12 Best Bike Handlebar Bags 2024 – Bikepacking Made Easy

Cyclists often carry a handful of necessities before going on a cycling adventure. Alas, most bikes don’t have a built-in container. That’s why there’s such a thing as a handlebar bag. This convenient accessory allows cyclists to carry all kinds of objects from tiny keys to large water bottles. If you’re knowledgeable, you can even get a bag that offers additional utilities, and that’s what this buying guide is for.

WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag, Water Resistant Bicycle Basket Front Bag with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Cycling 3L Storage Pouch For Mountain Road MTB...
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Roswheel 11494 5L Capacity Bike Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle Basket Cycling Accessories Pack, Grey
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WOTOW Bike Waterproof Handlebar Bag, Bicycle Front Basket Pack with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Reflective Storage Pouch 3L for Men Women Kids Outdoor...
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WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag, Water Resistant Bicycle Basket Front Bag with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Cycling 3L Storage Pouch For Mountain Road MTB...
OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag 4L, Waterproof 4-Layer Bike Bags for Bicycles with Phone Holder, Bike Handlebar Bags, Bicycle Handlebar Bag for Road,...
Roswheel 11494 5L Capacity Bike Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle Basket Cycling Accessories Pack, Grey
WOTOW Bike Waterproof Handlebar Bag, Bicycle Front Basket Pack with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Reflective Storage Pouch 3L for Men Women Kids Outdoor...
Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag,Bike Front Bag Road Bike Bag Bike Frame Bag Bike Basket Bag Bicycle Bag Professional Cycling Accessories
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Amazon Prime
WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag, Water Resistant Bicycle Basket Front Bag with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Cycling 3L Storage Pouch For Mountain Road MTB...
WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag, Water Resistant Bicycle Basket Front Bag with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Cycling 3L Storage Pouch For Mountain Road MTB...
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Good Choice
OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag 4L, Waterproof 4-Layer Bike Bags for Bicycles with Phone Holder, Bike Handlebar Bags, Bicycle Handlebar Bag for Road,...
OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag 4L, Waterproof 4-Layer Bike Bags for Bicycles with Phone Holder, Bike Handlebar Bags, Bicycle Handlebar Bag for Road,...
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Amazon's Choice
Roswheel 11494 5L Capacity Bike Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle Basket Cycling Accessories Pack, Grey
Roswheel 11494 5L Capacity Bike Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle Basket Cycling Accessories Pack, Grey
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WOTOW Bike Waterproof Handlebar Bag, Bicycle Front Basket Pack with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Reflective Storage Pouch 3L for Men Women Kids Outdoor...
WOTOW Bike Waterproof Handlebar Bag, Bicycle Front Basket Pack with Touch Screen Phone Holder, Reflective Storage Pouch 3L for Men Women Kids Outdoor...
Amazon Prime
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Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag,Bike Front Bag Road Bike Bag Bike Frame Bag Bike Basket Bag Bicycle Bag Professional Cycling Accessories
Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag,Bike Front Bag Road Bike Bag Bike Frame Bag Bike Basket Bag Bicycle Bag Professional Cycling Accessories
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My reviews on the best bike handlebar bag will serve as your guide on products that offer the most benefits and utilities. I’m sure you’ll find your cycling adventure a lot more convenient and hassle-free with one of these products.


Best Bike Handlebar Bag Reviews

1. WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag

Since I’ve been using the WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag for quite some time now, I might as well mention it here. So far, the feature I like the most about this product is the reflective stripes embedded on the front of the bag. This feature comes in handy when you travel through a dark place since it reflects any light pointed towards you.

I also find it admirable that the brand used wax-coated 300D polyester fabric for this product. This fabric provides a water-resistant, mudproof, and easy to clean surface. Additionally, this bag features a lightweight yet sturdy HDPE padding, which provides a way to maintain its shape even during rough and long distance trips. Besides, you can claim the 12-month warranty if it’s not as durable as advertised.

Notably, the product features a 7×5-inch transparent TPU pocket specifically designed for smartphones. With this compartment, you can use your phone and navigate with its map even while cycling. Other than that, you will also enjoy other pouches including a 3-liter main pocket and a side pocket for your keys and maps.

You may also find it impressive that WOTOW included a detachable strap which can be adjusted from 31.5 to 57 inches. As such, you can use this product as a shoulder bag.

In addition to this particular strap, there are also two hook straps and one loop strap. These items are used to securely and easily attach the bag while providing quick release. Since they are anti-slide, you can prevent unnecessary contact with your knees for a more comfortable ride.

The only thing that might be troublesome is perhaps the zipper of the main compartment. It was poorly made, so the bag was harder to zip or unzip than it should be. The same zipper also tends to break easily.
  • Reflective stripes for improved safety in dark places
  • Wax-coated 300D polyester fabric and lightweight HDPE padding
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • 7×5-inch transparent TPU pocket, 3-liter capacity main pocket, and side pocket
  • 5 to 57-inch detachable shoulder strap
  • Two hook straps and one loop strap for effortless installation and quick release
  • Zipper of the main compartment is poorly made
I have always loved using the WOTOW Handlebar Bag. There might be some difficulties regarding the zipping and unzipping process, but you can’t deny the quality of its materials and its useful features.

