12 Best Bike Messenger Bags 2024 – Keep Your Important Items Safe

Getting hold of things, especially when you are riding on a bike, can be difficult. All the little things you need to carry along during a small road trip might be scattered when you take on your bike’s saddle. It can be a huge problem and worrisome when you see your belongings thrown all over.

Editor's Pick
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, Eco Amber, X-Small
Good Choice
Chrome Citizen Messenger Satchel Bag Seat Belt Buckle 24 Liter Black
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OIWAS Messenger Bag for Men, 14 Inch Laptop Crossbody Bags Women Casual Satchel Shoulder Bag College Travel Office Briefcase
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A-Lab | Model A | Waterproof Bicycle & Messenger Backpack | Medium 26L | Olive
Product Name
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, Eco Amber, X-Small
Chrome Citizen Messenger Satchel Bag Seat Belt Buckle 24 Liter Black
OIWAS Messenger Bag for Men, 14 Inch Laptop Crossbody Bags Women Casual Satchel Shoulder Bag College Travel Office Briefcase
A-Lab | Model A | Waterproof Bicycle & Messenger Backpack | Medium 26L | Olive
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, Eco Amber, X-Small
Product Name
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, Eco Amber, X-Small
Prime Status
Good Choice
Chrome Citizen Messenger Satchel Bag Seat Belt Buckle 24 Liter Black
Product Name
Chrome Citizen Messenger Satchel Bag Seat Belt Buckle 24 Liter Black
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
OIWAS Messenger Bag for Men, 14 Inch Laptop Crossbody Bags Women Casual Satchel Shoulder Bag College Travel Office Briefcase
Product Name
OIWAS Messenger Bag for Men, 14 Inch Laptop Crossbody Bags Women Casual Satchel Shoulder Bag College Travel Office Briefcase
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
A-Lab | Model A | Waterproof Bicycle & Messenger Backpack | Medium 26L | Olive
Product Name
A-Lab | Model A | Waterproof Bicycle & Messenger Backpack | Medium 26L | Olive
Prime Status

Good thing, all your stuff can be held in place with the help of messenger bags.

Essential items like a laptop can be put inside the bag. Even a water bottle can easily fit in the side pocket of the bag. It is way more fashionable and functional when you carry a classic messenger bag with you as it provides more space than other bike bags.

Thus, we picked the best bike messenger bags to give you a variety of options in choosing the ideal bag for your needs. The list of bags below will provide you with ease of use, especially during travel. So, read on as we present to you our recommended messenger bags below.

Best Bike Messenger Bag Reviews

1. TIMBUK2 1108 Classic Messenger Bag

TIMBUK2 1108 Classic Messenger Bag


Timbuk2 has 25 years of experience in making carefully handcrafted bike messenger bags. This bike shoulder bag is 100% man-made to give every detail, thread, and seams the highest quality of sewing.

It comes with a variety of designs and colours to give you better selections. The bag is weather resistant because of its waterproof feature. It is the ultimate waterproof bike messenger bag in the line.

The material used in the bag is durable with 150D Poly Tweed. The main compartment of the bag is made up of TPU liner, making it more versatile. It additionally has a great shoulder strap with an air mesh pad to give you comfort and ease when using it.

The strap length of the bag is fully adjustable, removable, and well-fitted to users. You can also adjust the strap for crossbody balance.

It is good as an organizer as well. It comes with smart side pockets allowing you to store small items. Your belongings are more secured with concealed flap buckles. It has a bottom compression strap to tuck your items in safely.

Yet, the bag is not large enough if you want to put all the stash you want to carry. Nonetheless, you will love that it has a lifetime warranty.
  • Guaranteed 100% man-made to ensure durability and strength
  • Provides a huge selection of colours to suit the style of varying users
  • Comes with an air mesh pad for convenience and easy-carry
  • Acts as an organizer for quick access
  • Not large enough for people who bring a lot of it stuff with them
  • Ultra-casual, not recommended for office use
If you want to be trendy, casual, and hip, this cycling messenger is a good pick for you. You can choose from the brand’s line of colours depending on the style you want. Use it to organize your stuff and avoid clutters!

