12 Best MTB Bottom Brackets 2024 – Essential Bike Component

When upgrading Mtb, we often start with the bottom bracket or ‘the bb’ as it is an essential component of any bike. It connects the crankset to the bike, which allows it to rotate easily and smoothly.

Editor's Pick
Truvativ/SRAM Team GXP English Bottom Bracket Gray
Good Choice
Shimano (UN26 Cartridge Bottom Bracket
Don't Miss
SRAM DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket, 42mm x 68/73mm
Also Consider
MTB XT Bottom Bracket 89,5x92mm Press FIT Black
Product Name
Truvativ/SRAM Team GXP English Bottom Bracket Gray
Shimano (UN26 Cartridge Bottom Bracket
SRAM DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket, 42mm x 68/73mm
MTB XT Bottom Bracket 89,5x92mm Press FIT Black
Editor's Pick
Truvativ/SRAM Team GXP English Bottom Bracket Gray
Product Name
Truvativ/SRAM Team GXP English Bottom Bracket Gray
Good Choice
Shimano (UN26 Cartridge Bottom Bracket
Product Name
Shimano (UN26 Cartridge Bottom Bracket
Don't Miss
SRAM DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket, 42mm x 68/73mm
Product Name
SRAM DUB BB30 Bottom Bracket, 42mm x 68/73mm
Also Consider
MTB XT Bottom Bracket 89,5x92mm Press FIT Black
Product Name
MTB XT Bottom Bracket 89,5x92mm Press FIT Black

Bottom brackets are replaceable, so they give you a chance of upgrading your bike. There are plenty of available bottom brackets, so choosing the right one can be a real challenge. Thus, we curated a list of the best mtb bottom brackets to make it easier for you to narrow down your bb options.

Our Top Picks

1. SHIMANO BBUN55B13 Bottom Bracket

SHIMANO BBUN55B13 Bottom Bracket


The top in our list is the Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket. It is a high-quality bottom bracket for a conventional chainset. The bracket is easy to install, so it will take you no longer than 10 minutes! The product has a simple silver bracket design with the company name printed on it.

This bottom bracket will give you durability and strength. It is made of a hard-wearing sealed cartridge that can last for a very long time. It has impressively accurate bearings for smooth riding as well. Since it is a square taper bottom bracket, it has a square tapered spindle fitting that guarantees a smooth and light bike ride.

You will be impressed by how you can easily install this bottom bracket into your bike. The bracket may be heavier than the standard weight, but it can still fit your bike perfectly. It is an ideal replacement for any old BBs because of its sealed cassette bearings that are superior to traditional exposed cartridge bearings. I am sure you will come to appreciate this feature as much as I do.

After replacement, you will be impressed by how smooth you can ride on your bike. You will no longer experience a wobbling crank left and right. With this bottom bracket bike, it is like you have gotten a brand new bike!
  • Easy installation
  • Made of hard-wearing sealed cartridge
  • Little adjustment upon installation
  • Provide smooth and fast riding experience
  • Tends to be heavy
You can expect this to be one of the best mtb bottom bracket once that is worth your investment and can improve the performance of your bike. Shimano definitely provides customers with the best bike parts in the market today.

2. SRAM GXP 134610 Bottom Bracket

SRAM GXP 134610 Bottom Bracket


If you are looking for the best bottom bracket that can support SRAM road or Truvativ mountain crankset, look no further as the SRAM GXP bottom bracket is the perfect fit.

This bottom bracket is reliable, durable, and extremely lightweight. It is composed of alloy cups and comes with sealed cartridge bearings to leave your crankset unexposed. The alloy cups will keep your bearings out of dirt and water making your bottom bracket maintenance free.

This bottom bracket has shells with 68 and 73mm in size. The 73mm shell provides allowance for better fitting upon installation. You can use this bottom bracket in both Force and X0 groups.

Since it is one of the best bb in this list, it has a gutter seal technology that deliberately decreases friction and enhances coverage. Once you install this bottom bracket onto your bike, you will notice an impressive boost of smooth spinning.

Aside from its GXP’s gutter seal design, using this bottom bracket can noticeably improve your riding performance. You can feel that the sealed cartridge bearings significantly reduce friction while you are riding on your bike. You will never regret replacing your old bottom bracket, as this product can perform a solid job.