2. Oranlife Bicycle Handlebar Bag

You may also love the Oranlife Bicycle Handlebar Bag due to its impressive features. This handlebar bag is made of 600D polyester and TPU fabric – both waterproof and durable, making it the perfect companion on rainy days.

Notably, the top of the bag features a 5.9×3.7-inch bike handlebar pouch made of transparent, waterproof, and sensitive PVC plastic. Hence, it’s easy to cycle and use the navigation apps on your phone instantaneously. Besides, the main compartment has a capacity of 3.5 liters so it’s completely possible to carry a water bottle in addition to other valuables such as keys, sleeping bags, glasses, maps, and such.

This product also comes with three velcro straps to ensure that the bag is secured tightly into the handlebars. In addition, you will get a 58-inch detachable shoulder strap along with the package, making it possible to use this product as a shoulder bag. What’s more, this product is suitable for mountain biking and high speed rides.

Although the exterior of the product is durable, the inside seems to be the opposite. The internal fabric is too weak so it starts to rip after using it a few times.
  • Sturdy 600D polyester and TPU fabric with water resistance
  • Transparent PVC pouch with high sensitivity for smartphone navigation apps
  • 5-liter high capacity pouch
  • Three velcro straps for secure mounting
  • 58-inch detachable shoulder strap
  • Suitable for mountain bikes and high speed rides
  • Internal fabric is too fragile
It’s easy to get used to the Oranlife Handlebar Bag. The compartments offer easy access and it features several straps to ensure that it doesn’t fall off. It’s no wonder this product is popular.

3. OBOVA Bike Handle bar Bag

One product that caught my attention is the OBOVA Bike Handle Bar Bag. The first thing I noticed about this product is the foam padding which maintains the shape of the bag. This is very helpful if you’re a bit of a perfectionist and you don’t want your bag to constantly be out of shape.

Aside from that, the product also features an inner layer made of PVC and 210D fabric. As for the outer layer, the brand used a water-resistant ripstop 400D nylon for further protection.

What really impressed me is how they included a rain cover with the package in case things go south and the rain pours heavily. Plus, the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty so you won’t lose anything if the product is not as durable as they say.

Notably, the main compartment of this bag can easily store several bike necessities due to its capacity of 135 fl oz or 4 liters. There are also two side pockets and one extra pocket in front of the bag for smaller items. You’ll find a transparent pocket meant for smartphones. Surprisingly, even with all these compartments, the product only weighs 0.6 pounds.

Another notable feature about this package is that it comes with a removable shoulder strap as well as three 9.4-inch anti-slip velcro straps. Hence, it’s easy to secure the bag while the anti-slip properties minimize the damage done to the bike frames. Fortunately, reflective stripes are found on its front side, so drivers can see you as soon as they get close.

While the zippers on the side and front pocket work quite well, the ones in the main pocket seem to have poor construction. The zippers either do not work in one direction or they work but in the wrong direction.
  • Foam padding to regulate bag shape, lightweight 0.6-pound handlebar bag
  • PVC and 210D linings and water-resistant ripstop 400D nylon
  • Comes with a rain cover for heavy rains, 30-day warranty
  • Three 9.4-inch velcro straps and a removable shoulder strap
  • 4-liter capacity main pocket, two side pockets, and one front pocket
  • Transparent compartment for smartphones, reflective stripes
  • Zipper does not function as intended
The OBOVA Handle Bar Bag is easily one of my favorites with its proven durability and utility. It’s simple enough to cater to minimalists while being effective enough to cover most bikepacking needs.

4. TINTON LIFE Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Another noteworthy product is the TINTON LIFE Bicycle Handlebar Bag. The most notable feature of this product is its material – Oxford fabric. Hence, you can expect a water- and wear-resistant bag. This material is also relatively durable and stays in shape. Since the internal fabric has anti-shock properties, your stuff is safe inside.

This handlebar bag also consists of multiple compartments, one of which is the transparent PVC pouch big enough to accommodate smartphones with a size similar to an iPhone 6. There’s also the main pocket and extra pouches. Unfortunately, the brand does not indicate the exact capacity of these compartments. For your reference, the main pocket has enough room for 30 oz water bottles.

Another thing you’ll notice about this product is the smooth transition of zippers. Because of this, opening or closing the pockets is a lot easier – you can even do it with one hand. Also, since it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, you can use it as a shoulder bag and take it with you after parking your bike. As expected, this product includes three velcro straps to ensure secure mounting and even offers quick release.

My main concern is that once you get the package, you’re most likely going to notice a burnt smell from the bag. Although you can air out the smell from the product, it will take some of your time.
  • Fully water-resistant, wear-resistant, and durable Oxford fabric
  • Stays in shape
  • Anti-shock internal fabric for added protection
  • Transparent PVC compartment for phones and several high-capacity pockets
  • Smooth zippers for ease of use
  • Detachable shoulder belts and three quick release velcro ties
  • No indicated capacity for each compartment
  • Bag produces a burnt smell at first
I’m pretty happy with the TINTON LIFE Bicycle Handlebar Bag. Its features are all beneficial and helpful, and although there are some issues, they aren’t bad enough that it will ruin your cycling experience.