2. Chrome BG-002-ALLB Messenger Bag

Chrome BG-002-ALLB Messenger Bag


One of the best brands that established its name in the world of bags is Chrome. Chrome messenger bag is known for its seat belt buckle. This satchel bag is another professional’s favourite style. It is sleek, durable, and trendy all at the same time.

Even though the bag is a bit expensive compared to other sling bags, it is made of military-grade fabricated materials ensuring longevity. This product has passed the street-test to prove that it can withstand urban environments.

With its durability and original jet black color, you can use it both professionally and casually as it effectively endures the rigours of everyday life.

This cycling messenger bag is a tech-friendly commuter bag. It can serve as a laptop compartment bag accommodating 17 inches sized cargo. The product has a built-in bottle opener as well. The iconic seat belt buckle will not incur any problem in terms of accessing belongings.

The shoulder strap is impressive as well. It is highly functional because of its stabilizing feature and reflective strips for night vision. An added feature of the sling bag is the daisy-chain, which is designed for sports enthusiasts to attach to their carabiner or bike light. It also has an industrial-strength hook and loop mounting strap.
  • Ideal for someone with a very active lifestyle
  • Carefully designed compartments for laptop, water bottle, and small items
  • Durable and impressive seat belt buckle providing quick access to stuff inside
  • Great straps for heavier loads
  • Expensive compared to other bags
There are bicycle messenger bags loaded with features, and this bag is on top of the list. It is meant to provide you with the maximum level of convenience anywhere you go. Whether you want to use it for work, or during casual Fridays, it is one of the top-rated bike courier bags for you.

3. OIWAS OCK5578S Messenger Bag

OIWAS OCK5578S Messenger Bag


Canvas bicycle messenger bags are meant to be used casually. Yet, this Oiwas bike messenger bag has brought canvas bags to a whole new level. You have options to use it for work also.

The bag has plenty of compartments for organizing your belongings. It is spacious enough for a laptop and other stationery items. It has a zippered pocket at the back for your little things as well.

In terms of durability, this messenger bag is made from high-grade fabric with a 14.2L capacity. It is waterproof with 600D strength so you can rest assured that your belongings will not get wet even when it is raining. It is designed to be a bike messenger bag and leisure bag with great options for the inner compartments.

It is easy to carry because of its adjustable padded strap. Moreover, it is designed to provide comfort when carrying the weight of the bag by reducing shoulder fatigue. This bike messenger bag has a reflective strip that provides safety at night. It is, indeed, a good choice for everyday use.
  • Affordable bike messenger bag with quality and functionality
  • Comfortable to use with great strap reducing shoulder fatigue
  • Water-resistant that can be used even during a downpour
  • Spacious compartment for large stuff
  • Material is not thick enough to hold items beyond its weight limit capacity
If you are looking for an affordable bike messenger, this bag is the best pick for you. It is suitable for your day to day activities. You can use the bag at school or even when you are going out with friends while keeping your belongings safe and secured.

4. A-LAB Bicycle & Messenger Backpack

A-LAB Bicycle & Messenger Backpack


If you are a tech-addict and cannot leave without your laptop, this A-Lab messenger bag is designed for you. The main feature of this bag is a laptop sleeve that can cater to a 15.4″ device made from high-quality neoprene. The sleeve is detachable using a velcro strap.

It is the ultimate waterproof messenger bag if you are looking for a 100% water-resistant bag. Made up of 500D tarpaulin material and phthalate-free PVC coating with a matte finish. However, it is not durable to last for a very long time, unlike leather ones. The material is easy to roll up, which can take up space in your bag cabinet when not in use.

It has a great strap that can be adjusted depending on the length that you want. It is not just an ordinary shoulder strap as it has an elastic band to avoid the bag from stripping off. The band lifter that comes with the strap ensures that it is securely tucked into your body. It also has a durable seat belt buckle made from resilient nylon material.

