12 Best Bike Chain Cleaners 2024 – Keep Your Bike Clean

The chain of your bicycle rolls over and over to bring you to your most desired adventure. It can help you get along hilltops, mountains, busy roads, and muddy soils. As an owner, it is a must to not only clean your bike’s body but also its dirty chain.

Editor's Pick
Park Tool Unisex's CG-2.4 - Chain Gang Cleaning System Chaingang, Blue, one
Good Choice
Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant 4oz Squeeze Bottle
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WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser, 10 Ounce
Also Consider
Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Pro Kit + 32oz HD Spray Bottle One Color, 32oz
Product Name
Park Tool Unisex's CG-2.4 - Chain Gang Cleaning System Chaingang, Blue, one
Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant 4oz Squeeze Bottle
WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser, 10 Ounce
Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Pro Kit + 32oz HD Spray Bottle One Color, 32oz
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Park Tool Unisex's CG-2.4 - Chain Gang Cleaning System Chaingang, Blue, one
Product Name
Park Tool Unisex's CG-2.4 - Chain Gang Cleaning System Chaingang, Blue, one
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant 4oz Squeeze Bottle
Product Name
Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant 4oz Squeeze Bottle
Prime Status
Don't Miss
WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser, 10 Ounce
Product Name
WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser, 10 Ounce
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Pro Kit + 32oz HD Spray Bottle One Color, 32oz
Product Name
Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Pro Kit + 32oz HD Spray Bottle One Color, 32oz
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The best solution to maintain the shine of your bike’s chain is to use the best bike chain cleaner. If it is well-cleaned, your ride would become fun and much smoother.

Take a closer look at the top Bicycle Chain Cleaners in the market right now.

Top Reviewed Cleaners

1. Park Tool CG-2.4 Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Park Tool CG-2.4 Bicycle Chain Cleaner


This product may be the best bicycle chain cleaner and one of the most trusted ones in the United States. Park Tool CG-2.4 Chain Gang Bicycle Chain Cleaning System can offer you a great cleaning solution to ease your bicycle problem.

So, why do I recommend this cleaner to clean your chain? This works magic especially because it cleans grease off your bike’s chain without making you frustrated. This is so smooth and easy to apply, thus it shortens the amount of time you’re going to spend with a cleaning project.

This high-quality bike chain cleaner is no doubt one of the best you can find in the market. This kit is composed of a gear brush, a chain scrubber, and a degreaser. Everything you need in cleaning the entire chain system fits in one box. If you are worried about taking off the excess dirt, then this item is going to totally save your day. It is perfectly easy to rinse with water.

Another feature that I surely love about this cleaning tool is its ability to help protect the environment! It is biodegradable and is made with a plant-based bike cleaning solution so it is far from being harmful. I can say that the team and brand who made this product possible did think well of how they are going to present this to the consumers.

I am a great adventure seeker. Going out to search for solitude on risky roads and hills is my favorite pastime. However, this adventure comes with a cost. After a long ride, my bike chain would become filthy and gross. But with the help of this best bike cleaning kit, it felt like I had a new bike after every rinse.

Indeed, everything that you are going to need in a bicycle chain cleaner is packed in this set of high-performing cleaning tools. However, the last updated price of this can hurt your budget.
  • High-quality, reliable bike cleaning kit.
  • Easy to apply, save your time and energy
  • Comes in a complete, ready-to-use set
  • Uses environment-friendly substance
  • Makes your bike look new
  • It is an expensive bike cleaning kit
This tool can be a little painful to your pocket, however, you will be assured that this is better than settling for a cheap bike chain degreaser.

2. White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner

White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner


If you are looking for a quick and efficient bicycle chain cleaner, then I would totally recommend this second brand on the list. White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner is made to effectively remove dirt and grease from your bike’s chain.

The thing that I love about this chain cleaner is how it does not create a mess during the entire cleaning session. There’s more to that! This bike chain cleaning kit comes with a rotating brush. What do I love most about this brush kit? Aside from its innovative feature, the White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner’s brush kit can absolutely reach through the inside of the chain.

It works best with any bicycle cleaner too. I also guarantee that you will get what you pay for this product. This comes with two cleaning fluid bottles so you would not consume it with just one use. That sounds so budget-friendly, right?

As someone who genuinely loves to keep my bike clean and brand-new looking, this product does not disappoint me in any way. It is easy and fast to learn how to use it. The box includes a simple set of instructions that you can freely follow to systematically get your desired level of cleanliness.

