12 Best Commuter Bike Lights 2024 – For Night Riding

Every cyclist needs a good pair of lights. It greatly helps them see the street clearly, avoiding obstacles that may cause accidents. It also keeps everyone safe and sound, even if we pass through a well-lit urban backdrop or lightless backroads.

Best Choice
BLITZU Ultra Bright Type-C USB-C Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight, Bicycle Accessories for Night Riding, Easy...
Good Choice
Bike Lights for Night Riding, USB Rechargeable Shark 300 Ultra Bright LED Bike Lights Front and Back Safety Tail Light Included, Bicycle Light...
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Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light – 9 Night & Day Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured Hard Mount – USB...
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IPSXP 3000 Lumens Bike Lights,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Front Headlight High Bright 8 Hours Mountain Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight with 3...
BLITZU Ultra Bright Type-C USB-C Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight, Bicycle Accessories for Night Riding, Easy...
Bike Lights for Night Riding, USB Rechargeable Shark 300 Ultra Bright LED Bike Lights Front and Back Safety Tail Light Included, Bicycle Light...
Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light – 9 Night & Day Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured Hard Mount – USB...
IPSXP 3000 Lumens Bike Lights,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Front Headlight High Bright 8 Hours Mountain Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight with 3...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
BLITZU Ultra Bright Type-C USB-C Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight, Bicycle Accessories for Night Riding, Easy...
BLITZU Ultra Bright Type-C USB-C Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight, Bicycle Accessories for Night Riding, Easy...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Bike Lights for Night Riding, USB Rechargeable Shark 300 Ultra Bright LED Bike Lights Front and Back Safety Tail Light Included, Bicycle Light...
Bike Lights for Night Riding, USB Rechargeable Shark 300 Ultra Bright LED Bike Lights Front and Back Safety Tail Light Included, Bicycle Light...
Don't Miss
Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light – 9 Night & Day Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured Hard Mount – USB...
Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light – 9 Night & Day Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured Hard Mount – USB...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
IPSXP 3000 Lumens Bike Lights,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Front Headlight High Bright 8 Hours Mountain Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight with 3...
IPSXP 3000 Lumens Bike Lights,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Front Headlight High Bright 8 Hours Mountain Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight with 3...

In this guide, editors tried and tested lights for biking. They determined which one suits your commute the best. All the best commuter bike lights were then sifted for you. You can choose from the twelve items we chose below. Road users like you can keep your rides safer and more comfortable because you can see everything.

Best Commuter Bike Light Reviews

1. BLITZU Gator 390 Lights Set

Take a look at this light set from BLITZU that will leave you in awe. I can recharge it using a USB. Its long battery life makes sure that it can accompany my ride for a long time. It helps me a lot because I don’t have to pay for the battery replacement. Plus, I can also help the environment by reducing battery waste.

Commuters will love how bright this light is. Thanks to this, I can pedal with no worries. It is powered by the latest CREE LED with an extremely bright lumen output of 390. Because of it, I can see everything within 300 feet. It is one of the best commuter bicycle lights that I tried.

Moreover, its versatility is also top-notch. Besides my bike, it perfectly fits my baby’s stroller, mower, and even my husband’s ride. I can also attach and detach this device within two seconds. The easy installation helps commuters who don’t know how to mount one.

It is a good buy considering its tag. All of its features are good. However, there are a few enhancements possible. I would appreciate it if my Gator 390 Light set comes with various switching modes. But if you are new to this turf, this basic design will be favorable to you.
  • USB-rechargeable lights that come with long battery life
  • It saves the environment and stops the need for battery replacements
  • Powered by the latest CREE LED with 390-lumen output
  • This one is highly versatile
  • Easy to install
  • It has limited switching modes
If you’re looking for the best bike lights for commuting, this one is a good option to try. It makes your trip worthwhile with all the features it has. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price.

2. CYCLE TORCH Night Owl Lights Set

This commuter bike light stands up for its name. It is like a night owl with the vision it gives. I bought one, and I am extremely grateful for how it makes my night ride more comfortable. This is one of the most unfailing rechargeable bike lights due to its smart charging technology, allowing it to run for more than two hours on high mode.

I also love its daytime version. As a busy worker, I have no time for exercise. That’s why I often pedal my way to my work for a little workout. Thanks to these lights that are also compatible with daily use, I can avoid daytime accidents. It comes with a specially engineered lens that keeps me safe.

