15 Best Mountain Bike Saddles 2022 – Comfortable Ride on Tough Road

Is your bike trip starting to become rough? You might think this is only caused by the pedals and the imperfect grips. However, the main cause for discomfort mainly stems from saddles. Having a poor quality saddle can cause sores, especially in the backside.

Editor's Pick
Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat- Men
Good Choice
Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made...
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BLUEWIND Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Compatible with Peloton, Exercise or Road Bikes, 2.5’’ High Elastic Memory Foam Waterproof Dual Shock Absorbing...
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Wittkop Bike Seat [Trekking] Bicycle Seat for Men & Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle with Innovative 5-Zone-Concept - Exercise Bicycle Saddle - MTB Seat
Product Name
Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat- Men
Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made...
BLUEWIND Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Compatible with Peloton, Exercise or Road Bikes, 2.5’’ High Elastic Memory Foam Waterproof Dual Shock Absorbing...
Wittkop Bike Seat [Trekking] Bicycle Seat for Men & Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle with Innovative 5-Zone-Concept - Exercise Bicycle Saddle - MTB Seat
Artificial Leather with Gel Memory Foam
Outer Material
Faux Leather
High Elastic Memory Sponge & Artificial Leather
Prime Status
Editor's Pick
Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat- Men
Product Name
Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat- Men
Outer Material
Prime Status
Good Choice
Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made...
Product Name
Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made...
Outer Material
Faux Leather
Prime Status
Don't Miss
BLUEWIND Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Compatible with Peloton, Exercise or Road Bikes, 2.5’’ High Elastic Memory Foam Waterproof Dual Shock Absorbing...
Product Name
BLUEWIND Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Compatible with Peloton, Exercise or Road Bikes, 2.5’’ High Elastic Memory Foam Waterproof Dual Shock Absorbing...
Artificial Leather with Gel Memory Foam
Outer Material
High Elastic Memory Sponge & Artificial Leather
Prime Status
Also Consider
Wittkop Bike Seat [Trekking] Bicycle Seat for Men & Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle with Innovative 5-Zone-Concept - Exercise Bicycle Saddle - MTB Seat
Product Name
Wittkop Bike Seat [Trekking] Bicycle Seat for Men & Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle with Innovative 5-Zone-Concept - Exercise Bicycle Saddle - MTB Seat
Outer Material
Prime Status

It’s about time to upgrade to a new one that oozes with quality. With this review, you will know all the best mountain bike saddle that will make your race comfier and less worrying. It’ll be a nice starting point as we ensure trouble-free picking for your new item. So, choose the best for yourself with all the incredible products listed below.

Our Top Picks of This Year

1. PLANET BIKE Classic Men’s Bicycle Saddle

The best mtb saddle is here! Get this mountain bike saddle that offers a clamp style a rider has never seen before. The brand created this mountain bike seat for men to give comfort and lighter weight in a race. The brand also prioritizes quality. You can even get a refund if you are disappointed.

People often wonder what makes this one of the comfiest and the best mountain bike saddles. Well, it’s because of the saddle’s full-length center recess. I tried this once, and the anatomic relief that this mens mtb saddle offers is surprising. The soft padding with a flex support base also feels good against my sit bones.

People love to look at a product’s durability. Well, this product is oozing with it. The cover material may be super soft, but the strength it offers is out of this world, especially since it comes with abrasion-resistant side material. This feature makes it one of the top-rated mountain bike saddles out there.

For me, this mountain bike saddles sold at a reasonable cost. This saddle fits my budget, and it stays in place relatively well. It is also lighter in weight. That’s why it is my saddle choice. However, this is a little bigger, so some mountain bikers may find it hard to get their power position.
  • Refund makes your buy risk-free
  • Full-length center recess makes this saddle very comfortable
  • Comes with soft padding and a flex support base
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Affordable and secure design
  • Comes with abrasion-resistant side material
  • Some riders may have difficulty finding their power down position.
Experience the optimum comfort coated in extreme durability with the best mountain bike saddle. If you want to have no regrets during your cycling adventure, then I highly recommend this.

2. BIKEROO Padded Saddle for Men

Another mountain bike saddle for men that never leaves you disappointed! BIKEROO has been around for ages, making a name for itself through consistent quality products, usually present in bike shops. This brand’s items are a must-try, especially if you prioritize comfort and weight, among other features.

