12 Best Mountain Bike Travel Cases 2023 – Carry Your Bike Everywhere You Go

There’s no better way to explore the world than from the saddle of your favourite mountain bike. From city to mountains, to desert in Africa, your mountain bike is your travel best friend. Even though your mountain bike is built to stand up to the rigours of your adventurous life on the road, protecting and keeping it well is always a must.

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Aophire Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
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HUNTVP Bike Travel Bag Bicycle Transport Carrying Case with a Carry Bag for 26-29inch Folding Bike Foldaway Bicycle
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EVOC, Bike Travel Bag, Black, 285L, 138x39x85
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B&W International Brompton Bike Bag - Foldon Bag (96007/N)
Product Name
Aophire Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
HUNTVP Bike Travel Bag Bicycle Transport Carrying Case with a Carry Bag for 26-29inch Folding Bike Foldaway Bicycle
EVOC, Bike Travel Bag, Black, 285L, 138x39x85
B&W International Brompton Bike Bag - Foldon Bag (96007/N)
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Editor's Pick
Aophire Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
Product Name
Aophire Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle Travel Case,Bike Cases for Air Travel,Transport,Shipping
Prime Status
Star Rating
Good Choice
HUNTVP Bike Travel Bag Bicycle Transport Carrying Case with a Carry Bag for 26-29inch Folding Bike Foldaway Bicycle
Product Name
HUNTVP Bike Travel Bag Bicycle Transport Carrying Case with a Carry Bag for 26-29inch Folding Bike Foldaway Bicycle
Prime Status
Star Rating
Don't Miss
EVOC, Bike Travel Bag, Black, 285L, 138x39x85
Product Name
EVOC, Bike Travel Bag, Black, 285L, 138x39x85
Prime Status
Star Rating
Also Consider
B&W International Brompton Bike Bag - Foldon Bag (96007/N)
Product Name
B&W International Brompton Bike Bag - Foldon Bag (96007/N)
Prime Status
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Good thing, travelling on your mountain bike is much easier now than then. There are available mountain bike travel cases in-store, or online that can protect your travel buddy’s structure and material.

Most of these are durable and versatile enough to provide maximum support to your well-loved bike. They are designed to deliver your bag unscathed while giving you much needed peace of mind in travelling.

So, the next time you take your mountain bike with you, choose our recommended best mountain bike travel cases below. These are the best cases we have tested so far that can guarantee the highest level of protection for your mountain bikes.

Best Mountain Bike Travel Case Reviews

1. Aophire Folding Travel Bike Bag

If you are looking for the best mountain bike travel bag, the Aophire folding bike bag is the right pick for you. It fits a regular 26 inches-sized mountain bike and has an allowance of up to 27.5 inches. This bag is portable to carry with its easy to grasp bag handle. It has a dimension of 140cm x 80cm x 28cm when unfolded while 40cm x 19cm x 14cm when folded. With this measurement and structure, it is convenient to carry everywhere you go.

This bag comprises high quality material with its heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric and 300g non-woven fabric for its shoulder straps. The material used for the straps and handles is durable to ensure that it can carry your mountain bike’s weight.

Moreover, as they are made to support your bike’s overall weight, the sewing is guaranteed tight and fitting. However, unlike other cases with wheels, this bag is made to carry. That is why the shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can change whether you want to bring it by shoulders or hand.

The whole structure of the bag is designed for convenient packing. You will not get stressed out disassembling or assembling your full bike when you choose this bag. All you need to do is dismantle the front wheel and handlebar of the bike, and you can conveniently put it inside. There is a separate compartment for both your wheel and handlebar in the bag. Likewise, it has room for your bike accessories in the front. You can store your bike tools as well.
  • Made up of high quality material to fully support the weight of the bike
  • Designed for convenient packing and easy to load bike components
  • Provided with different compartments
  • Convenient to carry with an adjustable strap
  • Made to carry, no wheels for push and pull
  • Designed for regular-sized bikes only
The Aophire folding bike bag is an ideal mountain bike travel bag for those who are looking for easy to load bike components. It is excellent for short travel because it is handy and effortless to carry.

