12 Best Bike Travel Cases, Bags & Boxes 2024 – Pack Everything You Need

When it comes to bike travel cases, bags and boxes, you need to pack a lot of stuff! Especially if you’re planning a long biking trip or going on an adventure across the country.

Editor's Pick
Evoc BIKE BAG lightweight bike transport bag, almost all bikes (incl, separate compartment for wheels, FORK MOUNT stabilisation, extra-wide chassis,...
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Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
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B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
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CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag - Wear-resistant Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel (Army Green, 20 inch)
Product Name
Evoc BIKE BAG lightweight bike transport bag, almost all bikes (incl, separate compartment for wheels, FORK MOUNT stabilisation, extra-wide chassis,...
Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag - Wear-resistant Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel (Army Green, 20 inch)
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Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Evoc BIKE BAG lightweight bike transport bag, almost all bikes (incl, separate compartment for wheels, FORK MOUNT stabilisation, extra-wide chassis,...
Product Name
Evoc BIKE BAG lightweight bike transport bag, almost all bikes (incl, separate compartment for wheels, FORK MOUNT stabilisation, extra-wide chassis,...
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
Product Name
Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
Product Name
B&W International Bike Box - Bike Box II (96500)
Prime Status
Also Consider
CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag - Wear-resistant Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel (Army Green, 20 inch)
Product Name
CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag - Wear-resistant Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel (Army Green, 20 inch)
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You should get the best bike travel cases, bags & boxes. They hold everything you need to house your bicycle, making it easier to bring it everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a plane, a boat or traveling by train, because with the help of the best fitting bike travel bag, you’ll never leave your bike behind!

To find the most suitable bike travel bag for your biking needs, you need to consider several factors. Luckily, we’ve reviewed some bike travel cases, bags and boxes for you!

Our Best Picks

1. Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Evoc Bike Travel Bag


If you’re looking for one of the best bike bags and boxes that offer a unique design, then the Evoc Bike Travel Bag should be one of your best bets!

I was thoroughly impressed with its hybrid construction, which means that it has the properties of both a bike hard case and a soft bag. I could definitely use this reliable bag to travel across the country and bring my bike wherever I go.

This quickly became one of my favorite bags because of its large storing capacity. I don’t have to worry about buying other bags just to transport my bike parts from one place to another! Of course, in using this Evoc Bike Travel Bag, I still have to dismount my handlebar, pedals and wheels, but it’s a small price to pay.

What I like about the evoc bike travel bag is that it’s very comfortable and efficient. I don’t have to struggle to get my bike in. In addition, it fits different bike types in the market like a mountain bike, a cross country bike, a freeride bike or enduro bikes.

Therefore, if I ever want to switch my bike to a different fit, I don’t have to switch out my travel bag as well. It’s lighter than most bags too, which makes carrying it around less of a burden.

And because the Evoc Bike Travel Bag is technically a soft case, I don’t have to worry about paying extra at the airport! So it’s a cheaper alternative but it also ensures that my bike is well-protected against any possible damage that it might incur.

However, I’ve noticed a few things about the travel bag. Some of the Velcro straps didn’t really fit my bike at first, so I had to buy extensions to well-secure my bike.

Overall, I’m super satisfied with my bag. It can be awkward carrying it around everywhere but hey, it’s a bike! What am I supposed to do? The Evoc Bike Travel Bag just makes it easier to move around.
  • Bike box has a hybrid, lightweight construction
  • Fits different bike types easily
  • Large storage capacity
  • One of the best go-to bike bags for a plane in terms of cost
  • Some Velcro straps didn’t fit.
With this sturdy and reliable bike bag, you never have to worry about damaging your bike when you travel from one place to the next!

2. Aophire Folding Bike Bag

Aophire Folding Bike Bag


I was looking for a soft shell bike bag for plane that would be perfect for my bike (a regular 27.5-inch bike with wheels and carbon handlebars), and I came across the Aophire Folding Bike Bag. Now, this bag is perfect for me!

This bag is easy to load and zip up. When unfolded, it is extremely large and an overall good fit for my bike, and when folded, it is compact. Since I’m the type of person who often travels by plane, this bike bag suits my needs well. It’s convenient for carrying the bike to the train, subway or even in my car.

I consider this the best bike travel bag because this doesn’t take up as much space. This bike travel bag is suitable for people who don’t want to carry huge luggage around.

The steps are also very easy to follow. I watched the video once and knew what I needed to do!