This cushion keeps pressure from sensitive areas, eliminating pains in my sit bones. It’s lighter in weight than some models like ergon. The shock-absorbing feature is also surprising as it turns my rides pain-free.

This is the riders’ favorite. Several riders tested this product, and all of them found it comfortable on their sit bones due to its size and lighter weight. You might not even need padded shorts while using this seat. Plus, the sturdiness is on a different level. Even though the shape and weight fit a male’s anatomy, girls can use it too.

Aside from weight, I will always appreciate BIKEROO’s excellent customer service. They patiently cater to my needs. You will definitely love this saddle if you enjoy leisure riding. However, the cushion’s size or width is too wide for triathlon racing and cycling training, so I don’t recommend it for that purpose.
  • Keeps pressure from sensitive areas to give riders optimum relief
  • Lighter than some models
  • Comes with a shock-absorbing feature that boosts comfort
  • Cushion belongs to the list of sturdy and long-lasting mountain bike saddles
  • Compatible with men and women riders
  • Excellent customer service
  • Not recommended for triathlon racing and training due to its width size.
This saddle is a game-changer! If you want to have an exceptional riding experience due to a lighter weight and shape, go and get yourself one. You do not want to miss this one-of-a-kind item.

3. BLUEWIND Waterproof Bicycle Saddle

Are you looking for a good replacement for your stock saddle? This waterproof saddle from BLUEWIND is definitely one of the most favorite mountain bike saddles. Some models don’t have the oozing quality of this one. It is all thanks to the high-density foam padding with a waterproof leather cover material.

Not only that, this saddle comes with a dual shock-absorbing spring ball that you rarely see. This feature further promotes comfort and stability during your race. The item is also unique. It’s not specific to men or women, made possible due to its universal and ergonomic design that allows everyone to ride this masterpiece with no rubbing.

If you want something that goes with your flexibility, try this. The dual anti-vibration rubber ball promotes excellent elasticity and flexibility. It can also endure body weight as it is equipped with good toughness and higher endurance.

Get this saddle with no risks because of its 90-days money-back warranty. Regardless of your reason, the company addresses your concerns and willingly refunds your purchase. However, this will not likely happen because the quality is superb. The only downside is the slight difficulty of adjusting the saddle’s angle.
  • High-density memory foam with waterproof leather offers optimum comfort
  • Comes with a dual shock-absorbing spring ball that adds stability and relief
  • Not a gender-specific product
  • The dual anti-vibration rubber ball makes this saddle extremely flexible
  • Tough enough to endure your body weight
  • A 90-day money-back warranty
  • It’s slightly difficult to adjust the saddle’s angle
Cop this item now and turn your painful rides into smooth ones. Experience the flexibility of this item that perfectly goes along your sit bones. With that, you will have comfort like no other.

4. WITTKOP Bicycle Seat for Men and Women

Check out this famous bicycle pillion in the market. This bicycle saddle is ideal for men and women, and it comes in a lighter weight. My brother and I can take turns using it. We do not even have to worry about borrowing this from one another because it can be easily installed.

I know I can trust WITTKOP as they have been around since 1898. They manufacture with a tradition of constant growth and excellence. Plus, their unisex saddle with lighter weight comes with five zones that give you proper seating convenience to enjoy your race.

Aside from the weight, its enhanced airflow system makes the saddle extremely breathable. I never sweat when I use it. This 6.7-inch cushion is also waterproof, giving me no worries when I am caught up in the rain while cycling.

The WITTKOP Medicus Air is designed exclusively for the United States of America, so you know you got your money on the right product. For some customers, the tail shape and slope may be problematic as it slides your bums forward as you race. If this happens to you, try elevating the front end of the saddle.
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Lightweight and waterproof product made exclusively for the US
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable brand that manufactures saddles full of quality and comfort
  • Comes with five zones for proper seating convenience
  • Breathable due to its enhanced airflow system
  • The back slope slides your bums forward from time to time.
This one comes at a great deal considering its quality and comfort. The softness of this saddle will leave you in awe as it keeps your journey comfortable and worry-free. Try this one.

