15 Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100 2023 – Budget Bike Light Deals

Hitting the trails during the daylight hours is quite normal. We usually prefer riding on our mountain bike when the sun shines to have a better view of the road. Moreover, we can clearly see the road without worrying of any kind of danger.

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Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain, Road Bike Headlight, 6400mAh Battery (Now 5+ Hours on Bright Beam). Comes w/Free...
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Best Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding 1000 Lumens USB-C Bicycle Headlight Waterproof Bike LED Lights Front and Back Rechargeable Aluminum Cycling...
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Super Bright Bike Light USB Rechargeable, Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight and LED Taillight Set with 4400 mAh Battery
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Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain, Road Bike Headlight, 6400mAh Battery (Now 5+ Hours on Bright Beam). Comes w/Free...
Best Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding 1000 Lumens USB-C Bicycle Headlight Waterproof Bike LED Lights Front and Back Rechargeable Aluminum Cycling...
Super Bright Bike Light USB Rechargeable, Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight and LED Taillight Set with 4400 mAh Battery
Bike Light Front, Super Bright 10000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight with IP65 Waterproof and 13 Lighting Modes Bicycle Light Fits for Bike...
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Editor's Choice
Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain, Road Bike Headlight, 6400mAh Battery (Now 5+ Hours on Bright Beam). Comes w/Free...
Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain, Road Bike Headlight, 6400mAh Battery (Now 5+ Hours on Bright Beam). Comes w/Free...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Best Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding 1000 Lumens USB-C Bicycle Headlight Waterproof Bike LED Lights Front and Back Rechargeable Aluminum Cycling...
Best Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding 1000 Lumens USB-C Bicycle Headlight Waterproof Bike LED Lights Front and Back Rechargeable Aluminum Cycling...
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Super Bright Bike Light USB Rechargeable, Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight and LED Taillight Set with 4400 mAh Battery
Super Bright Bike Light USB Rechargeable, Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight and LED Taillight Set with 4400 mAh Battery
Amazon Prime
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Bike Light Front, Super Bright 10000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight with IP65 Waterproof and 13 Lighting Modes Bicycle Light Fits for Bike...
Bike Light Front, Super Bright 10000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight with IP65 Waterproof and 13 Lighting Modes Bicycle Light Fits for Bike...
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However, some of us love the danger and excitement of night riding. The time we speed up our gear, and narrow down our focus when we pass through a tunnel is a rush of our adrenaline. The feeling of excitement intensifies especially when there are lights attached to our bikes. It gives better lightning as we approach our destination.

Thus, the best mountain bike lights under 100 we listed below will take you to a whole new experience of night riding. The lineup of products ranges from affordable to high-end lights provides you a wide selection of bike lights. So, read on and find the perfect bike lights for your nighttime adventure.

Best Mountain Bike Light Under 100 Reviews

1. Bright Eyes FBA_AQPP-4 Road Bike Headlight

The first mountain bike light in our list is the Bright Eyes Road Bike Headlight. It comes in black and gray colors that can easily complement your bike. It is good for off-road biking with a whopping 1600 lumens. The product is made of aluminum material and weighs 1.5 pounds. Thus, it is lightweight and not difficult to attach to your bike.

Since it is a very powerful 1600 lumen headlight with T6 LED technology, you have better visibility especially when passing through a very dark road. It comes with a rechargeable 6400mAh battery that can last up to 16 hours. However, the battery pack is big and can add weight to the overall device. If you are using it at the maximum brightness, it can last for 4 hours, medium for 6 hours and low for 16+ hours.

The headlight is easy to mount as it has an extension cord for proper installation. It also has an impressive beam with modes and indicators. You can switch it according to the trail you are biking in. High, low, medium, slow, strobe and fast strobe are the beam’s available indicators.

When the battery is running low, there is a light showing the battery level. It has an optional head mount and beam diffuser as well. If you want directional light, it has a beam control, and when you use it daytime, the beam diffuser is also available.

There is an added deal with the package. It comes with an aluminum tail light. You will be visible from behind ensuring safety when passing through a dark and difficult road. The taillight has multiple light settings which you can switch depending on the brightness of the road.
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive beam modes and indicators
  • Comes with aluminum tail light
  • Long battery life
  • Big battery pack
If you are looking for the best bike lights under 100 for on and off-road travels, this light is a good choice for you. It provides the basic features you need to keep you visible and safe in both daytime and nighttime use.

