12 Best Bike Water Bottle Holders 2024 – Carry Water with Ease

Cycling increases your heart rate while you burn calories every second. It is advisable that you engage in the activity more regularly. And to make the best out of it, you should hydrate yourself constantly in the process. Thus, you need a compatible holder to keep drinking water nearby.

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Accmor 2pcs Bike Water Bottle Holders No Screws, Universal Bike Cup Holder, 360 Degree Rotatable Bike Water Bottle Cage, Water Bottle Holders for Kids...
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UShake Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
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IBERA Bike Water Bottle Holder with Lightweight Material for Maximum Performance. Bike Cup Holder Easy to Install, Water Bottle Holder for Bike, Bike...
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Product Name
Accmor 2pcs Bike Water Bottle Holders No Screws, Universal Bike Cup Holder, 360 Degree Rotatable Bike Water Bottle Cage, Water Bottle Holders for Kids...
UShake Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
IBERA Bike Water Bottle Holder with Lightweight Material for Maximum Performance. Bike Cup Holder Easy to Install, Water Bottle Holder for Bike, Bike...
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Cage with Secure Retention System , for Road Mountain Bikes (MTB) Universal
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Editor's Pick
Accmor 2pcs Bike Water Bottle Holders No Screws, Universal Bike Cup Holder, 360 Degree Rotatable Bike Water Bottle Cage, Water Bottle Holders for Kids...
Product Name
Accmor 2pcs Bike Water Bottle Holders No Screws, Universal Bike Cup Holder, 360 Degree Rotatable Bike Water Bottle Cage, Water Bottle Holders for Kids...
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
UShake Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
Product Name
UShake Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
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Amazon Prime
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IBERA Bike Water Bottle Holder with Lightweight Material for Maximum Performance. Bike Cup Holder Easy to Install, Water Bottle Holder for Bike, Bike...
Product Name
IBERA Bike Water Bottle Holder with Lightweight Material for Maximum Performance. Bike Cup Holder Easy to Install, Water Bottle Holder for Bike, Bike...
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Amazon Prime
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PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Cage with Secure Retention System , for Road Mountain Bikes (MTB) Universal
Product Name
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder - Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Cage with Secure Retention System , for Road Mountain Bikes (MTB) Universal
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A bottle holder allows cyclists to store water bottles without carrying a bag, making it convenient for cyclists. To help you choose the best bike water bottle holder with ease, here’re thorough reviews on widely-used models. You will be amazed by how this accessory improves your biking experience considerably.

Top Picks of 2024

1. Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder

Our first entry is the Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder with an advanced plastic steel construction. The material used results in a lightweight yet strong bottle holder, holding up to 27 ounces despite weighing around 4.75 ounces. It’s also worth mentioning that the cage is large enough to accommodate bottles with a diameter of 2.5 ” to 3.3 “.

This Accmor bottle holder offers a tight grip. In detail, the manufacturer added anti-slip pads to the clamps to improve its stability. You can also lodge different containers like mugs and tumblers into this bottle cage. Besides, this product has a quick release function so you can take whatever’s in the cage easily.

Another feature that impressed me is the 360° rotatable pedestal, delivering optimal flexibility. The brand also made it so that you can adjust the screws to change the direction and position of the bottle holder for a better fit on your bike frames.

Best of all, due to its clip-on clamp, you don’t need tools to attach this cage, and it usually takes only a couple of seconds. Plus, the clamp is suitable for 0.6 to 1.7” tubes. You can also choose whether you’ll mount it vertically or horizontally.

Unfortunately, the clamp can be a bit wobbly on rough rides, especially when you put in the cage a heavy and oversized water bottle.
  • Advanced plastic steel, weighs 4.75 ounces and carries up to 27 ounces
  • Holds bottles with 2.5″ to 3.3″ diameter
  • Comes with anti-slip pads for improved stability
  • 360° rotatable pedestal and adjustable screws
  • Clamp suitable to 0.6 to 1.7″ diameter tubes
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Screws has an unsatisfactory design
The Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder is quite popular due to its affordability, but that’s not the only thing it can boast about since its features are also useful.

