brightest lights for cyclists. Plus, you can adjust its beam spread by switching from Wide Mode to Narrow Mode. Moreover, the front light comes in five different modes, while the tail light comes in four modes for a total of nine modes.

I should also mention that it has a rear light constructed with red silicone – a tough and heat-resistant material. Remarkably, the housing is constructed out of anodized aluminum alloy for extra protection against corrosion, water, and heat. Plus, it’s non-toxic.

This bike light also promotes long-lasting use with its rechargeable 1400 mAh CR2032 battery. You can get a smart charger with an input of 100 to 240 volts. With this charger, I am able to fully charge this bike light within 4 to 5 hours.

Besides, the mount is flexible, resulting in a breezy installation. You can adjust the lighting angle by rotating the mount.

The main downside of this product is its weight. The whole product weighs 220 grams, which is quite heavy for a helmet light. Yet, I get used to it rather quickly.
  • Suitable as a flashlight, helmet light, and headlight
  • Generates an adjustable beam light with 1200 lumens
  • Flexible lighting with 5 modes for the front and 4 for the rear
  • Long-lasting 1400 mAh capacity CR2032 battery
  • Easy recharge with 100-240 volts smart charger
  • Durable, non-toxic, and resistant anodized aluminum alloy housing
  • Heavier than most helmet light products
The Maketheone Bicycle Helmet Light not only provides you with an adjustable, bright light, you can also use it for a long time due to its sturdy body. Not only that, but you also get a one-year warranty and support with each purchase, so I think it’s worth every penny.

4. Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light

If you don’t want your light to be too flashy, the Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light is a perfect choice. It’s affordable and weighs only 24 grams, making it one of the lightest models available.

The package comes with two white LED bulbs, and two red LED bulbs. This bike light is bright enough for others to see you. Besides, you can cycle through three modes – (1) constant lights, (2) blinking lights, and (3) the white is constant while the red is blinking. You can switch among these modes by pushing the button at the top.

Another facet I like about this product is its runtime of up to 100 hours, depending on the mode, of course. The bundle comes with two Lithium Metal rechargeable batteries for use right away. Plus, the installation is a breeze with the Velcro strap, but I prefer using zip ties for installation since it fits better.

Speaking of which, one of the things I don’t like about the product is the Velcro strap as it doesn’t seem to fit very well. You’d be better off with a zip tie.
  • Affordable and lightweight helmet light weighing only 24 grams
  • Visible signals with two red and two white LED bulbs
  • Features three modes for daylight and nighttime
  • Long-lasting Lithium Metal rechargeable batteries with 100-hour runtime
  • Zip ties for quick and easy installation
  • Velcro strap doesn’t fit very well with the mount
Although it’s not as bright as the previous products, the Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light still manages to catch the attention of drivers from far away. Seeing how it’s budget-friendly and lightweight, it’s really worth trying it out.

5. NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost Headlight

If those pieces above do not catch your attention, perhaps the NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost Headlight would be of interest.

This product prides itself on its unique design. In detail, the bike light features an aluminum heatsink that maintains the Li-Ion battery’s optimal temperature to conjure a maximum of 1100 lumens consistently.

Another impressive feature is the Boost Mode, which allows the product to generate the maximum lumen output. Aside from that, you can also change the light intensity by cycling through five different modes.

The product comes with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a maximum runtime of 45 hours. And it only requires four hours of charging. If you want to save power, you can use the Lock Mode feature to keep the light from turning on. They also added a battery indicator to alert you when the power is low.

I find it very durable and long-lasting due to the nylon housing, making it abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and resilient. The brand also reinforces it with fiberglass to provide resistance to corrosion, rust, dust, water, impact, and weather elements.

Most importantly, the installation is hassle-free suitable for 35mm handlebars. Notably, the mount allows a 360-degree rotation. The Quick Release Tab made it easier for me to remove the light from the mount in case I need a flashlight.