2. VASTFIRE Best Mountain Bike Lights

The VASTFIRE bike lights are made of high-quality aluminum material providing enough durability. It is an aluminum based bike with acrylic lens to ensure better light penetration. The bike light is ideal for nighttime biking with its powerful 1200 lumens and LED technology. You can use it in longer distances with its 200 yard long wide beam feature.

The package comes with a front light and tail light that both offer impressive brightness for nighttime use. The front light has five light modes which you can change according to the brightness of your surroundings. It has the brightest, bright light, low light, strobe, and flashing mode. You can easily change the mode based on biking activity. The brightest mode can go well with mountain bikers while the flashing mode for light and commute biking.

The tail light, on the other hand, has two modes. It has red and red flashing lights to give you safety at night. This bike light is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours. Based on the mode you are using, the battery level will adjust.

When you are using the light at its brightest, it can last for three hours. If it is used for low light only, it can last very long. The battery is not an ordinary AA or AAA lithium battery but a USB rechargeable. It is easy and fast to power up with 1.5 hours of full charging. However, you need to take care of its battery as it cannot perform at an optimum after several usages when not charged properly.

Since it is designed for rough road biking, it is water resistant, too. It has an IPX-6 water resistant level to ensure use even on a downpour and heavy rain. Regarding installation, it is easy to install without a tool required. You can detach it from the bike when you are not using it to avoid theft.
  • Durable
  • Comes in five light modes
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Water resistant
  • Battery tends to deteriorate
This headlight can be a good companion when looking for the best budget mountain bike lights for mounting biking and rough road trails. It gives you enough visibility to keep you safe during your adventure without being damaged as it is already water resistant.

3. Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Compared to the two products we previously mentioned, this victagen USB rechargeable bike light has a very bright 2400 lumens light. The brightness is almost double the capacity of the first two products. You can expect double brightness when you choose this bike light.

It is clutter free bike light that does not require wire or any external battery. It comes in one piece for convenience and ease of use. Since it provides powerful lumens, the battery is strong as well. The headlight has 18500 battery power that can last up to four hours of full brightness. It is durable with its military grade aluminum bracket. You can expect long term use because of the material’s strength and durability.

Even if it comes with very high and powerful lumens, it is still equipped with an impressive LED technology. It is super bright with XML-T6 white LEDs that improve the 2400 lumen brightness of your mtb lights under 100. You are guaranteed the highest level of safety when you attach this light to your bike. Your rough road biking will vastly improve using the impressive level of lumens of this bike light.

This bike light comes in five different modes including high, medium, low and strobe. It is a one touch switch for easy navigation. The taillight, on the other side, has three modes such as high, fast flash and slow flash. You readily adjust the modes according to the level of your biking activity, and the brightness of the environment you are biking in. Just make sure to install it firmly as the attaching system can be a bit flimsy.
  • Very bright
  • Minimalist and clutter free
  • Powerful battery pack
  • Equipped LED technology
  • Flimsy installation system
If you are looking for a headlight with the highest and brightest lumens, this product is a perfect choice. Equipped with a powerful 2400 lumens, you will never feel unnoticed when biking even in the darkest places or hour.

4. victagen bicycle USB Rechargeable Light

Another way to improve your bike visibility during the night is using this victagen bicycle USB rechargeable light. It has very high and powerful lumens of 2400. This bike light can significantly provide the maximum level of brightness and illuminate the road in dark situations. It is safe to use both daytime and nighttime.

It has a double cree-T6 LED technology with an illuminating power and improved LED brightness perfect for late night use. You are also guaranteed that you can use it for a long period because of its rechargeable USB battery. You may easily attach it to the charging cord that comes with it until it is fully charged.

You do not have to wait long when charging as it employs a smart charging technology that can power up fast and effectively. However, it would help if you put an extra level of care with the battery to make it last for a long time.

This mountain bike light under 50 is also adjustable with 4 light mode features. It ranges from high, middle, low and fast strobe. You do not have to worry about too much brightness or lack of brightness because of its functional mode features. It can readily adjust to any environment with different levels of brightness.

In terms of installation, it is engineered to provide users ease of mounting and unmounting. It has a one-click go detaching button that can only take you a matter of seconds to remove. You will not need any tool when you install or even uninstall this bike light.
  • Powerful lumens
  • Equipped with cree-T6 LED technology
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Comes in four light modes
  • Battery tends to deteriorate
The best way to adjust a different biking environment is using these budget mtb lights. With its four light modes ideal for both day and night biking, you will be safe and visible at all times.