Plus, it is also easy to assemble. This feature helps me a lot, especially that I have no time for tedious installments. The easy installation of this light is due to its universal fit. It attaches itself to my bicycle in no time. This one is also lightweight and waterproof. That’s why I love to bring it even on a rainy ride.

The elastic mount is to die for. I also appreciated the customer service of CYCLE TORCH. However, I noticed the lights blinking from time to time. I don’t have to worry about this minor issue because I can still see the way clearly, even at night.
  • The smart charging technology makes it a reliable one
  • Runs for more than two hours on high mode
  • Comes with a daytime mode that makes your day trip convenient and safe
  • Easy to assemble due to the universal fit
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • The lights blink from time to time.
It is a lovely light, especially the beam’s brightness on night use. If you want to have a good companion on your day and night trips, you should try this bicycle light. It won’t disappoint you.

3. ASCHER Ultra Bright Lights Set

Take your quests to a whole new level with ASCHER’s bicycle lights set. Among all the items I tried, this one stays true to its words. I love its advanced design with five LED chips in the front light to ensure clear vision. Plus, I am certain that you will love the lithium batteries for the rear light.

I want a bicycle light with many flash modes to help with my trip. Thankfully, this one comes with four light options that suit me. The full brightness, half-brightness, fast-flashing, and slow-flashing caters to my needs and makes my trip safer. I am pretty busy most of the time, so I appreciate this light’s easy installation too.

If you want to have a taillight that can serve multiple purposes, this bicycle light is what you are looking for. Both its taillight and front light are very versatile. I tag it along when I go camping, cycling, or hiking up the mountains. I always use it as a flashlight at night or when going to dark places. It makes my trip safer and more convenient.

The front and backlights are also rechargeable. The only setback is it may be difficult to use for beginners. My son has difficulty using it because he is a rookie cyclist. So, he finds it hard to toggle between the different light modes while biking. However, he got the hang of it later on.
  • Has an advanced design that comes with five LED chips for clearer vision
  • Features a lithium-ion battery for its taillight, for more brightness and durability
  • Comes with four light options that suit your liking.
  • Easy to install
  • Serves multiple purposes to make your trip more convenient.
  • The four light modes may be hard to toggle at first
This is one of the best urban bike lights for me. If you liked all of its features mentioned above, then it’s high time to check it out. Experience optimum convenience and safety with this one.

4. VICTAGEN Front and Rear Bike Lights

This light from VICTAGEN tops the market for being the number one bestseller in bike reflectors. Well, the quality is top-notch, so it is impossible to deny. I tried it on my bike, and its 2400 Lumens deliver an ultra-bright light for safe and horror-free night trips.

Plus, it is also long-lasting. Mine lasted for years, and I don’t even have to bother buying a new battery to make it work. I’m thankful because I can charge it with just the use of a USB port and cord. Another thing that will make you decide that this is the real deal is the IP65 Waterproof feature. I can bring it even in rainy weather.

Another reason for making this one of my favorite city bike lights is the beautiful design. It comes with a flat beam shape that perfectly fits my bike. Other bikers like to join me because my bike light does not blind them. Plus, its universal design gives me little time to install because it easily fits into my bike.

Every part of this item is worth the price, except for the instruction manual that is lacking. However, you can learn to attach the mount properly. By doing so, you would not have to worry about breaking the mounting bracket.
  • Number one bestseller in bike reflectors
  • The 2400 Lumens deliver an ultra-bright light for safer travels
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Has a beautiful modern design that fits my bike
  • This light would not blind other commuters
  • Lacking instruction manual
If you want to have good company for your trip, this one is a good choice. It is definitely worth the price. From its brightness to its convenience, you would not regret every bit of it.

5. BV Bicycle Lights Set

Let me introduce to you the number one bestseller in the bike headlight list. All the features of this bike light prove its worthiness in the rank. It is designed with five LED lights that fully brighten up everything around you. That’s why as a night rider, I love to mount this one of the best bike commuter lights.

It makes me visible over 150 feet away. I’ve tried many LED lights, but this one belongs to my top three best bike lights for night riding. It also provides the right durability that allows it to withstand harsh weather on the path. Whether I am cycling under the sun’s scorching heat or on a rainy day, I can always count on it.