2. USHAKE Water Bottle Cages

One product that I like due to its durability is the USHAKE Water Bottle Cages. This product is made of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. Such high-quality material is heat-treated for further reinforcement.

I appreciate that the coating doesn’t wear off or corrode easily. As its surface has gone through anodic oxidation to improve the coating adhesion, it can endure scratches and last longer. It’s also worth noting that this cage can hold fragile plastic water bottles.

On that note, this product is strong enough to store 26-oz bottles. The arms of the cage are tight yet bendable, so you can secure water bottles with a diameter of 2.7″ to 3 “. Plus, this bottle cage only weighs 2.1 ounces , adding no further burden.

Notably, this cage can be easily installed using a 4mm Hex key, which, thankfully, already comes with the package along with four M5x12 screws. Therefore, you can quickly attach this holder to your bike frame, given that there are threaded or drilled holes.

Despite its great performance so far, I noticed that this holder, due to its aluminum material, tends to scratch water bottles with the same material. So you should be careful if you don’t want to ruin your water bottle. Fortunately, the brand openly addresses this issue to warn users.
  • 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with heat treatment
  • Anodized oxidation coating resists scratches and corrosion
  • Suitable for plastic water bottles and 26-oz bottles
  • Bendable arms for bottles with 2.6″ to 3″ diameter
  • Lightweight holder measuring 2.1 ounces
  • Comes with 4mm Hex key and four M5x12 screws for quick installation
  • Might scratch aluminum water bottles
The USHAKE Water Bottle Cages is among the most lightweight holders that I’ve used. With its flexibility, lightweight, and durable characteristics, I highly recommend you to check out this water bottle holder for bike.

3. Ibera Water Bottle Cage

The Ibera Water Bottle Cage is another lightweight product that I took a liking to. This bottle holder is constructed out of heat-treated 6061 T5 aluminum, so you can expect a relatively strong cage. What really surprised me is how light this product is, with a weight of only 1.5 ounces.

As for its specifications, this product can hold standard-sized water bottles with a diameter of around 3″. You can quickly take the bottle out of its holder while cycling due to its flare-top opening. Such an ovalized design allows users to store small cups and bags, making it multi-purpose.

The package comes with a set of 4 standard screws, yet without a 4mm Hex key. You might want to prepare the tool beforehand to fasten this cage for use right away. Plus, the oval mounting holes make it easy to fine-tune the position of the cage.

The brand also offers a one-year warranty and applies a 30-day money-back policy, so there’s no risk involved. The main problem, however, is that the coating has a low adhesion and tends to rub off on the holder and it’ll eventually end up losing its paintwork.
  • Heat-treated 6061 T5 aluminum
  • Compatible with bottles with around 3″ diameter
  • Flared top opening for easy bottle removing
  • Comes with four m5x12 screws and oval mounting holes for fine-tuning
  • One year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Coating rubs off the holder
The Ibera brand is popular for its bike accessory products and it seems that the Ibera Water Bottle Cage is a success. It fulfills its purpose and provides extra utility. There’s no reason to pass on this product.

4. PRO BIKE TOOL Water Bottle Holder

If you look for a versatile bottle cage, I suggest checking out the PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder. In truth, its flexible design with 0.2/0.5cm increments can fit standard and oversized water bottles.

Furthermore, this product is made of heat-treated aluminum alloy, so you can be sure that you’ll get a strong and durable bottle cage.

Due to its lightweight material, the bottle holder only weighs 1.7 ounces, so it always surprises me that this product can carry 20 oz to 33 oz bottles.

Best of all, the manufacturer indeed put much effort into crafting this accessory for your sleek bicycle. In fact, the polished and powder-coated finish offers not only a shiny look, but also ease of cleaning.