Since it is a product made by a company known for manufacturing minimalistic bags, this is simple and sleek. You can use it in your daily run and still look fashionable. It is designed for both men and women with a very active lifestyle!
  • Innovative strap with elastic band preventing it from slipping
  • Ideal for people who carry gadgets with them
  • Versatile design that can fit for both men and women
  • Able to withstand heavy rain thanks to its 100% waterproof material
  • Cannot last for a long period of time
If you are looking for an affordable best cycling messenger bag, this A-LAB waterproof bag is the ideal option. You can get what you paid for with all its functional features and design. The innovative strap which lacks in other bike bags is an added safety feature. One of the top-performing messenger bags!.

5. Timbuk2 268-2-2000 Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 268-2-2000 Messenger Bag


This Timbuk2 classic messenger bag functions as a laptop messenger as well. The brand has established its name 25 years ago in providing high-quality bags for men. It is known today for its innovative products, especially bike bags and accessories. This is another cycling messenger bag that the brand can boast about.

The design is made to blend in an active urban lifestyle and functions as a grab-and-go bike bag. It has a true fit seat belt or cam buckle that can be adjusted accordingly. This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that can shorten or lengthen to fit around your body.

Since it is designed to function as a laptop messenger, its laptop compartment is very innovative. The sleeve has its own zipper and can easily lie flat on a surface. However, you need to be extra careful with the zipper as it tends to come loose after several uses.

All the details of this bag is made to protect devices with its foam sleeve. The sleeve has holes to provide circulation to your laptop. It also has storage space for your iPad. Tech-addict individuals will surely love this bag.

In terms of strength, it is made from high-quality Oxford fabric material. The said fabric is used in other top-performing bags. It can last long and is durable enough to carry heavy loads. The fabric is smooth and subtle, making the overall appearance of the bag sleek and classy.
  • High-quality messenger bag designed by a reputable brand
  • Excellent choice for someone who brings a laptop every day
  • Light product without giving you extra weight while carrying it
  • Cam buckle is easy to adjust even when on the go
  • Zipper tends to come loose after a number of usages
This Timbuk2 messenger bag is a reasonable choice if you are looking for a laptop messenger bag. While your device is securely tucked into its sleeve, your other essential items are well-protected in the main compartment.

6. Sweetbriar CMBOD Messenger Bag

Sweetbriar CMBOD Messenger Bag


If you are looking for a flap closure shoulder strap bag, this Sweetbriar bag is the right pick for you. The flap closure is in velcro which makes it easy for you to access your belongings inside.

It complements the overall retro military army style, making it chic and outdoorsy. The material used, 100% cotton canvas, is adorned with metal accents to complete a casual army vibe. However, you need to be cautious as it has no additional structural support like padding on the entire strap. It is entirely a canvas strap to remain consistent with the design.

When you open the flap, you can see a spacious compartment that can cater to all the things you need to carry. The product has several pockets for small things. It has pockets in the front, side, and even a water bottle pocket. It is roomy enough for a sling bag.

This cycling messenger bag can accommodate your laptop as well. When you don’t want to use this as a crossbody, there is a handle on top where you can carry it easily. It is a mini stabilizing strap that can carry the weight at the center. You don’t need to worry about keeping it off balance.
  • Classic, chic and trendy canvas bag
  • Innovative flap closure design for easy access to belongings
  • Provides a small handle strap that links the top and body for hand carry
  • Spacious main compartment for big items
  • No additional support for heavier items, it is entirely made up of cotton canvas fabric
If you are the fashionable kind, this messenger bag will keep you on-trend with its cool design. This is one of the best messenger bags for bike commuting, as it is lightweight which you can carry during casual occasions. Be careful not to overload it as the shoulder strap tends to be volatile.

7. Tourbon Canvas Laptop Bag

Tourbon Canvas Laptop Bag


Another high-quality canvas material bag! This Tourbon bike bag is a top-rated bike messenger bag that can work well with your cycling lifestyle. It is not your usual sling bag because it is designed to be a bike messenger backpack. Nevertheless, it is multifunctional. It can be a pannier bag, messenger bag, or even a shoulder bag. The strap at the front can be detached to adjust accordingly.