This bike bag has features that make it stand out from others, such as adjustable shoulder straps, separate compartments inside the bag and a front accessories pocket. Think of it as an all-in-one bike bag for your bike traveling needs. Everything you need to carry, you can put inside this bicycle travel bag.

Some people might buy this bike bag because it’s cheaper, but it’s basically useless if it doesn’t fit your bike. It’s best to ensure that your bike size is 26 to 29 inches. If the bike doesn’t fit the bag, then the material has the tendency to tear and rip.

It’s best not to use this bike bag without some hard shell inside it. This is why most people use a cardboard box inside to create a cardboard bike box. Some people also make use of bubble wrap to ensure that everything remains safe and undamaged inside.
  • Easy to pack because the steps are very easy to follow
  • Large storage space with separate internal compartments and front pocket.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • A cheaper alternative
  • Compact when folded
  • Cardboard and bubble wrap are necessary to protect the bike inside
  • The soft bag is prone to ripping when your bike doesn’t fit the bag.
If you’re looking for a good bike travel bag, then this bike bag is a good option! Just make sure to use extra protection inside, such as a cardboard box or bubble wrap.

3. B&W International Bike Case

B&W International Bike Case


You are looking for a sturdy and reliable bike case that you can bring with you wherever you go? Then, I highly suggest the b&w international bike case, which ensures your bike’s safety and security each time you travel. It provides a sophisticated and modern solution that combines quality and functionality.

This bike case is very useful for my biking needs. Everytime I travel, I always worry about the condition of my bike. I don’t want it to get damaged during the trip or while it’s in the luggage compartment.

Therefore, I looked for a bike box that would provide a well-fitted case with security and quality matched by no other case.

Feature-wise, this bike box comes with several straps to keep your bike together and several layers of foam for extra protection. Additionally, you can expect the interior to have two wheel guards, a foam block for chain ring, a chain ring, an adjustment for the frame and more!

This bike hard case also features two carrying handles and two pull handles, which means it’s convenient to bring around when you’re traveling. You can opt to drag it by the handle and carry it around with you. It also comes with 2 case shells that make it easy to close and tight-fit your bike inside.

This bike case is perfect for road bikes that are up to 62cm frame size. It also meets airline specifications. If you want to reap the benefit from this case, then your road bike needs to be tailor-fit for it.

Considering its top quality, many successful international teams use this case. This is because they are convinced the case will keep their travel bikes safe and secure.

The TSA padlock doesn’t come with the purchase, which means you have to buy it separately from the case. I also ran into some problems with the baggage handler at airports because he didn’t know how to reassemble the flight case and road bike upon inspection.
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Fits bikes up to 62cm
  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • Protects and secures the bikes
  • Meets airline specifications
  • The TSA padlock doesn’t come with the purchase.
  • Baggage handler might not know how to reassemble the case
Overall, this case is a necessary and great bike case to purchase if you don’t want to spend your trip worrying about your bike’s condition!

4. CyclingDeal Bike Hard Case Box Bag

CyclingDeal Bike Hard Case Box Bag


As a cyclist, I need to ensure my bike’s condition and security every time I travel. This is why I invest in the CyclingDeal Bike Hard Case Box Bag. This is a perfect bicycle suitcase, a lightweight and durable bag.

This bike box features a hard shell that provides a large storage design for you to fit your bike in. This mountain bike travel case is best suited for 27.5″ and 700c bikes.

The thick layer of the bike travel case protects your bike from any damage that might happen during transportation. In fact, this bike bag is formed by EVA material and it provides a thick surface that protects your bike from impact and tears, making it one of the best bike boxes.

At first, you need to disassemble your bike and put the parts in their designated sections. The best part about disassembling your bike to fit this road bike travel case is the easy organization afterwards. You know where everything is placed so it’s easy to get your bike started back up.

It can be time-consuming to use this bike travel box, especially if this is your first time, but if you’re looking to secure your bike better, then it’s worth it.

This bike box comes with excellent quality wheels, making travel easier and smoother on your part. You don’t have to worry about lugging around large travel cases and potentially leaving them behind if you forget since it also comes with handles.

This triathlon bike travel case is suitable for tri road bikes and time trial bikes with dimensions from 45cm up to 58cm.