2. Rockbros Bike Travel Bag Bike

Whether you have a large-sized bike or a regular-sized mountain bike, the Rockbros travel bike bag is ideal for you. It is meant to be versatile as it can accommodate different types of bikes. You can store your regular road bike, mountain bike, foldable ones, or even a small-wheeled bicycle in its sleek and well-structured design.

This unit is made up of 600D Oxford fabric – this material is known to be durable and can withstand wear and tear. So it provides the maximum level of support for your mountain bike. This bag also has a water-resistant feature. Due to its waterproof and anti-fouling lining composition, you are guaranteed that your bike can be free of moisture and dirt.

It is convenient to clean, as well. Just use a damp cloth, pat it on your bag, and it will be good as new. On the other hand, like hard mountain bike cases, this MTB travel bike has layers of support and protection. It has triple protection. The wheels have a separate compartment with adjustable fixing buckle to avoid friction between wheels. There are straps included to support the whole frame, so it will not move around when travelling.

At the bottom of the bag, there is a thickened sponge plate making it shockproof. You will also enjoy its compartments and mesh pockets for your tools and even water bottles. However, you need to disassemble your bike to fit the components conveniently inside. Moreover, if you are to store high-end mountain bikes, opt to use hardshell cases instead of this. Hard cases will guarantee that your bike can withstand heavy impacts during travel.
  • Sleek and sturdy design convenient for travelling
  • Provides maximum protection to your bike
  • Compartments and straps keep your things from moving
  • Versatile in storing small to large-sized bikes
  • Not recommended for high-end bikes
  • Need to disassemble components of your bike
If you are a bike collector and have tons of bikes in different sizes, this is the ideal MTB bag for you. You can conveniently store your bike, even the largest ones, as it can fit in the 29-inch wheeled bike as well.

3. Thule Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case

The first hard case that we recommend is the Thule Round trip sport MTB travel case. It is made from high-quality and durable polyethene material coupled with padding layers to give the best protection to your mountain bike. Like other hardshell cases, this Thule round trip sportbike travel case can easily be pushed or pulled with its integrated wheels. You can use it inside the airport conveniently when you travel.

This travel case is spacious enough and can accommodate the road and cycle cross bikes that you have. The internal dimension can run to 45×28.5×10 inches. It can fit in small to medium-sized MTBs. As an added layer of protection, this bike travel includes heavy-duty straps to keep your bike from moving inside. You will have peace of mind knowing that your MTB is safely tucked in the bag.

As it is made from a rigid material, it will take a lot of space in your hotel room or even your car when you travel. Furthermore, it is heavier than usual MTB bags that you find online. Yet, it is to ensure that all parts and components of your bag are safe and protected in its smart storage areas.
  • Designed with a tough, sturdy and resilient structure for full support and protection
  • Comes with rollers for easy navigation
  • Made to combat heavy impacts shock that might damage mountain bikes
  • It comes with a harness to keep bike components safe and protected
  • Heavier compared to other MTB cases
  • Bulky and may take some space when not in use
Some of you might not consider buying soft travel MTB bags, so this Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case is a reasonable choice for you. You can easily navigate it with its rollers and wheels designed to provide convenience when you travel.

4. Huntvp Bike Transport Carrying Case

Another softshell mountain bike carry bag in our list. Unlike other Oxford fabric bags that we mentioned, this MTB bag is made up of 1680D nylon fabrics. It is used for better stitching and crafting to make the structure more pleasing. It is best for bikes with 26 to 29 inches like regular road bikes or large-sized mountain bikes.

Like a regular travel bag designed for hand carry, it has a shoulder strap made of high quality nylon material. You can easily roll or fold it when not used. It is waterproof as well, which can protect your bike from getting wet when raining.