It is also a tech-addict favourite as it comes with a charging port where you can connect your phone. With this feature, charging your phone is easier as you can place your power-bank inside and connect your phone to the port.

This bicycle messenger bag is a space saver as well. The material used is soft so you can roll it based on the load of the bag. You can have it fully stretched or rolled in the middle. Thus, it can adjust according to what is inside the bag. This way, you can minimize the bulkiness of your bag.

Since it has a simple design, it can be used by both men and women. It does not matter because all your bag needs can be met by this Tourbon canvas sling bag.
  • Highly versatile which you can adjust depending on how you want to use this bag
  • Innovative model which makes charging hassle-free
  • Can adjust according to the load of the bag by rolling or stretching the material
  • Unisex, both men and women can enjoy using the bag
  • Too casual, not recommended for professional work
If you are having problems finding the best bike bag with lightweight material, this canvas laptop bag is what we recommend. Fit for every casual occasion making you street-style ready without having to worry about leaving valuables behind.

8. TIMBUK2 1080 Messenger Bag

TIMBUK2 1080 Messenger Bag


This Timbuk2 messenger bag is simple yet functional. The design itself is monochromatic and lightweight. You can use this bike messenger on your daily commute without having to worry about your belongings falling off. This bag comes in different colours to provide you with wide selections of style according to your personality.

The main feature of this bag is the compartment or organizers for valuable items. You can put your things in order like pens, phones, and notebooks. The pockets inside are wear and tear-resistant thanks to their padding. It has a laptop sleeve as well.

The buckles at its closure are made from a high-grade plastic material. You can easily open and close the buckles whenever you want to unload something from your bag. As for its strap, it has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that links easily to the user’s physique.

As part of the brand’s commitment, it has a lifetime warranty. In case your product is defective, you can coordinate for a bag service. You are assured that you get what you paid for with this bag.
  • Offers a wide selection of colours· Comes with a stabilizing strap that can be removed or adjusted
  • Gives lifetime warranty
  • Lots of options for storage or compartment
  • Looks bulky because of its padding system
The best bike bag for every messenger bag aficionado is the ones which they can carry every day. This bag is designed to be used in your daily affairs. It is lightweight and spacious that can fit all your essentials on the go.

9. Chrome BG001ALLB2R Messenger Bag

Chrome BG001ALLB2R Messenger Bag


If you are satisfied with Chrome bags available in the market, then you will also find this mini bike messenger a delight. It is the miniature version of the brand’s original messenger bag but still includes all the features in the original version.

Designed to withstand a rigorous urban environment, like the original version, it is also street-tested. You can use it every day without having to worry about it wearing out. Just make sure that you handle it according to the product instruction guidelines.

Of course, you will not miss its iconic seatbelt buckle that provides durability in the sling closure. As an added feature, there is an opener if you want to store water bottles. It is a ready gear bag for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

In addition, it is a tech-friendly commuter bag with a laptop compartment fitted for laptops up to 13inches. Your gadget will be securely tucked in with this bag’s cross-chest load stabilizer.

In terms of the strap, it will make it easy for you to carry a heavy load. It has ergonomically designed shoulder straps coupled with reflective compression strips as an added safety feature. You are guaranteed that the product that you buy is both durable and resourceful.
  • Exact miniature version of the original Chrome Industries Metro bag
  • Comfortable to carry with its ergonomically designed shoulder straps
  • Safe to use at night thanks to the reflective compression strips
  • Ideal for rigorous urban environments
  • Needs careful handling to avoid material from wearing out fast
The product is a high-quality messenger bag from a reputable brand. This bag will exceed your expectations even if it is just a miniature version. You can carry it everywhere or hang it to your bike, and will still look sleek and trendy.

10. Two Wheel Gear Pannier Messenger Bag

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Messenger Bag


This is another laptop messenger bag on our list, specifically designed for tech-lovers. Since it is designed as a laptop bag, it can accommodate a device of up to 15inches.