Aside from its good brightness and durability, it is also easy to attach and release. I can do it in a snap. This also applies to the three LED taillights, which are also convenient to adjust. I don’t need tools or help from anyone when installing this bike light. The three-mode lighting also adds more safety to my trips.

Since this delivers brightness like no other, we should expect how much power it requires. This extremely bright bicycle light needs six triple-A batteries, which is more than the usual requirement. However, you would not regret it because it can surely brighten up your way, no matter which alley you pass through.
  • Number one bestseller in the market for bike headlights
  • Designed with five LED headlights that fully brighten your way
  • Easy to attach and release
  • The front and rear lights are extremely adjustable
  • Can withstand harsh weather on the highway
  • Needs six batteries to power it up.
This beastly light offers power and durability that exceeds your expectations. If you want to have a durable item that makes you shine on the highway, then this one is a must-try for you.

6. CYGOLITE Metro Pro Bike Beams

This appears in the best bike headlights reviews. That’s why I understand if you are having a hard time choosing your model. We are now on the sixth item that caught my attention. If you are on a budget but still want the best lights for you and your bike, then CYGOLITE Metro Pro Beams is a good option for you.

When I say that this one is incredibly powerful, trust me. This one lights up a long-range due to its 1,100-lumen power. It also comes with an additional wide beam in a sleek and compact style, which is perfect for your bike’s modern look. It is my favorite thing to tag along when I go off-road or uphill.

Its lighting modes not only come with two or three but nine incredible modes. This feature is not available in other brands, boosting this one to the top. With all those lighting types, you can travel the street freely and safely. It is built to last and live through harsh conditions. I can attest because mine lasted for years.

What makes me love this item more is the SteadyPulse feature that alerts motorists with light pulses to avoid accidents, especially at night. Others thank me for this. Plus, it also comes with a daylighting flash that bursts light. This blinding feature helps me stand out on crowded streets in broad daylight but it blinds other commuters.
  • Can light up a long-range due to its 1,100-lumen power
  • Comes with an extra-wide beam designed to fit the modern look of bikes
  • Has nine incredible lighting modes
  • Built to last and can even endure harsh conditions
  • The SteadyPulse feature alerts motorists with light pulses to avoid accidents
  • The day-lightning flash may be blinding to other cyclists
This model is one of the best budget bike lights in the market. All my trips became safer because of this. If you want to be safe on your travels, too, then having this one will help a lot.

7. NITERIDER Lumina Bike Light

The light’s brand says it all. If you are a night cyclist and want a good bike light to accompany you, NITERIDER got you covered. All their models are designed to make your nights warm and bright. Check out more features about this bike light that will leave you in awe.

When I first had my long ride with it, I did not have a hard time. It’s all thanks to its simple locking mechanism where I only have to hold the button for 7 seconds to activate or lock it. I also find the low battery indicator useful. It can help me prepare for the time that it was about to shut off.

DuPont fiberglass on this model is made with reinforced nylon housing, ensuring that you will have the most durable item ever. The superior engineering also guarantees that you can safely navigate your path. Aside from the fiberglass, it also comes with a custom aluminum heatsink to keep it optimal.

This item’s only setback is that I have to activate or unlock it before use because this light is set to lock mode upon purchase at the factory. However, the process was easy as one, two, and three. I didn’t even have a hard time unlocking it.
  • Guarantees easy usage due to its simple locking mechanism
  • Comes with a low battery indicator
  • Made of DuPont fiberglass with a reinforced nylon housing for durability
  • The superior engineering allows you to navigate easily
  • The custom aluminum heatsink keeps the temperature at an optimal level
  • You have to get rid of the Lock Mode before you can use it
This long-lasting light is something to die for. I did not regret buying it as it made my trips more convenient. With this one, I do not have to worry about my safety, even on dark roads.

8. IPSXP 1000 Lumens Bike Headlight

Commuters want to have a reliable item to accompany their trip. That’s why I am glad that IPSXP made this USB-rechargeable LED bicycle light. Before I travel, I only charge it to a USB port for a good three to five hours. It runs for six hours on its highest mode and eighteen hours on the middle mode. It’s enough time to reach my destination.