The frame interface of this bottom bracket is compatible with both mountain bikes and road bikes with English threading systems.
  • Has special gutter seal technology
  • Can significantly reduce friction when riding
  • Provides smooth riding performance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Limited to English threading only
If you are looking for a reliable bottom bracket, you won’t need a second thought with this product. After installation, you will immediately experience a smooth and easy ride with your mountain bike.

3. SHIMANO Bottom Bracket

SHIMANO Bottom Bracket


Shimano is a manufacturing brand that produces a wide range of products including bike parts. The company makes mid to high range bike accessories for every bike enthusiast.

As a Japanese brand, it already manufactured different models of bottom brackets for every kind of bike. This UN26 bottom bracket is another release from the brand.

This cartridge bottom bracket is specifically made for English thread. If you are only interested in the English thread, this bottom bracket is created especially for you. It has some features which you will appreciate for your bike. You can easily tighten the non-drive side bracket clockwise and counterclockwise for the drive side.

The design of this bottom bracket is pretty straightforward. Unlike other bottom brackets in this list, it has a simple industrial look. It will surely complement your bike upon installation. The device itself is a hardware piece, which adds to the durability of the bracket as a whole.

Like other bottom brackets, it can perform well in terms of lessening the friction once you are riding the bike. The shell size is 68mm and the spindle length reaches 109.5mm. With these measurements, fitting is direct and easy. After installation, you will notice that riding on your bike is smoother than usual.
  • Straightforward design
  • Hardware material
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Made for English threading only
If Shimano is one of your favorite brands, you should certainly consider getting this bottom bracket. You will get the best energy transfer for your bike, and you will not have a hard time installing the product. Shimano will never disappoint, especially with this product. This is one of the best bottom brackets on our list, the most suitable one for your bike.

4. SRAM BBDUB5000 Threaded Bottom Bracket

SRAM BBDUB5000 Threaded Bottom Bracket


SRAM has been manufacturing bike accessories and parts since 1987. This bike bottom bracket is another best-selling product from the renowned company.

It has an uncomplicated installation process that takes just a few minutes, even if you are a rookie or first-time buyer. After attaching it to your bike, you will observe a favorable, long term application of power toward your drive-train. This bottom bracket offers a strong, smooth, and simple transfer of power during rides. So, I am confident to say that you will definitely not be disappointed with this bottom bracket.

Another thing that can impress you about this bottom bracket is the DUB technology that comes with it. It builds a strong relationship between the bottom bracket spindle and bearing to combine stiffness and durability. As a result, you will notice a full integration of the chain ring, bottom bracket, and spindle. In the end, your bike riding experience is smooth and easy. I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

However, the product is a press fit bottom bracket, which will require a professional mechanic with special tools to install all the components correctly to your bike. This may incur some additional costs, depending on where you seek for service. Nevertheless, this bottom bracket works splendidly. I am sure you will come to love it as much as I do.
  • Made by reputable brand
  • Special DUB technology applied
  • Fast transfer of energy
  • Better longevity
  • Required a professional mechanic for installation
SRAM is another great brand in the bike parts and accessories industry. This mountain bike bottom bracket is a manifestation of the company’s top-notch products that significantly improves every mtb. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid, well-performing bike bottom bracket.

5. Fuerdi Bike Bottom Bracket

Fuerdi Bike Bottom Bracket


If you are looking for a high-quality square taper bottom bracket, this Fuerdi bike bottom bracket is a great choice. It comes with phosphate cups, which makes the entire product strong and durable. It also has a silver case coupled with conventional English threading at both ends.

You can easily install this bottom bracket because of its traditional English threading system. You just need to rotate clockwise on one end and counterclockwise on the other. The bottom bracket has added features, including one sealed bottom bracket and two waterproof screws.

Both features feature fine functionality, and thus make the overall product last for a longer period of time. Hence, you don’t have to worry about replacing this bottom bracket any time soon. This product is definitely worthy of your money. Moreover, the product is impressively durable with a sealed cartridge bearing and cold-forged steel cups.

Upon installation, you will observe that its 68 x 118mm size is ideal for both mountain bikes and regular road bikes. You just need to make sure that the size of the bracket is a perfect fit for your bike.

This superb bottom bracket will allow you to ride and pedal smoothly. The transfer of energy from the bracket will run fast and pressure-free. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this bottom bracket is only specifically made for the English threading system.
  • High-quality square bottom bracket
  • Easy to install
  • Durable with its sealed cartridge bracket
  • Waterproof
  • Made specifically for English threading system
If you are looking for something easy to install and possess traditional English threading, this product is for you. You will enjoy pedaling with your bike once you have this threaded bottom bracket.