5. BIKEROO Oversized Bicycle Cushion

I have poor flexibility. That is why I prefer wide mountain bike saddles. Thankfully, I found this oversized saddle from BIKEROO. It is one of the most comfortable mountain bike saddles that I have owned because of its extra padding and elastomer coil suspension.

You know you can trust a product if it’s properly tested. More than 25,000 cycling lovers test this, and all of them are amazed by the comfort and durability it offers. You can use this cushion if you are opting for an outdoor adventure or indoor cycling.

The soft padding also comes with waterproof cover material. I do not have to worry if I get rained down during biking. Plus, the mount is also easy to install because of the instruction that comes with it. This feature gives me more time to hit up the road rather than figuring out how to install this saddle.

It is an ideal saddle for many bike types. I can attest to that because the saddle perfectly fits my mountain bike and my brother’s touring bike. I only wish that it used better shock absorbers because it is made of memory foam, not gel foam.
  • Has a large size
  • Padding and suspension make this a comfortable mountain bike seat
  • Properly tested by more than 25,000 cycling lovers
  • Cushion is waterproof
  • Easy to install with instruction
  • Ideal for many bike types, like mountain and touring bikes
  • Could use better shock absorbers
You should try this cushion from the reliable brand BIKEROO. I am sure you will not have any regrets about it. Plus, it will save you a lot, given all of its features at a reasonable price.

6. GIDDY UP! Memory Foam Bicycle Saddle

The saddle’s memory foam with a water-resistant shell gives the smoothest ride of your life. Another thing that relieves me is the shock-absorbing ball that takes in vibrations from bumps and potholes I ride on, regardless of terrain, making this saddle the most comfortable mountain bike seat.

We all look for the best saddle for mountain bike to replace our old ones. Thankfully, I found this promising saddle that prioritizes my comfort and my safety more than anything else. Unlike other mountain bike saddles, this is equipped with an LED taillight with a reflective band that makes my trip safer.

Another feature that I love about this cushion is that it comes with a universal saddle fit. I can use it on my bike, and my loved ones can use it on theirs with no worries. Besides that, this saddle is also easy to install. It would not take hours to set up, perfect for busy bikers like me.

I have mentioned that this saddle has a tail light, but it also has a protective shell that you can use when you put the bike on standby. The reflective band and mounting wrench also assist your installation. A thing to look after is the tiny screws that easily get lost when you change the battery because they are too small.
  • Offers optimum comfort for a smooth race
  • Absorbs shock from bumps, potholes, and any terrain
  • Promotes safety with its LED taillight and reflective band
  • Comes with a universal saddle fit
  • Quick and easy to install with a mounting wrench
  • Protective cover for storage
  • The screws are so tiny that they get lost easily
This bicycle cushion delivers high-intensity performance that you do not want to miss out on. Plus, it is a comfortable mtb saddle that makes your buy extremely worthy. Check it out.

7. SGODDE Professional Gel Bicycle Saddle

The first features I noticed with this model when browsing through a list of mountain bike saddles are the high-quality foam and exquisite gel padding. I tried gel pads once, and I will never forget how they secure my position on the bike. Gel pads are not slippery, especially when covered with high-quality water-resistant PU leather.

Experience even pressure distribution and optimum breathability with this bicycle saddle, thanks to its ergonomic design. The streamlined and narrow front sides allow me to move freely and have fewer chances of snagging my shorts.

Avoid prostate pressure problems because this product efficiently absorbs shocks from bumpy roads. SGODDE’s saddle also keeps me safe on the road as it comes with a reflective stripe that reflects the surrounding lights. You can also save time during the installation because it is surprisingly easy to assemble.

Make your buy risk-free thanks to this product’s 365-day warranty service. It has excellent customer service that keeps my family and me satisfied with every purchase from SGODDE. The only downside is that the saddle is not very durable; you might have to replace it after about six months.
  • Comes with high-quality foam and exquisite gel padding
  • Gel pad and waterproof PU leather make this saddle non-slippery
  • Even pressure distribution and breathability due to its ergonomic design
  • Streamlined and narrow sides for good mobility
  • Absorbs shocks on bumpy roads and keeps you safe with a reflective stripe
  • Easy to assemble; one-year warranty service
  • Water hose
Check out why this saddle is on the list of the best saddles, and I guarantee you that it is a good buy for its price. You will not have regrets buying this risk-free product as it is backed with a warranty.