5. Moosetreks Bike Handlebar Bag

Do you carry water bottles to your long distance trips all the time? If so, the Moosetreks Bike Handlebar Bag is sure to catch your attention. This product is known for its insulation properties. To be precise, the bag is composed of ripstop nylon fabric – a material for storing drinks and snacks.

The interior is also insulated so drinks and snacks can maintain their coldness and hotness within this container. The bag is large enough for 32 oz bottles and a drainage hole is installed in case of spillage.

As if that’s not enough, Moosetreks also added three mesh pockets to the bag’s sides to accommodate other valuables such as tools and a sleeping bag. You may also love how easy it is to use this product. In particular, this bag uses the drawcord system where you only need to pull the string to open or close the container. Thus, you can easily open and close the bag with one hand.

Furthermore, this product comes with adjustable velcro loops. With these items, you can attach the bag to the handlebar stem easily and securely. Besides, since it’s a small bike handlebar bag, it’s possible to buy two of these products and attach one on each side of the handlebar grip.

My only problem is that the velcro straps are not as durable as they should be. They broke easier than expected, although they still lasted for quite some time.
  • Small ripstop nylon bag for water bottles and snacks
  • Insulated interior and drainage hole at the bottom, three side mesh pockets
  • Drawcord system for one-handed easy access
  • Adjustable velcro loops for breezy installation
  • Small enough that each handlebar can be attached to one bag
  • Velcro straps are not durable enough
Upon closer evaluation, I can safely say that the Moosetreks Bike Handlebar Bag is definitely worth it. It’s perfect for water bottles, easy to access, and durable. If you often carry water bottles with you when cycling, I highly recommend this.

6. Roswheel 11494 5L Bicycle Handlebar Bag

If you want to use a heavyweight product for once, I suggest getting the Roswheel 11494 5L Bicycle Handlebar Bag. This bag prides itself on its high capacity and numerous compartments. After all, the main container has a capacity of 5 liters while there are five additional components: two side pouches (zippered), one mesh pocket, and 2 elastic belts.

With its high capacity, cyclists who pack heavy will benefit from this product. However, take note that this bag might droop down with too much weight.

It’s also quite impressive that they used 600D polyester and PVC lining as the materials for this bag. Meanwhile, they used a U-shaped PE board padding to serve as extra protection. Altogether, this bag is durable and stable. Moreover, if you frequently go out at night, you will find this bag very helpful since it contains reflective stripes designed for night cycling.

This product also boasts an easy and secure installation with its three velcro straps. With this attachment system, it’s possible to install the bag without the use of tools. You can also use it as a shoulder bag since it comes with a removable shoulder belt. If you face any issues with this product, the brand offers a 1-year warranty.

Unfortunately, there’s only one zipper for the top or main compartment, making it more difficult to open the pocket than expected as some items may fall off in the process.
  • 5-liter container, 2 side zippered pockets, 1 mesh pouch, and 2 elastic belts
  • 600D polyester, PVC lining, and U-shaped PE board padding
  • Reflective stripes for better visibility
  • Breezy and firm installation with 3 velcro straps
  • Multi-purpose bag with detachable shoulder strap
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Bag tends to sag down when overloaded
  • Top compartment only has one zipper
The Roswheel 11494 5L Handlebar Bag has a relatively high capacity, and I believe that alone puts it among the best bicycle handlebar bag on the market. I highly recommend this to cyclists who tend to get carried away when packing for a trip.

7. Rhinowalk Bicycle Handlebar Bag

If you think highly of durable bags, then the Rhinowalk Handlebar Bag may spark your interest. This product is well-known for its three-layer construction. These layers include twill fabric, Nylon mesh, and a 5mm elastic foam padding. Hence, you can rest assured that you’ll get a durable, water-resistant, and flexible bag.

Additionally, this product consists of several compartments, including a 7.5-inch long transparent pouch intended for smartphones, 1 mesh pouch, a front pocket, and the main container. It’s also noteworthy that they manage to include all of these compartments within a bag weighing only 0.86 pounds.

Rhinowalk also added several items to the package: three anti-slip and anti-wear belts, a detachable shoulder strap, and a rain cover. The three belts, in particular, provide a secure attachment of the handlebar bag while the shoulder strap allows for the product to be used as a shoulder bag. Lastly, the rain cover can get you through heavy rain while protecting the contents of the bag.

Notably, there are long reflective stripes at the front of the bag which help greatly in warning drivers of your presence in dark places or during nighttime. You may also notice a strap located at the side of the bag. This serves as the handle for when you want to use the product as a handheld bag.