6. SHIMANO XT BB-MT800-PA Bottom Bracket

SHIMANO XT BB-MT800-PA Bottom Bracket


Shimano is one of the finest brands that specialize in bike accessories. It has been in business for more than nine decades. The brand has expanded in different continents across the globe. It has stations in North America, Asia, and Europe. It is a well-established brand in terms of manufacturing bike components and parts.

This bottom bracket is an impressive product released by the brand. It has a solid black appearance in matte finish. The bottom bracket is made of high-quality materials, making it extremely durable. It has sealed cups to keep the product from dirt and water as well.

Upon purchasing this bottom bracket, you will get a set of left and right cups. You will also have a 2.5mm spacer, inner cover, and O-rings. It is a complete package which you can already install in your bike. Installing may be difficult but you will never have to worry about an incomplete set upon installation. It is compatible with 89.5 and 93mm wide shells and effectively pairs with 24 Hollowtech cranksets.

You will notice that this bottom bracket has small bearings, which makes the rotation mechanisms and transfer of energy superior. You will enjoy a smooth bike ride with its 11-speed game and highly-durable bearings. It significantly reduces friction and keeps your pedal smooth, making your cycling rides fast and hassle-free.
  • Extremely durable
  • Rust-free
  • Compatible with 89.5 and 93mm wide shells
  • 11-speed game bearings
  • Difficult to install
Shimano products never disappoint. This shimano bottom bracket is another product that proves the brand’s superiority in making bike accessories and parts. With its 11-speed game bearings, you can upgrade your bike to a premium level.

7. Wheels Manufacturing 210567 Bottom Bracket

Wheels Manufacturing 210567 Bottom Bracket


If you are looking for a high-quality PressFit bb, this wheels manufacturing bottom bracket is the perfect one for you. Wheels Manufacturing is a well-known company – the world’s largest supplier of high-rated bicycle derailleur hangers, accessories, and special tools. So, you are guaranteed that this bracket bottom product passed strict quality screening and is up to par.

This bottom bracket is a PressFit 30 bottom bracket with cups made of aluminum alloy that gives durability and strength to the overall product. The aluminum cups thread ensures that the bracket is stable when it is attached to the frame. It may not be the most superior bracket in our list, but it does its job well. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed with this bottom bracket.

With this bottom bracket, you can easily replace all of your old OEM PF30 brackets. It is highly compatible with PF30 brackets featuring 68/73mm shells and BB30 spindles. Once installed, you will notice that your bike no longer makes a lot of irritating creaking sounds.

Using this bottom bracket can greatly improve your biking experience. You will experience smooth pedaling, which makes your ride faster and less tedious. In essence, this bottom bracket makes a superb replacement for any of your other worn-out, ageing bottom brackets.
  • Durable and strong
  • Stable bracket
  • Compatible with 68/73mm shells
  • Reduce irritating bike creaking sound
  • Not the most superior bracket in the list
If you own an ordinary bike, and want an upgrade, you should certainly consider replacing the bike’s bottom bracket with this solid pf30 bottom bracket from Wheels Manufacturing. It will help improve your cycling performance without breaking your wallet.

8. Token Threaded-Press Fit Bottom Bracket

Token Threaded-Press Fit Bottom Bracket


If you have been looking for a conventional Press-Fit bottom bracket, then this item may be ideal for you. Afterall, it is a threaded press-fit bottom bracket from Token that delivers good performance and minimizes creaking from your bike.

However, this Token bottom bracket goes beyond as an improved version of a Press-fit type to significantly solve any creaking issues, enhance the life of your bike bearing, and give more stiffness to the bike. What more can you ask for?

The company incorporated a special Fusion technology that combines plastic and fibre to give the bottom bracket shell full coverage. As such, the bearings are not compressed and your bike runs smoothly. In addition, you are ensured that this bottom bracket reduces creaking when you are biking. Your biking experience, will henceforth, be delightful.