However, the bike travel bag itself can be a bit wobbly, so you have to lean it against the wall.
  • Low weight and provides a large storage design
  • High-quality EVA material
  • The thick layer protects your bike from any damages.
  • Good organization that helps your bike easy to reassemble.
  • Excellent wheels and handles
  • Suitable for tri road bikes and time trial bikes
  • Bike box can be time-consuming to use
  • The bag itself can be a bit wobbly.
This bicycle shipping case may not be perfect for some but it does the job well! If you simply want an easy to organize bike travel box, then you can definitely benefit from this. Good bike travel cases might be difficult to look for but they’re worth investing in.

5. CamGo Folding Bike Bag

CamGo Folding Bike Bag


A durable and lightweight bike bag, the CamGo Folding Bike Bag is a good place to start if you’re unsure where to purchase decent bike bags in the current market. It’s well suited for 14″ to 20″ folding bikes. Not only is it easy to use but it’s also designed for long travels.

It comes in two colors: army green and black. I opted for the black color because it blends well with my overall aesthetic. Since you’re going to bring this with you wherever you go, it’s important to find a bike luggage bag that fits well with your overall look.

This bag features thickened and reinforced nylon fabric, which means you benefit from abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. Additionally, the bag itself can be used for two purposes: as a bag for your bike and as a picnic mat.

In using this bike bag, you’ll notice a few bags on the exterior. These are used for storage purposes. If you’re bringing other bike tools, then you can use the space to keep everything safe and organized.

It also has a storage buggy bag that comes with a multi-functional handle. You can use it as a shoulder girdle or even as a strap.

My favorite thing about this bike bag is the high-density webbing that wrapped the entire bag. This enhances bag strength, making it easier to carry on your back or shoulder under severe conditions.

Overall, it’s a decent travel bag. Just make sure not to drag the bottom on any rough surface cause it will lead to rips and tears.

This travel bag pro doesn’t come with any tough interior padding, so I wouldn’t recommend using this bike bag for flights since the airport’s baggage handlers could cause more harm than good. In this case, you can check out another bike box in the current market.
  • Abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Light, easy to use and designed for long travels
  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Exterior bags, a buggy bag, a multifunctional handle
  • High-density webbing bike box for 14-20’’ bikes
  • Multi-purpose solution
  • It doesn’t come with any tough interior padding
This bike box may not be perfect but it’s still a great start. It provides you with everything you need for bike luggage and more.

6. Trico Iron Case

Trico Iron Case


Withstand the roughest airline and freight handling with the Trico Iron Case! It uses a durable Triconium shell so that you can travel with confidence and ease. It’s a basic idea for a case, a rectangular box with straps to hold it together, easy to stack and easy to handle.

Due to the design’s simplicity, I bought it after careful consideration. Safe to say, I didn’t regret my choice. It does a good job of keeping your bike safe during long travels.

I like this bike box because my bike is cocooned in Trico’s exclusive 100% Foam Encasement System for total protection. It also has rollers for easy movement through the airport, keeping transportation easy while protecting the valuable luggage inside.

The bike hard case weighs roughly around 31 lbs. Before purchasing it, check with your airline about the rate for any extra luggage. It is a heavy addition, after all!

This is a bit smaller than a B&W. However, it can still fit a bike quite easily. If you’re looking for triathlon bike cases, it packs fairly tight, so there’s no need to worry about things moving around inside.

The case is solid in terms of protection, as long as it’s packed properly. Securing this case shut is not as easy as the B&W case. It would take a few minutes to get used to the process to ensure the security of each strap.

Personally, that’s fine. However, I can’t say the same when it comes to the airport where the baggage handlers may not be familiar with how this bike bag or box works. This may result in broken or missing pieces.

I trust this bike box for my bike but I have a problem with other people who might need to check it at the airport. Because I don’t want to receive my luggage only to realize that everything inside is disorganized. It’s a good purchase but it can be complicated for those who aren’t familiar with it.
  • Durable Triconium shell
  • Tightly secures your bike
  • Rollers for easy movement
  • Suitable for triathlon bikes
  • Great foam packaging
  • Is fairly heavy
  • Security might not be familiar with strap system
Overall, this bike box is very sturdy and safe for transporting your bike. There might be a few drawbacks but it still gets the job done just right.

7. ROCKBROS Folding Bike Carry Bag

ROCKBROS Folding Bike Carry Bag


ROCKBROS, an original cycling equipment brand, brings you the folding bike carry bag. It consists of two bags, a bike carry bag and a backpack. The folding bike carry bag can store a 16-20 inch bike.