You would totally be surprised by how this bike cleaning kit can change your bike-cleaning game. Once you get your hands on this product, you will then be tempted to throw the old toothbrush that you used to clean your bike with. I believe that this product works just as well as the other brands with a more expensive price range.

It keeps my bike’s chain clean and I believe that this too can make your bike riding journey more fun and comfortable. However, the bottles aren’t very well-sealed and the solution tends to leak out.
  • It does not create a mess during the entire cleaning session.
  • Comes with a rotating brush and two cleaning fluid bottles
  • It works best with any bicycle cleaning solutions.
  • It includes a simple set of instructions.
  • Poorly sealed bottles
Here’s everything you need in a pack of cleaning tools. With extra care in opening up the lid, you will experience a full set of benefits in one cleaning session.

3. Finish Line Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Finish Line Bicycle Chain Cleaner


Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant has the qualities that you need for a good bicycle cleaner. It is designed to give cyclists like you an easy chain cleaning experience with its perfect lube formulation.

From the name itself, this 1-step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant really did a great job in reducing the time that I spent on cleaning my filthy bike chains. Unlike other products, this bike cleaning kit is much easier and faster to work with because it does not involve any complicated steps.

One of the main problems that cyclists face is the growth of rust on the bike’s chain. This Finish Line formula hits two birds with one stone. It does not just clean your bike, but it also helps prevent rust from building up on its chain system!

This is the kind of protection that I always seek in bike cleaners and I am surprised to find it in this one single kit. So, if you aim for nothing but the best bike maintenance set for your bicycle, then this is one that I would totally recommend.

Why should you buy this bike chain cleaner? Well, if you love the idea of cleaning your bike in literally just one single step, then this is the product for you. This disc brake cleaner changed my entire experience when it comes to making my bike look pretty again after being exposed to pollution and unforgiving mud.

I also love how Finish Line 1-Step makes my pedals run so smoothly after a quick cleaning session. The only downside is that it does not maintain the cleanliness for long.

Rain or shine, my bicycle is always my go-to ride. Therefore, it is so important for me to find the best chain cleaners that come with chain lube, especially with my hectic schedule.
  • Quick to use with its one-step process.
  • Finish Line 1 prevents rust from building up over time.
  • Provides high-quality maintenance
  • Makes the pedals run smoothly after cleaning.
  • It does not keep the bike clean for long after cleaning.
What else could I ask for? As a rider, I aim for nothing more than a kind of brand that takes care of my bicycle just as much as I do. And this one passes the standard of being the best bike chain lube.

4. WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser

WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser


Purchasing WD 40 is by far one of the best decisions that I have ever made. If you aim to have a bicycle cleaner that contains a formula that penetrates and links deep into the surface of your bike’s chain, then you’d better get your hands on this item.

The effectiveness of this bike chain cleaner spray solvent goes beyond the border which I highly recommend for most users. WD 40 helps drift stubborn dirt and grease away within the span of just seconds. I even used this on my old chain and after some time it felt like a brand new bike again.

This bicycle cleaner also works best on my mountain bikes. It’s not even greasy to apply and this product does not leave any type of mess.

As a user and a customer, I can totally say that this mountain bike cleaning kit is exactly as advertised. The instruction manual is even clear to comprehend and I just follow it with complete ease. Once WD 40 is already applied to the entire chain system, the brand’s solution just then works magic on the filthy bicycle part.

The cleaner is also quick to rinse (although rinsing is unnecessary), which can greatly save your time especially if you are a busy person. This cleaning tool smells good and does good. You can then place the chain in the chain keeper after drying.

But the sad part is that WD 40 is not very wholesome. The product itself contains harsh chemicals that can potentially cause cancer and some reproductive harm. If the item is handled with care, then you would then experience no problem at all but satisfaction alone.
  • Contains a deep penetrating formula.
  • Washes stubborn dirt and grease within seconds.
  • Grease-free for a less messy cleaning.
  • An easy to understand instruction manual.
  • Quick and easy to rinse with water.
  • Has a good smell
  • Contains harsh chemicals
This is a perfect solution to your bike maintenance problems. This brand of bike chain cleaner fluid is truly worth every dime.

5. Bike Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner

Bike Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner


The name itself says hardcore. The Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Kit with Bottle is extremely useful and one of the best bicycle cleaners available online. The brand provides the utmost care to your wheeled buddy and turns it back to its finest physique.