The bag can readily accommodate bigger bikes, yet you need to remove the front wheel and handlebar from the main structure. If you want your bike to have the maximum level of protection, this MTB case requires you to add extra padding when storing.

It has a front zipped pocket where you can store small accessories of your MTB in terms of compartments. It has a sleek and fashionable design where you can take it to a lot of places. It is lightweight, portable and less bulky, unlike other bags in the market. Easy to store and will not take a lot of space as well.
  • Lightweight and convenient for light travel
  • Can easily fold and roll and will not take a lot of space when not in use
  • Versatile enough to accommodate small, medium and large-sized mountain bikes
  • Waterproof, which can protect your MTB from dirt and getting wet
  • Require you to remove both the wheels and handlebar
  • Need extra padding for added support and protection
This Huntvp Bike Travel Bag Bicycle Transport Carrying Case is the convenient choice if you are looking for a simple yet easy to carry MTB travel bag. The design’s weight and simplicity allow it to conveniently travel without feeling heavy or loaded at the same time.

5. Evoc 100407100 Bike Travel Bag

If you are looking for a hard shell and soft shell travel case combined, this hybrid Evoc bike travel bag is the best fit for you. Manufactured by a famous brand, Evoc, you are guaranteed that it is made from durable and high-quality material. However, given its durability, it is more expensive compared to other bike bags.

It is not only durable but very versatile as well. You can store any bike that you have. It can accommodate Cross Country, All Mountain, and Enduro bikes famous for massive and heavy-duty devices. This unit is made of a hard shell, thus you can expect that the bag’s internal part is spacious for your large bikes. It has a carrying capacity of 285L, suitable for long-distance travel. It also has two wheels attached to lessen the burden of carrying it.

This product comes with a smart belt system that keeps all the bike components from moving. The parts will be held firmly to prevent them from any damage. As an added protection, it has a unique padding system as well. This mountain bike luggage can withstand any impact you might encounter travelling.
  • Suitable for individual who wants to protect both hard and soft travel cases
  • Versatile and can carry small to large MTBs
  • Intensive layers of protection with its bright belt and padding system
  • Spacious even in its simple and sleek design
  • More expensive compared to other MTB cases
It is the ideal modern travel bike case with its impressive property of the combined power of hard and soft cases. This mountain bike travel case indeed met the high expectations of bike enthusiasts. Even amateur cyclists will be impressed with the release of this carry bag.

6. B&W Bike Bag International

The B&W International Bike Bag is an affordable hybrid mountain bike carrying case. It adds double edge protection to the MTBs. The upper portion of the matter is made up of polyester material while the lower end is from high quality hard plastic. Its sophisticated design is an excellent combination of both quality and functionality.

The structure is both sleek and compact, making your travel lighter and less bulky. The size of this carrying case is big enough to accommodate larger MTBs up to 29 inches. It is made to carry different types of bikes like racing bikes and even triathlon bikes. You can expect versatility and functionality from this bag.

Since it employs a hybrid approach to its structure, it has a double layer of protection. Moreover, the lower end of the bag is made up of plastic, hence you can be assured that your MTB will be safe and secure. You do not have to worry about moving the bag around the airport, as it comes with wheels attached to a sturdy plastic structure.

An anti-shock frame was also included in the design to keep your bike from moving inside. Even with the anti-shock frame, you need to fill the spaces or gaps to control your bike from moving. It is a space saver as well because the upper end of the bag can be folded or rolled. It is waterproof to safeguard your bike from getting wet.
  • Elevated system of protection
  • Versatile to accommodate small to large MTBs
  • Sleek and compact design ideal for both short and long travels
  • Space saver as you can roll the polyester part of the bag
  • Affordable and comes with wheels for better movement
  • Pretty big that you need to add pads and fill the gaps to keep your item from moving
If you are looking for affordability and functionality combined, this mountain bike bag for plane is a great choice. The protection it provides is similar to other high-end products from other brands. You will surely enjoy carrying this on your next trip without having to worry about damaging your MTB.