It has a lot of mini compartments for your cables. There are four pocket sections for cables, an additional sleeve for an iPad, mesh pockets, and a compartment for other accessories.

It is not just an ordinary messenger bag because it has an innovative Rixen & Kaul Twist Mounting System that can be attached to your bike. It comes with locking hooks to securely mount the bag. It is the best bike bag especially for someone who has a very busy and active lifestyle.

The material of the bag is a 600D waterproof to surpass undesirable weather.To make it more weather resistant, there is a supplementary fluorescent rain cover as well. Even at night, the reflective design will give you safety and high visibility.

You can use it during formal occasions because it is simple and sleek in a rectangular easy-to-carry design. Use it at work, travel, coffee shops or anywhere you go!
  • Simultaneously durable and versatile
  • Comes with an innovative mounting system to secure your bike when attached to the bike
  • Great to use even during a downpour thanks to its 600D waterproof fabric
  • Can be used on a casual and formal occasion
  • Too many mini size compartments making it look messy inside
An ideal bike messenger bag is something which you can bring to any kind of occasion or activity. This bag is just that! It is very versatile and can withstand even bad weather. You are guaranteed that the material used in this bag can last for a long period of time.

11. TOURBON TB741CA Bike Bag



If you are the type who does not carry a lot of loads daily, this Tourbon messenger bag is the perfect choice for you. The product is a classic canvas bag that is ideal for an individual who rides a bike every day.

There are two adjustable leather straps plus a snap strap that can attach to the back seat of a bike. Even when it is raining, you can keep it attached to your bike because it is made of waterproof fabric.

Even when you attach it in front of your bike, it will look cohesive and fashionable. In terms of organization, your items inside are kept neatly with compartments for your water bottle, phone, key, wallets, and other everyday belongings. Even with all its features, this bike messenger bag is affordable.

You will appreciate that the material is soft and can easily roll when not in use. Since it is a high-quality canvas bag, you will notice the brand’s logo in the inner zipper pocket. You are guaranteed that the product has gone through strict quality control and possess exceptional levels of craftsmanship.
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Easy way to pack by rolling to avoid being bulky even with less load inside
  • Ideal canvas bag for casual occasion
  • Sleek and cohesive design that is perfect for someone who prefers minimalistic styles
  • Not suitable for heavier essentials as the fabric used is canvas
For easy-going messenger bag lovers, this canvas bag is the perfect fit for you. It is made to provide you with everyday comfort because it is lightweight and simple to carry. You can use it when hanging out with your friends or an afternoon ride with your bike. It is easy to attach to a bike, readily replacing your bike basket.

12. Two Wheel Gear Bike Box Bag

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Messenger Bag (2)


This bike messenger bag is made to perfectly fit at the back end of your bike. It is a bike, work, and shop bag with an excellent attachment system. You can use it anywhere you go either in daily work life or out-of-town weekly adventures. It is made to withstand rigorous activities like mountain biking, hiking, or short-trip commute.

It is versatile as you can use it as a rack bag, trunk bag, handlebar bag, or cross-body bag. The strap that comes with this product is removable which you can adjust according to how you want to use the bag.

Since this bike messenger bag is designed to surpass the challenges of everyday life, it’s made to be water-resistant. While using your bike even during a downpour, the waterproof fabric will protect your items like phones, laptops, and notebooks.

Another added feature which you will appreciate are the reflective label and fluorescent rain cover that provide a different way of protection and safety.

This bike messenger bag can accommodate a heavier load capacity of 20 litres. Everything that you need for a day including your essentials can readily fit into this bag. It is the best bike bag as it can adjust according to the load inside with its roll-top closure designed for simple packing.
  • Very versatile bag where you can use it as a trunk, handlebar or cross-body bag
  • Impressive waterproof fabric material coupled with a fluorescent rain cover to surpass bad weather
  • Affordable bag equipped with functional features
  • Simple to pack essentials with its roll-top closure style
  • Material is too soft providing less structure to the overall bag
If you are looking for the best bike bag that has a lot of options for bike mounting, this bag is the right choice for you. Everywhere you go with your mountain bike, you can bring your essentials using this bag. You will never worry about things falling off because the bag’s mounting system ensured its security.