Chain & Grease Cleaner is a piece of work designed to remove grime and grease from the surface of your bike’s chain system. As a first-hand user, I love how this is well-formulated and greatly engineered. This brand works at a lightning speed which is totally beneficial when it comes to saving your more precious time. This bike cleaning kit is also eco-friendly which I greatly admire.

Those are not the only things that I love best about this bike chain cleaning solution. It also does a pretty good job of dissolving petroleum-based lubricants. I do not only use this for my bicycle’s chain but I also use a generous portion of this brand to clean other bike parts including the wheels and the bearings.

Chain & Gear Cleaner is also safe to apply on areas that are painted, on metal alloys, and even safe for a carbon fiber material. I would give this a high rating over and over.

The only problem is that the bigger 32 oz kit is kind of expensive. However, you still have the option to buy the less pricey 6 oz one if it is not fit with your designated budget. But overall, the performance of this product justifies its price tag.
  • Designed to remove grease and grime from the surface of the chain.
  • The solution is well-formulated and greatly engineered.
  • Shows effect at a lightning speed.
  • Eco-friendly, can dissolve petroleum-based lubricants
  • Suitable for bike wheels and bearings, painted surfaces, and more
  • The bigger kit may not be best for everyone’s budget.
This could really stand out from the rest of its competitors. The product itself can leave your bike’s chain spotless after a deep cleaning.

6. Muc Off Chain Cleaner

Muc Off Chain Cleaner


If you want the best chain cleaning tool that gives a glowing and sparkling effect after rinse, then the Muc Off Chain Cleaner should be added to your cart. There are a couple of reasons why this is part of this long list of the best bicycle cleaners, and let me unpack all the things that I love most about this cleaning tool.

I totally admire the engineering team of this brand. I have a good experience with their premium quality bicycle chain cleaner. It comes with a unique formula that absolutely removes contaminants, grease, dirt and grime at a significant rate.

This leaves my bicycle with a sparkling glow after a couple of seconds. The product’s water-soluble formula is so fast to rinse off and the best thing about it is that it’s completely biodegradable.

This works as bike chain degreaser alternatives. The cleaner is perfectly safe to use for metals, rubber, and carbon fiber. I used to worry about the strong odor of premium cleaners, but this cleaning solution passes the vibe check. Its watermelon scent leaves my bicycle sweet-smelling while running smoothly. What’s to hate about this brand?

However, no product in this world is completely flawless. This too has its fair share of imperfection. As much as I want to keep more supply of this in my storage unit, this product is kind of less affordable for my pocket.
  • Gives a sparkling effect after rinse.
  • A premium bicycle cleaner with a unique formula.
  • It is water-soluble thus it’s much faster to rinse off from the bike’s surface.
  • Safe to use for metals, rubber, carbon fiber
  • It’s biodegradable as well.
  • Possess a sweet watermelon scent.
  • Less affordable for average consumers.
This chain cleaners spray gets to the depths of the chain, leaving your bike neat and clean. Totally worth the price.

7. Simple Green Cleaner and Degreaser

Simple Green Cleaner and Degreaser


Are you looking for a chain cleaner tool that’s heavy duty and can serve you with the best of its purpose? You can expect this non-corrosive and specially formulated Simple Green Cleaner to be on the top of your search. Here’s why I think this deserves your dime.

As a rider, I want nothing more than seeing my bicycle clean and safe. With every ride, the Simple Green Cleaner helps me achieve those standards. This product is made with a readily biodegradable solution that offers great benefits to the environment. The brand also offers well-engineered chemicals to heavily remove grease, mud, grime, and other filthy particles off my bike.

I experienced having clay-like mud stuck on the chain of my bicycle, but the product can easily cut through the unwanted fragments.

Although this is a strong cleaner, this still works gently on every fragile part of any type of motorbike. This cleaning tool is friendly to any rubber, metal, and plastic areas of a bicycle. The paint of my bike did not even go through discoloration after a couple of cleaning processes.

However, I had a minor problem when the item was shipped into my door. The lid is not closed well so you need to handle it with care or else you are going to spill a good portion of your money on the ground. But overall, this product gives me a good experience.
  • Non Corrosive and specially formulated degreaser.
  • Readily biodegradable solution.
  • Removes grime with its well-engineered chemical formulation.
  • A heavy duty cleaner but is gentle in every fragile part of the bike.
  • Rubber, metal, and plastic friendly.
  • Can be used on painted surfaces
  • The design of the lid is not tightly closed enough.
I cannot say anything bad about the performance of this bike chain degreaser. This works phenomenal in every possible way.