One of my favorite things about this bike box is that it has high-quality buckles to ensure the bag’s long-lasting life. Not to mention, it also has an easy-to-clean coating inside to wipe dirt or mud easily.

This is very useful every time we put our travel bikes inside the bike carry bag after using them. It becomes less difficult to clean up afterward.

The folding bike bag comes with a backpack that can be used while traveling to hold the carry bag. The backpack also has Velcro so it can be used as a handlebar bag. Although it has no padding, it is waterproof, making it perfect storage for bicycle stuff like batteries, supplies, chains, and locks. This is an overall great bike case to bring outdoors!

The foam layer padded around the bag and bottom thickened plate offer great protection for your bike from any outside force.

There’s a portable pocket outside the bike carry bag that can store some small items like bike repair tools, bike pump, or maintenance oil. It’s designed with two high-quality zippers that ensure the bag’s long-lasting life and grant easy access to your folding bicycles.

This bag is perfect for traveling with your bicycle. However, it may not be ideal to use for daily commuting. It can be awkward carrying it around since it’s too big.
  • Perfect for folding 16-20 inch bikes
  • High-quality buckles and easy-t0-clean coating
  • Padded interior and thick plate to protect the bike
  • Bike travel bag has an external pocket
  • Comes with extra waterproof backpack that can be used as handlebar bag
  • Two high-quality zippers grant easy access.
  • Unsuitable for a daily commute
When looking for a reliable and flexible bike bag, this bike bag is one of my best bets! Not only is it easy to put your bike in and out but it makes sure that you’re never too far away from it!

8. B&W International Bike Sack

B&W International Bike Sack


Made out of nylon and imported, the B&W International Bike Sack is a perfect solution for people looking to transport their bikes from one place to another safely.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option when it comes to bike travel bags, then you should consider this as one of your top choices. It works as expected. A bag to bring your bike, along with its parts and accessories, to where you’re headed!

This bike bag material is made out of robust polyester. It also features two carrier straps for easier transportation. The bag weighs around 4.7 pounds, making it ideal for easy carrying. You can keep a firm grip of it in your hands while you’re heading from one place to another.

The bag also comes with two inside wheel pockets or wheel bags. This is perfect for holding the wheels after you remove them from the bike itself. Commuting has never been easier with this bag or box!

Personally, I prefer to use this bike travel bag when I’m traveling by train or car. It’s good for traveling by vehicle since you can keep an eye on it but it’s a different travel case for airlines.

I don’t use this for flights because this bag doesn’t come with any hard padding around the sides to cushion your bike and protect it from external damage.

I have a few tips for people who buy this bike bag. You can use bubble wrap, a cardboard box or even reinforced plywood to keep the bag sturdy and secure.
  • Easy to carry and use
  • An affordable bike bag
  • It has two carrier straps for easier transportation.
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • It has two inside wheel pockets that perfectly hold the wheels.
  • It doesn’t come with any hard padding to cushion your bike.
If you’re looking for a cheap option to bring your bike everywhere you go, then this product is the best one for you! Just make sure to put in some internal protection to keep your bike safe and secure.

9. Dakine Bike Roller Bag

Dakine Bike Roller Bag


If you’re looking for a decent purchase that will protect your bike during travels and make it easy to carry around, then the Dakine Bike Roller is the bike bag for you! It’s sturdier than most bike suitcases in the current market.

Complete with heavy-duty urethane wheels and multiple handles, it is ready to roll conveniently wherever I go. When using this product, you don’t have to worry about carrying this bag on your back. Instead, you can enjoy a leisure stroll through the airport in style!

Upon looking at this 29er mountain bike travel case, I admire the simplicity of the design. It comes in two colors: black and ashcroft camo, keeping you in fashion. It is also a good fit for various bike models, such as road bikes, trail bikes and downhill bikes, keeping its options open for people with different bike models.

When it comes to putting your bike inside, separate and internal padded bags have been provided. This ensures that the small parts such as the rear triangle, the wheels and the fork are kept safe as well. Moreover, the extra-heavy-duty external padding design shields the bike from external damage. This bike is the epitome of safe and secure!

The bike bag weighs 24 pounds with considerable space. Don’t worry about any extra tools not fitting inside this bike bag because the interior is quite spacious.

As a cyclist, my bike is one of my biggest investments. I need the perfect tailor-fit bag that will protect it when I travel to different places. Thankfully, I found that with this bike case for flying!