What to Look for When Buying a Messenger Bag



The first thing to consider when purchasing a bike messenger bag is the material used. Messenger bags for biking can come in canvas, synthetic blends, and leather. Canvas messenger bags are more popular with the youth where they put books, laptops, and other essentials.

Synthetic blends are ideal, especially during the rainy season. A nylon bag is water-resistant and withstands moisture well. It is better when carrying documents and portfolios as they are well-protected.

Leather bags, on the other hand, are expensive and heavier. Yet, in terms of durability, they are the best. Leather bike bags are often used by adults when they go to work. The bags look sleek and tidy that can be paired with any outfit.


Most of the available messenger bags today are highly versatile. They can be used as a basic messenger bag, pannier pack, laptop bag, courier bag or even a backpack.

Depending on the style and intended use, bags can easily be modified or customized. The idea, of course, is to make the bag as functional as possible. The bags must present multiple purposes in holding your essentials.


Of course, you won’t buy a bag that will not give you the highest level of comfort. Bags are meant to provide you with both convenience and comfort. The best messenger bag in our list provides you different levels of comfort according to your needs.

Some bags have padded straps that can lessen shoulder fatigue, others have elastic bands that prevent them from slipping off, and some lessens the overall weight of the bag. Comfort is the number one priority of companies when designing a bag for the market.


The size of your bag depends on how much stuff you want to put inside. It is entirely based on your needs. It can be small, medium, and large.

The classic messenger bag that you see online is under the large category. It has a main compartment that is suitable for carrying books and 13-inches laptops.

Medium-sized options are similar to large ones. They have shoulder straps and side pockets that serve as a bag organizer. The small bike messenger bag is lighter and easy to carry. They are a good choice if you just want to bring items in small sizes during a short trip.

Other Important Things to Consider



Another thing to consider when looking for a bike bag is the shoulder strap. Your classic messenger must have a great strap. The weight of your bag is carried by the strap. Look for a material durable enough to last for a long period. It should also provide you with ease of use and must come with padding.

Padding is used to lessen the discomfort you might get when carrying the bag for a period of time. There are padding systems that can reduce shoulder fatigue making it ideal for those who always carry their bags. We recommend buying a messenger bag with a reversible strap that can lengthen or shorten whenever you want.

Active or structured

Messenger bags are meant for different activities. If you have an active lifestyle and usually throw yourself in a gym, nylon bags are the right pick for you.

If you love getting organized, choose a bag that has a structured material. They also have mini compartments that will keep your items in order. Leather bike messenger bags usually come in a well-structured appearance, with a definite shape that can help you organize.

What is a bike messenger bag?

Messenger bags are functional bags typically used by cyclists. They hold a limited amount of essentials. They also provide comfort to users as they can easily access their belongings while on a bike. Nowadays, bike messenger bags are not only boxed for cyclists alone. They are trendy and fashionable, which you can use in professional or casual settings.

How does it work?

Bike bags work as a ready-access bag worn over one shoulder using a strap. It goes across the chest while the bag rests on the lower back. It is typically used by cyclists as they provide ready access to essential belongings.

Also, bike messenger bags have innovative and systematic straps that come with the package. The straps are meant for mounting or hanging the bag while the user is riding the bike.

What are the different types of bike messenger bags?

The different types of cross body messenger bags depend on the material. There are canvas bags, classic leather bike bags, and synthetic blend cycling messengers. All these types have similar designs that are usually elongated rectangular shapes.

They are also classified based on their functions. There are messenger bags intended for laptop users, tech-lovers, professionals, and even for the sporty and adventurous ones.

The features you see in a specific bag depend on the target market of the company. You will notice that some bags are minimalistic for office workers or professionals, while some canvas bags are for casual activities only.

Why are messenger bags better for biking?

Messenger bags are better for biking because users can access their items in a minute. You don’t need to take the bag off when you load or unload items, even on the road. Cyclists prefer using this kind of bag because of the comfort and convenience it provides.