5. Te-Rich Bike Light USB Rechargeable

The Te-Rich brand is known for producing high quality bike lights. Its products range from powerful bike beams to reliable bailout lights favored by most bikers. This Te-Rich bike light USB rechargeable is another impressive bike accessory from the brand. It is a 1200 lumens bike light providing you enough visibility during the night.

Aside from its 1200 lumens powered light that can light your way up to 300 meters, it also features a neutral white LED that improves visibility in dark situations. You can use it in the most challenging dark and wet environment as it is also made to be water resistant. Even when you bring your MTB to rough trails outdoors, the light it provides will never disappoint.

These mountain bike lights for night riding are easy to install without needing installation equipment. It has a hardware designed for mounting which you can tighten and secure onto your bike’s handlebar. You also have the option to uninstall the device especially when you are not using it. Just take it anywhere to keep it from being stolen.

The bicycle light features an impressive battery of 4400mhA. It is a 5-volt rechargeable battery that can last up to four hours in full and high mode. The battery can run up to 12 hours in low mode. The lowest mode can give 25% brightness while 100% in strobe mode. You will enjoy its versatility as it can be used as a headgear and headlamp whether you are inside or outside. However, the switch can be too complicated that might give you a hard time at night riding.
  • High quality bike light
  • Wide lighting capacity of up to 300 meters
  • Equipped with LED light technology
  • Water resistant
  • Complicated switch mode system
If you want to invest in high-quality bike light, choosing a product made by Te-Rich is a smart decision. This light provides you quality and functional features to keep you safe when biking at night.

6. Cygolite MTR-1100-USB Lumen Bike Light

If you are looking for a simple and sleek bike light design, this Cygolite lumen bike light is the ideal pick for you. It is in solid black color that compliments any type of mountain bike. It easily blends into your bike’s front handlebar to enhance the overall appearance of your MTB. Plus, it is extremely lightweight, compact and only weighs 150 gms.

This 1100 lumen bike helps improve visibility even in further distances. With the brand’s technical know-how in making bike accessories, it guarantees that this product provides better lighting even in the darkest road you are taking in. It employs an excellent LED light technology level for precise and straightforward optics through its impressive wide beam feature.

Since the product is engineered to be powerful and durable, the light consistently gives you the same brightness level for your entire biking time. Its USB rechargeable battery helps you power up your bike light fast. Just plug the cord in and wait until the battery is fully charged. Moreover, you will know the power of your device because it is also equipped with a low battery indicator. You can know when your bike lights need to power up.

Unlike similar products with five lighting modes, this bike light has 9 lighting modes including boost, high, medium, low, steady pulse, walking, day lightning flash, triple flash and zoom. With these different modes, the switch can get complicated that might confuse you in night riding. It warrants that in every biking activity, this bike light has the ability to adjust from one lighting mode to another.
  • Simple and sleek light design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Equipped with LED light technology
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Complicated switch for mode adjustment
If you want to be more specific on the level of brightness for your bike light, this headlight is a perfect option for you. With nine different light modes, you can get the most suitable brightness in various terrain you are biking.

7. NiteRider Lumina Bike Headlight

Another minimalist bike light design is the NiteRider Lumina Bike Headlight. It is engineered for most travelers who transport their bikes from one place to another. Its lock mode feature ensures that the device is securely powered off during long transport and even storage. In this way, you can save the battery life of the headlight. You just need to hold the power button, and lock or unlock the device for travel or storage.

It is made of an aluminum heatsink to keep the battery at its optimum operation. It balances the temperature to avoid overheating when used for a long time. Even when you use this bike light at its brightest, the aluminum heatsink keeps the battery’s temperature at an average.

Its lighting power does not disappoint. With its 1100 lumina lighting feature, it provides enough light for your safe biking at night. It has well-engineered optics that give your bike better lighting over long distance paths. With its wide flood beam combined with powerful lumina, you are given better visibility of the road you are traveling.

This bike headlight can also be used during the day. Even in your regular daily commute, its daylight visible flash can help increase your view of the road in the daytime. When you turn on this device in broad daylight, you will see better the cars and motorcycles on the road.
  • Ideal for bikers who always travel
  • Made of aluminum based material
  • Enough light for visibility
  • Suitable for daily bike commute
  • Not too bright
The best way to turn your night riding experience into pleasurable and safe leisure activity is using this headlight. With its heat sink features, you do not need to worry about the device overheating. You can use it at night and even in your daytime morning commute.

8. Weihao Bicycle Headlight

If you are looking for a simple and basic headlight for your bike, this Weihao bicycle headlight is a strong pick for you. Unlike other devices with complicated light modes, this headlight only features three adjustable and functional modes. The mode includes strong, weak and flash. Though it has only three basic light modes, it still provides you the light needed in different types of environment. But it may be more expensive compared to other lights in our list.