8. SANCTUS Bicycle Cushion for Men and Women

If you are searching for a mountain bike saddle for heavy riders, then you have come to the right place. The SANCTUS bicycle cushion is glossed with wear-proof PU leather, giving you a finish like no other. It is filled with highly dense non-natural fatty gel padding and an extremely elastic sponge that delivers softness and springiness.

SANCTUS underwent a high-quality upgrade with its mountain bike saddles. I am amazed by this new saddle that is more lasting and more comfortable than the previous. The thickened design excellently reduces stress and pain.

This cushion is also easy to install because of its removable adapter. Plus, the universal design fits any bike type, from a mountain bike to a road bike. I love the breathability and durability of this cushion, making it ideal for hefty riders like me because it allows perspiration to evaporate pretty well without me having to worry about sweating.

This product perfectly works as advertised. The size, weight, and width are good in ensuring rider comfort. My only concern is that the cushion’s top is exposed due to the slit in the middle. Water can go through, which may cause rusting in the long run.
  • Glossed with wear-proof PU leather for an excellent finish
  • Filled with dense fatty gel padding and elastic sponge for optimum softness
  • More lasting and comfortable than the previous version
  • Easy to install with a removable adapter
  • Universal, thickened design that reduces stress and pain
  • Breathable and durable cushion holds heavy riders efficiently
  • Water can go through the middle slit, which may result in rusting
Do not miss out on this incredible product! Get yours now and experience remarkable comfort, especially when cycling. Ideal for busy riders, this saddle will not take much of your time for installation.

9. VELMIA Mountain Bike Saddle

This saddle will hold up to your expectations! VELMIA is famous for its quality and durability. Their designs also promote health to keep your blood circulating all throughout your bicycle journey. Be comfy as it comes with a special memory effect that fits each rider’s riding position and style.

Equipped with fully functional air ventilation, you can stay fresh and sweat-free with this saddle. So, you can say goodbye to stickiness down there. Plus, this 5.7-inch waterproof saddle guarantees the perfect fit that does not slip even when you cycle through the rain.

I love VELMIA’s excellent customer service. They answered all my queries properly and clearly. Plus, my purchase also came with an illustrated manual that made installation a breeze. I did not spend much time assembling the saddle as I did with other saddles.

The grippy texture of the fabric comes with both good and bad. This feature indeed prevents slipping, but the grippy texture is too much that it grabs my cycling shorts when I try to shift my body weight on the shell. But if you opt for a non-slip saddle, this is a reliable product to go with.
  • Keeps continuous blood circulation all throughout the journey.
  • Special memory effect keeps you comfortable.
  • Equipped with excellent air ventilation that keeps you fresh.
  • Comes in a perfect size and is non-slip.
  • Excellent customer service from VELMIA.
  • Illustrated manual for easy assembly.
  • Grippy texture grabs my shorts when I shift my weight.
Overall, this cushion is way worth it. I do not have any regrets that I bought this cushion. All the features I mentioned show why you should buy it, too. This item keeps you steady in your journey.

10. SELLE ROYAL Soft Athletic Saddle

Start your cycling routine with no pains with SELLE ROYAL’s specialized mtb saddle! I am hooked on this product because of their Royal Gel Revolution, which offers an optimum comfort level due to its lighter weight. I used this saddle to replace my old saddle, and believe me when I say that it reduced my pressure peaks by up to forty percent.

This product will keep your seating position firm throughout the trip. The revolutionary non-toxic gel formulation lasts for a lifetime. It also comes with a vacuum light technology that makes this saddle fully sealed. This feature makes the product 20% lighter in weight than other saddles. It feels like I am sitting on nothing but air!

I do not have to worry about sweating, thanks to its cool shell and excellent ventilation that keeps the saddle cool even when exposed to sunlight. Plus, the foam matrix increases elasticity and breathability too.

The built-in pin system allows me to clip in a taillight or a saddlebag, making this saddle multi-functional. I like this narrow saddle so much. But if you want wider saddles, then this is way out of your league.
  • Offers an optimum level of comfort
  • Reduces pressure peaks by up to 40%
  • Keeps your seating position firm throughout the trip
  • Gel formulation is durable and lasts for a lifetime
  • Fully sealed and 20% lighter than other saddles
  • Multi-functional, elastic, and breathable
  • Not recommended for people who got used to wide saddles
Get this cushion for a decent price! This is definitely worth trying because of its excellent features and multifunctionality. You will be in awe when you try out this one. Plus, it comes in a clean look.