However, the only downside that other users may find with this bottom bracket is that it is only compatible with 24mm Shimano cranks. The premium materials used to make this bottom bracket construct a full platform to improve the product’s longevity. You are also guaranteed that your bike will enjoy unparalleled stiffness once this bb is installed. Your bike can minimize noise while also running smoothly when you use this bottom bracket.
  • Minimizes creaking sound
  • Enhances bike’s bearing life
  • Comes with an impressive fusion technology
  • Greater longevity
  • Only compatible with 24mm Shimano cranks
If you are a fan of Shimano and are looking for a press-fit bottom bracket, this Token bottom bracket is an ideal pick for you. Not only can it improve your bike’s pedaling performance, it can last for a long period of time. You are sure that it will be a reliable “partner” for many years of use.

9. SHIMANO BB-UN300 Bottom Bracket

SHIMANO BB-UN300 Bottom Bracket


Another product that Shimano prides itself with is this best-selling BB-UN300 bottom bracket. It is a JIS square-taper bottom bracket that is made of tough aluminum steel. It is one of Shimano’s best bottom brackets after the BB-UN26 and BB-UN55 models for its reliability.

This bottom bracket is also highly versatile with its BSA threads and various axle lengths. It works for both touring bikes and mountain bikes! You can be amazed to find that you can easily install this bb to your bike to enhance speed and performance. Your biking adventures will be game-changing with this bottom bracket from SHIMANO.

It comes with a high-rated cartridge bearing and a neat chain line stabilizer. There will be no noticeable creaking once you install this bottom bracket onto your bike. Without a doubt, this is one of the best bottom brackets that I have come across. So, give it a try, it may turn out to be the most suitable one for your bike.

It is impressively durable as well. This bottom bracket has superior quality with a high-performing cartridge bearing. To ensure stability upon installation, it comes with a chain line stabilizer. The stabilizer also relieves the stiffness in the bike’s overall performance. You will notice that pedaling is effortlessly smooth and easy once you attach this bottom bracket to your bike.
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Improve bike speed and performance
  • High-performing cartridge bearing
  • Traditional square taper design
However, other users may be disappointed to find that this bottom bracket is of a traditional square taper design. If you are a fan of Shimano BB-UN26 or BB-UN55, this bottom bracket square taper will surely impress you as well.

10. GOLDEAL Bottom Bracket

GOLDEAL Bottom Bracket


If you are looking for an affordable bottom bracket that can provide your bike with a basic upgrade, you should give this GOLDEAL bottom bracket product a try. This bottom bracket is made of tough aluminum alloy that is compressed through CNC machining. Thus, it offers both strength and durability. You get the best of both worlds!

This bracket can fit with 68 or 73mm bracket shells and comes with 73mm spacers for better fitting. You are guaranteed that this bottom bracket lasts long because of its waterproof feature and sealed bearing, which keeps nasty dirt and unnecessary particles away.

Owning a bike means upgrading it from time to time. If you are looking for an affordable bike upgrade, this bottom bracket is a great pick. You will not have to worry about spending too much money on a bottom bracket if you opt for this because it offers solid performance while being affordable. You also get peace of mind thanks to its money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can rely on its money back guarantee. This also demonstrates that the manufacturer is confident with the bottom bracket. You have up to 30 days, starting from when you purchased it, to file for a replacement request.
  • Durable
  • Comes with 73mm spacer
  • Waterproof
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Can only provide basic upgrade to the bike
Though some users may complain that this bottom bracket is only good enough for a basic upgrade, I think this is a solid item that will not disappoint. Its affordable price tag also means that even if you have to replace it, you will not exhaust your wallet.

11. Mantal Bottom Bracket BB92

Mantal Bottom Bracket BB92


Another bottom bracket that made it to our list is the professional Mantal bottom bracket that can easily fit both BB92 cranksets and Shimano hollow cranks.

It is finely engineered to be strong and durable using a top-notch CNC aluminum construction technology. You will also appreciate that the metal of this bottom bracket is hardly compressed to provide the much-needed stability to your bike.

It is a press-fit bottom bracket that works well with 86-92mm BB92 cranksets. You can install it to both your regular road bikes and mountain bikes. Moreover, it is lightweight, so you can easily use it as a replacement for any of your heavier ageing bottom brackets. I am sure you will love once you have given it a try.

If you are looking for an easy upgrade that can effectively improve your bike riding experience, you should try this bottom bracket. Made of high-grade material, this is one of the best bike bottom bracket options to consider.