7. Aophire Folding Bike Bag Thick Bicycle

If you enjoyed using an Aophire mountain bike case for air travel, this updated version of the same line is a good pick for you. The brand recently released an improved version of the folding travel MTB bag to make it more durable. You will notice that the material used is thicker and wear-resisting. However, this version is meant for hand carry as it does not come with wheels. You need to carry it all the time.

It has the same feature as the old version, yet it gives more internal space to provide your MTB room. It has a size limit of 26 to 27.5 inches regular bike as well. It is made up of 1680D Polyester material to allow flexibility when storing. You still need to remove your wheels and handlebar when putting your bike inside.

To protect your bike, the bag comes with high-quality straps where you control your MTB movement when stored. Since it is an updated version of the MTB bag, the zippers are more potent and easy to move for better packing.
  • More durable compared to the old version
  • It can easily withstand wear and tear because of its thicker material
  • The handle straps can fully support the weight of your bag
  • Easy to store when not in use as the material is foldable as well
  • Does not come with wheels, you need to carry it all the time
Since it is an improved version of the old one, except that the travel experience using this carry bag is also elevated, your MTB is much more protected because the brand used a more wear-resistant bag material.

8. Thule Round Trip Transition Bike Travel Case

This Thule Roundtrip mountain bike hard case is the most spacious and most significant on our list. It can fit your TT bikes without having to disassemble every part. The case has a base system called Click-rail that supports the overall structure of the cycle during transport. It is made from aluminum material, making it a sturdy and robust travel MTB case.

Bike enthusiasts and athletes prefer this travel case because it is convenient to use in airlines. It has an integrated bike stand that securely holds your bike in place during travel. You will not have to worry about damaging your most precious MTB during long trips. Since it is designed for easy packers, the top rail of the stand will be put into place once you click it and securely tuck in your bike.

Aside from that, it has a separate nylon bag inside that serves as a compartment for your wheels and frame. It will prevent them from contact to avoid damaging each part. Even though it is one of the most expensive bikes on our list, it will give you all the convenience and protection you need for your mountain bike.
  • Spacious and large to fit in big bikes
  • Innovative protection system with its Click-rail integrated bike stand
  • Offers maximum level of protection
  • Durable aluminum material to withstand heavy impact forces during travel
  • Easy to pack without having to disassemble every piece of the bike
  • Expensive
This TT bike travel bag is one of the most innovative bikes available in the market with an integrated bike stand. This feature is lacking in regular MTB cases. Its integrated bike stand has many purposes that allow assembling and disassembling quickly. The nylon bag that comes with it doubled the layer of protection you can give to your MTB.

9. Evoc 100407900 Multicolor Men’s Tote

Another innovative product from Evoc. This Evoc bike travel bag pro gives you the complete level of protection for your MTB. Even though it is under the soft case category, the brand has proven that its products are the perfect solutions for your MTB security concerns.

It is highly functional as it can accommodate regular bikes with a size of 26 inches and large bikes of 29 inches. It is a tremendous 29er mountain bike travel case. Compared to other models of the same brand, it is very affordable. Bike types like road, time-trial, cyclocross, and triathlon bikes can easily fit into its spacious internal compartment. It has a weight capacity of up to 280L. You are guaranteed that all your bike’s components are safe and protected.

It is made of heavy-duty nylon-ripstop with internal padding of about 10mm in terms of a protection system. It is wear-resistant and can protect your bike from being damaged or abrasion. However, as it is under the soft case category, basic protection can only be provided to your bike.

If you own a highly priced bike, you might consider hard shell models from the same brand. Your wheels will be safely secured inside because of its two padded wheel compartments. You can easily pack your bike during extended travel and conveniently move it around with its integrated bag wheels.
  • Versatile bag that can fit any bike inside
  • Accommodates regular and large size bike
  • Provides the maximum level of protection
  • Not pricey compared to other products of the same brand
  • Easy to carry with its durable handle and the integrated wheels
  • Provide essential protection, not suitable for high-end bikes
If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality MTB bag, this Evoc bike case is the right choice for you. The product provides the necessary protection that you can get for your mountain bike while being handy. Safe to carry during travels.