Installation is quick and seamless since the ergonomic mounting hole makes it easy to fine-tune the cage’s position. The manufacturer also added two stainless steel bolts to further improve the product’s security.

The bottle cage also has a secure retention system, so there’s no need to worry about losing your water bottle when cycling at high speeds.

The only flaw of this product is that it’s too tight, so your bottles are secured but it might be difficult to take them out while cycling.
  • Flexible design adjustable in 0.2/0.5 increments,
  • Secure retention system
  • Heat-treated aluminum alloy, Polished and powder-coated finish
  • Weighs 1.7 ounces, Carries 20 oz to 33 oz bottles
  • Ergonomic mounting holes, Two stainless steel mounting bolts
  • Bottles are difficult to remove as they are secured too tightly
The material used is high-quality, while the manufacturing process is meticulous. Without a doubt, the PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Holder is perhaps the best bicycle water bottle holder in its price range.

5. FiveBox Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

“Simple” is what best describes the FiveBox Bicycle Water Bottle Cage – an aluminum alloy bottle holder with a rigid and robust structure despite its basic design. I’m also fond of its neat appearance, as it does not obstruct.

The brand does not mention the bottle cage’s capability, but we know that it weighs 3.5 ounces, which is pretty lightweight for its solid construction. From what I’ve seen, medium-sized water bottles can fit well in this holder and with a secure grip too. In case it is too tight or loose, adjustments are possible since the cage is bendable.

Given that the bike frame consists of threaded holes, installation should be a breeze. After all, two screws are included in the package and can be fastened by a 4 mm Hex key. Since these screws are in the standard size, you can seek replacement easily if one of them falls out.

Furthermore, you have four different color options when shopping for this FiveBox model. You can either go for the basic black or white piece, depending on your bike’s design and vibe. Or else, blue and red holders are also refreshing alternatives.

I’m a bit discontent that disposable water bottles do not fit on this bottle holder. They might either fall out or get crushed.
  • Durable and strong aluminum alloy
  • Simple but practical design with bendable arms
  • Fits medium-sized water bottles with a secure grip
  • Comes with two screws for installation
  • Four color options: black, white, red, and blue
  • Not suitable for water plastic bottles
While it’s true that the FiveBox Bicycle Water Bottle Cage does not offer something grand, its simplicity is enough. The brand doesn’t overdo it with the features, yet the product can still fulfill its primary purpose.

6. LX LERMX Bike Water Bottle Cages

LX LERMX offers excellent convenience in a package including one Bike Water Bottle Cage and one high-quality water bottle.

This aluminum-alloy water bottle holder for bikes is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process, which involves heat-treatment and anodic oxidation. Hence, the final product we have in hand is lightweight and durable.

Furthermore, this model also gives an aesthetic look to your bike, especially with its smooth surface. Not to mention, the coating is firm and doesn’t rub off, preserving this holder’s nice look for a long time.

Apart from such a fantastic bolder, this set also brings you a well-made water bottle. As a BPA-free bottle, it does not have an unpleasant taste or smell and is eco-friendly too. Since the product is made of premium food-grade material, it is safe to bring either hot or cold water.

Besides, this water bottle fits in its holder, which is 2.5 x 6 inches, so this holder should be able to hold standard-sized water bottles.

Aside from the actual product, you also get perks from the brand. These include a 180-day guarantee coupled with lifetime customer service, which is perfect if you know little about bottle holder installation.

However, the bottle holder has a sharp edge at the bottom that might scratch your legs if you position it too low.
  • Anodic oxidized, heat-treated aluminum alloy
  • Firm, adhesive, and smooth coating
  • Comes with a BPA-free and food-grade bottle
  • The bottle cage is small with a size of 2.5 “x6” for portability
  • 180-day guarantee for replacement or refund, and lifetime customer service
  • Bottle bottom has a sharp edge that might scratch our legs
The bonus water bottle is indeed what made me interested in the LX LERMX Bike Water Bottle Cages, but you’ll also be inclined to get this product once you take a closer look at its features.