When I first got it, though, it took nearly two hours for me to get it set up. This is because it has several inner pockets to put important parts. I made sure to organize everything so that it’s easier to reassemble my bike after I land.
  • Spacious, inner pockets are padded.
  • It’s sturdier than most suitcases in the current market.
  • It has extra-heavy-duty external padding that shields the bike from damages.
  • Heavy-duty urethane wheels and handles provide convenience everywhere I go.
  • Two colors available
  • Suits many bike types
  • It is difficult to set up for the first time.
Overall, this bike bag for a plane is a good product to purchase. It addresses your bike protection and travel needs. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price for you!

10. Amomo Folding Bike Bag

Amomo Folding Bike Bag


If you have a folding bike, then the Amomo Folding Bike Bag is a great option for you to consider! It’s tailor-fit for bikes that are foldable and can easily fit into medium-sized bags.

When purchasing soft bags, take note to insert pieces of a cardboard box to maintain the overall shape and prevent any further damage while traveling. Others can also use bubble wrap to keep the smaller parts of their bike secure and safe.

I bought this bag a while ago to protect my folding bike since a lot of people recommended it to me. I was so surprised by its snug fit because I didn’t have to worry about the carbon handlebars protruding from the bag itself.

This is why many people think it’s a “one size fits all” bag because different bikes can be disassembled and placed inside with relative ease.

This bike travel bag is durable and tough, thanks to its thick material. I didn’t have to worry about any wear and tears when traveling since it’s abrasion-resistant. I am assured that my bike is in good hands.

When I transport my bike, I can use a bike travel bag for another purpose, a picnic pad. This is very useful when I’m taking a quick drive outdoors, such as in the park or in the forest. Once I’m done biking, I can use the bike bag as a picnic pad and then relax while I’m still gathering my strength.

Additionally, while I’m riding the bike, I can actually carry the bag on my shoulders since it comes with adjustable straps. It also has other pockets for me to remove and put small accessories in.

Lastly, many people want this soft bag because it is easy to carry around. Plus, it’s not as heavy as hard cases. However, people sacrifice security and protection since most soft bags don’t have reinforced interiors or double reinforcements.
  • Has a snug fit, not as heavy as hard cases
  • It can be used as a picnic pad.
  • The bag is durable and tough.
  • It suits most foldable bikes.
  • It has compartments for small accessories.
  • It comes with adjustable straps that make it convenient and easy to carry
  • No double reinforcement
Anyone shopping for bike travel cases shouldn’t ignore this option, given its many features.

11. Huntvp Bike Travel Case

Huntvp Bike Travel Case


As a cyclist, I’m very particular about the overall dimensions of a travel bag. For me, it needs to fit the bike that it’s meant for perfectly.

This bike carry case is best suited for 14-inch to 20-inch folding bikes. Check that your bike can fit the bag’s interior so that you can take advantage of all the benefits.

With the Huntvp Bike Travel Case, all my expectations were met! I really appreciate the high-quality and strong 600D polyester fiber materials, which are acid and tear-resistant and protect my bike all the time and at all costs.

This package includes one portable carry case and one carry bag pouch. This is ideal if you’re bringing many tools with you.

Additionally, it comes with adjustable straps that make it easy to keep your bike and clothes clean while carrying it on your shoulder.

When it comes to traveling by train or by boat, it’s easier to travel with a bike case. This is because I can keep my luggage close to me and protect it.

However, not everything is perfect. As long as you treat this bag right, it will last longer! Make sure not to drag it on any rough surface to ensure that its quality will be sustained.

This isn’t the most practical option if you’re traveling by airplane because you have to reinforce the interior to protect your bike and keep it from getting too banged up in the travel process. I can’t ensure my bike’s safety since it’s going to be handled by different people, such as the baggage handlers.

If you’re looking for affordable options, try this best bike travel case. Just apply some extra protection inside your bag to keep your bike safe when you’re traveling by plane.
  • Suits 14 to 20 inch folding bikes
  • Good acid resistance
  • Holds up well against tears
  • Adjustable straps to carry around
  • The extra pouch is ideal if you’re bringing many tools with you.
  • Affordable bike case
  • Can’t be dragged on rough surfaces
  • It is not a practical option if you’re traveling by airplane.
Overall, this is a good bike case to use when you travel by train or bus. You can also pop this in the back of your car, keeping it clean and neat. This bike travel case is best used when you don’t want to bring any heavy luggage with you.

