15 Best Cafe Bike Locks 2024 – Bike Security at Its Best

One must never overlook the importance of bike locks. Imagine you are just chilling inside your favorite cafe and someone flew off with your bike. We don’t want that to happen, and this is where cafe bike locks come in handy.

Best Choice
OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock | Lightweight & Compact | Theft Deterrent for Quick Stops | Cycling, E-Mobility, & Outdoor Gear (Stealth Black, 18...
Good Choice
HIPLOK Z Lok Single Zip Combo Lock, Teal (ZCOM1TE)
Don't Miss
Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock Outdoor Waterproof Padlock with Steel Cable for Gym Locker, Helmet, Gate, Fence, Luggage (Black, Pack of 2 padlocks)
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Smart Bike Lock/Bicycle Lock Bluetooth APP Controlled Nulock,Bike Alarm Lock 110db,47 inch Long Braided Steel Motorcycle Lock Anti Theft,IP44...
OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock | Lightweight & Compact | Theft Deterrent for Quick Stops | Cycling, E-Mobility, & Outdoor Gear (Stealth Black, 18...
HIPLOK Z Lok Single Zip Combo Lock, Teal (ZCOM1TE)
Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock Outdoor Waterproof Padlock with Steel Cable for Gym Locker, Helmet, Gate, Fence, Luggage (Black, Pack of 2 padlocks)
Smart Bike Lock/Bicycle Lock Bluetooth APP Controlled Nulock,Bike Alarm Lock 110db,47 inch Long Braided Steel Motorcycle Lock Anti Theft,IP44...
Best Choice
OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock | Lightweight & Compact | Theft Deterrent for Quick Stops | Cycling, E-Mobility, & Outdoor Gear (Stealth Black, 18...
OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock | Lightweight & Compact | Theft Deterrent for Quick Stops | Cycling, E-Mobility, & Outdoor Gear (Stealth Black, 18...
Good Choice
HIPLOK Z Lok Single Zip Combo Lock, Teal (ZCOM1TE)
HIPLOK Z Lok Single Zip Combo Lock, Teal (ZCOM1TE)
Don't Miss
Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock Outdoor Waterproof Padlock with Steel Cable for Gym Locker, Helmet, Gate, Fence, Luggage (Black, Pack of 2 padlocks)
Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock Outdoor Waterproof Padlock with Steel Cable for Gym Locker, Helmet, Gate, Fence, Luggage (Black, Pack of 2 padlocks)
Also Consider
Smart Bike Lock/Bicycle Lock Bluetooth APP Controlled Nulock,Bike Alarm Lock 110db,47 inch Long Braided Steel Motorcycle Lock Anti Theft,IP44...
Smart Bike Lock/Bicycle Lock Bluetooth APP Controlled Nulock,Bike Alarm Lock 110db,47 inch Long Braided Steel Motorcycle Lock Anti Theft,IP44...

With myriads of bike locks on the market, choosing one is not a walk in the park. But, don’t fret because your search ends today. Listed below are the best cafe bike locks that we picked for you. Let’s have a look!

Best Cafe Bike Lock Reviews

1. OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock

I have a love and hate relationship with the OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock. But, let’s start with the positive side first. I love the design of this bike lock because it looks sleek and comes in a wide variety of colors.

That’s why I bought three color variants to match whatever bike I’m going to bring around town. At first, I was hesitant with its length because the product picture makes it look small. But when I finally received the item, I’m surprised at how big it was.

The combination lock feature was very cool and handy too. And I’m also loving how lightweight it is, making this bike lock my best choice for portability. Now, let’s get to the negative side.

Apart from all the good things I mentioned, the bike lock is very fragile. It can be torn apart with ease using kitchen scissors or a very sharp knife. This is a huge disadvantage for people who are expecting more for this bike lock. However, judging by its affordable price, I already see it coming.
  • Simple eye-catching design
  • Lots of colors to choose from to fit your mood
  • Perfect for people who are on a budget
  • The combination lock is very fun to use
  • Durability is a hit or miss depending on how you want to tear it apart
The OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock is supposed to be the best budget option for me, only to be hindered by its subpar durability. I’m starting to think that the design is the selling point for this one. You might want to consider looking for other options if you prioritize durability.