7. Aduro Bike Water Bottle Holder

At first glance, the Aduro Bike Water Bottle Holder is similar to most standard products, but its performance makes it stand out.

This lightweight aluminum alloy cage has been heat-treated, explaining its firm and solid construction despite weighing only 2.1 ounces. Plus, the product is water-resistant to withstand moderate rain.

Most users appreciate the practical and streamlined design of this bottle holder. For one, the flared edges provide a smooth process of taking the water bottles in and out of the holder. Its ovalized mounting holes allow users to fine-tune and make adjustments to the cage’s position on the frame.

Moreover, four steel bolts and an Allen key are included in the package, so you should have everything you need to install the cage. Since the bolts fit on standard frames, you should be able to fit this bottle holder on road bikes, electric, touring, road, hybrid bicycles.

Lastly, its arms are bendable, allowing us to tightly secure bottles with a diameter of 2.75″ to 3″. But it is larger than expected; thus it is tricky to fit small bottles weighing less than 16oz.
  • 1 ounces heat-treated aluminum alloy material
  • Flared edges for smooth and secure grip
  • Oval mounting holes for fine-tuning and easy adjustments
  • Comes with four steel bolts and an Allen key
  • Adjustable arms for flexibility
  • Has a limited bottle size range
The Aduro Bike Water Bottle Holder appeals to most users with its simple yet sleek design. Notably, it’s durable and solid enough to handle light or heavy bottles.

8. 50 Strong Bike Bottle Holder

If you are looking for paired water bottles and holders, check out this set from the 50 Strong brand.

On purchasing this package, you get two 22 oz water bottles. These products are made of durable and lightweight polyethylene. We can squeeze the bottles with minimal effort. And, the same goes for opening or closing the caps.

The brand uses BPA-free plastic to construct these bottles and makes them dishwasher-safe. Thus, not only are they safe for your health, and they are also easy to clean. Besides, this dishwasher-safe product can withstand high temperatures, so hot environments and weather conditions should be no problem.

You also get two durable and lightweight plastic bike bottle holders. From my experience, the holders can store most bottle sizes with a secure grip, including the free bottles, of course. In case of accidents or defects, the manufacturer guarantees customers to have a replacement or a refund anytime.

Beyond that, the installation process can be a bit tricky. In truth, you might need to drill holes or buy adapters to attach these cages to your bike if it is currently without predrilled holes.
  • Comes with 22 oz polyethylene easy-to-squeeze water bottles
  • Bottles are made of BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe
  • Caps of bottles are easy to open and close
  • Durable and long-lasting plastic holders
  • Offers guarantee including refund and replacement
  • Might require drilling holes or purchasing adapters for installation
The 50 Strong Bike Bottle Holder with Water Bottle is known to come with high-quality bottles. This is also why I was tempted to buy the product, but the bottle holders themselves are also high-quality, so it’s a win-win.

9. Suruid Bike Water Bottle Cage

As a proud owner of the Suruid Bike Water Bottle Cage, I might as well include it in this list.

This bottle holder for bicycles is constructed out of high-grade PC – a material known for its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties.

We should give the brand credit for creating a holder with a similar structure to an enclosed cage. With its arms wrapping around the bottle, you can have peace of mind that your bottles are safe.

This holder can store standard and even oversized water bottles. What’s more, it’s also characterized by smooth edges, so the bottles should be safe from scratches.

Due to its design, this product can be considered a water bottle cage for mountain bike, hybrids, touring bikes, and other types. Since the package includes four mounting screws, installing the bottle holder on any kind of bike should be a breezy task.