10. Camco Waterproof Bicycle Travel Case

The cargo bike bags for mountain bikes are fit for your regular sized MTBs. It can carry a 26 inches bike and securely hold your bike inside. It is made up of 1680 nylon fabric to complement its lightweight and waterproof design. It endured high-density webbing to ensure bag strength.

It can cope and withstand a severe environment that can cause harm to your MTB. You are guaranteed that your bike will not be harmed when put inside this travel case. However, take note that it lacks wheels for easy navigation. This bag is made to be carried when in travel.

It has a three-step packing system, which is ideal for easy packers. You just need to disassemble your bike’s front wheels, the handlebar next and put and tuck them into their respective compartments. Its zippers are easy to use, as well. You can quickly load and unload your bike without facing any zipper issues.

Another thing to enjoy in the package is the buggy bag. It is the perfect storage bag for smaller components. It has a multi-functional handle strap to help you carry it conveniently. It is designed for people who travel a lot. You can safely tuck it into your shoulder and move it toward your destination.
  • Ideal for easy packers with its three-step loading system
  • Made up of high-quality nylon fabric to ensure the strength and durability of the bag
  • Easy to carry with soft and durable handle strap
  • Lightweight and waterproof that can withstand any weather
  • Can only carry regular sized MTBs
  • No wheels for easy navigation
The Camgo mountain bike shipping case is ideal for beginners who own regular-sized bikes. With this to carry bag, you can get the necessary level of protection your MTB needed. It is convenient for packing as you do not need to disassemble every piece of your bike.

What to Look for When Buying Mountain Bike Travel Case


There are many vital factors that you should take a closer look before purchasing any mountain bike travel case. So to help you out, I have listed some of the most important things for you to consider. Kindly read through these factors with me.


Travel mountain bike suitcase comes in two forms. It is either made of hardshell or softshell. Hardshell can provide the highest level of support and protection than softshell. It is made to sustain heavy impacts and break down. Yet, it is heavier than a softshell, which can cost you more in luggage fees. Since it is not foldable, it can take up more space in a car or hotel room wherever you take it.

On the other hand, softshells are more versatile. You can fold or roll them down when not in use. It is easy to store and can take a little space when travelling. Moreover, unlike hard shells, softshells rely on padding to protect mountain bikes. They are made up of durable nylon that can sustain impacts as well. There are available high-end softshell cases that guarantee the level of support as hardshell ones. If you want both durability and versatility, you can choose a high-quality softshell mountain bike travel case.


Your mountain bike box comes in a specific size. It is the same with the available mountain bike travel cases in the market. When buying a travel case for your bike, always consider your mountain bike weight that you want to store. We recommend that you buy a bag that is big enough to take on your bike easily. The travel case should fully support your bike to give it much needed protection.

The weight and size of your mountain bike travel case also incur luggage fees when you travel. Of course, the heavier the case, the bigger the possibility that you can exceed the airlines’ weight limit.

You might pay additional fees when you choose a heavier travel case.

Some mountain bike travel cases can weigh as much as 38lbs, while others can only weigh just 13lbs. It is a significant weight difference that should always be taken into consideration.

Wheels and Handles

Your mountain bike plus the travel case that comes with it are heavy enough. Most mountain bike travel cases, especially in hard shells, have wheels to transport easily and move them. This will allow you to push or pull the point when at the airport without worrying about carrying a lot of weight.

Other mountain bike travel cases have handles or shoulder straps so you can carry them with you. They are useful for short distance walks without having something you drag all the time. Depending on your preference, you can choose wheeled travel cases or a strap mountain bike travel case.