Even if I bring it off-road, it stays compact and fully-functional. It comes with solid security, especially that it’s IPX5 water-resistant. I rest easy when there’s heavy rainfall while I pedal because I know that it’s unaffected.

For a busy cyclist like me, its easy installation is already a great help. I hate it when assembling a taillight or headlight. Thankfully, this one comes with a quick release and attachment style. I do not need any tools just to install it. Besides that, I can take it to any outdoor activities that I have with my family. It is highly versatile.

This one is reliable. However, not everyone is perfect, including its manufacturer. There are times that they deliver orders with one missing screw. I do not have to make a big deal out of it because I can easily find the missing screw in stores. But if you wish to inform them, they have excellent customer service that caters to your needs.
  • This LED bicycle headlight can be recharged using a USB charger
  • Only requires 3-5 hours to run optimally for six hours, 18 hours in middle mode
  • Has solid security that makes it ideal for an off-road ride
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Easy and quick to install
  • May come with a missing part that anyone can find in stores
If you’re looking for one of the best waterproof bike lights to go with your wild cycling adventures, then you should try this one. It keeps my vision straight and clear even under heavy rains.

9. AUTOBAG Lights Set

It is hard to find a great pair of smart bike lights in the market. Even physical stores and online shops such as Amazon make it challenging for us to look for one. That is why it felt like heaven when I found the AUTOBAG smart sensor headlight. It comes with intelligent illumination that I can easily adjust depending on my preference.

Mountain bikers can stay on the path safely with its powerful front light and taillight. This is made possible with the German advanced technology embedded into this lamp. If you love long hours of run time, this one is for you. It has an integrated 2200mAh lithium battery that further makes my trip brighter than the full moon.

If you’re wondering what other features make this the best commuter bike light, then I thank its four brightness settings that are easy to control. Having complicated light switches can disrupt your focus on the road. Thankfully, this one comes with a user-friendly switch for its flash mode. I can have more focus on what’s ahead of me.

This bright front light and taillight are available at a reasonable price. However, like any other model, this one comes with a plastic mount too. It may not be able to grip the high-quality bike light when I travel. Therefore, you need to have additional accessories to make it secure.
  • Comes with intelligent illumination that easily adjusts to my preference
  • The German advanced technology adds to its powerful bright light
  • Has a long-lasting run time due to its 2200mAh lithium battery
  • Has four easy-to-control brightness modes
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a plastic mount that needs additional support
The quest for a good bike light may be challenging, but this one makes your search over. All its high-quality features will take your cycling adventures to a whole new level.

10. NITERIDER Lumina LED Bike Headlight

Another excellent headlight from NITERIDER is the Lumina Dual 1800 Twin Bike Light. It has a daytime visible flash feature that boosts my visibility on the road. I usually see it in cars and motors. So, I never thought that I could witness it on my bike. This one also has a fore lens with side indicators, adding more profile visibility.

The headlight has a low battery indicator, a signature feature of NITERIDER. I find it useful because I can prepare when it runs out of battery, and I can charge it before it does. It is different from other models that give me little to no warning and just die out in the middle of dark, scary roads.

One thing that I can attest to it is the excellent durability. The rugged design and superior engineering make it long-lasting. When I bought this one, I was wondering what makes the batteries quick and easy to charge. Then I found out that it was made of Lithium-ion batteries that are convenient and more efficient.

I was captivated with it due to the locking feature that keeps it secure. However, like any other NITERIDER headlight, this one needs to be activated before you can use it. I did not believe it was a hassle because it is easy to unlock. I just have to hold the power button for seven seconds.
  • Comes with a daytime visible flash feature that boosts visibility on the road
  • Has an anterior lens with side indicators that adds more profile visibility
  • This headlight has a low battery indicator
  • Offers excellent durability with its rugged design and superior engineering
  • Made of Lithium-ion batteries that are quick and easy to charge
  • Needs to be activated upon purchase before you can use it.
Do you want something reliable that keeps your night and day trip worthwhile? Then, you should try this one from NITERIDER. All of its features, especially its light motion, make every penny you spend worth it.

11. ODISTAR Rechargeable LED Bike Light

After my old bike light died, I looked for anything to replace it. But the attention-seeking features of this one are irresistible, and it did not disappoint me. The two 2 XM-L2 LEDs make anything highly visible, even in intense darkness. I can see everything within 200 yards.