8. Cylion Bike Chain Scrubber

Cylion Bike Chain Scrubber


If you want to have a complete set of high-quality bike chain cleaning tool at a very reasonable price, then this Bike Chain Scrubber Set is here to knock on your cart. With its multifunctionality, this brand is surely going to crash the gate of standards for the best bike chain cleaner.

First of all, this chain cleaner comes with everything I need to give my bicycle a clean touch. The entire set includes a scrubber, a bike towel to dry it after wash, a premium bike chain cleaning agent, and of course two thin and precise brushes. The brand also offers a multipurpose feature that is great to take advantage of if you have different types of motorbikes resting in your garage.

I can say that this is a reliable brand that delivers its promise to provide long-lasting premium performance for its customers. The product seems to work so well for me as intended. Every feature is truly worthy of every buck. It is so easy to use for it also comes with a clear set of instructions to follow. The solution that’s included in the box smells good and does not seem harsh to the nostrils.

The price of this best bike cleaning set is unexpectedly low and I am so thrilled with how this works. The only downside is that the towel that comes with it is not big enough to cover the entire chain system but everything is performing incredibly well. My first impression of this product up to the last time I used it is good.
  • Complete set of high-quality bicycle cleaner at a very reasonable price.
  • Its multipurpose design works for all types of motorbikes.
  • A reliable brand that offers long-lasting performance.
  • Comes with a clear guide to follow.
  • The solution smells good.
  • The size of the tower/dryer is not big enough to cover the entire bike.
This product delivers its promise and proves the advertisement right. It’s hard to find brands like this in the market that offer all you need at low pricing. Overall, this shows unbelievable and optimal results.

9. Finish Line Speed Chain Degreaser

Finish Line Speed Chain Degreaser


Finish cleaning your bicycle’s chain at a lightning speed with this powerful bicycle clean brush kit. Finish Line offers its superior bike cleaner to all the riders who need an optimal operation.

Nothing matters more to me than seeing my go-to ride looking gorgeous at all times. And this mountain bike cassette cleaning tool helps me climb through the peak of my goal because of how effective this one is in stripping down every piece of filthy dirt and stubborn grease.

The product also possesses a high-quality decontaminant to kill any bacteria present on the disc brakes. I could list some extra things that I love about this. I find this product so convenient and time-saving because of its fast drying feature.

It leaves your mountain bikes completely dry without any residue. What’s cooler about this cleaning tool is that you don’t need water to rinse off the solution. It just dries on the surface and you are good to go. You can even get rid of a brush when cleaning because the product alone does the job. This is also plastic and paint-safe so I have fewer worries about damaging the image of my bicycle.

However, if you are a full-time rider and you need to use this brand more frequently than normal, the price of this cleaner may not be the best for your pocket. This is in line with more expensive cleaning products. But, the quality that you are going to get with this item makes it worthy of every penny.
  • A powerful degreaser that shows effect at a lightning speed.
  • Contains a high-quality decontaminant for your disc brakes.
  • Dries up on the surface quickly.
  • Does not leave any stubborn residue.
  • Does not need water and a brush.
  • Plastic and paint-safe.
  • Belongs to the more expensive price range.
Although this may not fit everyone’s budget, rest assured that this specially formulated brand is one that can address your needs.

10. Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner

Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner


The Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Concentrate Refill is a 6oz pack of convenience, budget, and nature-friendly bike washing kit. The brand ultimately designed this product to act as a pre-cleaning tool to use on a drivetrain before lubrication.

So, what’s great about this cleaner that it captures my trust? This ready-to-use 2 pack refill is a perfect alternative to the more expensive Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner Kit. The brand offers this refill to help consumers save a significant amount of money to be able to use their product again without having to purchase a brand new kit. Aside from its affordability, there’s more to love about this cleaning tool.

This certainly works great to combat your bike’s worst enemy which is dirt. Use this with the best bike cleaning brushes to destroy unwanted particles off your bike’s chain and other parts. It performs like a charm and I admire this more than its competitors in terms of cleaning small areas in my bike. The cleaner works best even if you just combine it with water and no other extra solutions.