Ease of Packing

All pbk bike travel cases require you to disassemble your bike when storing it. No case will hold your bike fully assembled. Yet, travel cases need you to disassemble most of the pieces to put them inside the bag. Some mountain bike travel cases will only require you to take the wheels off, the pedal and the seat post, and you can quickly put it inside the bag.

However, some travel cases require you to remove the rear mech or even the chainset to store it finally. It will take a lot of your time, and you need to rebuild it again when you reach your destination. If you love assembling and disassembling your mountain bike, these kinds of travel cases are perfect for you.

How to Pack a Mountain Bike in a Travel Case and Bag


As I have mentioned, mountain bag travel cases will require you to disassemble your bike before you can store it. So, here are the basic easy steps on how to pack a mountain bike:

Keep your bike clean

It is a crucial step in packing your mountain bike. Always keep your bike clean before storing it. Loose mud or dirt can mess up your cycle and make storing difficult. Ensure that all the components of your mountain bike are immaculate, especially the pedals and the wheels. Dirt and mud can add to the weight of your bike and the travel case as well.

Remove your bike’s pedals

The first component to be removed from your bike are the pedals. You can use a 6mm or 8mm Allen key to remove the pedals off your bike. After removing the pedals, put some grease or oil to keep them in good condition. Put the pedals in the side compartment of your bike to be able to get them quickly.

Remove your bike’s handlebars

The bolts or washers securing your bike’s handlebars should be removed first. Once they are released, remove the handlebars next. By removing them, you can readily store them inside the case without being bulky.

Remove or compress your bike’s seat post

There are two types of seat post on a mountain bike. It is either a fixed seatpost or dropper seatpost. If your mountain bike has a fixed seatpost, remove it. On the other hand, your bike’s dropper seatpost should be compressed to its shortest form. In this sense, it can easily be inserted into your travel bag.

Remove your bike’s wheels

Most mountain bike travel cases have wheel compartments to better protect them from impact and breakage. It would be best to separate the wheels, fork, and frame to store them in their respective containers. After which, deflate your tires to make them less bulky. There are two types of tires on a bike. If your bike wheels were run with inner tubes, you need to deflate them completely. If it is tubeless, do not let the air out entirely to not encounter re-inflation problems.

Remove the rear derailleur and rotors

Other essential parts of your bike to be removed are the rear derailleur and rotors. They should be detached from the frame to avoid damaging them. The rear derailleur should be secured and wrapped with bubble wrap to prevent them from getting lost. Each rotor should be put in a separate plastic bag or Ziploc to keep it clean and lube-free.

Secure your bike components with straps and braces

Mountain bike travel cases have straps and braces meant to secure the pieces of your bike inside. The frame should be confirmed with internal straps not to move and change position when travelling. Your handlebars and tube sections can be secured with padding as well. Smaller and lightweight items removed from your bike can be stored with padding too. After that, you can put them in the main compartment.

Put some extra padding and fill-in the gaps

For added layers of protection and peace of mind, put on some extra padding and fill in the gaps once you put all the components in their respective compartments. Internal straps may not be enough, especially when you will travel long and far. The key to secure your bike is filling in the gaps to prevent the bike’s components from moving around.


There are plenty of bike bags available in shops or even online. To get a suitable case for your MTBs, you need to determine your bike’s size and measurement. Next is the level of protection you want to give to your MTBs.

The best mountain bike travel case we listed above has a lot of variety, which you can weigh before purchasing. We also have listed down affordable and high-end mountain bike bags depending on your category as a cyclist.