12. Cheng Yi Foldable Bike Travel Bag

Cheng Yi Foldable Bike Travel Bag


Are you looking for an affordable bike travel bag for your foldable bike? If so, then you should check out the Cheng Yi Foldable Bike Travel Bag.

You can use this bike transportation bag for most folding bikes, specifically 26 to 29 inches. However, with the 29-inch bike, you need to remove the wheel to make it fit first.

It is easy to use and it comes with two adjustable straps that allow you to carry it on your shoulder. When you’re traveling from one place to another, this bike bag is your best option. It’s most suitable for cars, trains and subways. This is because you can keep a close eye on it and keep it close to you at all times.

When the bag is not in use, it takes up little space in your storage. When unfolded, it takes up much space that gives your bike more room when you place it inside.

This bag features a heavy-duty thick polyester, making it waterproof and highly resistant against external forces. The bag itself is very large and durable, so I could rely on it, especially when I have to do long travels.

Since this bag has no extra foam padding inside, you can use a cardboard box to protect your bike from unnecessary impact or damage. You might even want to bubble wrap some parts as well.

Overall, this product addressed my bike travel needs by providing a strong and durable place to keep my bike in during long travels. Moreover, it provides good exercise for my arms and shoulders when I bring it with me.

There are things you need to look out for; the straps and zippers can be quite flimsy so you need to be careful when zipping it up and down.
  • Fits nicely for most folding bikes
  • Strong and durable material to protect your bike from impacts or damages.
  • Perfect for travel purposes
  • Easy to carry on shoulders
  • Compact but spacious
  • Affordable and cost-effective solution
  • No foam padding inside
  • Straps and zippers are quite flimsy.
I can safely say this bike bag is one of my best purchases with several benefits and features! I enjoyed its simple but firm design since it kept my bike safe and protected during my travels. Moreover, it offers significant cost savings, so if you’re on a budget, this bike product is the one for you.

What to Look for When Buying Bike Travel Cases & Bags


Whether you’re travelling on land or air, it is important to choose a bike travel case, bag and box that would provide you with the best quality and reliability for long-term use. Here are the things that you should consider before you add something to your cart.

  • Durability and Security. It means high-quality material and includes thick padding inside. Choose the one that can protect your bike from external impact or damage while on travel.
  • Water-resistant and Tear-resistant. The port people can manhandle your bike; these features keep your bike safe and protected during travels.
  • Dimension, Locking System. Consider the dimension to make sure it’s not tight fit to avoid struggle in zipping up or busting up your zipper.
  • Pockets and Compartments. It should help you organize everything and reassemble your bike easier after you arrive.
  • Know Your Purpose. Before buying, whether it is a case, bag or a box you must first know your purpose. All bike bags have advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose you intended to use them for.

In most bike travel case review, cases are good for air travel but they are heavy and you might pay extra due to their weight.

However, the bag and box are lightweight, making commuting a breeze, but you need extra padding to cushion your bike from impacts and damages.

Other Important Factors to Consider


There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing bike travel cases and bags for your bikes. In this section, you’ll know what to look out for next!

What is a bike travel case?

A bike travel case is one of the best ways to protect mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes or even cross country bikes against any type of damage when traveling long distances. Not everybody will be gentle with your bike, so the best thing to do in this situation is to purchase a travel bag pro!

This way, you don’t have to worry about your precious cargo getting beat up in the process of automated baggage checks or under the hands of baggage handlers.

Bicycle travel case, bags and boxes come in many different shapes, forms and colors. This allows you to choose one of them which will suit your bike travel pro needs the most!

How does it work?

Bike travel cases, bags and boxes are easy to work with, but they depend on what type or brand you’re going to get. They usually come with a set of instructions that let you know how to open them and get your bike settled in. If you’re not too sure what to do, you can always check out YouTube videos just to make sure!

Most of the time, you need to remove the handlebars, the work stand and the wheels just to make the bike frame fit inside the bag in the first place. Other bike bags and boxes, which are low weight and easy to carry, allow you to fit everything as it is. It can be more complicated for hard cases since there are specific instructions on where to place everything and keep them secure during transportation.

What are the different types of bike travel cases?

There are two types of bike travel cases that you can opt for: the hard shell versus the soft shell. It’s easy to differentiate between the two as the hard shell offers a tougher and heavier exterior to protect against natural damages and security checks at the airport. On the other hand, the soft shell is a lighter and more flexible option for you to carry your bike in.

Why do you need bike cases & bags?