Although it has a lot to offer, it is meant to be attached to handlebars, not on bike helmets. Still, due to its flexibility, I’d rather use this instead of bike helmets that can only light the path in one direction.
  • Aluminum heatsink helps consistently conjure 1100 lumens
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery with 45-hour runtime
  • Features a low battery indicator
  • Durable, long-lasting, and resistant nylon housing
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for impact and weather resistance
  • Flexible, 360-degree adjustable mount with Quick Release Tab
  • Not ideal for bike helmets
The NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost Headlight remains one of my favorites with its sturdy yet flexible structure. It doesn’t have a mount for helmets, but it’s flexible enough to cover all directions. NiteRider products also come with a lifetime warranty and customer service, so I am satisfied.

6. Topeak Tail Lux Helmet Light

I also recommend the Topeak Tail Lux Helmet Light if you’re looking for lightweight products. It features a simple red bicycle helmet LED lights with two modes available: constant and blinking. You can change the mode or turn it on/off by pressing the light.

Notably, the product utilizes a Lithium Metal rechargeable battery with a runtime of 50 hours on constant mode and 100 hours on Blinking mode. Most importantly, it only weighs 14 grams, making it the most lightweight product on this guide so far.

This bike light features two methods of installation – zip ties and Velcro straps. You can use it for installation on helmets and bike racks. I also like how it is highly customizable due to its simplicity. I was able to use mounts purchased separately, so I’m free to choose how I want to install it.

Although it’s not very significant, I find it a bit annoying when I press the button and there’s no reaction.
  • Flexible lighting with constant and blinking modes
  • Long-running battery with up to 100 hours of runtime
  • Simple, customizable, and lightweight model
  • Easy installation through the Velcro strap or zip ties
  • Button interface may not work sometimes
The Topeak Tail Lux Helmet Light makes the installation very easy. And because of its simplicity, I can make adjustments that I wasn’t able to do on other products. If you have many ideas for a helmet light, I suggest getting this product.

7. Greerride Rechargeable Bike Helmet Light

Another product that exceeds my expectations is the Greerride Rechargeable Bike Helmet Light with its excellent mounting system.

It comes with two rubber ties of different lengths along with an adjustable mounting bracket. You also get to use a quick-release lever for easy and adjustable installation on handlebars or helmets. Its design also promotes flexible mount rotation so you can change the lighting angle.

This product produces light with 100 lumens. You can also narrow down the beam spread to focus on the path ahead, or choose a broader beam to cover multiple angles. Moreover, this product offers six lighting modes for the headlight and backlight.

Due to its lightweight design, you can use it as a flashlight, headlight, or helmet light, making it the best option for outdoor enthusiasts. Still, this IPX6-grade helmet light is sturdy enough to protect against strong water pressure. The cover was also constructed out of aluminum alloy, making it more durable and resilient.

This package comes with a rechargeable 500 mAh capacity Lithium-Ion battery and a USB cable. So far, it can last me a maximum of 22 hours when fully charged. You also don’t have to worry about sudden shutdowns since there’s an indicator for when it’s fully-charged or low in battery.

Yet, for first-time users, mounting this light can take quite some time as the user manual included is not detailed enough.
  • Outstanding mounting system with easy-to-install adjustable mounts
  • Bright front light and backlight with 100 lumens
  • Versatile use featuring six light modes and adjustable lighting angle
  • Durable aluminum alloy cover for rough use
  • Long-running use with 500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery for 22 hours
  • Not very detailed manual
Surprisingly for a small package, the Greerride Rechargeable Bike Helmet Light provides great illumination on the path ahead. It features easy installation and release, making it comfortable to manage. I think outdoor fans would love this model.

8. Magicshine Light MJ-900

One product that surprised me was the Magicshine Light MJ-900 – a small bicycle light that generates a surprising amount of 1200 lumens, making it visible even during daylight. Plus, it has a very focused beam with a 20-degree spread.

This helmet light features three different modes – 100% output, 50% output, and 30% output. They also add a Flash Mode for daylight visibility. It has a maximum runtime of 10.5 hours when in 30% output, while the maximum output can last 2.6 hours. The package also includes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and USB cable, sparing you the trouble to purchase them separately.