My only problem with this product is that the cages are not very durable. It’s true that it’s resistant to corrosion and is decent enough for its price, but it’s not a good idea to use this often for rough and bumpy trips.
  • Corrosion-resistant, lightweight holder, made of high-grade PC material
  • Enclosed structure to ensure the safety of bottles
  • Package includes four mounting screws
  • Firm retention system, suitable for standard and oversized water bottles
  • Smooth edges prevent scratches to bottles
  • Not durable enough for rough trips
The Suruid Bike Water Bottle Cage is a simple bottle holder for bikes, but its performance speaks volumes. Most of the bottles I lodge in the cage fits snugly, and there’s minimal shaking or rattling, so I highly recommend this.

10. IRON JIA’S Water Bottle Cage

Another highly-recommended product for your cycling trips is the IRON JIA’S Water Bottle Cage.

Unlike most bottle holders, this one is made of carbon fiber – a material is known for being super strong and super light simultaneously, which I can tell is true based on my experience with the product. In fact, this holder is the lightest product I’ve seen so far, weighing only 0.88 ounces.

You can also notice the high level of craftsmanship in making this product. In detail, the edges are smooth, and the structure is tough. These features not only help prevent the cage from scratching the bottles or your hands; they also make it easier to take your bottle from the cage despite its secure grip.

This carbon fiber cage is suitable for a variety of bike types and water bottles, and since it comes with two mounting screws, you have one less problem to think about.

Unfortunately, the cage’s arms are not bendable, so it only accommodates a specific size of bottles that, in this case, are those with a diameter of 72 to 74mm.
  • Strong and lightweight carbon fiber material with a high level of craftsmanship
  • Weighs only 0.88 ounces
  • Smooth edges make it easy to take the bottle from the cage
  • Secure grip and tough structure and prevents scratching the bottles
  • Suitable for bottles with 72 to 74mm diameter
  • Includes two mounting screws
  • Cage is not bendable or adjustable
The IRON JIA’S Water Bottle Cage is a one-of-a-kind bottle holder. It’s made of carbon fiber, which is quite unusual for such a product, but it turns out great since it is lightweight and durable. I highly suggest checking it out.

11. Epessa Bike Water Bottle Cage

An affordable option for buyers with a tight budget is the Epessa Bike Water Bottle Cage. It is an easy-to-install product that is both lightweight and sturdy, making our cycling sessions more enjoyable.

As expected, the cage is built with high-grade PC material. As a result, it can withstand break and tear despite frequent use on rough rides. Plus, the piece only weighs 2 ounces, ensuring no burden to our bike frame.

What benefit most users is this bottle cage compatibility with most water bottles. It is mainly because the cage is adjustable in 0.6-inch increments, and it has a maximum bottle capacity of 650ml. Simply put, the bottle holder should be able to handle standard-sized and even large water bottles without scratching their surface.

Another commendable detail about this product is the oval mounting holes of the cage. These components make it possible to tighten the cage, minimizing the chance of screws getting loose. Partnered with four M5x12mm screws, installation shouldn’t take long, as long as your bike frame has drilled holes.

  • Very affordable lightweight, high-quality PC bottle
  • Versatile design allow adjustments in 0.6 inches
  • Maximum bottle capacity of 650ml
  • Doesn’t scratch bottles
  • Oval mounting holes allow for calibrations on the position of the cage
  • Includes four M5x12mm screws
  • Comes with a low-profile look
The Epessa Bike Water Bottle Cage prides itself on its low price, yet it performs as well as other bottle holders. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and for that, I can say for sure that it’s more than worth its price.

12. TOSEEK Water Bottle Cages

Our last entry is the TOSEEK Water Bottle Cages, another bottle holder made of carbon fiber. Users vouched for this product’s practical design.

The model is made of inorganic Toray T800 polymer fiber, made up of more than 90% carbon, resulting in a lightweight bottle cage.

With its gloss/matt finish, the surface is very smooth, contributing to the product’s aesthetic look. Besides, the manufacturer adds a line in blue, red, silver, or white color to its black cover, offering buyers more choices to match with their bikes.