Hopefully, the cases we mentioned above made your purchasing decision more comfortable and faster. Of course, the key is to be specific with your needs and your MTB needs as well.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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EVOC, Bike Travel Bag XL, Bicycle travel bag, Olive
  • HYBRID CONSTRUCTION: Bike Travel Bag Pro has a hybrid construction that combines the advantages of a hard-shell case with the ease of use of a soft...
  • PROTECTS YOUR BIKE: Intelligent reinforcing elements provide maximum protection with minimal weight to protect your bike when traveling by airplane
  • VERSATILE: The bike travel bag fits Plus- and Fat Bikes as well as Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill, 26", 27.5", 29", Gravel,...
  • TRAVELS EASY: Road bike travel case has a capacity of 285 liters, 2 wheel compartments, a reinforced fork mount, smooth-rolling wheels, and multiple...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: evoc warrants that the products are free of any defect in workmanship and material. The warranty period for all products shall be 24...
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Thule RoundTrip Transition – Hard Shell Bike Travel Case with Built-in Repair Stand
  • The combination of ABS construction and the aluminum click-rail protects bike during transport
  • Integrated wheels for easy transport
  • Integrated bike stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and work stand
  • Easy to pack and assemble making traveling easy
  • For road, mountain and cyclotrons bikes up to and over a 46"/116.8 cm wheelbase
Bestseller No. 3
evoc, Bike Travel Bag Pro, Black, 310L, pro (2019) w/ bike stand (100406229)
  • Molded bottom case with an extra wide monocoque wheel chassis with smooth running skate wheels and front-to-end aluminium slide rail it offer a...
  • Fits most: Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill bikes up to 29", Gravel, Road and Triathlon bikes
  • External, separate wheel compartments with disc protection
  • Includes bike stand, clip on wheel 2.0 and frame pad
  • 310L, 10000g / 147 x 36 x 85cm / Maximum wheel base: 130cm
Bestseller No. 4
CyclingDeal Bike Travel Case - 700c Bikes - Bicycle Air Flights Travel Hard Case Box Bag EVA Material Lightweight & Durable with TSA Lock - Great for...
  • COMPATIBILITY: The case is suitable for 700C road bikes with QR and Thru axles wheels & Not compatible with MTBs and integrated seatpost & The case...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The case is formed by EVA material under 200 degree heat, the surface thickness is 1cm, and the hardness (Hs) is up to 80. It is...
  • PROTECTION: Thanks for the hard shell massive storage design of this bike travel case, so you can take your beloved bikes anywhere in this world...
  • QUICK ACTION: The excellent quality wheels secure your travelling more smoothly and effortlessly. Soft handles on top and side of the case help you...
  • SECURITY: The thick layer will protect the wheels and frame for impacting each other, various stout buckles, straps and strong integrated industrial...
Bestseller No. 5
Evoc Bike Travel Bag - Bike Travel Case for Airplanes, Trains, and Car Travel - Black, 285L
  • Complete protection for your ride; fits mountain (yes, 650b and 29'ers too), road, time-trial, cyclocross, and triathlon bicycles
  • Integrated padding for drivetrain protection; two padded wheel compartments
  • Heavy duty nylon-ripstop with 10 mm padding; abrasion resistant panels in high wear areas
  • Smooth inline-skate wheels with sealed bearings; stable and easy to use
Bestseller No. 6
Thule RoundTrip Sport – Hard Shell Bike Travel Case
  • Durable polyethylene construction with integrated wheels for easy transport
  • Dividers keep wheels separated from frame
  • 47" x 30½" x 10½" (outer), 45" x 28½" x 10" (inner)
SaleBestseller No. 7
SCICON AEROTECH Evolution X TSA Hardshell Bike Travel Case - TSA Approved Bike Travel Bag
  • Developed and engineered in Italy, the aerotech evolution X TSA is one of the lightest and robust bike cases available.
  • The aerotech evolution X TSA has been developed around the geometry of race bikes and has a dedicated space for all bike components.
  • The clever suspended frame System (SFM), holds your bike frame firmly in place, providing extra stability and safety, just like a car's seatbelt.
  • Reinforced travel sentry approved TSA key locks ensure the safety of the bike as well as access to the bike case to customs authorities in the USA,...
  • Developed with, and tested by, leading professional cycling teams and world-class athletes, the SCICON aerotech evolution X TSA is the first choice of...