Also, these kinds of bags have innovative straps intended for bike mounting or attachment. Even when you are on-the-go or busy driving your bike, you won’t be worried about your essentials falling off.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bike messenger bag brands?

Huge product selections of messenger bags are available in the market today. They are made by bike messenger bag companies that produce premium products like Banjo Brothers, Trakee Wee Lug, Timbuk2 classic, Leaper retro messenger bag, Manhattan Portage bike messenger bag, Osprey, Polaris, Carl Friedrik, Mismo, Filson, among others.

These companies offer premium versions, trendy items, and high-grade leather material bags. You will never run out of brands to choose from based on your needs and styles with the products these names provide.

Is a bike messenger bag better than a backpack?

Messenger crossbody bags and backpacks have different functions. A bike bag is ideal for cyclists who need to carry small items with them. The asymmetrical design of the bag can provide easy access to items inside the bag without having to take it off.

On the other hand, backpacks are intended to carry heavy loads as it comes with bigger compartments. These bags are for people who walk. The weight of the bag will focus on two shoulders for balance and movement.

Are messenger bags comfortable?

Most bike messenger bags are designed to provide comfort to users. Some have padded straps to prevent shoulder fatigue. There are other messenger bags that can even reduce the weight of loads in the bag.

The bag or bike messenger bags are specifically produced for people with a very active lifestyle and are always on-the-go. The specific brand makes it easy for you to carry a bag by providing a versatile product as well.

Are messenger bags in style?

Of course, messenger bags are always in style. Aside from being functional, they are trendy as well. Companies make sure that the bag can cater to the needs of younger ones by coming up with colourful and interesting products.

The Timbuk2 Classic or Timbuk2 are top in-style bags which you can don in the streets of New York. They are made to complement the style and personality of different individuals as well.

How to clean and care?

Cleaning your cycling messenger bag depends on the material. Nylon made shoulder bag is the easiest to clean and care for. They are durable that can wick away water and resist damage. You can even load it in a washing machine with proper handling and product care.

Canvas bags are more delicate and cannot totally wash through a machine. You need to use a brush or soft broom to remove dirt and particles on the surface of the bag. If it has stains, use a delicate amount of stain remover and water on the area.

Leather bags, on the other hand, are harder to clean. It is an expensive messenger bag material that needs to be regularly cleaned to preserve its beauty and natural form.

To clean the details of the sling bag, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap. Use a soft cloth when wiping your bag to avoid damaging it. Wipe the exterior surface of the bag with the solution until dirt and stains are significantly removed.

Where to buy?

Messenger bags, sling bags, or laptop bags are available in shops or even online. It is not difficult to find one that suits your style and requirements. The companies I mentioned above have a variety of bags to offer.

The bicycle messenger bag is easy to find as it is one of the in-demand products today. You can always consult the Internet and type in the brands you prefer when finding the right bag for you.


The list of the best bike messenger bags we listed above will definitely satisfy your needs and preferences. We pick out the top-rated and in-style bike messenger bags from reputable bag companies. These messenger bags are of the highest level of standards suitable for any type of bike.