2. Hiplok ZCOM1TE Security Tie & Bike Lock

If you are looking for a versatile cafe bicycle lock, then you should not miss checking out the Hiplok Security Tie & Bike Lock. The lock can be used whatever way you want it. Should you want to use it on the tire only, or on the body of your bike itself, you name it!

I love the small and compact design of this bike lock. It’s small enough to be almost unnoticeable by burglars who want to steal your bike. There are several color options to choose from, including yellow and blue. But, I bought the black one because it complements the color of my bike well.

The way this cafe bicycle lock camouflages in my bike with the size and color combined is a big plus. Now here comes the worse part. Buying this bike lock is like a lot of trial and error.

My first purchase was defective, the second one is 50/50, and the third one is where it hits the spot. Moreover, the fact that the build quality is very small makes this cafe bicycle lock easy for burglars to rip apart.
  • Cute and simplistic design
  • Versatility at its finest
  • Affordably priced
  • Simple lock mechanism without the extra complications just like other brands
  • Buying one feels like buying for luck that you won’t get a defective item
  • Durability issues
The Hiplok Security Tie & Bike Lock is a simple cafe bicycle lock that does the trick. It doesn’t come with extra bells and whistles but it is okay for the price. I just hope the company will do a quality test and get rid of the defective ones before selling them.

3. ABUS Pro Tectic Bike Lock

Are you looking for something with durability and quality combined into one? Then, you should opt for the ABUS Pro Tectic Bike Lock. This one feels like a breath of fresh air because of the design alone. I love the circle shape, which fits my wheel and bike frame very well.

What’s best is that the case, supporting elements, and the lock itself are made out of hardened steel. I can feel the durability of the bike lock just because of the material alone. The shackle steel size is relatively thick at 8.5mm, giving you reliable performance in securing your bike.

The lock is open for only 2 1/4″, and this cannot work with fat tires. You may need to purchase additional chains or a second lock for the highest security. The package comes with two keys, where the other one is solely for backup purposes.

The ABUS cafe bike lock is indeed a worry-free bike lock, which provides a good security level of 7. I’m so satisfied while using it. Once I was having afternoon coffee in my favorite cafe, and I saw someone trying to steal my bike but failing because I used this lock.

However, the price tag might be a huge turn-off for buyers. But for me, the hefty price tag was very worth it.
  • Steel shackles that screams durability in every angle
  • The key lock mechanism is simple enough to use
  • Well-made premium design for aesthetics
  • Secures your bike into place
  • A bit expensive for just a bike lock
  • Works as second lock
The ABUS cafe bike lock looks and feels premium in both functionality and form. If only it is priced a little cheaper, then this would surely be out of stock from shelves. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this bike lock if you don’t mind the price.

4. Bosvision Ultra-Secure Versatile Combination Lock

If you want a bike lock that doesn’t only lock your bike but also your other belongings, then this Bosvision Ultra-Secure Versatile Combination Lock is for you. It is not only for bikes but also for your stroller, snowboard, bags, and other essentials.

This lock has a three feet retractable cable that is long enough to be stretched around. I’m having fun using this one because of its versatility. Aside from locking my bike, I also use it to lock my travel bag zipper and skis when I’m going out of town.

This multipurpose lock is a godsend for those who are always on-the-go not only in their bikes but also in traveling the world. It also has a functionality where you can push a button and the cable will automatically retract which is pretty neat.

And the best part? All these features and functions come at a reasonable price even if it is a retractable cable bike lock, making it the best deal for those who want a secure and stylish bike lock. But, the real problem begins when it comes to tough conditions.

There was this one time when I was biking around town during a stormy day. When I secured the bike using the lock, the cables suddenly broke because of strong winds. This made me realize that the lock is not weatherproof, which is the only disadvantage I see.
  • Lots of functions and features for an affordable price
  • Versatile lock that can be used anywhere
  • Compact design that doesn’t protrude too much that can attract thieves
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Weak cable that can be broken easily
The retractable cable bike lock is an affordable bike lock that gives. It’s enough since it covers the basics without draining your wallet. Although the cable could have been more durable, this will serve you well as long as you take care of it.