As a carbon fiber cage, it only weighs 0.88 ounces, and taking its size of 7x15cm into account, you’ll hardly notice the burden added by the cage. Moreover, you should be able to lodge bottles with a diameter of 72 to 74mm into the holder firmly.

Furthermore, the bike can fit on mountain bikes, road bikes, and even folding bikes, assuming the bike has drilled holes.

The package includes two cages with two screws each, so installation is under some minutes max. But since the manufacturer sometimes delivers a bike water bottle holder no screws included, you might need to contact them and ask for the missing pieces.
  • Toray T800 polymer fiber with 90% carbon
  • Gloss/matt finish for the smooth and aesthetic surface
  • Weighs 0.88 ounces with a size of 7x15cm for portability
  • Firm grip suitable for bottles with 72 to 74mm diameter
  • Suitable for folding bikes, road bikes, and mounting bikes
  • Comes with two screws for each bottle holder
  • Package can sometimes come without the mounting screws
Despite its simple appearance, the TOSEEK Water Bottle Cages is strong enough to handle heavy water bottles and durable enough to last for quite some time. Overall, this is a product that I would buy again if needed.

What to Look for When Buying Bike Water Bottle Holder


To help you better understand which product is ideal for your current needs, here are some factors to consider.

High-Quality Material

Bottle cages can be made with different materials. Some of the most common materials include plastic, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber.

Aluminum alloy is heavier than carbon fiber or plastic, and this material is fairly durable. It also offers an aesthetic appearance to the bottle cage. Plastic is the lightest among these three but is the least durable. Meanwhile, carbon fiber is both lightweight and robust, but holders constructed of this material tend to be more expensive.

Ergonomic Design

Just like how there are different materials, you will also encounter different designs. There will be products with edges of different styles and mounting holes of different shapes. I suggest looking for a bottle cage with smooth edges and oval mounting holes since these are usually the most practical design for such a product.

Secure Grip

Since you’re most likely going to use your favorite water bottles when cycling, you need a product with a secure grip to prevent losing your bottle. After all, the main purpose of a water bottle bike holder is to secure your water bottles.

It’s important to note that a secure grip results from a high-quality material incorporated with a great design. You should also look for products with a smooth texture that does not scratch water bottles. This is a crucial feature for cyclists who often ride roughly, and an example of this is the Yeti Bike Water Bottle Holder.

Easy to Access

It’s also vital that the bottle cage is not too tightening that you will have a hard time removing the bottle while cycling. Simply put, there should be a balance between ease of access and security.

Weight Capacity

Although a bike water bottle cage is durable, it’s a good idea to look for products that have an impressive weight capacity. For your reference, a bottle holder can handle 600ml water bottles, while more robust products should be able to handle up to 750ml. The capacity should also vary depending on your preferences.


The last factor to consider is size. As you may already know, a bottle holder should be able to fit on your bike frames. While this is easy to achieve, the cage should also be big enough to store standard oversized water bottles. It would be even better if the product is an adjustable bike water bottle holder.

Speaking of which, you might be wondering about the correlation between water bottles and bottle holders.

What Size Water Bottle Fits in a Bike Holder


Two measurements must be considered when looking for a water bottle holder: (1) the diameter and (2) the weight capacity.

The first measurement, which is the cage or holder’s diameter, is what you first consider when checking if your water bottle can fit in the holder. Most cyclists look for a holder that has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

Luckily, most brands make sure the holder can be adjusted so it can accommodate wider water bottles. However, this is not the same for the second measurement, which involves the volume.

Just like any other container, a water bottle cage can only carry so much, and unlike the diameter, you can’t adjust this. Exceeding the weight capacity may result in an accident. That’s why it’s important to consider if the cage can carry your water bottle.

As a reference, a typical bottle holder can carry up to 20 ounces, which translates to 600-ml water bottles. Still, you need to consider exceptions like when you go touring.

