11 Best BMX Bikes 2023 – Perform Cool & Crazy Stunts

BMX Bikes look so cool! You can do crazy stunts with them and flaunt your talents, especially well when you have a BMX bike that cooperates. To do all those tricks, you need to train well, and for this training, you need to have practice with the right bike and equipment.

This is the perfect guide for beginners. You can choose from five of the best great bikes given below to draw inspiration from and then consider the buying guide so that you can make an informed decision.

There are many bikes out there, and only you should be able to decide which one is the one for you; the bike will be your companion, after all. You are going to learn to control it like it is the other half of your body. Pick one of the best BMX bikes so that it lights a fire within you!

Our Top Picks of This Year

1. Mongoose BMX- Bicycles Legion L60

Mongoose BMX- Bicycles Legion L60

Mongoose has been a trusted brand for bikes for many years. They have always challenged riders, encouraging them to push boundaries with the safest and most well-built bikes out there.

The Legion BMX L60 is a freestyle bike with 20-inch wheels. With 2,421 votes, the bike gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. For a market as niche and hard to impress as this one, this number is really worth something.

The steel frame on the bike makes it very sturdy. You’ll be able to perform more advanced tricks without worrying about damaging your precious beauty. With Aluminum U-brakes, you will have extremely precise speed control. The Hi-Ten steel handlebar is joined to the form by a 50 mm stem to optimize steering performance.

It was designed to be a park, street, and dirt BMX bike.


  • The bike has 2.4″ tires that provide a tough grip while making tricky landings.
  • With a weight of 12 kgs, any intermediate or advanced rider should have absolutely no difficulty.
  • You get a 5-year warranty on the frame, so you really can go crazy when trying out new stunts.
  • It also has a 1-year warranty on other parts so you can easily replace them if something goes wrong.

2. Mafiabikes Kush 2 20 inch BMX Bike

This Road BMX Bike also has 20-inch wheels but has a frame made out of alloy. It has a front and rear suspension so that the bike can perform well even in rocky terrains, and you can still show off your skills.

As part of the brand’s special features, it claims to be a great off-road bike. They recommend you use it off-road only. But if you do want to use it on the road, you can easily contact the manufacturers and get the optional road kit for no extra charge!

The 12 kg bike is pretty lightweight and gets a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. It’s strictly for adults but may be used by experienced children over the age of 13.


  • It has a stunning black beautiful look. From handlebars to the drive chain, it’s all a deep black. Riding this one will get you some serious street cred.
  • It sports a mid-padded seat that’s comfortable, angled to give you the perfect control over your bike.
  • It has 2.4″ Lagos Crawler Tyres, Tapered Fork Legs, and a U-Brake
  • It can be specifically used for trails, so you can go on rough tracks with no worries about damaging your bike.

3. Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ & 16″ Freestyle Bike – Stealth and Peewee Model

Elite BMX Bicycle 20_ & 16_ Freestyle Bike - Stealth and Peewee Model

This bike really lives up to the brand name. Its Stealth and Peewee models come in colors like Gunmetal, Celeste, and Black Gum. With colors as cool as these, there’s no doubt the bike itself will grab everyone’s attention!

As for its specifications, it has a hi-tensile steel body that makes it tough. It also makes the bike sturdy enough to maneuver. This is an entry-level bike and is therefore great for beginners. If you have only recently started your bicycle motocross journey, this bike might be the one for you.


  • ½” threads plastic pedals are easy and affordable enough to replace when persistent use wears them out.
  • An alloy frame and stem make this a sturdy bike. The adjustable saddle makes it possible for you to let your friends try out your new equipment.
  • The seat has the Elite BMX-embroidery, branding the bike as the top-drawer tool that it is.
  • The 20 x 2.4″ Tires work well in both the street and the dirt.
  • With a weight of 15.2 kgs, it is slightly heavier than some of the other ones we covered, but it makes up for it with its reliable brand name.

4. Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ & 18″ Destro Model Freestyle Bike – 3 Piece Crank

Elite BMX Bicycle 20_ & 18_ Destro Model Freestyle Bike - 3 Piece Crank

Here’s another one from the same company, Elite. The Destro model is a freestyle bike, and the most noticeable feature you’ll see first is the wheels. The bike has the coolest 20-inch wheels imaginable. You can pick which color you want, too! Camo Black, Army Camo, White, and Oil Slick are the coolest ones.

These fancy wheels contribute to the edgy look you’ll have as you perform your BMX stunts. It has a steel frame, which is one of the most sturdy ones. You’ll need this for the adventurous tricks on the street, in the dirt, and at parks.

If you’re an intermediate BMX biker looking for an upgrade, go this way. It can stand against the high-end BMX bikes and allows this at a lower cost. The bike gets a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with comments like “Excellent bike for the cost,” “great purchase,” and “definitely the best BMX bike.”