5. Disecu Four-Digit Combination Lock

Since we’re now talking more about versatile bike locks, might as well go overboard with it. And this is where the Disecu Four-Digit Combination Lock comes into play. This lock is pretty simple when it comes to usability.

It is essentially a lock with a combination pad and a compression cable for extra security. The cable is up to four meters in length when stretched. To test its flexibility, I tried wrapping the cable around a tree to secure the lock and it worked like a charm.

The lock alone is made out of plastic steel and zinc alloy, which gives you the best of both worlds in terms of durability. Since it is a versatile lock, I also tried it on my backpack, luggage, and even my fence.

The package comes with two padlocks (the other one for backup) and a single compression cable. All this is available at a sweet deal for the budget-conscious buyers.

My only problem with this lock is that the zinc alloy material that is used is a cheap one. I only used the lock for two weeks for outdoor purposes and rust was already forming on top of it. This is a huge bummer for people who love to spend most of their time outdoors.
  • Easy to use
  • Compression cable works well
  • You get a backup lock from the package for a price of one
  • Can be used anywhere and not just on your bike
  • Not suitable for excessive outdoor use
The Disecu Four-Digit Combination Lock is one of the cheapest bike locks around. Although you need to be careful when leaving this for too long outdoors, especially when the weather starts to act up, it’s still a decent affordable lock that does the job well.

6. Kryptonite Kryptocables Cable Lock

If you are tight on budget but still want to get a bike lock that does the basics, then this is the right one for you. The Kryptonite Kryptocables Cable Lock is a cable lock that is secured with a four-digit combination.

This features a traditional cable lock mechanism that is already known by everyone. Even though I didn’t have any problems using this lock for the first time. I remember I had one back in the days when I got my first bike in grade school. That’s why using this one has that familiar feeling that I’ve already known for years.

As expected, this bike lock works as intended. The cable expands up to 1.2 meters when stretched. The locking mechanic is simple and won’t take you even a minute to figure out. I highly recommend this for those who want a simple bike lock without all the bells and whistles.

My only concern is the thickness of the cables. It’s somewhere in the middle because it’s not too thin, and not too thick. I have a feeling that a thief can easily cut the cables in half using pliers. But I haven’t encountered anyone trying to steal my bike while using this lock yet.
  • Easy to use a bike lock
  • Four-digit combination key for an added layer of security
  • A flexible cable that can expand up to 1.2 meters
  • Insanely cheap
  • Cable thickness is a little concerning
The Kryptonite bike lock looks and feels classic. Anyone who will try this bike lock for the first time won’t have trouble using it. Thanks to its affordable price tag, I can already see that the kryptonite bike lock will be running out-of-stock on store shelves.

7. Nulock SG_B06XCZCRCM_US Multipurpose Lock

We are now living in the modern age where technology has been thriving more than ever. And what better way to be part of the trend then by buying the Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Multipurpose Lock.

Yes, you heard that right. From the name itself, this multipurpose bike lock is Bluetooth enabled. Upon exploring this bike lock in detail, I found that it is packed with lots of functionalities. The lock is powered by a rechargeable battery because of its built-in alarm and auto-locking capabilities.

This is where the Bluetooth functionality comes into play. You need to download its accompanying app on your phone to make use of its full potential. The app allows you to lock the bike as long as you are connected to Bluetooth.

What’s more, the app will notify you when thieves try to break the lock. I was surprised how technology has gone so far that even a simple bike lock can have this capability, just like the safeman bike lock.

For the build quality, you have a braided stainless steel cable that looks durable enough to withstand tools for cutting. And the best part? Both the cable and lock are water-resistant, which is again, very similar to the safeman bike lock. It’s waterproof, has braided steel cables, and is made for some beating, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. This means no amount of rain will tear this bike lock apart.

That’s why I’m having fun with this bike lock. However, it all goes down because of its expensive price tag. But, I don’t mind because the modern features justify the costly price.
  • Packed with innovative features
  • Bluetooth and alarm capabilities that are never before seen in bike locks
  • Waterproofing is a welcome addition
  • Braided steel cable for extra durability
  • The price will cost you a fortune
The Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Multipurpose Lock is ideal if you want to ensure utmost security for your bike, and if you have the budget to do so. This is also a great choice if you like to make use of technology and want the best lightweight bike locks.