In addition, upon installing, you will find that your bike runs smoothly, and pedaling becomes easy-peasy. You will not need to exert any extra effort in making your bike run fast or perform at its optimum. Thus, this bb will surely boost your bike performance and encourage you to regularly use your bike. As such, no biking adventures will again be tedious.
  • Professional-grade bottom bracket
  • Made through CNC aluminum construction process
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Only compatible with BB92 crankset
The only drawback that I found while going through this Mantal product is that it is only compatible with BB92. So, if your crankset is not a match, I suggest you opt for one of the other bike bottom bracket products on this list.

12. RaceFace BBXTTM Bottom Bracket

RaceFace BBXTTM Bottom Bracket


If you own a 24mm spindle external mountain bike BB system, this RaceFace bottom bracket is the best fit for it. You can install it to your bike without having a hard time. This bottom bracket product is made specifically to upgrade and customize your riding experience.

Moreover, the Cinch system that is provided by the brand offers riders a simple solution to upgrade the performance of their bikes. Once you get the right Cinch bottom bracket, you can readily install it to the bike. Upon pedaling, you will notice that your bike’s stiffness improves as a result of better transfer of energy.

This superb bb is compatible with any 68/77mm bottom bracket shells. Besides, it employs the conventional English threading system where you can rotate clockwise for tightening and counterclockwise for installing.

From experience, I can share that for easy installation, you just need to clean and grease the bracket, then meticulously screw the cups using your hand. Although this is a tad bit tedious, you can guarantee that the bottom bracket is securely tightened to the bike.
  • Improves bike stiffness
  • Provides better transfer of energy
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhance bike riding performance
  • Installation by hand

When looking for a good upgrade for your bike, you can consider purchasing this amazing bottom bracket with a well-designed, excellent-performing Cinch system.

You will never have a hard time putting this bottom bracket to your bike, as you will just need to clean, grease, and tighten the attachment to the bike. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a well-performing bottom bracket that freshens up their bike.

What is the Best Bottom Bracket for a Mountain Bike


The best bottom bracket is the one that fits your bike perfectly. Even the most expensive bottom bracket like the enduro xd-15 bottom bracket won’t do you justice if its fitting is poor. It must be made of high-quality material to ensure durability and longevity of use as well. You should also ensure that the bearings provide enough stability to guarantee a smooth transfer of energy when pedaling.

What to Look for When Buying MTB Bottom Brackets


The most crucial thing to consider when finding bottom brackets is the size. Before you purchase, you should know what size of bracket your bike needs. You can measure the current bottom bracket of your bike and find corresponding sizes.

As bottom brackets from various brands are not alike, such as the enduro bottom bracket or chris king bottom bracket, you need to thoroughly assess the brackets to get the best fit. You should never prioritize the brackets’ fitting over price. Trust me, you do not want to end up with a useless bracket in the long run.


Regardless of whether you are looking for mountain bike bottom bracket types or ceramic bottom brackets, you should consider what type to get for your bike. There are three major types of the bottom bracket – cartridge type, conventional thread type, and press-fit type.

The cartridge bottom bracket is smaller and has internal bearings. It is compact and sealed in a metal cylinder screwed into the bracket shell to make it a whole unit. However, this cartridge type will not last for long, and once it starts to wear off, you need to replace it.

The external bb or the conventional threaded bottom brackets have a larger diameter. It has cartridge bearings covered by an exterior shell made of aluminum. With this kind of bracket, you can use a larger-diameter axle around 24mm that can also improve power transfer. It has greater stiffness but is more lightweight.

Press-fit bottom bracket type is widely used today. The press-fit type can be used in carbon fiber MTB and road bikes. With this type, you can use wider shells without affecting the width of the axle. When you use this type, you will be able to enjoy an enhanced power transfer for better pedaling.


Even when you are buying a threaded or press-fit bottom bracket, you should always consider the bearings of the bottom bracket. It is one of the most crucial bottom bracket features to watch out for.

The bearings provide stability when you are pedaling, especially in hope bottom brackets. Look for bearings that use the best material. You can opt for steel or ceramic bearings depending on your budget. Ceramic bearings can be a bit pricey compared to steel ones. However, it offers numerous advantages compared to steel ones.

Ceramic bearings can give you lower friction that significantly smoothens your pedaling experience. It can also hold its shape for a longer period compared to bearings made of steel. In this way, it can give a smoother transfer of energy.