However, while the transparent pouch is meant for smartphones, it’s not a good idea to use it as such, especially since the pouch itself is not heat-resistant. Thus, there’s a tendency that the phone will overheat if left in this compartment for a long time.
  • Three material layers: twill fabric, nylon mesh, 5mm elastic foam
  • 5-inch long transparent pocket, 1 mesh pouch, front pocket, main container
  • Lightweight bag with a weight of only 0.86 pounds
  • Comes with three straps, a detachable shoulder strap, and a rain cover
  • Long reflective stripes and a side strap for use as a handheld bag
  • Smartphones may overheat when stored in the transparent pouch
The Rhinowalk Bicycle Handlebar Bag is best known for its long lifespan. That’s precisely why I believe this product is perfect for cyclists who value durability the most. Besides, the product possesses convenient features.

8. WOTOW Bicycle Handlebar Bag

If you like WOTOW’s products, you should try looking into the WOTOW Biycle Handlebar Bag. The main selling point of this product is that it has a little bit of everything. To begin with, the surface is built with 420D nylon and TPU material, resulting in an easy-to-clean, mudproof, and fully waterproof handlebar bag. The zippers are also waterproof and non-slip, so you can smoothly unzip or zip the bag.

This product also features many compartments, the most notable one being the 7.1×5.1-inch transparent TPU pouch. This compartment is large enough to store big phones and has high sensitivity to allow cyclists to use their navigational apps while cycling. This handlebar bag also consists of other compartments such as the 3-liter main container, and two mesh pockets for small objects like water bottles.

Notably, the design imprinted at the front of the bag is reflective. This design can alert drivers of your presence once their vehicle light touches the bag. With this feature, you can be safe even when you’re somewhere dark or at night.

I’m also quite amazed at how easy it is to mount this bag. Considering how the package comes with three straps, there’s no wonder. Two of these are hook straps which are meant for the handlebar grips while the strap at the bottom is meant for the head tube. This is to secure the bag both vertically and horizontally.

The bad news is that there are no zippers for the transparent pouch or any kind of protection that will prevent your phone from falling off. This can be very risky especially if you tend to ride at high speeds.
  • 420D nylon and TPU materials, waterproof, non-slip zipper
  • 1×5.1-inch transparent TPU pouch
  • 3-liter main container, 2 mesh pockets
  • Reflective pattern for safe riding in dark places
  • Easy attachment with two hook straps and one bottom strap
  • No zipper on the transparent pouch
The WOTOW Handlebar Bag remains one of my favorites. It scores high in durability, utility, comfortability, and convenience. All I can say is that this product would make a great mountain bike handlebar bag.

9. BraveHawk OUTDOORS Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The BraveHawk OUTDOORS Bicycle Handlebar Bag really sparked my interest given its multi-purpose design and large number of compartments. This particular bag consists of the central section, 2 side pockets, and a front container. You will also find several smaller pockets inside the front compartment. The good news is that these compartments are easy to reach and access.

You should also note that this product is quite durable, all the more so with its surprising internal construction consisting of 900x600D compact military nylon Oxford fabric and fully water-resistant PU. Therefore, you can be certain that the bag you’ll receive is reinforced on all parts, resistant to scratch, rust, abrasion, and fading.

I should also mention that this handlebar bag uses the MOLLE attachment system. What this means is that you can attach this bag to other MOLLE-compatible gear such as backpacks, utility belts, and vests.

Another impressive feature of this product is its versatility. This is because BraveHawk OUTDOORS added strap buckles and connectors. Hence, this bag can be used as a waist bag, messenger bag, shoulder bag, and a top tube bag. That’s precisely why it is suitable not only for cycling but also for other outdoor activities.

It’s too bad this bag does not mount nicely on some handlebars, especially on drop-bars. If you get the product, chances are you’ll be forced to use a more suitable strap than the one that comes with the product. Thus, it’s not a suitable gravel handlebar bag
  • Front compartment contains small pockets inside
  • Comprises 2 side pockets and a central container
  • 900x600D nylon Oxford surface and water-resistant PU
  • MOLLE attachment for MOLLE-compatible gears
  • Comes with strap buckles and connectors for multi-purpose use
  • Does not mount well on drop bars
The BraveHawk OUTDOORS Handlebar Bag is indeed a great product. It has a lot to offer, regardless of what kind of user you are. In fact, this can be used by outdoor enthusiasts other than cyclists.

10. MATTISAM Bicycle Handlebar Bag

If you haven’t heard of the MATTISAM Bicycle Handlebar Bag, you’re in for a surprise. This product is made of 600D polyester and PEVA fabric – a chlorine-free material used for food storage. What really got me interested in this product is its insulation properties.

More precisely, this material is characterized by thermal insulation and cold preservation. As a result, anything you put inside the 3.5-liter container stays cold or hot depending on its current temperature. What’s more, the bag is waterproof and durable.

Another notable feature about this product is the transparent and sensitive pouch at the top of the bag. With this feature, you can very easily operate your phone for various purposes while you’re busy cycling. Moreover, this compartment supports 7-inch long smartphones or objects that have similar dimensions.

This package also includes two mesh pockets for easy access to water bottles and other small items. It’s also commendable how the brand added a huge white stripe at the very front of the bag. This particular reflective stripe is large enough to reflect light to a degree that it can warn drivers 20 meters away from you.