They also added a cooling system to make sure it doesn’t overcharge or overheat. Furthermore, silicon padding was installed on the battery pack, so it doesn’t give in to bumpy rides.

The housing is plastic, while the body is made of aluminum alloy, maximizing its durability and resistance against water splashes and moderate rain.

As for the installation, I like how they use the old helmet strap from their MJ-6058 product to make attaching and detaching the mount a breeze. This helmet light can also be used for other outdoor sports because of its compact design.

I don’t have many complaints about this product except maybe because it’s too small in case it gets lost. However, if you’re not the type to lose your items often, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.
  • Various light levels with a maximum of 1200 lumens
  • 5 hours of runtime for prolonged use
  • Plastic housing and aluminum alloy body for improved durability and resistance
  • Extra utilities including a cooling system and silicon padding stabilizer
  • Minimalist design for a multi-purpose light
  • Small design makes it hard to locate when lost
Although small, the Magicshine Light MJ-900 is still capable of competing with other products. They also make sure you get a one-time warranty so you can stay satisfied with your purchase. What more could you ask for.

9. NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost Headlight

Since NiteRider offers a wide range of headlight products, I might as well mention the NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost Headlight. This model has a lot of similarities with the Lumina 1100 version, still, it has some unique charms.

With its custom-designed circuitry, it can generate a broad beam light with 900 lumens. There are five intensity levels available together with two flash modes for daylight visibility.

Regarding its power, the battery lasts for 6 hours and can be fully charged within two and a half hours on quick charge mode. This light is also added with a Lock Mode so you can keep the lights off when in storage. Hence, it won’t waste battery power unnecessarily. It also features the Quick Release button to separate the mount from the light.

The Lumina 900 also does well in terms of durability and resistance. It has an IP64 rating, which means it’s completely dustproof and can withstand water splashes from all angles, making it the perfect companion for rainy seasons. On top of that, the fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing provides sufficient toughness to withstand corrosion, rust, and other weather elements.

However, you should know that the Lumina 900 wasn’t made as a helmet light. More specifically, its bracket was made for handlebars. But, if you can purchase a suitable mount, you should be able to attach it to your bike helmet.
  • Produces 900 lumens with five intensity levels and two flash modes
  • 6-hours runtime with two and a half hours of quick charging
  • Lock Mode button keeps the lights off and also doubles as a battery indicator
  • IP64 resistance to protect against dust and water splashes
  • Reinforced plastic and fiberglass provides better toughness and resistance
  • Quick Release tab to separate mount and light from each other
  • Not originally designed as a helmet light
The NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost Headlight is very similar to its Lumina 1100 counterpart, but it still manages to catch my attention with its durability and utility. Although I usually don’t like mentioning similar products, it shows how amazing this product is.

10. Vont ‘Scope’ Bike Light

If you think you’ve seen everything, try the Vont’ Scope’ Bike Light. This product consists of a front light and tail light, which generates 120 lumens and 15 lumens, respectively. I am impressed by its beam light reaching up to 1000 feet, which is the most long-distance beam light so far.

You can also adjust its beam spread to make it wider but shorter. The button at its back will cycle you through three modes: Slow Flash, Fast Flash, and Constant. And unlike other helmet lights, Vont uses AAA batteries, which should last up to 6 hours of illumination, depending on the mode you’re currently using.

It’s also worth noting that this product was built using aluminum alloy for its body. The build provides it with sufficient durability and protection against water intrusion, impact, dust, and weather elements such as snow, rain, and heat. The mounting bracket is also tough enough to withstand beatings, yet still flexible.

However, I notice a design flaw involving the front part, which is made of plastic. Hence, it’s more fragile and may rust when exposed to extreme temperatures and weather. I ended up adding rubberized tape to protect the front of this light.
  • Generates 120 lumens for the front and 15 lumens for the back
  • Adjustable beam light with a maximum distance of 1000 feet
  • Three different modes to accommodate different situations
  • AAA batteries for a long-lasting illumination up to 6 hours
  • Durable and resistant aluminum alloy body
  • The front part of the light is built with plastic, which is pretty fragile
The Vont’ Scope’ Bike Light has a lot to offer cyclists. Besides its safety factor, it’s also a great navigational device. Plus, they make sure you get lifetime support and warranty, and in case you encounter issues with their product, you can get a full refund.