The only problem that I encountered with this one is its ability to spill easily when it’s not well handled. So, you just have to make sure that you carry the bottle carefully to avoid inconvenience like this. But performance-wise? This one is a total bomb.
  • A 6oz pack of convenience and nature-friendly solution for bike maintenance
  • Ultimately designed to act as a great pre-cleaning tool before lubrication.
  • Helps save you a significant amount of money compared to its original kit.
  • Works best in clearing dirt from small areas of the bike.
  • No need for an extra solution mix.
  • Spills easily when not handled carefully.
The good news is that I can purchase the refill over and over without having to get the more expensive original kit while enjoying the same optimal performance.

11. Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner


I am in awe of this next item on the list. This pro chain cleaner from the Finish Line brand is an ultimate game-changer when it comes to giving bikes the care that they deserve. Let me give you my take on this product.

I am truly a fan of bike cleaners that include useful and efficient cleaning tools. The best thing is that with this Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner, removing the chains off from the bike is not necessary anymore. That’s minutes of your life saved! It also performs so well in getting rid of the things that make the chain dull and rough. This even includes rotating brushes and scrubber pads that clean the chain in just a matter of seconds.

Even the solution that is packed with the box works magic after you clean the chain with those innovative devices. The brand also offers a piece of lubricant that gives the final image of the bike looking fresh, clean, and shiny as if it is a brand new purchase. This truly is worth every dime of my money. I look forward to a great experience with this road bike cleaning kit, especially in keeping my bike for a longer time.

This also has a fair share of flaws. I need to remind you that this cleaner can get too messy during the entire process of reviving your bike’s look to its best state. So, this is worth using outside of your house.
  • Comes with innovative cleaning tools such as rotating brushes and scrubbers.
  • Can clean your bike chain even without removing it.
  • Removes grime in a matter of seconds.
  • The lubricant that comes with the package can make old bikes look brand new
  • Gets messy during the cleaning process.
This cleaning product satisfies me in every way. As a geeky cyclist editor, I believe in the strong power of this tool. It provides amazing ways to clean your chain for your bike to make it last longer.

12. Muc Off X-3 Chain Cleaning Machine

Muc Off X-3 Chain Cleaning Machine


This is the ultimate bike cleaning product that one can ever ask for. Muc Off – 277US X-3 Dirty Chain Chain Cleaning Machine is made to provide deep cleaning for your most loved wheeled buddy.

My mountain bike suffers from too much grime and dirt. The supposed-to-be relaxing ride only gives me a headache because of how dull the chain functions. But with the help of Muc Off’s most innovative product, the result is phenomenal. The brand claims to clean a bike chain in seconds and it actually does the job. It just makes the cleaning process quick, efficient, and less tiring.

I never realized how filthy my bicycle was until I used this Muc off chain cleaner. It completely got rid of all the things that I am embarrassed about my bike. After drying, my future rides became much faster and smoother compared to when the chain was covered in mud. This makes my investment worthy of the price I pay. This works well just as advertised.

However, this may not be an easy product to use for beginners. The box comes with an instruction manual but it can be a little complicated to follow. But when you get the gist and the flow of it, the process becomes easier and you will see much better results.
  • Ultimate bike cleaning solution
  • Clean the bike chain in seconds with proper use.
  • Makes cleaning less tiring
  • Makes your bike run smoother and more efficient.
  • The instruction manual that comes with the box is kind of difficult to follow
Overall, this cleaner gives an outstanding performance. This product can be your go-to choice in maintaining the best possible riding conditions of your bicycle. This is better than many cleaners.

What To Look For When Buying Bike Chain Cleaners


When buying bike chain cleaners, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose the right product. People often think of the bike chain cleaner as similar to a bike cleaner. These two bike cleaning products are not the same and using the wrong product may lead to ineffective cleaning or may damage your bike. Let’s shed some light on these two types of cleaning agents.
  • Bike Chain Cleaners – Refer to degreasers which is a substance used for heavy duty cleaning of specific bike parts such as the gears and chain. The grease on the chain may harden over time where only powerful chain degreasers can remove them, including the gunky lube and other materials that may have lodged on these critical bike parts.
  • General Bike Cleaners – These substances are aptly used to clean general components of the bike such as the frames. Compared to chain degreasers which are caustic and may damage your bike’s paintwork, general bike cleaners are gentler and formulated as a ‘bike wash’.Use this cleaner for areas of the bike that only accumulate minimal dirt like the wheels, tires, saddle, and steering components.
  1. Non-corrosive. Read the label to ensure the solution comes with rust-inhibiting formulas to prevent your chain from corroding.
  2. Ease of Use. Make sure to get a product that’s easy to apply. Some cleaning products are meant to be sprayed. For cleaners in spray form, check the nozzles for fine mist to ensure quick and accurate applications and to avoid wastage. Other products require immersing the chain in water with the bike chain cleaner solvent for a more thorough cleaning.
  3. Make sure to compare costs when looking for any product. Some popular brands are pricier than low-key brands but work just the same.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Aside from the factors mentioned above, the following are equally important things to consider when choosing a bike chain cleaner.