Furthermore, this product comes with three straps to keep the bag balanced on the handlebar. However, the three straps are not very durable, so it tends to snap after a few uses. On the other hand, you get two free items: a magic strap and a magic scarf.
  • 5-liter compartment and 2 mesh pockets
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 600D polyester and PEVA fabric for cold preservation and thermal insulation
  • Sensitive, transparent pouch for smartphones
  • Wide reflective stripe for visual signals
  • Three attachment straps, bonus magic strap and scarf
  • Attachment straps are not very durable
The main reason why I like the MATTISAM Handlebar Bag is its insulation properties. That’s not to say this product is nothing without such features. In truth, this product has a lot more to offer. This would be a great option for those looking for a gravel handlebar bag, since it handles rugged roads well.

11. Lixada Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The Lixada Bicycle Handlebar Bag is also a viable option if you’re looking for a simple product. The manufacturer constructed this bag out of fully waterproof polyester and durable PVC, so it’s quite easy to clean and take care of this bag. Moreover, the internal construction is composed of foam to provide extra protection for the items inside while maintaining the cylinder bag’s shape.

Furthermore, with this cycle handlebar bag, you will enjoy a 6.2×3-inch touch screen pouch which is large enough to accommodate most smartphone models. On that note, this bag has the sufficient capacity to store several items including sleeping bags, flashlights, wallets, and other valuables.

Remarkably, the main compartment comes with two U-shaped zippers. This allows users to open the bag from both sides. Plus, the zippers are also surprisingly durable and move smoothly even with repeated use. For further convenience, the brand added several pockets inside the main compartment so you can organize your items easier.

You should also take note that this package comes with three fastening straps to make sure the bag is secured tightly to the handlebars. Besides, you can use this bag as a fashionable purse or a shoulder bag by attaching the removable shoulder strap.

On the downside, the touch screen pouch won’t fit big phones like the Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus. Make sure to check the dimensions of your phone first before buying this bag.
  • Waterproof polyester and durable PVC for easy to clean and long-lasting bag
  • Foam padding for protection and regulating the bag’s shape
  • 2×3-inch touch screen pouch
  • Durable and smooth U-shaped double zippers
  • Main compartment comes with several pockets
  • Three fastening straps and one removable shoulder strap
  • Touch screen pouch doesn’t fit big phones
The Lixada Handlebar Bag possesses all the features you need to prepare for bikepacking while still being simple and lightweight. This is perfect if you want a trouble-free cycling experience.

12. Rhinowalk Bicycle Handlebar Bag

This guide will not be complete without the Rhinowalk Bicycle Handlebar Bag. This package takes pride in its accessibility and high capacity. In addition to the two external net pouches, this bag also consists of the main compartment with several layers including a zippered mesh pocket, one zip pocket, and the main layer.

You should also take note that this bag is constructed out of Twill fabric – a fabric consisting of three types of materials. Plus, the middle layer of the bag features a silky Nylon mesh. Hence, it’s evident that this product is durable, resistant to most harsh conditions, and doesn’t age quickly.

Another commendable feature about this product is its secure attachment due to the anti-slide strap that comes with the product. This strap can be used to stabilize the bag and to protect the bike frame from getting constantly scratched.

You will also get a 53-inch belt and a rain cover along with the bag. The belt can come in handy if you want to use the product as a shoulder bag, while the rain cover can be used for heavy precipitation. Anyway, these extra items are nice bonuses for an already promising product.

Perhaps the only problem you’ll notice is the lack of a transparent pouch, meaning you cannot use your smartphone while riding. Still, the existing features of this product are already favorable as it is.
  • 2 external and 1 internal mesh pouches, 1 zip pocket, 1 main layer
  • Twill fabric and Nylon mesh for a long-lasting, wear-resistant bag
  • Anti-slide and stable strap
  • 53-inch belt for shoulder bag use and rain cover
  • No transparent pouch for smartphone storage
The appearance of the Rhinowalk Handlebar Bag is a bit unusual, but you can’t deny that it’s a wonderful product. It is nicely crafted, surprisingly durable, and offers very convenient features. I believe this is the best handlebar bag for commuting.

What to Look for When Buying Bike Handlebar Bag


When choosing a product from one category, you have to compare it with others and consider several factors. The same applies to bicycle handlebar bags. You need to consider a couple of things before ordering a product such as the following:

Highly Accessible

Note that there are different designs on handlebar bags and their design can affect how you can access its contents. Generally, there are three types of accessibility designs. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

  • Top Opening – This is the most common type of design. The bag’s main compartment is found at the top of the bag. Normally, this type of bikepacking bags can be accessed one-handedly
  • Side Opening – There are also handlebar bags that you can open from the sides. These types of bags normally open using zippers.
  • Single-Item Access – These are handlebar bags that can only contain one item, usually a map or a sleeping bed. The contents of such a design can usually be accessed by simply tucking the item away.