11. iligo USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The iligo USB Rechargeable Bike Light will provide you with all your lighting needs when you go on a road trip.

This ultra-bright bike light generates a maximum of 1200 lumens, adjusted through three modes for 100%, 50%, or 25% output. Also, depending on the output, the beam light can reach 330, 150, or 75 feet, respectively. Besides, it also comes with a rear light to notify vehicles behind us.

It also features a long-lasting rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh – around ten times its competitors’ capacity. Thus, it can last up to 10 hours in the lowest setting. Remarkably, this bike helmet headlamp can also function as a power bank in case of emergencies.

As for the materials, the housing is fashioned from aluminum alloy, making it resistant to moderate rain and strong jets of water in all directions. Hence, it’s a great companion in rainy seasons.

I also want to emphasize its durability yet flexible mount bracket. They added a 360-degree rotation bracket so it can cover any direction. You also don’t have to worry about sudden rotations because the mount stays put unless you move it manually. Finally, the Quick Disconnect Tab allows you to take it on and out effortlessly.

I can’t find anything wrong with it, except maybe its pretty bulky structure. It’s heavier than most helmet lights, but it’s not so bad that I’d forget about it. After all, they offer a full refund so you can always change your mind.
  • Generates a maximum of 1200 lumens reaching up to 330 feet
  • Offers several modes with different light levels and beam distance
  • Huge capacity of 5200 mAh for 10 hours of long-lasting use
  • Aluminum alloy to protect against water splashes and moderate rain
  • Flexible 360-degree rotation bracket
  • A bit bulky and heavy structure
The iligo USB Rechargeable Bike Light gets the job done without any problem. Plus, it’s quite versatile, and you’re given many lighting options to choose from, making it one of my favorites so far.

12. CAT EYE – AMPP1100 and AMPP800

If you want to get the most value out of your money, choosing the CAT EYE – AMPP1100 and AMPP800 might be a good idea. To begin with, you get two headlights in one purchase – one headlight generates 1100 lumens, and the other has an output of 800 lumens.

This can make a huge difference since cyclists often need two bike helmet headlights to have lighting for long-distance road trips. Plus, both of these headlights come in five light modes so you can customize your experience. They also utilize Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for long-lasting use.

As for the durability, both headlights have a metal housing, so I can testify to its durability and resistance to corrosion and water intrusion. For installation, it uses a Velcro strap, making the process quicker and easier. The package also comes with two handlebar mounts and helmet mounts to be used as a headlight or helmet light.

My only concern is that both of them are heavier than expected. Hence, it may not be the best idea to use it as a helmet light as it may put some stress into your head. Aside from that, there’s nothing else that will ruin your experience with this product.
  • Comes with two headlights in one purchase with 1100 lumens and 800 lumens
  • Each light comes in five light modes
  • Utilizes long-lasting Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Durable and resistant to weather elements and water intrusion
  • Easy installation with Velcro strap and handlebar/helmet mounts
  • Quite heavy and may become a burden when used as a headlight
Overall, I’ve been pleased with the CAT EYE – AMPP1100 and AMPP800. The construction is sturdy and solid, while the lights are quite easy to manage. Most importantly, I get two headlights instead of one, so that’s a huge plus.

What to Look for When Buying Bike Helmet Light


When looking for a bike helmet light, I like to consider five factors before making a decision. I did the same thing when I came up with these bicycle helmet light reviews. Anyway, let’s start with the first and most crucial factor:

Brightness and Lumens

The one thing you need to consider the most is the brightness of the light. Usually, the brighter the light, the better, but it’s not always that way. Light levels are measured in lumens, and the ideal amount of lumens depends on your location, the light condition, and terrain.