I have been biking for a season now, and I always look for a bike light with different light modes because it is more convenient for old cyclists. I am thankful for its five different light modes or light motion urban style. All of the flashing lights suit my needs and can run for four to twenty hours, depending on my chosen mode.

If you love long travels, then you will like this one. When I bought it, I am thankful because I can now go off-trail without worrying about heavy rains and water splashes. Its IPX-6 water-resistance feature, which is the highest water-resistant level, allows you to rest easy with all your trips, whether it is raining hard or not.

Even if it comes with two XM-L2 LEDs, its maximum output is not what it says. Instead of 1000 Lumens, I noticed that the light emission power is only around 500-700 Lumens. However, it is enough to light up the road and make my trip safer. I couldn’t ask for more.
  • Two XM-L2 front LEDs that allow you to see the road within 200 yards
  • Comes with five different light motion types that suit your preference
  • Can run for four to twenty hours, depending on the light mode
  • Has the highest water-resistant level of IPX-6 for a worry-free trip
  • The light emission only ranges from 500 to 700 Lumens.
Overall, this one is a good one for its price. You can go everywhere you want without worrying about this bike light. All of its features are superb. It’s time to try this product out.

12. YOSKY USB-Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Brighten your way with YOSKY’s bike light set. The front has a super bright light that guarantees safety when riding, even on the darkest alley. It uses two XM-L2 LED beads in the front, which deliver 1000 Lumens. The taillight is also superb. I am thankful because I can stay safe on the road due to its brightness.

It is rechargeable. This feature makes me happy as a nature lover because it lessens waste batteries. I can also save more by not buying replacement batteries. The only thing I need to do is to charge it on a power source using the USB cord provided. The charging is an easy step to follow, even for a busy girl like me.

Another cool feature is the front sensor function that automatically adjusts to the strength of light. I do not have to exert effort in adjusting thanks to this feature. Not only is it easy to charge, but the installation is also a breeze. This versatile taillight and front light easily detaches and attaches in under 15 seconds. I don’t need any tools to do it.

Despite the easy charging procedure of this bike light, it powers up slowly. It is not like the usual products that can finish charging after three to five hours. This one needs some time to charge fully, and it would be best if commuters could be a little patient about it.
  • Super bright light that guarantees a safe ride
  • Uses two XM-L2 LED beads that deliver 1000 Lumens
  • Rechargeable, making it eco-friendly by lessening waste batteries
  • Easy charging procedure
  • Comes with a sensor function that adjusts to the strength of light for convenience
  • This bike light charges slowly compared to other brands
Get your YOSKY rechargeable bike light set and experience a whole new cycling adventure. If you want to have an awesome bike light, then you should try this out. It won’t disappoint you.

What to Look for When Buying Commuter Bike Lights


Before we go to the features that you should consider before buying, it’s good to know a few terms in this guide. If you’re shopping for one, I’m sure you’ve come across the word Lumen. It is the most usual descriptor you’ll find on lights. So, knowing it is a good place to start.

Keep in mind that the greater lumens a bike light has, the brighter it gets. There is a wide variety of lumen counts in each bike light. Some models begin with as little lumen count as 65, such as the Dayblazer 65, and can go well over 2,000.

Aside from the Dayblazer 65, the Bontrager Ion Pro RT is also a good choice. Type keywords on the web to know more about it. Other terms you should know are the beam angle and the beam pattern.

The beam angle indicates how much brightness comes from the source, whether broad or focused. On the other hand, the beam pattern is how the light exits on its own. Some patterns include the high, full, standard, regular, low, and flash.

You should also know the burn time. It will help you determine how long a light goes from full charge to flat on a certain beam setting. It’s time to know some general info and the best features of this item.

It would be best to have a bright light that works night and day without blinding nearing traffic. One tip to remember if you opt for a bike light with a high lumen count is to ensure to tilt it downwards to avoid it from directly hitting the driver’s eye line and blinding others. Choosing a rechargeable one, like rei bike lights, is also a good option.

Another thing you should consider is mounting. If you’re a busy or a rookie cyclist, having a bike light that easily mounts is a life-changer. There are various types of mounting, so make sure that your bike light is compatible with your bike. Some lights have a rubber strap mount or a Velcro.


Now that you came across all the best commuter bike lights, it’s about time to choose the ideal one for your commute. It is best to have one that comes with the brightest settings and good lumens, as it greatly helps improve your vision in the dark.