Secure Fastening

It’s also quite important that handlebar bags have a secure mounting system. Most handlebar bags can be attached using straps and some brands even go as far as including up to 5 straps to fasten the bags. However, even with numerous straps, you should still check if the straps are durable enough to not snap while you’re cycling.

Suitable Capacity

What is the capacity of the handlebar bags? This is a question you should be asking yourself if you want a handlebar bag for road bike or any other type of bike for that matter. Most of the bags in this guide can cover around 4 liters. However, there are heavyweight bags that have a capacity of 20 liters or more.

If you’re planning on packing lightly, then you can pass on these types of bags as it may make your trip a little bit harder.

Multiple Compartments

As you may have noticed with these bicycle handlebar bag reviews, handlebar bags have several compartments inside and outside. Although the capacity of the main compartment is indeed quite important, having side pockets also results in more convenience and accessibility.

Waterproof and Durable

Since cycling takes time, you might get into trouble when it suddenly rains, and we certainly don’t want our properties to get wet. That’s why handlebar bags should be waterproof and durable in case you stumble upon harsh weather conditions.

Thankfully, the majority of bike handlebar bags are constructed out of Nylon, and bags made with such material tend to be fully waterproof bicycle handlebar bags.

Safe and Secure Straps

There are cases where the bag’s straps tend to slide frequently and as a result, the bike frame grinds with the straps. If this continues to occur, the frames are likely to degrade very quickly. That’s why you must make sure the handlebar bags don’t slide from the bike frames and fit perfectly.

Additional Items

As you may already know, handlebar bags for bicycles often come with additional items. The best example of this is the shoulder straps. These items are always welcome. Since most of the products here include shoulder straps, you can look for other bonus items such as the magic scarf and strap from the MATTISAM product.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a bike handlebar bag?

Bike bags can be categorized into several types. Some of those types are attached to different parts of a bike. Some bike bags fit on the saddle of the bike so people call them bike seat bags or saddle bags. Some are attached at the bottom of handlebars.

That’s why bike bags for handlebars are called bicycle handlebar bags. In fact, bike handlebar bags have been around for a long time ever since the emergence of bikes. There are bags for road bikes and there is also the gravel bike handlebar bag.

How does it work?

Different bike handlebar bags have different features. That’s why it’s a bit difficult to explain how they work. However, you can expect that typical bike handlebar bags consist of the main compartment where all the items are supposed to go. Some products feature an insulated compartment while others offer other features.

Any other stuff that you have can be stored in the side compartments which are usually net or mesh pockets, as long as they can fit.

Bicycle handlebar bags also come with straps which are usually anti-slide. With this feature, it would be hard for the straps to damage the bike frames.

What are the different types of bike handlebar bags?

Although most of the bike handlebar bags mentioned here belong to the same type, there are actually different types of this product. You can usually identify the type of bikepacking bags by looking at its design. Now let’s take a closer look at these types:

  • Top Zip Bags – As the name suggests, these are bags that can be accessed by using zippers and you usually get the contents by reaching from the top. This type is the most common among handlebar bags.
  • Front Zip Bags – A front handlebar bike bag is similar to top zip bags, except that the main compartment is accessed through the front of the bag. That’s why it’s a lot harder to access a bicycle front bag.
  • Side Roll Bags – You can also get side roll handlebar bags which are very easy to use. You simply need to put the items in, then roll it over to close it. Moreover, you can get the items by simply tucking the item from any side. This is usually used for sleeping bags.

These are the three main types of handlebar bags, but there is a chance you’ll encounter products that are a mix of two of these or all three. Although those kinds of handlebar bags are great, there are also disadvantages.

Why do you need bike handlebar bags?

Many reasons come to mind when you talk about handlebar bags. They’re easy to use, provide great accessibility to all your stuff, and some products even offer additional features.

However, the main reason why you need handlebar bags is due to storage. Cyclists often pack two or more things before riding their bicycles. Unfortunately, most bicycles don’t come with their own storage spot. Although indeed, a pannier rack can also do the same thing as handlebar bags, it’s not as secure.

Besides, handlebars are already a great spot to attach a container. You might as well buy a storage accessory meant for handlebars – bike handlebar bags.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted bike handlebar bag brands?

Once you start looking for handlebar bags, you will encounter many brands. However, some of them manufacture products that may not be to your satisfaction, but there are a few trusted brands. Here’s a closer look at those brands:

  • I highly suggest looking into the brands Moosetreks and Roswheel. These brands specialize in different kinds of bags including bike handlebar bags.
  • You may also visit the stores of WOTOW and Rhinowalk if you want to look at their different bike accessories for utility, design, and of course, storage.
  • Oranlife sells general products and happens to offer one great handlebar bag
  • BraveHawk OUTDOORS, MATTISAM, and LIXADA are brands that focus on equipment for different outdoor sports such as cycling.

Special mention to other popular products such as the Chrome Helix handlebar bag, Burrito handlebar bag, and Ortlieb handlebar bag.

What should I put in my handlebar bag?

It really depends on your preferences and how big the handlebar bags are. You should also take note that most handlebar bags will always have different compartments. Small objects should be put in the side pockets, while items that do not fit in these extra pockets should be put inside the main compartment.