  • The bike weighs 12.7 kgs, which is a sweet deal.
  • It has a U-brake, which is super compact and keeps any interfering elements well out of your movement periphery so that you never deal with any hassle.
  • The bike also comes with a set of pro grinding pegs.
  • With reinforced tubing, you can flaunt a faultless bike for a long time after getting this one because it can really take a hit without becoming dented or damaged.

5. Hiland BMX Bike

Hiland BMX Bike

This one is from a trusted brand, too. This bike is great for all levels of expertise and all ages too! Whether you’re a beginner and you want something easy to control and learn with or an expert looking to try out a new buzz, this bike is for all.

It has a rigid suspension type, which keeps you safe from falls without making the impact too harsh. It has the best kind of frame material; carbon steel. Carbon steel is usually a little more expensive than aluminum or steel, but what it loses in affordability, it makes up for in strength.

Hiland always has the appropriate certification that adheres to American bicycle standards, so you know they have quality bikes. The bike is also shipped directly from the manufacturer, ensuring you get your order with the least amount of damage.


  • The bike comes with a free toolkit that you can use for assembly.
  • At 14 kgs, it’s a little heavy, but with use, you can get used to it.
  • The aluminum linear-pull brake offers easy control and high precision speed control.
  • As for the gear, the bike comes with a drivetrain of 36T chainring and an 18T cog freewheel. It’s an extremely easy ride that you should have no trouble with, even if you are completely unfamiliar with bicycle motocross.

Buying Guide


Before you consider buying a BMX bike, there are a few important things to consider, as listed below:

Wheel Size

Let your height determine the wheel and frame size for you. You should be able to reach the ground comfortably only with your toes while on the seat. The bike should be easy to get on and get off.


Don’t splurge on a bike you have not tried out yet. Though BMX bikes are highly niche market products, which means that it’s very unlikely that you’ll buy a poor quality product, try to stay within your budget. You can consider compromising on additional features or the frame material, especially if you’re only a beginner.


The height of handlebars will, of course, determine your position when you ride the bike. Pick a height that you’re comfortable with so that you’re upright enough to see what’s ahead of you but crouched enough to optimize the aerodynamics of your stunts.


Aluminum is the most common material for bikes, followed by steel. The former is the most affordable but doesn’t have as much strength as the latter. Although more sturdy and reliable, the latter can be costly and is not as light as aluminum. Aluminum frames might make ideal candidates for beginners, while those that have some experience with BMX bikes could fare better with steel frames.


the MAFIABIKES KUSH 2 spokes

Spokes are usually made from steel wire and have a consistent diameter. But some bikes might have ‘butted’ spokes, which give additional strength while keeping the bike light.

The spoke count determines the strength of the wheel. The higher the spoke count, the stronger the wheel is, and the greater the impact it can handle. If you know you are going to be rough with the bike, definitely look for one with a high spoke count.


BMX bikes don’t have gears but look out for words like ‘sprocket’ and ‘chainring.’ Figuring this aspect out can become a little technical, so look out for comments and reviews that cover any bikes you’re interested in detail.


Most BMX bikes have a rim brake, but U-brakes are also quite common. Detangler and Gyro brakes are the least common, so we recommend you stick to the common ones. This way if there is ever any damage, and you need to find a technician for the repairs, it will be easy.


BMX Biking can be dangerous. You don’t want to buy a new bike and have a big fall while trying it out. Buy a helmet with your bike, or better yet, try to look for a deal that gives you the bike and the accessories together.

Gloves, pegs, and shoes can also determine your safety levels and the quality of your experience while biking.


What are BMX bikes?

BMX bikes are classified according to the terrain they should likely be used on.

  • Street: sturdy frames to allow riders to experiment
  • Flatland: small frame with minimal external features
  • Park: lightweight frames are used for skateparks
  • Dirt: strong frame for surviving big jumps

How are BMX bikes different from normal bikes?

When comparing normal and BMX bikes’ images, the most striking feature will be the wheel size. BMX bikes are smaller and have knobbing tires. You could use a BMX bike like a normal one; to go grocery shopping, for instance, but they are impractical and uncomfortable for daily purposes.

Are BMX bikes better than mountain bikes?

That’s not a fair comparison. The point is that they are both meant for different activities. The skills you need to ride on mountains are different from those you need to make BMX-typical jumps. Both are ideal for their own uses.

Why don’t BMX bikes have a suspension?

Suspensions are usually there to absorb the shock and impact of hitting the ground after a jump. With a BMX bike, you want to use this power and channel the thrust. This makes them uncomfortable to use for daily purposes, but you shouldn’t install a suspension form on a BMX either because it can harm the bike’s geometry.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the coolest BMX bikes out there. Some of them are a little high-end, while others are affordable and ideal for beginners. Use the guide to help you decide which one fits your purpose the best.

Also, we’ll emphasize it again: invest in safety gear when BMX biking. Don’t try out stunts you have not learned to impress someone. You’ll be able to do a lot more when you’re all in one piece.

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