  • Environment-friendly. We’re used to solvents that are biohazards, but thankfully, we now have environment-safe solutions that clean just as great as the old ones we’re using. Considering that chain cleaning is performed more than once in your bike’s lifespan, it would positively impact the environment if we use gentler products.
  • Good-smelling. Solvents don’t have to smell so bad. There are mint and citrus-smelling brands to choose from. That way, you don’t hurt your nose while cleaning your bike.
  • Two-in-one products. Some bike chain products can be diluted to clean bike frames without harming the paint. While these products may not be as tough as the special purpose degreaser, you can save bucks by buying a multi-use cleaner instead of buying separate products.
  • Comes with freebies. Some brands offer a free brush kit that you can use along with the degreaser.

What is a bike chain cleaner?

A bike chain cleaner is a substance that’s dedicated for cleaning the bike’s chain. Since the dirt and grime on the chain can be hard to remove, bike cleaners are formulated as solvents, to make sure they can deal with even the toughest-clinging mess in your chain.

How does it work?

Cleaners and degreasers are a combination of substances having both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Its hydrophobic materials attract oil and grease, thereby removing them from your chain. Meanwhile, its hydrophilic properties attract water and work to further clean the chain from other substances. This special formulation is what effectively cleans the oil and water-soluble dirt from your bike chain.

What are the different types of bike chain cleaners?

There are two primary types of bike chain cleaners, one you apply directly onto the chain while the other requires dilution with water.

For direct application products, they are ready to use and usually come in a spray bottle. For products that need to be diluted with water, you have to remove the chain off the bike and dunk it in the cleaning solution. Allow some time for the cleaning solution to soften the dirt before taking it out for some brushing.

Why do you need bike chain cleaners?

Hardened grease and other forms of dirt on the chain will compromise bike performance and decrease its efficiency. With a dirty chain, a 250-watt bike loses about 1 to 2 percent of its power or equivalent to 3 to 12 watts. This is due to the friction that’s built on the chain caused by the accumulation of dirt in between.

Cleaning also prevents wear from occurring early as it removes the corrosive materials off the chain. But more often, stubborn dirt could not be removed by regular cleaning agents, hence the need for specially-formulated bike chain solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bike chain cleaner brands?

Looking at sales statistics and positive client review, it would be safe to say that the top 3 most trusted brands for chain cleaners are Park Tool, White Lightning, and Finish Line. But coming closely in terms of sales and reviews are WD 40, Bike Hardcore and Muc off. You should also consider Morgan Blue chain cleaner.

What can I use to clean my bike chain?

For hard-to-remove dirt on the chain, you can use rotating brushes to mechanically remove the dirt off the chain. You can also use a hose albeit never apply direct water pressure onto the chain as it may damage the chain’s integrity. But the two may not be enough to thoroughly clean the chain because grease does not react well with just water.

You will need to use bike chain cleaning agents like Park Tool Chain Cleaner CG-2.4 and WD 40 as they are formulated to effectively wash off grease and other substances that water cannot.

Can I use wd40 to clean my bike chain?

As a geeky cyclist editor, I can say that WD 40 has deep-penetrating agents that work to remove drivetrain dirt. It’s safe for most bike types so you don’t have to worry about damaging bike parts.

Is a bike chain cleaner worth it?

For a product that works not just to clean the bike but to improve its efficiency and prevent its wear, it surely is worth the money you pay for it. The cost of improperly cleaning your bike will be so much more than the amount you pay for buying a decent chain cleaner.

How often should you oil your bike chain?

For optimal bike performance, it is best to oil your bike once every month, say bike experts. This holds especially true for bikes which are used frequently if not daily.

Can I use Dawn to clean my bike chain?