Many cyclists that often go touring recommend carrying an oversized water bottle, which means the holder must also be strong enough to handle up to 750ml and large enough to accommodate water bottles with a diameter of 3 inches. One example of this is the bike water bottle holder for Hydro Flask.

Where Does the Water Bottle Holder Go On a Bike

If this is your first time installing a bottle holder on your bike, remember that it can be mounted on different parts of the frames. Usually, a bottle cage is mounted on drilled holes, so any part of the bike frames with holes should be a viable location. For your information, here’s a closer look at different parts where a bottle holder can go:

  • At the top of the down tube
  • Under the down tube
  • Top of the seat tube

Do Bottle Holders Fit All Bikes

As I have said in the beginning, the bottle holder must be compatible with the bike. On that note, no, bottle holders do not fit all bikes. Bicycles usually have eyelets where bike extensions can sit. This can be a pannier rack, side holder, or a bottle holder. However, not all bikes have eyelets, so the owner should drill holes manually.

Ultimately, you should be able to fit your bottle holder as long as your bike frames have eyelets. Unfortunately, this is not always true. You will encounter bottle holders that are too large that they interfere with your pedaling. So even with eyelets, not all bottle holders fit all types of bicycles.


Whether you prefer touring, racing, or leisure riding, a water bottle is a must-have for all cyclists. Unfortunately, carrying such an item on your bike on your rack can be quite dangerous since they do not provide secure housing to bottles.