8. ROCK BROS Bike Lock

Here is another bike lock that I love using because it works great and is simple to use. The ROCK BROS Bike Lock Cable looks cute but does the job well in securing your bike. You get both functionalities and form with this one because of its aesthetics.

You can choose between three colors as well if customization is your thing. This lock is compatible with any bike including kids’ bikes. I tried it with my young cousin’s bike and it works with no issues at all.

It is also lightweight, making it perfect for traveling without the added weight on your bag. But what I love most about this bike lock is the durability. The material used for this is aluminum alloy, which is a better option and is rust-free compared to steel. This also makes it a lightweight bike lock.

Along with all these positive benefits comes a negative one – you can only use it to wrap around the wheel. I just wish that it is multipurpose just like the previous ones I mentioned above but I guess that’s asking too much.
  • Simple bike lock that is easy to use
  • Perfect for both kids and adults
  • Durable aluminum alloy build
  • Lightweight
  • Can only be used on the wheels and not anywhere else on your bike
The ROCK BROS Bike Lock is perfect for people who prefer simplicity over exaggerated features. It is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it ideal for those who value durability. It’s also very lightweight, making this one of the most portable bike locks that you can bring with you wherever or whenever.

9. Bike U-Locks Heavy-Duty Security Cable

If you are into U-lock bike locks, then this is the product you have been waiting for. The Bike U-Locks Heavy-Duty Security Cable; however, is not just a simple “u-lock” bike lock. It offers more than what meets the eye, and I’m excited to explain them in detail.

First, this lock is heat and shear-resistant. This means the lock can survive harsh conditions and still perform well with no problems. Some people hate u-lock types because they are hard to install. But, that is not the case with this one.

The first time I tried the lock I was able to use it without any extra tools, and this is thanks to the high-quality mounting bracket.

To put the lock to the test, I purposely parked my bike somewhere in an open area and used the lock. I noticed some burglars trying to break the lock but all of them failed. That’s why I’m so satisfied with using this until I noticed one problem.

This lock is only compatible with specific bike parts. I tried testing it on my mountain bikes since it has huge parts. Unfortunately, the lock is having a hard time fitting on them.
  • Easy to use with no tools needed
  • Heat and shear-resistance is a big bonus
  • Unbreakable by thieves
  • Reasonably priced
  • Bike compatibility might be an issue for some bikers
The U-lock is a great choice if you like simplicity over complicated features. It’s got shear-resistance capabilities which makes it very secure. Although it has some compatibility issues, it’s not that much of a problem because you can always find a way to fit them on any bike.

10. TURBOLOCK Bluetooth Bike Lock

Last but not least, we have the TURBOLOCK Bluetooth Bike Lock. Just like the bike lock we mentioned earlier, this one also has Bluetooth capabilities. The moment I received this lock, I couldn’t be more excited to test it out.

This lock has a dedicated app called the “TurboLock Plus”, where you can create eKeys, track the history of the lock, and share encrypted eKeys with your friends or family. It’s insane to think that such technology will fit inside a small bike lock like this.

The cutting-edge “passcode disguise” feature prevents burglars from unlocking it. This is a unique feature that can’t be found in any other Bluetooth-enabled bike lock. As for material quality, it has a stainless steel cable that is cut-resistant, which is a pretty good thing for a strap bike lock.

However, frustration came early when the lock started to show problems in less than a month. This includes connectivity issues and suddenly dying down even though it is fully charged. I don’t know if the problem exists on my unit only but I’m glad that it’s still covered by warranty.
  • Sleek Bluetooth features
  • Cut-resistant stainless steel cable for extra durability
  • The feature-filled dedicated app that focuses on security
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Connectivity and battery issues (unit-dependent)
The Turbolock Bluetooth Bike Lock is for you if you want to ensure security by using technology. It can be connected to an app so that you don’t have to worry about it automatically unlocking. It’s also very lightweight and portable so you can bring it with you wherever you want or whenever you go to the trails or roads. Just make sure that you take good care of its battery.