To simply put, people need bike cases, bags and boxes to protect their biggest investments: their bikes. Traveling by any type of bike, such as mountain bikes, road bikes or folding bikes, is difficult but it’s more difficult if you don’t have anywhere safe to put them in. Therefore, people invest in a decent bike case or bike travel pro bag to ensure their bikes are well-protected and tightly secured.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bike travel case brands?

Several bike travel cases, bags and boxes are on sale in the current market. The most popular options to choose from when you’re checking out a decent travel pro bag or a bike box are highlighted in the following:

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro or Evoc Pro
  • Bike Box Alan Original Premium
  • B&W International Bike Box II
  • PRO Bike Mega Travel Case
  • Thule Bike Case

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to bike bags and boxes, then these top five options won’t let you down!

How do I pack my bike for travel?

Traveling from one place to another is a hassle. Not only are you going to be bringing your luggage but you also have to bring your heavy bike bag or box with you. When it comes to packing your bike, it depends on what type of bike case you got, if it’s a hard shell or a soft shell.

Some cases don’t require you to remove your handlebars or wheels. Other bags or boxes will have a different set-up in the interior, along with different wheel bags to put your tools and accessories inside. Others also have adjustable straps to keep your bike frame in place while it’s being transported.

When you pack your bike, the best thing to do is to locate the manual for the specific bike box or bag you purchased and follow the instructions carefully. If you’re still not sure, check out available YouTube videos to know what you need to remove (such as wheels, the work stand, the bike frame, the handlebars) and how to set them all up inside the bike bag or box.

How much does flying a bike cost?

It’s not easy flying a bike across long distances. There are things to consider, such as extra charges and fees, especially if you opted for the hard shell bike case instead of the soft shell one. Airlines charge you if you’re bringing heavy-duty baggage and in this case, a travel case or a hard shell case is definitely extra weight.

Depending on where you’re from and how heavy your bike is, you can be charged $30 or as much as $300. So, prepare your wallet! For the utmost protection of your bike, we need to consider all stops.

How do I check my bike on a plane?

When it comes to your bike’s protection on a plane, you need to do several things before boarding the flight. The first thing would be to call the airline’s customer service to know the price ranges for bringing in extra luggage. You also have to ask whether the bike has to be put in something like a hard case or a soft shell bag.

How to use bike bags and boxes?

Before you pack your bike, ensure that you know what brand you’re using so that you can consult manuals for additional questions regarding how to use it. Most bike bags and boxes come with their own set of detailed instructions, which allow you to explore and get to know the product more. Compared to the hard shell cases, the soft shell bags are less complicated as you can zip them up and be good to go!

How to care and clean bike bags and boxes?

A bike box or bag might seem too large to clean efficiently but we mustn’t overlook this step to ensure the quality and condition of the product we bought. Washing and cleaning the bags depend on the fabric and material. It’s best to check for any instructions regarding your bike bags and boxes’ wash and care.

Where to buy bike bags and boxes?

To pack your bike for ensured protection and security, you should check out bike bags and boxes at the local bike shop or even order them online on Amazon and other popular shopping sites!

If you are in immediate need of a bike case, bag and box that suits your budget, and buying a new one is not in your options, I recommend you to buy a used bike travel case or rent from the bike travel case rental supply.


A bike is an investment. For cyclists, it has become a crucial point in their lives. Many people even become professionals or athletes in biking, which proves just how much this sport has changed their entire lifestyle. When it comes to investments, you need to protect them at all costs.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for the hard case or the soft shell bag. The hard case is suitable for travel by plane because it protects the bike from any major bumps or damage on the conveyor belt or through the hands of baggage handlers.

The downside to hard cases is that they can be expensive and tricky to open in the first place, making it difficult for the baggage handler to check inside.

On the other hand, you always have the option to purchase a soft shell bag. This one allows a lighter experience since you can just carry it on your shoulder or back. What it lacks in extra security, it makes up for with its affordable price!

At the end of the day, when it comes to the best bike travel cases, bags & boxes, you’re the one who knows which the best fit for your bike is! This review is simply a way for you to narrow down the choices to lessen your time in figuring out what you should purchase. Think of the overall design, the functionality, the weight and how bike boxes fit into your lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided on what bike bag or box to protect your bike, you’re ready to tackle the outside world!