This buying guide on the best bike water bottle holder will provide you with several options, each with its own charm. Hopefully, you can find a product that compliments your water bottles and your bike’s structure.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Lamicall Bike Water Bottle Holder - [for 1.9-2.8" Diameter Bottles] [for Handlebar & Frame] Motorcycle Cup Holder, Bicycle Drink Cage with Screw Tool,...
  • 【 Fit 1.96" - 2.8" Bottles】 ❗NOTICE: The min bottle diameter is 1.9"(50mm), the max bottle diameter is 2.8"(70mm). The bicycle water bottle...
  • 【 Anti-slip Protection】 The arm of the motorcycle bottle cage will wrap around the bottle for a secure and firm hold so you don't have to worry...
  • 【 Fit Horizontal or Vertical Bar】 Unlike the other old designs, this bike cup holder can be installed on the horizontal or vertical handlebars or...
  • 【 Wide Application】 You can also use the bicycle drink holder without the bar clamp to install it on bike down tube and seat tube. So literally...
  • 【 Easy Installation & Durable】This bike water bottle cage mount only takes a few seconds to install. Attached tools to quickly install or remove....
Bestseller No. 2
Suruid Bike Water Bottle Cage, Universal Drink Holder, Durable Ultralight and Plastic for Bicycle, Cycling, MTB, Road/Mountain Bikes, 2 Pack - Black
  • Durable Quality - The water bottle cage made of high quality PC material, durable, lightweight, will not attrit the bicycle frame and easy to install....
  • Secure and Sturdy Bottle Retention System - Ensures a full bottle stays firmly in place when riding. Fits most standard & over sized bike water...
  • Quick & Easy to Install - Including necessary mounting fittings, the screws are standard size for water bottle mounts to most of bikes with drilled...
  • Better Design - The water bottle holder has arms that wrap around the bottle for a secure and firm hold so you don't have to worry about it falling...
  • Stay Hydrated on Ride- Quick & Easy access to your bike water bottle when you need it. Buy 2 bottle cages to stay hydrated for those extra long rides,...
SaleBestseller No. 3
ROCKBROS Bike Water Bottle Holder Ultra-Light Bicycle Bottle Cages with Screws Tool, Universal Bike Cup Holder Rack for Road MTB Bikes…
  • 【Secure and Sturdy】***Please note that if you have received the wrong color, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will take care of it for...
  • 【Wear-resistant Quality】The bike water bottle holder made of high quality PC material, ultra-light, only 35g, will not attrit the bicycle frame...
  • 【Easy to Install】 With free installation tool and two pairs of screws. Even if your kids go to Install. It takes less than 60 seconds to install...
  • 【Universal Fit】This lightweight water bottle holder is designed to fit most sized of cycling water bottles. Specifically designed for a cyclist,...
  • 【Colorful Design】: Has a nice finish that doesn't scratch or mark the bottle. Perfect color match to your frame. It is more safer and flexible,...
SaleBestseller No. 4
UShake Water Bottle Cages, Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets(2 Pack- Drilled Holes Required)
  • 4 X M5 x 12 SCREWS INCLUDED: The screws are standard size for water bottle mounts to most of bikes with DRILLED HOLES, and washers are suggested for...
  • 6061-T6 HEAT-TREATED ALUMINIUM ALLOY: High quality material and manufacturing process for extra strength and durability combined with low weight, 2.1...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Use a 4mm hex key (included) to fasten cages in screw holes on frame. PLEASE NOTE - bike frame requires threaded holes for...
  • WATER BOTTLES FIT: 26 OZ water bottle can fit snugly; min bottle diameter is 2.75inch(68.9mm) max bottle diameter is 3inch(76.2mm). The water bottle...
  • Back up from USHAKE : These Bike Water Bottle Holders are designed to be used for long term, if there is any issues about the product, please inform...
SaleBestseller No. 5
FiveBox Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder for Outdoor Activities
  • Water Bottles Fit: 23/24/25/26/27/28 OZ water bottles can fit snugly, other bottles like 30 oz, If the bottle is tall, then yes. accurately, it is...
  • Standard Size: 2 screws Included, It's 56mm-71mm range for the mounting screw distance, don’t worry, it is standard size, fit different brands of...
  • High quality: Made of Aluminum Alloy, anti-rust, extra strength and durability combined with low weight.
  • Easy installation: Use a 4mm hex key (Not included) to fasten cages in screw holes on frame. Please Note - bike frame requires threaded holes for...
  • Flexible Design: The water bottle cage has arms that wrap around the bottle for a secure and firm hold so you don't have to worry about it falling out...
Bestseller No. 6
Bike Water Bottle Cages, LERMX Basic Mountain Bicycle Accessories Lightweight Universal Bicycle Water Bottle Holder with Water Bottle Cages for...
  • [Top-tier Bike Water Bottle Cage] Crafted with utmost precision and employing premium heat-treated materials, our exceptional water bottle cage is...
  • [Elegant and Scratch-Free Bottle Cage] Boasting a flawlessly sleek surface, our exquisite bottle cage ensures that your cherished water bottle remains...
  • [Versatile Water Bottle Holders] Meticulously engineered to accommodate both standard-sized water bottles and compact Bluetooth speakers, our...
  • [Includes a BPA-Free Water Bottle] Indulge in the eco-conscious delight of our BPA-free, environmentally friendly water bottle, which accompanies this...
SaleBestseller No. 7
MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder - 2 Pack Water Bottle for Universal Holders Bike, Boat, UTV/ATV, Scooter, Wheelchair etc Cage with Net Pocket and Cord Lock...
  • SECURE 3-POINT FIXED DESIGN: Protect your bottles from falling off as you ride - the bike bottle holder can be easily installed with just three...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: MIZATTO cup holder fits 0.9'' to 2'' bar. No tools required, just install by your hand, an installation video on the listing.
  • WITH TIGHTENING DRAWSTRING: Adjustable drawstring design for almost kinds of cups and water bottles. Perfectly hold your 12-32 oz cans of beer, large...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: Not just a cup holder! It is also ideal to hold bottle, cell phone, wall charger and much more to make your item organized.
  • KEEP YOUR DRINK HOT/COLD: Our water bottle holder with PEVA thermal insulation layer is designed to keep your drinks cold in hot weather and warm in...