Is Hollowtech Better than Square Taper

Hollowtech bottom brackets bike are better than square tapers. The cranks of a hollowtech bottom bracket are stiffer and lighter. Square taper bottom brackets have been around for many years but it creates a creaking sound that most bikers find disturbing.

This type is also heavier than modern bottom brackets. Bikers prefer lighter bottom brackets, as it makes your bike smoother and easier when in use.


Upgrading your bike is a difficult task, as it comes with the challenge of finding the perfect bike part and accessories. You may end up with a product that is not compatible with your bike.

Thus, the list of the best mtb bottom brackets we provided here ensures that you get the most suitable product for your bike. The bottom brackets we mentioned come in different sizes and types, providing you with a wider selection of products your bike needs.

SaleBestseller No. 1
SHIMANO BB-MT501 English Bottom Bracket - English, 68/73mm, Fits Hollowtech II Spindle, Black, (EBBMT501B m)
  • English (BSA) threaded bottom bracket
  • For use with MTB
  • Defined Color: Black
  • Aluminum threaded cups
SaleBestseller No. 2
SRAM AM BB Dub PressFit (MTB) 89/92mm
  • Connect your crankarms with confidence and protect the smooth, long-lasting application of power to your drivetrain with the SRAM DUB Sealed Cartridge...
  • Gutter Seal Technology drastically improves sealing against the elements, ensuring durability and reliability in any riding conditions.
  • Enjoy the convenience of sealed cartridge bearings and the versatility of one oversized spindle that works across every bottom bracket standard.
  • Experience a significant reduction in weight compared to the GXP system, enhancing the overall performance of your MTB cranks.
  • With a bottom bracket shell I.D. of 41, BB/Frame Interface options of BB89.5 and BB92, and a weight of just 110 grams, this bottom bracket is designed...
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
Bike Bottom Brackets Set Steel Bicycle Shaft Axie Bottom Brackets Fixed Steel Crank Square Hole Bottom Bracket 3S/3T/3P/5S Cycling Bearing Cages for...
  • 【Brand New】:100% brand new and high quality. Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
  • 【Suitable Bike】:3S/3T/3P/5S different size for mountain bikes.
  • 【Size】:5S whole length: 14.8cm, 3S whole length: 14.5cm, 3P whole length: 14cm, 3T whole length: 14cm.
  • 【Package Included】:Package comes included with 1 Axle stick, 2 screws, 1 ring, 2 bowls and 2 ball bearing retainer.
  • 【Tips】:We offer different size of the bottom bracket sets for you to choose, please measure your old ones before purchasing. If you're not...
Bestseller No. 5
DJC Bike Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket BSA 68-73mm English Threaded BB 24mm Spindle, Fit MTB Road Bike Hollow Deore XT SLX R7000 R8000 4700 5800 6800...
  • Material:Sealed ceramic bearing inside, low centrifugal force, more durable, more lubricating, high temperature resistance, high speed.Precision...
  • Shell width:Width 68-73mm, english BSA thread,works for any kind of MTB and road bike frame with thread.
  • Crankset Spindle diameter, left and right are both 24mm.
  • Compatibility:If your MTB and road bike is metal frame with thread, usually it works. For crankset, works for Shimano, Prowheel, IXF, and any...
  • Package content: 1 set bottom bracket and 3pcs width adjust washer.
SaleBestseller No. 6
SRAM DUB English Bottom Bracket - English/BSA, 73mm, MTB SuperBoost +, Black
  • Designed for use with SRAM SuperBoost+ Cranksets
  • Gutter Seal Technology drastically improves sealing against the elements
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • One oversized spindle to work across every bottom bracket standard
SaleBestseller No. 7
SRAM DUB English Bottom Bracket - English/BSA, 73mm, MTB, Cannondale Ai, Black
  • Upgrade your MTB with the SRAM DUB Cartridge Bearings BSA 73mm Bottom Bracket for Cannondale Ai Cranks, designed to deliver smooth and long-lasting...
  • Engineered with Gutter Seal Technology, this bottom bracket offers superior protection against the elements, ensuring reliable performance in any...
  • With sealed cartridge bearings and an oversized spindle, this bottom bracket is compatible with every bottom bracket standard, providing versatility...
  • Experience a significant reduction in weight compared to the GXP system, allowing for improved agility and responsiveness on the trails.
  • Designed for English BSA thread and a 73mm BB shell width, this bottom bracket is the perfect choice for riders looking to enhance the performance of...