This bike light is also an improved version of a product released by the manufacturer. From plastic grade material, it was converted into a silicone waterproof material. It is a perfect model especially when biking on tough and heavy roads. Even on a hefty downpour, this bike light is extremely reliable as it wont get damage even wet.

The battery can also last long with its 6400mAh powered battery pack. It comes with an AC charger which is very reliable when you need to recharge. You can power up the device in no time using its charger requiring 100-240 volts.

Installation is easy as well. You just need to hook the rubber o-ring, and swirl it around your handlebar until both ends meet. The ring will securely mount your bike light into the handle bar without the worry of movement or slipping off. You can enjoy biking using this bike light because of the enhanced visibility it provides. The light is straightforward using three basic light modes.
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Strong battery pack
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive
If you are not the type that falls for bike lights with complicated light modes, this bike light will get your interest. It is easy to use with just three modes that will not complicate your life even in nighttime biking activity.

9. BrightRoad BR-800 Bike Headlight

Another impressive duo of headlight and taillight is this BrightRoad Bike Headlight. It is an ideal choice for off-road adventures as it is capable of providing 800 lumens light. It can give just enough visibility without making it too bright during nighttime. The light coming from the device does not make you too distracted because of intense brightness.

Using this bike headlight, you can light up the road you are taking in, and see what is coming your way. It is a good device especially when you are very concerned about your safety in dark situations. This bike light is lightweight and will not be of a burden when you are riding because it only weighs 7.36 ounces.

It also has an added feature of side light alarming holes. This feature provides another layer of safety especially in night riding. Other riders from both sides will be able to see you at night with these side light holes. Furthermore, you can navigate the road freely because of the better visibility you provide to other riders.

You will not get worried of an overheating bike light because it comes with a temperature control. It automatically adjusts according to the mode you are using when biking. The overall inner structure of this bike light was constructed to prevent the device from overheating.
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with side light alarming holes
  • Has a temperature control
  • Safe to use at night
  • Not enough brightness
If you want to navigate the road with just enough brightness, you can pick this best mountain bike lights under 100. It can still keep you visible at night, and ensure safety in dark situations.

10. MOMIMO Bike Light Front

The MOMIMO bike light front is capable of providing you 2000 lumens of powerful lighting. It is combined with an impressive LED light technology covering a wide range of light power up to 200 meters. It is a great way to improve your visibility especially at night.

This bike light is really over the top with thirteen lighting modes to choose from. You can readily adjust the mode according to the brightness or darkness of the road you are taking in. Using the switch button, you are free to change the mode according to your biking needs.

It is powered by a USB rechargeable battery capable of carrying 7200mAh. Using a USB charging port with 2A output, you are able to recharge your device fast and easily unlike other AA or AAA rechargeable lithium batteries that take longer to be recharged. You can bring it anywhere you go because it is compatible with any devices with a USB port. However, with this powerful battery system, the device can be a bit heavy.

Created to withstand any rigorous environment, this bike light is also waterproof. It is made of IPX65 waterproof material that ensures durability and reliability during a heavy rain. Even in bad weather, the visibility and lighting it provides will not lessen. You are ensured of safety in any weather conditions.
  • Powerful lighting
  • Equipped with LED light technology
  • Durable battery
  • Waterproof
  • Battery adds weight to the product
Going basic with your bike light is possible with this bike light product from MOMIMO. You can enjoy the fundamental features of a high-quality bike light when you decide to install this to your bike. It can last a long time because it is made of water resistant material.

What to Look for When Buying Mountain Bike Lights



There are two ways to install your lights on the bike. It is either bar mounting or helmet mounting. Bar mounting is the simplest way to mount a light to your bike. There is a rubber O-string that expands so that it can accommodate the different bar diameters. You may attach it to the side of the stem using a clamp-on mount. You can position your bike light in front of the stem, so that the bar space won’t get overwhelmed.

Another way is the helmet mount. This is suitable for off-road bikers who are always on the rough road. Using a helmet mount won’t get your bike light dirty unlike attaching it as rear lights. The light can be held in place using a Velcro strap that goes around the helmet vents. Using a helmet mount can give you higher visibility when on the road, while putting in weight to your body.


Lumens is the best indicator of how powerful your bike light is. The light power is measured in Lumens. Meaning, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Often, bike lights with higher lumens are more expensive.