Based on our list, you can choose a sling bag, perfect laptop messenger bag, or waterproof messenger bag in a variety of colours and sizes. Just make sure that the top-rated bike messenger bag you pick will suit your budget as well. Of course, choosing a messenger bag should not cost you too much.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Bestseller No. 1
Chrome Industries Warsaw 2.0 Backpack Spacious Bike Messenger Bag 55 Liter Black
  • CRUSH CITY STREETS - Outboard oversized load management system to balance the heaviest loads & 3M reflective strip on adjustable compression strap
  • CARRY EPIC AMOUNTS OF CARGO - Sling bag has secure pockets under the main flap for essential documents, U-lock & other items
  • PROTECT YOUR CARGO -Designed for the messenger tackling the city streets in all conditions; satchel bag has a weatherproof document pocket
  • TIMELESS BAG FOR THE URBAN CYCLIST - Industrial alloy cam lock compression buckles for reliability & hook and loop mounts on shoulder straps
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - EVA compression molded back panel and air mesh shoulder strap construction
Bestseller No. 2
TOURBON Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bike Messenger Shoulder Bag
  • Mounts to either Handlebars or Saddle
  • Can hold Tools, Mini Pump, Wallet, Phone and more
  • Leather Reinforcements at Critical Wear Points
  • Securely attaches to Saddle at Three Different Points to Reduce Sway
  • Size:Approx 9.65" x 8.66" x 3.54" Weight:0.5kg
Bestseller No. 3
Timbuk2 Tandem Bicycle Pannier, Jet Black
  • THE TANDEM PANNIER: Our classic pannier for long hauls or short jaunts via bike
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED: Front zip pocket for keeping small items in check
  • CLEVER EXTRAS: Reflective hits; Vista loop for attaching blinky bike lights; Grab handle for easy lifting; Internal stretch pocket compatible with up...
  • MATERIALS & FIT: Easy on and off rack attachment with two hook and loop straps; Removable shoulder strap; Main body material is rugged 600D Poly Non-P...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Timbuk2 stands behind the legendary quality and craftsmanship of all our products; We also embrace the wild, twisty ways of life;...
Bestseller No. 4
WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag Waterproof Bicycle Tail Bag Hard Shell Bike Saddlebags for Bicycle Electric Bicycle Touring Sport Messenger Bag Bike Storage...
  • 1.Size: 262×188×175MM (10.31×7.4×6.88inch)
  • 2.Material: This bag adopts cold-pressed hard shell technology, EVA material, ultra-light, drop-resistant and not easy to deform, surface carbon...
  • 3.Built-in mesh bag compartment, easy to store classified items.
  • 4.Can be used as a shoulder bag, equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, and can be portable at the same time, equipped with a carrying strap.
  • 5.The installation is simple, just adjust the length of the Hook and Loop Fastener.This package is suitable for the tailstock on bicycles, electric...
Bestseller No. 5
TOURBON Waxed Canvas Bike Handlebar Bag Bicycle Pannier for Men Women, Casual Shoulder Bag with Strap and Handle
  • TOURBON bike pouch handlebars has enough space for you to load breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, fruits, water bottles, and more you need.
  • Waxed canvas shoulder bag has a nice adjustable leather buckle closure to make sure everything stays inside.
  • A pocket is reserved at the back for easy storage of mobile phones, wallets, cardholders, keys, etc.
  • You can put it on your bike as a bike handlebar bag or bike rear rack pannier, carry it by hand as a tote, also the adjustable straps allow you to use...
  • This bike bag is not only suitable for work, but also for recreational activities such as picnics, traveling, hiking, and fishing.
Bestseller No. 6
Chrome Citizen Messenger Satchel Bag Seat Belt Buckle 24 Liter Black
  • Fixed, padded, ergonomic shoulder strap with stabilizer strap
  • Front organizer panel with zipper pocket
  • Iconic seatbelt buckle with bottle opener for easy on & off
  • Floating TPE bucket liner with separate wet/dry compartments
  • Fits most 15” laptops, padded laptop sleeve recommended
Bestseller No. 7
Schkleier Messenger Bag Cycling Hiking Bag for Men Women, Lightweight Crossbody Bag Sling Backpack for Working Biking
  • Explorer Messenger Bag: A functional and vibrant accessory designed to elevate your daily activities. Whether it's for work, biking, hiking, or...
  • Exquisite Design: Crafted from water-resistant polyester and featuring sturdy SBS Waterproof zippers, Stylish leather, reinforced stitching, the...
  • Spacious: With dimensions of 15" (W) x 5.5" (D) x 12" (H) and a light weight of 0.76kg, this large capacity sling backpack offers ample space for all...
  • Multiple compartments: The main padded pocket easily accommodates your laptop, clothes, and everyday items, while the built-in water bottle pouches...
  • Versatility & Comfort: Experience ultimate convenience and protection with our Advanced Carry System, featuring adjustable straps, detachable buckles,...