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Bestseller No. 1
Thule RoundTrip Transition – Hard Shell Bike Travel Case with built-in Repair Stand
  • The combination of ABS construction and the aluminum click-rail protects bike during transport
  • Integrated wheels for easy transport
  • Integrated bike stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and work stand
  • Easy to pack and assemble making traveling easy
  • For road, mountain and cyclotrons bikes up to and over a 46"/116.8 cm wheelbase
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dakine Bike Roller Bag, Black
  • 360-DEGREE COVERAGE - Every side if this bag is padded to protect your bike and other gear from damage; bike-specific pads and EVA padding protect...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Made of 600D water-resistant polyester, this Dakine Bike Roller Bag is built to last. The construction of this bag is strong...
  • EASY TO USE & CARRY - Heavy-duty smooth rolling replaceable urethane wheels help you manage your way no matter where you are heading; Multiple grab...
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION - Take the stress out of traveling with your bike. 360-degree padded coverage provides maximum protection with minimal weight; The...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - This Dakine Bike Roller Bag fits one downhill, Trail, Fat or Road bike up to 29". Dimension: 55 x 13 x 34" (140 x 33 x 86cm)....
Bestseller No. 3
Thule RoundTrip MTB Bike Travel Case
  • Safely transports almost all mountain bikes, fitting wheelbases up to 130cm and tires up to 29 x 3.0"
  • Included work stand makes bike maintenance, assembly and disassembly easier while traveling or at home
  • Easily fasten the bike to the workstand inside the case for safe and secure transport
  • Padded interior packing panels are tailored to protect all parts of bike during transport
  • Rigid side panels are reinforced with 5mm corrugate polypropylene and a molded HDPE bottom tub provide superior protection
Bestseller No. 4
Thule Roundtrip Road Bike Travel Case
  • Safely transports almost all road, gravel or cyclocross bikes, fitting wheelbase up to 110cm
  • Included work stand makes bike maintenance, assembly and disassembly easier while traveling or at home
  • Easily fasten the bike to the workstand inside the case for safe and secure transport
  • Padded interior packing panels are tailored to protect all parts of bike during transport
  • Rigid side panels are reinforced with 5mm corrugate polypropylene and a molded HDPE bottom tub provide superior protection
Bestseller No. 5
Evoc BIKE BAG lightweight bike transport bag, almost all bikes (incl, separate compartment for wheels, FORK MOUNT stabilisation, extra-wide chassis,...
  • Practical and versatile: The EVOC BAG is light, stable and offers enough space for all kinds of bike types, including cross country, all mountain,...
  • Maximum mobility: The extra-wide chassis, grip options and particularly smooth gliding wheels make it a great bike storage and one of the best bags...
  • Efficient bag management: The separate compartments for the wheels come with a stabiliser bar to distribute pressure from the exterior to ensure that...
  • Optimally protected: For extra safety there is a reinforced fork support through additional padding, and a plate on the bottom to add the extra...
  • Box contents: EVOC BIKE BAG, bike transport bag - incl. exchangeable wheels - separate wheel compartment - extra-wide chassis - reinforced fork holder...
Bestseller No. 6
Rhinowalk Bike Carrying Bag for 26 to 27.5 inch MTB Mountain Bike/700C Road Bike Transport Luggage Travel Case
  • 【MATERIAL】1680D polyester oxford, main bag size:130*25*83cm. Provide with a storage bag, size:37*8*22cm. Weight:1.75kg
  • 【Portable storage】There are two buckles on the storage bag, which can be hung on the handlebar.
  • 【Front zip pocket】Can put repair tools, inner tube, air pump and other cycling accessories.
  • 【Inner compartment】Put the removed front wheel and cushion into the compartment to aviod collision between wheel and bike.
  • 【Application】27.5inch and below mountain bike/700C road bike. 27.5 inch MTB need to remove the front wheel, handlebar and cushion. 700C road bike...
SaleBestseller No. 7
CyclingDeal Bike Travel Case - 700c Bikes - Bicycle Air Flights Travel Hard Case Box Bag EVA Material Lightweight & Durable with TSA Lock - Great for...
  • COMPATIBILITY: This case is suitable for 700C road bikes with QR and Thru axles wheels. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with MTBs or bikes with integrated...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The case is made from durable EVA material heated to 200 degrees Celsius. It has a surface thickness of 1cm and a hardness (Hs)...
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The thick layer protects the wheels and frame, and prevents them from impacting each other. Various sturdy buckles, straps, and...
  • EASY ORGANIZATION: The Clam Shell design enables the case to be fully opened, making it easy to stow the bike. Soft handles on the top and side of the...
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide a 2-year warranty!