Having a high lumen count will also come in handy for people with night blindness that work overtime and go home at night. Aside from that, sturdiness is also an important factor to consider.

Bestseller No. 1
Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Powerful Bicycle Front Headlight and Back Taillight, 4 Light Modes, Easy to Install for Men Women...
  • ✔ADVANCED DESIGN: USB rechargeable front and back lights, built in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery for Headlight and built in 330mAh...
  • ✔FOUR LIGHT MODE OPTIONS: The Headlight and Taillight feature an one-touch switch with four different lighting modes depending on your preference....
  • ✔EASY INSTALLATION: The Headlight is equipped with a mounting bracket that can be easily fixed to the handlebar. The silicone mount strap for...
  • ✔MUTIFUNCTION: This bike light set is versatile enough for cycling, hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity and can be used as emergency...
  • ✔BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Ascher is committed to providing our customers with high quality products, we are dedicated to ensuring your fully...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Victoper Bike Light, High Lumens Super Bright Bicycle Light, 6+4 Modes USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight & Tail Light Set, Waterproof Safety Bike Front...
  • [ SUPER BRIGHT ] Our bike safety lights for night riding with 2 LED lights at 1500 high lumens bring you brightness to make everything in front of you...
  • [ 6+4 Modes ] Features 6 different modes of the front light and 4 modes of the rear light which you can switch conveniently. 6 modes of the front...
  • [ Shockproof & Waterproof ] Made of aluminum alloy and meeting the standard of IPX4 Waterproof, our bike lights front and back are capable of fighting...
  • [ Easy to Install & Carry ] With simple structure and lightweight, our bicycle lights are extremely easy to get installed and taken at any time and...
  • [ Great Gift Choice ] Come and order our light for bike as a gift for your friends, children, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife who are enthusiastic...
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2024 New 6 LED 9500 Lumen Super Bright Bike Lights for Night Riding,360°Rotatable Bike Headlight,Bicycle Light-10 Modes,Runtime 36+ hrs,Upgrade...
  • 🌎【 High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Shell 】High power 6 LED bicycle light with Free Taillights Worth $29.99, detailed manual,charge cable. It can be...
  • 🌎【 Easy for Quick Installation】9500 lumens bike headlight with 360° Rotating Bracket ,If the bracket is damaged, you can contact us for...
  • 🌎【Cycling Safer at Night】ultra bright Bike light,the visible distance up to 2000ft range, 180 °Wide Angle, allowing you to ride at night to...
  • 🌎【10-MODES 💡Runtime 36 Hours+ 】Bike Headlight:3/5 Swich Modes,Click Button to Start up: High Light - 18 hr, Medium Light - 22 hr, Low...
  • 💡Bike Headlight:Double-Click Button in any mode to open the flash mode. Long press Button to turn off the lights in any mode. If the lights...
Bestseller No. 4
Bike Lights for Night Riding, 6 LED 4800mAh 14000 Lumen Aluminum USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light Set, IPX5 Bike Headlight and Taillight, LED Front Rear...
  • ⚠【Please Note】 Applicable stem diameter (20~30mm).
  • 🚀【Securely Fastened】Do you often struggle with bike lights front that spin when passing through potholes? The EOS620 bike light features a...
  • 🚀【6 LED Wider Lighting Range】The EOS620 bike front light uses 6 high performance TG3 LED beads and features a unique horizontal design that...
  • 🚀【USB Rechargeable 4800mAh Battery】EOS620 bicycle light kit with high quality 4800mAh USB C rechargeable lithium battery, built-in intelligent...
  • 🚀【Aluminium Housing & IPX5 Waterproof】Our housing is made of high strength aluminium alloy, the interior is reinforced with acrylic, each...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bright Bike Light for Night Riding, 9000 Lumen Bicycle Light High Beam Low Beam, USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight Set, Waterproof Bike Headlight and...
  • Super Bright & Long Runtime: The bike headlight has 3 LEDs, 5 lighting modes, and the range can reach hundreds of meters in high beam mode. It has a...
  • Firmly Attached: Tired of your bike light constantly shifting over bumps? The bike light solves this with its dual nut construction and aluminum...