Dawn is a soap formulated for dish washing purposes and though it does have anti-grease agents, it might not be as effective to the kinds of dirt present in a bike. Bike chain agents don’t just have grease-removing properties, they also have anti-rust substances which are not present in any dishwashing soap. It’s still best to get the right product for the right use.

How to use?

How you use a bike chain cleaner depends on its type and the manufacturer’s advice. There is no one-way of using these agents since they are formulated differently and are intended for diverse washing techniques. Hence, to be safe, always read the label and care package that come with every product.


Those are my top pick products! When searching the market for the best bike chain cleaner, it is a must to be aware of what your needs are. You need a cleaner that will get rid of all the dirt and grease attached to your bike’s chain to keep it running fast and smooth on the roads.

Maintaining a clean bike in good riding conditions does not only make it look presentable but can also ensure your safety while you are on the journey towards your destination. So, choose one that will save you through rough rides.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Bestseller No. 1
Park Tool Unisex's CG-2.4 - Chain Gang Cleaning System Chaingang, Blue, one
  • Complete cleaning solution for cleaning bike chains, rear cogs, and chainrings
  • Includes chain scrubber, gear brush, and degreaser
  • Cyclone Chain Scrubber cleans chains quickly, easily, and effectively
  • GearClean brush reaches deep between gears and other places where dirt collects
  • ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning Fluid is plant-based and will not harm alloy, plastic, rubber or carbon fiber
Bestseller No. 2
Muc Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner, 500 Milliliters - Effective Biodegradable Bicycle Chain Cleaner and Degreaser Spray - Suitable for All Types of Bike
  • Fully biodegradable and safe for metal, plastic, rubber and sealsFast and effective grease cutting formula removes all chain oil and wax residueSafely...
Bestseller No. 3
Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket Bike Chain Lube & Bike Chain Cleaner Kit | Bike Chain Lubricant & Chain Cleaner in One | Includes 4 oz Bottle, 0.5 oz...
  • ONE PRODUCT. ONE STEP. | Achieve Superior Performance with Clenzoil's Chain Cleaning Kit, a One-Step Solution that Cleans, Lubricates, and Protects,...
  • ALL CONDITIONS | Designed for Resilience, our Bike Chain Oil Lube Ensures Optimal Function in Any Weather, Enhancing your Ride Through Rain or Shine...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE | Not Just a Bike Chain Cleaner Kit, Clenzoil Excels in Freeing Pivot Joints and Tackling Rusted Hardware, Making it a Vital Part of...
  • COMBO KIT | This All-Inclusive Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant kit comes with Essential Tools and Solutions, Simplifying Bike Oil Chain Lubricant...
  • ALL-AMERICAN BRAND | Proudly Veteran-Founded and Owned, Clenzoil Represents Quality and Innovation in Every Bicycle Maintenance Kit, and is Committed...
Bestseller No. 4
Finish Line Shop Quality Bicycle Chain Cleaner
  • The most used cycling lubrication in the world
  • Made using the highest quality ingredients.
  • Greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction
  • Finish Line Shop Quality Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Bestseller No. 5
Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chainbrite Bicycle Chain & Component Cleaning Fluid - 16 fl oz/472 ml Bottle
  • CB-4 Bio Chain rite is a 100% biodegradable, natural, plant-based degreaser
  • It removes the toughest grease and grime build up from chains and bicycle components
  • Bio Chain rite is also an excellent general purpose bicycle degreaser
Bestseller No. 6
Bike Chain Cleaner, Bike Cleaning Kit, Chain Cleaner for Cycling, Suitable for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, BMX, Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tool for...
  • ▶ Pro Chain Cleaner Tool: The Chain Cleaning Tools deep cleans and is suitable for all bike chains. The Chain Cleaning Kit is including a...
  • ▶ Improve Your Bike’s Performance. Excess grit on the chain grinds the metal and the gears. It gradually slows down your bike, reduces its...
  • ▶ Easy to use. You don’t have to take your bike to a professional to clean your chain. The bicycle chain cleaner can be used on bike chains...
  • ▶ Keep Your Chain In The Best Condition: A dirty chain is susceptible to wear, rust, and damage. You need to put in more effort to pedal, and that...
  • ▶ Effectively Cleans All Four Sides Of A Chain: Ultra-stiff nylon bristles ensure even the toughest of grime can be cleared. The Gear Cleaning Brush...