You can start by putting your camera or smartphone if you’re going sightseeing. If the side pockets of the handlebar bags are stretchable, they should be able to accommodate water bottles.

Also, if you have a lock for your bike, then obviously you need to put the key on the side pockets since it’s small enough. It’s also a good idea to bring a map and put it in the side pockets as well.

Ultimately, every cyclist will carry different things. For your reference, most cyclists carry a camera or smartphone, a map, water bottles, a sleeping bag, and other things.

How do I choose the right handlebar width?

Since you’re going to attach bike handlebar bags to the handlebars, it’s also a great idea to know the right handlebar width for your bike. The general rule is that you must rely on the length of your shoulders since it’s the most affected by the handlebars.

The best way to choose a width that fits your shoulders is by measuring the distance between the two main joints of your shoulder. That distance should be the width of the handlebar. For example, if you measure a distance of 40cm, you should get a 40cm wide handlebar.

How to set up and use?

Most brands will indicate how to attach or set up the handlebar bags for their users. However, you should know the general steps in setting up this kind of bike handlebars accessory.

Usually, handlebar bags will consist of two to three straps. If it consists of two straps, all you have to do is attach one strap to each side of the handlebar grip. This will only secure the bags horizontally, so the handlebar bags might swing downwards or upwards.

That’s why most handlebar bags offer a three-strap mounting system. The two straps go to the same place as mentioned, while the last strap which is called the loop strap is attached to the bike head tube. As for the actual usage, you use it like how you use a backpack, except you attach it on handlebars.

How to clean and care?

It’s easy to clean handlebar bags, especially if it’s made of waterproof or mudproof materials. These types of bags are often easy to wipe and clean. Ultimately, you clean and care for handlebar bags like they’re regular backpacks.

Firstly, mix water and baby wash and use the solution to clean the exterior of the handlebar bags. This is a great way to clean the stains on handlebar bags. You can then rinse it off with warm water. This is a universal way of cleaning handlebar bags. The cleaning process will still depend on the material of the handlebar bag and the nature of the stains.

How do you make bike handlebar bags?

Contrary to common belief, most containers can be used as handlebar bags. As long as you install all the necessary components, it’s possible. In particular, it should include straps and you can also sew other features if you like. That’s why rather than buying from sellers, you can create a DIY handlebar bag instead.

As long as it can be used as a container, you can happily call it one of the best handlebar bags. However, self-made versions often have less durability, so it’s still a good idea to buy one just in case. If you’re looking for the best handlebar bag for drop bars, then I suggest getting the Rapha handlebar bag.

How do you set up handlebar bags on carbon fiber handlebars?

Many cyclists think of carbon fiber handlebars as a more fragile version of aluminum or steel handlebars. However, that can’t be further from the truth.

Carbon fiber handlebars are actually relatively stronger and more durable, so there’s no need to worry about attaching handlebar bags to your carbon fiber components. They should be fine even after attaching bike touring bags.


Packing for a road trip has never been easy. You tend to forget some things since they aren’t organized on your bike. Plus, due to the limited space in a bike, you’re not left with much choice but to leave crucial items behind.

Thankfully, these best bike handlebar bag reviews are proof that many products offer storage and even utility to make your cycling experience a lot better than before. Not only will you have enough space to store your stuff, but some handlebar bags can also even double as a cooler, heater, or shoulder bag.