If you choose the standard lumens for your bike, the 300 to 500 range is perfect for your road bike. On the other hand, off-road cycling will require you to use higher lumens of up to 1000 more. It is also recommended to buy LED technology bike lights when you always take your bike off-road.

Beam Pattern

Another factor to consider when shopping for bike lights is the beam pattern. It is as important as the lumens. It can give you higher visibility when you choose bike lights with excellent beam patterns. Road bike riding requires a beam pattern that will not dazzle oncoming traffic. The German-style cutoff beams are the ones you should look out for. The German-style cutoff beams have 95% of the light directed downwards, giving you better visibility of the road.


When looking for bike lights while considering battery, you can either choose bike lights with AA or AAA batteries and USB rechargeable batteries. However, lithium-polymer battery powered bike lights are more common than rechargeable ones. They are more affordable, as well. It would be best if you always chose bike lights powered by durable batteries that can last even when you are on the road for long hours. The time you spend on the road with bike lights greatly depends on how the batteries last.


The mode gives your bike lights versatility. You can easily switch the light mode on depending on the road you are taking. Choose bike lights with five different lighting modes that can easily increase or decrease the lighting. A mode is an additional feature of bike lights that give you excellent visibility on the road.


These best mountain bike lights under 100 were carefully selected to provide you with the needed features from a bike light. The products in the list offer you the basic features for safety, installation or mounting, and brightness.

We also picked additional but functional qualities you might be looking for a bike light. It includes several light modes, LED light technology, and temperature control features. These products will surely elevate your night and day mountain biking experience.

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CBTYOOH USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, 500 Lumen Super Bright Bike Lights Front and Back LED Rear Taillight, 1000mAH Bicycle Lights for Night...
  • 🚴 Low Beam + High Beam Design: CBTYOOH Bike light Set adopts 2 individual switch to control high & low beam light, high beam let you see further...
  • 🚴 Super brightness: the white headlight select SEOUL LED chip which the system adopts high-efficiency constant current circuit design, intelligent...
  • 🚴 8/12 Modes and Fast Recharging: The front light provide 8 different lighting modes and taillight provide 12 mode to select. And support mode...
  • 🚴 Waterproof and Potable: Make of IPX65 waterproof material, which renders the riding safer even if it rains and reduces the interference of rainy...
  • 🚴 Great Value: The silicone mount straps tightly fit around many size seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep...
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Bike Light Set USB Rechargeable - 5400mAh Bike Headlight & Taillight with Digital Display, 3 LED Super Bright 1600 Lumen 6 Lights Modes for All...
  • 3 LED Beads & 6 Modes - Bike headlight is equipped with 3 professional T6 LED lamp beads with 1600 lumen max output, able to provide ultra bright...
  • 5400mAh Large Capacity Battery - Built in 2 large capacity batteries, the bike headlight can be charged conveniently via the Type-C port. In addition,...
  • Battery Power Display & 360° Rotation - The bicycle front light is designed with battery power display function, showing the percentage of remaining...
  • Military-grade Quality & IP65 Waterproof - Our bike lights set adopts high-quality aluminium alloy, superior in the high performances of light weight...
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KINGSBOM Cycling Gloves, Shock-Absorbing Bike Gloves with Light Silicone Gel Pad, Breathable and Anti-Slip Bicycle Gloves for Men and Women
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LAMONKE Bike Light, 3 LED USB Rechargeable 4000mAh Headlight, Waterproof Front Lights and Rear LED Bicycle Light Set with Power Bank Horn Phone Holder...
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Brightz CosmicBrightz LED Bike Frame Rope Light, Multi-Color - 6.5-Foot String Rope - Battery-Powered with On/Off Switch - Ultra Bright Color Keeps...
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IPSXP 2023 New 8000 Lumens Bike Lights,12 Hours of Battery Life and IPX6 Waterproof Performance,Front and Rear USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights,5...
  • ✨【High brightness and anti-glare】: Our bike light offers up to 8000 lumens, which will instantly improve your visibility and safety, you'll be...
  • ⚡【Long battery life】: This bike light can also be used as a mobile power source to charge your phone in case of emergency. The high capacity...
  • 🦈【Bionic design in the shape of a shark】: The bike light is based on the shape of a shark, with a clean appearance and smooth lines. It can...
  • ☔【IPX6 Waterproof】: With a waterproof rating of IPX6, it is waterproof, shockproof and durable enough to withstand either heavy rain or fog. So...
  • 💞【USB Charging】: The front and rear lights of the bike can be charged through the USB port, so you don't have to change the batteries as often....