  • Anti-Glare & Improved Safety: Our rechargeable bicycle light is designed to provide a uniformly bright illumination that covers both the far and near...
  • Aluminum Enclosure & IPX5 Waterproof: Our waterproof bike headlights are made with high strength aluminum alloy and reinforced with acrylic on the...
  • What You Will Get: You will receive a rechargeable bike headlight and taillight set that is CE and ROHS certified.The package will also include an...
Bestseller No. 6
Super Bright Bike Light for Safe Night Riding, 5 LED Wide Beam Bicycle Light, USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight, Waterproof Bike Headlights for Adult...
  • Essential for Safe Night Riding: This front bike light features 5 P9 LED beads that increase the lighting range by 50% with a maximum output of 3000...
  • Charging INPUT & OUTPUT: The rechargeable bike light has 10000mAh capacity, providing a running time of 2.5-7.5 hours, perfect for extended cycling....
  • Easy to Install & Securely Fastened: Are you tired of bike lights that spin when riding over potholes? Our night rider bike lights solves this issue...
  • Anti-Glare & Improved Safety: The rechargeable bicycle light feature 4 different modes - Low Beam, High Beam, Full Beam, and Strobe. The glare-free...
  • Aluminum Enclosure & IPX5 Waterproof: Our waterproof bike headlights are made with high strength aluminum alloy and reinforced with acrylic on the...
SaleBestseller No. 7
NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight
  • Custom engineered collimator lens, distributes a generous even widespread beam
  • Boost Mode! Double tap power button to unleash maximum LED output!
  • 5 Light Levels plus 4 Daylight Flash Modes
  • Multifunctional OLED screen provides detailed operational information
  • Aluminum heatsink for optimal thermal cooling properties
Bestseller No. 8
WORKPRO Bike Lights Set [8+13 Modes], Rechargeable Bicycle Light Set Ultra Bright, IP65 Waterproof Bike Lights for Night Riding, 1200mAh Bike...
  • 🚴【New Upgrade—8+13 Modes】The WORKPRO bicycle light set adopts a separate high beam + low beam design with memory function, the front light...
  • 🚴【Ultra Bright Spotlight + Floodlight Design】 A super bright spotlight provides 260 feet of illumination length, while the floodlight greatly...
  • 🚴【Type-C Charging + Long Battery Life】 Front light battery 1200MAH + tail light battery 300MAH, you can use the included dual-port fast...
  • 🚴【IP65 Waterproof】The fully upgraded IP65 waterproof bike light allows you to ride in bad weather. Enjoy riding even in fog or rain! It's built...
  • 🚴【Easy to Install + Multifunctional】The bike lights can be easily installed manually without tools. Silicone mounting straps can be mounted...
SaleBestseller No. 9
RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer, Bike Light for Being Seen, Compact Flashing Light for Bike Safety with 6 Modes, Side Visibility...
  • 【USB C Rechargeable Bike Light】It does NOT contain or need any button/ coin batteries.
  • 【Compatible with Garmin/Wahoo Computers】Compatible with Garmin bike computers and brackets, also for others that adopt Garmin style (Not...
  • 【Enhance Your Side Visibility】The specially designed wide-angle lens works well to widen your side visibility when riding at crossroads, and at...
  • 【Warning Flash Mode to Be Seen】With the special design of a flashing pattern, the eye-catching warning flash mode of the backup bike lights...
  • 【Compact & Waterproof Bike Safety Light】With IPX6 waterproof rating, FR160 auxiliary bike front light stays cool on rainy days (Remember to...
Bestseller No. 10
GearLight S400 Rechargeable Bike Light Set - Night Riding Accessories - White Elephant Stocking Stuffer for Men
  • Rechargeable with Long-Lasting Performance - A complete cycling safety system featuring a rechargeable headlight and taillight. Fully recharge in less...
  • Super Bright Day or Night - The 400 lumen headlight uses the latest LED technology to illuminate your path and keep you visible during both night and...
  • Multiple Lighting Modes - Headlight can also double as a handheld flashlight and has 5 versatile lighting modes (High, Medium, Low, Strobe/Blinking w/...
  • Easy to Install - Take just seconds to mount without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries and accessories. In addition to fitting all...
  • Weather Resistant and Durable - Rated at IPX4 water resistant, these lights have been built to withstand adverse weather conditions. All-metal body...