What to Look for When Buying a Cafe Bike Lock


To help you choose the best cafe bike lock, here are some considerations you should keep in mind:

Lock mechanism

Every bike lock has its lock mechanism. The common ones are the combination lock, key lock, chain locks, and cable locks. Make sure to choose one that you find easy to use.

Build durability

Choose a bike lock that is durable enough to withstand burglar’s tools that will be used to tear it apart. These kinds of people are anywhere, especially in the public. So always mind the durability of the lock itself.


best cafe bike lock

Always go for a trusted and reputable brand when buying a bike lock. However, if you want to try something new by buying from other not-so-well-known brands, then always check the reviews first. Doing so helps you determine if it’s worthy to get.

Size and weight

Different cafe locks for bikes have different measurements for their size and weight. So, opt for one that is compatible with your bike’s dimensions.


Thickness is important if you are going to buy the cable or chain bike locks. Do keep in mind that thieves have lots of tools at their disposal, with bolt cutters being the highlight. So, make sure that you choose one with a thick cable or chain for extra durability.


Shopping for the best cafe lock for bikes is no easy feat. But, we hope that this article is a big help for you to do so. Don’t wait for your bike to be stolen unnoticed. Now is the best time to shop for your own best cafe bike lock.

SaleBestseller No. 1
ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock, Black (11260)
  • Locks the wheel to the bike frame
  • 8.5 mm steel shackle
  • 2 keys supplied
  • Security level 7
Bestseller No. 3
M-Wave Frame Lock with Chain, Black
  • Includes frame lock and covered chain
  • Prevents theft by 2 methods, locking the wheel and locking the chain to a heavy object
  • Chain is square 5.5mm and 1500mm (5 feet) long
  • Includes 2 Velcro straps for holding the chain and two screws and detachable spacers for mounting
  • Frame lock has inner width of 63 mm (2.5 inches)
Bestseller No. 4
Oxford Products, Black, One Size LK150 Combo Multi-use Security Tie & Bike Combination Cycle/Cafe/Buggy/Ski/Helmet Lock
  • The Combi Zip Lock is a super lightweight combination zip-tie lock.
  • We all know how handy the humble zip-tie is to use, well this is a zip-tie on steroids!
  • A stainless steel core and combination lock you can thread round practically anything.
  • Compact design means it easy to carry or attach it to your bike or bag so it's ready to use whenever you need it.
  • Resettable 3 digit combination lock, 470mm long & only weighs 73g.
SaleBestseller No. 5
M-Wave Frame Lock with Cable Ring Loop, Black, 5 feet x 10 mm
  • Includes cable and frame lock
  • Prevents theft by 2 methods, locking the wheel and locking the cable to a heavy object
  • Cable is 10ft x1500mm
  • Includes a Holder for the cable
  • 63 mm inner width
SaleBestseller No. 6
ROCKBROS Bike Lock Cable Lightweight Bike Locks with Combinations Small Bike Cable Lock Anti-Theft Bike Wheel Lock 12MM Black
  • 【EASY TO RESET COMBINATIONS】:Resettable 4 dial combination for keyless convenience, it engages and disengage very easily,this bike lock cable...
  • 【Small Bike Cable Lock for Your Child】:It was easy to set our combo and we have not had any problems with it. Easy enough for the kids to lock and...
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT】: When you hate carrying around an extra pound of weight on your rides,But often, when you ride past enticing cafes and...
  • 【Product Size】:Product weight:130g .This bike cable lock is about 12mm in diameter and about 270mm in length.
  • 【Multi functional application】:The small cable lock can not only be used to lock your bikes, it can also be used for motorcycles, scooters,...
SaleBestseller No. 7
ABUS Unisex - Adult 5755L NR BK OE Frame Locks, Plain, Universal, Black
  • 8.5mm thick locking shackle
  • The shackle, housing and supporting parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • Locking mechanism for easy connection of accessories in the lock housing
  • Model Number: 69088
SaleBestseller No. 8
AXA Unisex 1 x Frame Lock, Solid Frame Lock, Black, 12 x 10 cm
  • Housing and handle made of hardened steel
  • Optimum protection
  • Black
  • Outer door extra large diameter 58 mm