For a pitch-black environment, you will need huge amounts of lumens, around 1000. Such an output is usually best when you’re off-roading or cycling on mountain trails. When you’re cycling in dark alleyways in a city, around 200 lumens would be enough. With that being said, you should also make sure it’s not so bright that it would blind oncoming traffic.


As you browse through several products, you’ll notice how they always include the light’s mounting options. Many helmet lights were built to fit on most types of helmet, but some weren’t. For that reason, I recommend checking the product page if it comes with a mounting bracket that fits your helmet.

There are also helmet lights that come with a handlebar mount, so it works essentially like headlights. There are situations where headlights would be preferred, but if you’re dead set on getting a helmet light, you can also buy a bike helmet with lights.


There’s no real benchmark for the runtime. The longer it can last, the better. However, I like to look for a battery life of around 12 hours, or if your trips usually take longer, you can get a light that can last more than that.

Most of the bike helmet light reviews so far were able to last for more than 40 hours, which is a great standard. You should also take note that the runtime will depend on the output, so lights that emit huge amounts of lumens will usually run out faster. Nevertheless, this is one of the factors that will make a huge difference in our road trips.

Battery Lifespan

In addition to the runtime, I also make sure the battery they use doesn’t wear off too fast. That way, you can save money on batteries. The best I’ve encountered so far were Lithium-Ion batteries but AAA batteries should suffice. It’s also best if these are rechargeable helmet lights.


The last thing you have to consider is the durability so the components inside can be protected. Usually, the durability will depend on the material used to construct the model. The best helmet light should have housing and a cover.

I usually go for housing made of aluminum alloy for extra toughness and resilience. It should have waterproofing to withstand moderate rain. You should also make sure the mount is durable as well. After all, there’s no use for a durable light if it would just fall off while you’re riding.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Although the five previous factors have a huge impact on the product quality, there are other factors you have to consider and questions you need to ask. To begin with, let’s answer what seems to be a frequently-asked question by cyclists:

What is a bike helmet light?

A helmet light refers to a piece of equipment attached to the helmet. It can either be on the sides or at the top of the helmet. This piece of equipment is essential for riders who are fond of going on a road trip during the nighttime. This is also applicable to dark environments such as alleyways, dark tunnels, and the likes.

How does it work?

To understand how a bike helmet light works, or any light for that matter, you have to know what these terms mean:

  • Lumen: Lumen refers to the intensity of the light emitted by a source. This is usually the main factor that decides whether a light source is bright enough or not. To give you a better idea, car headlights usually produce 700 lumens.
  • Lux: Lux is a bit more complicated than lumens. If lumens refer to the total amount of light produced by a light source, lux represents the amount of light that actually reaches the surface. That means if you want to light the path ahead, you have to refer to the lux.
  • Beam Angle: As the name suggests, the beam angle measures the angle of the light in regards to the light source. Many people call this beam spread as well. A higher angle means a wider beam light, and a lower angle results in a narrow beam light. There’s no better beam angle and it’s up to the cyclist’s preferences whether they choose a wider or narrower beam light.
  • Beam Setting: Most helmet lights feature several beam setting. Companies often call this light mode. The most common beam settings include Constant where the light doesn’t fluctuate and Flash where the light keeps blinking. Blinking lights have higher tendencies to attract drivers’ attention, but it doesn’t light the path ahead as much as Constant light will.
  • Burn Time: The burn time is essentially the same as the runtime. It measures the time it takes for a fully charged battery to run out and gets to zero percent. This depends on the beam setting – the higher the output, the faster it burns out, and it’s best to get a rechargeable bicycle helmet light.

What are the different types of bike helmet lights?

Usually, you can choose between two types of helmet lights: navigational lights and signal lights. The main difference between these two lies in their roles and the number of lumens they emit.

Navigation Lights are light sources that are bright enough to light the path ahead in dark environments. Usually, this type of light produces around 1000 lumens.

Signal Lights aren’t very bright lights, but they serve to make drivers aware of your presence. Signal lights usually have light levels below 100 lumens and have different colors, especially red.

Why do you need a bike helmet light?