Bestseller No. 1
Hiboy Waterproof and Stable Handlebar Bag for Electric Scooter/Electric Bike/Bicycle/Motorcycle,3L Large Capacity
  • Compatibility: This waterproof electric scooter bag is not only suitable for electric scooters, but also for electric bikes, mountain bikes, variable...
  • Durable and waterproof: This bike accessory is made of cold-pressed hard shell process, EVA material, extremely light, resistant to falling, not...
  • Large capacity: This bike bag has larger size with 11.5*6.0*4.8 inches. It can hold scooter accessories, bicycle accessories such as chargers, tool...
  • Easy to install: This car contains four strong Velcro, just put the scooter bag on the electric scooter/bike handlebar, adjust the appropriate angle...
  • Adjustable and partitioned design: The interior of the bike bag contains mesh pockets, which can effectively partition the items, prevent them from...
Bestseller No. 2
Lixada Bicycle Pannier Bag Waterproof Bike Rear Rack Bag Bike Seat Pannier Cycling Rear Carrier Bag Road Bike Storage Bag
  • 【Waterproof】- Lixada bike pannier bag is made of reliable polyester bag, great waterproof performance, durable and easy to clean.
  • 【Sufficient Capacity】- Lixada bike rear seat bag with 2 large side pockets, each side has 12.5L storage, 25L capacity in total is enough for your...
  • 【Easy to Use】- These bike rack bags Feature 6 velcro straps fasteners for securing them onto the bike rear rack. You just simply attach the...
  • 【Reflective Design】- Our bicycle rear rack bagis designed with large reflective tapes on the back of the bike bag ensures nighttime visibility....
  • 【Good-looking】- Nice bicycle pannier bag for riding trip, camping and outing with friends and families.
Bestseller No. 3
Chrome Industries Doubletrack Bicycle Frame Bag- MD-Medium, Black, 4 Liter
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.7 x 11.4 x 2.0 inches (1
  • Number of Pockets: 3 (1 exterior, 2 interior)
  • Weight: 10.6 oz (310
Bestseller No. 4
KOSIBATE Bike Handlebar Bag,Bicycle Handlebar bag,Bike Frame Bag with Shoulder Strap,Bicycle Front Bag Fram Storage Roll Bag Mountain Road Bikes...
  • ❤Durable - This Kosibate bicycle handlebar bag is made of high quality material - Oxford cloth with sealed zipper closure to prevent water and dirt...
  • ❤Large Capacity - This bike bag is 24.5cm long and 10cm wide. The capacity is 2.4L. It can hold more belongings such as: cell phone, keys, wallet,...
  • ❤Smart Design - external elastic cord. The external elastic strap is suitable for placing some wet raincoats, ropes and other fixed brackets, or...
  • ❤EASY TO USE - This bike handlebar bag has a quick release handlebar function with three velcro straps to hold the pack securely to the bike frame....
  • ❤MULTIPURPOSE - It can be used as a bike handlebar bag or turned into a shoulder bag with the included shoulder strap. Ideal for travel or home use.
Bestseller No. 5
ULAC NEO PORTER COURSIER GT Bicycle Handlebar Bag, Waterproof Bike Front Bag for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Travel (Onyx, 1.7L)
  • Size: 230mm (W) x 110mm (R); Weight: 222g; Capacity: 1.7L
  • Fits most Bicycles, Bike, Scooter, E-Bikes and E-scooters
  • Waterproof fabric; Weather resistant zipper
  • Elastic bands for windbreaker ; Quick-access side mesh pockets
  • Front eyelets accommodate your bike lights, sunglasses and small locks
Bestseller No. 6
ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Bag Small Bicycle Handle Bar Bag Handy Front Bike Bags Handlebar Storage Pouch Pack with Shoulder Strap Little Mountain Road...
  • ★SMALL&LIGHTWEIGHT: This is a little handlebar bag, about 2L capacity, could holds phones, keys, wallet, sunglasses and a few other small items for...
  • ★FITS FOR ROAD BIKE: Perfect size bar bag to the bike handle bars, you can use it for road bike and mountain bikes or other bicycles, such as...
  • ★EASY&FAST TO INSTALL: Easy to attach and remove, 3-point installation firmly fixes the bike front bag on the handlebar, it comes with a shoulder...
  • ★1 MAIN +1 SIDEPOCKET: The bike handlebar storage bag has one main compartment and one small mesh side pockets to organize belongings better. Handy...
  • ★MULTI-FUNCTION BAG: The bicycle handlebar bag has 4 mounting way, you can install it on the handlebar/top tube/under frame/under seat. Buy one bike...
Bestseller No. 7
Route Werks Handlebar Bag Olive
  • Outer Fabric - 500 Denier PU Coated Cordura Nylon Inner Fabric - 221 Denier Grid Stop Nylon Lid - Resin Machined Anodized Aluminum Hardware
Bestseller No. 8
STAUD Women's Stadium Mini Shirley Bag, Clear/Tan, One Size
  • Interior zip pouch and leather wallet included, Leather trim
  • Length: 8.25in / 21cm, Height: 7.75in / 20cm, Handle drop: 2.25in / 6cm, Strap drop: 20.5in / 52cm, Depth: 4.25in / 11cm
  • Open top
  • Patch interior pocket
  • Optional, adjustable strap
Bestseller No. 9
ROCKBROS Bike Water Bottle Holder Bag Bike Bag Handlebar Stem Bag Bicycle Cup Drink Holder Insulated Stem Bag Food Snack Bike Accessories Storage...
  • ★1L LARGE CAPACITY: The bike water bottle bag has 1L capacity which is large enough to storage water bottles (The diameter of the water bottle is...
  • ★MUTIPLE STABLE INSTALLATIONS: This bike storage pouch use multi-position installation design which can be installed not only on the handlebar but...
  • ★INSULATED AND DURABLE: ROCKBROS Stem Bag made of is made of 210D + PE cotton lining which is insulated to keep your drinks cool in hot summer....
  • ★ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Only about 50g, our bag is so lightweight.and you will not feel any burden while ridding.It attaches to your bike handlebar and...
  • ★HUMANIZED DESIGN: ①Large area reflective strip design to warning passing people and vehicles and make you ride safer at night,②Printed with...
Bestseller No. 10
Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag, Black
  • Can be worn over the shoulder in the front or back, as a crossbody bag, or attached to bike handlebars with included removable hardware
  • Water repellent nylon outer shell and polyester inner liner with printed "Explore On" slogan
  • Main pocket designed for larger items has an internal mesh pouch, front pocket is perfect for smaller items and papers
  • Integrated angled crossbody shoulder strap with soft-touch buckle stores in hidden pocket
  • Convenient ergonomic logo zipper pulls and front logo in reflective material for increased visibility