The main reason why you should get the best bicycle helmet light is because of its safety capabilities. Unlike other safety gear, helmet lights can prevent accidents rather than minimizing the damage. It’s also quite important to have a helmet light when autumn and winter seasons come, especially since the environment tends to be darker than usual, making it harder to navigate without light.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bike helmet light brands?

If you want to look for trusted helmet light brands, your best option is to look for a brand specializing in bike accessories. It would also be better if they specialize in bike light accessories. Anyway, here are some of the most trusted brands on the market:

  • NiteRider
  • Brightside
  • Ascher
  • Magicshine
  • Topeak

How many lumens is good for a bike helmet light?

As you may already know, bike helmet lights are measured in lumens. This is what most cyclists use when they look for a good helmet light. So, what is the ideal amount of lumens?

The perfect amount of lumens depends on your situation. You can see below a rough guide on what I can say about the perfect amount of lumens for each environment:

  • Daylight = 100+ lumens
  • Urban Areas = 100 lumens
  • Dark Rural Areas = 500 lumens
  • Off-Road and Mountain Trail = 1000 lumens

This amount only applies to the front lights. For rear lights, it’s a different story. Usually, there’s no need for a bike helmet with front and rear lights, but it still adds to the safety factor. The good amount of lumens for the tail light should be a tenth of what the front light can produce. So, for example, if you have a mountain bike helmet light with 1000 lumens, the bike helmet rear light should produce 100 lumens or even less.

Several companies tend to advertise their lumen rate misleadingly. Some may say you get 1000 lumens, but it’ll only last for an hour in reality. This function can be a disaster when you’re off-roading or trail riding, especially if you’re in dire need of a consistent light source. So, I suggest getting more than one LED bike helmet light so you can have a spare for emergencies.

How do I install it?

There are a couple of ways to install a light into your helmet. Depending on the bike helmet light mount options, you may have to spend quite some time with installation, but most models promote breezy installation nowadays so it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, your first step is to get your helmet and the helmet light.

Bike helmets come in different shapes and sizes. There are helmets for road cyclists, commuters, trail riders, and even aero cyclists. For this guide, we’ll be dealing with a commuter helmet with vents where you will insert the light’s mount.

After locating the vents or brackets on the helmet, take the light’s mount and snap it into the vent. You can use the mounting option that comes with the light model. Most models nowadays come with a Velcro strap, but you may also buy zip ties if that’s what you’re used to.

Anyway, after inserting the mount using a Velcro strap or zip tie, tighten it as much as you can so it doesn’t fall off during bumpy rides. I also suggest checking the mount if there’s a lock button to secure the mount.

How can I care for and clean a bike helmet light?

Most of the materials used for helmet lights are light yet sturdy. But despite their resilience, they still require regular cleaning to avoid damage since some parts may be fragile. Additionally, the best way to keep its sleek look is by employing regular cleaning to ensure any buildup of dirt is taken care of. In cleaning helmet lights, one should always start by securing the necessary materials:

  • Plain water
  • Soap or detergent
  • Kerosene, turpentine, and other solvents
  • Polish
  • Abrasive wax/cleaner

Plain water and soap play the most important role when cleaning the helmet light. If the device has already accumulated much dirt, solvents like kerosene and turpentine should finish the job. The polish maintains the smooth appearance of this bike accessory, and the abrasive cleaner should provide it with a grain finish. To finalize, here are some Dos and Don’ts:


  • Dry the exterior and interior immediately after cleaning
  • Apply oil regularly so the air can circulate on all surfaces
  • Always store the device indoors


  • Don’t take more than 15 minutes when washing the helmet light
  • Don’t scrape the helmet light to other hard surfaces
  • Don’t drop or throw the helmet light


A helmet light is an essential piece of gear for every cyclist. Not only do they serve as navigational devices, but they also function as safety equipment. Such information just goes to show how beneficial it is to have the best bike helmet light at your disposal.

Hopefully, this guide can provide you with the information you need to decide which product you’ll finally choose.

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No Biking in the House Without a Helmet
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