11. GIDDY UP! Oversize Comfortable Bicycle Saddle

If you are seeking a good replacement for your stationary bike, this is a perfect choice. I bought this, and I will tell you why you should try it, too. It not only improves the comfort of your rides, but it also keeps you healthy by evenly distributing pressure on your perineum.

I got you another mtb saddle for big guy. But this time, it is from the remarkable brand, GIDDY UP! This cushion absorbs shock efficiently because of its dual spring suspension, leading to excellent relief throughout the race. Plus, the Memory Foam leads to more comfort for you.

Even though this product is oversized, it comes with a universal fit that lessens my assembly time. I can install this product in a jiffy. My brother and I take turns using our bikes, and I am glad that this saddle perfectly fits both our mountain bike and road bike.

You can rest easy with this risk-free bicycle cushion, so replace your miserable saddles with this good alternative. Several riders, including me, are happy with our purchase. But to avoid any regrets, it would be best to correctly measure the pole gauge of your bike and your sit bone.
  • Evenly distributes pressure on your perineum
  • A bicycle cushion that is ideal for big guys
  • The dual spring suspension leads to relief all throughout the race
  • Comes with memory foam that adds more comfort
  • The oversized saddle comes with a universal fit perfect for all bike types
  • Measure the pole gauge and your sit bone before buying to avoid misfits
Everyone loves to experience remarkable performance while cycling. That is why I highly recommend this product as it fully serves you with all the features I talked about. You should get it.

12. AIKATE Comfortable Bicycle Saddle

I can never get enough of gel saddles because of their optimum comfort and durability. So, let me introduce to you another gel bicycle saddle that will definitely leave you amazed. Made of PU leather and real gel, this product gives you extreme elasticity and breathability.

The ergonomic design of this model is also something that you rarely see in a common model. It is carefully crafted and streamlined to effectively lessen friction and shock from bumpy roads. Because of this feature, I can hit up the road with fewer worries, more speed, and more comfort.

As the author of this review and a fellow rider, I can attest to how easily this cushion can be installed. It only took me minutes to set the saddle up. Plus, this product also fits my brother’s road bike and my mountain bike. The cushion’s multipurpose feature is definitely handy for xc racers.

Aside from the product’s excellent shock resistance and firmness, it also comes with a unique design that caters to my body shape. The hollow core and center cut-out give me freshness that I haven’t experienced in other saddles. The downside is that it is a little too narrow, so it slightly spreads my sit bone outward as I sit
  • PU leather and real gel make this saddle breathable and elastic
  • Comes with an ergonomic design for comfort.
  • Carefully crafted and streamlined to lessen friction and shock
  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Multipurpose and unique design fits all bike types and caters to my shape
  • A little narrow
Do you want to know if this cushion is worth the price? Then, you should try it and see it for yourself. I guarantee that it won’t disappoint you as it stays true to its advertised features.

13. GINCLEEY Oversized Bicycle Seat Saddle

Ride safer with GINCLEEY’s oversized cushion. Each product comes with a reflective design. You don’t have to race on low-quality saddles that give you pain after your trip with this product. It is all thanks to the premium soft and thick padding that comes with two spring suspensions that efficiently absorb shock.

Riders always look for a width that perfectly accommodates their sit bone and soft tissue. This model fits me spot on, so it does not give me pains and sores even after long rides. You must be wondering how this saddle perfectly fits me. Well, this bike cushion is optimized to 10.5 inches in width for more coverage.

Plus, the GINCLEEY cushion comes with just the right ergonomic design to give both males and females excellent riding quality. It fits almost all bike types, such as mountain bikes, trekking bikes, and even the classic cruisers and bikes for workouts.

This is one of the best downhill mountain bike seats as it gives remarkable comfort for riders, which I love. However, I find the installation a bit challenging because mine isn’t being mounted on a standard pole. Other than that, this product is excellent.
  • A reflective design to make your trips safer
  • Premium soft and thick padding makes your trip pain-free
  • Features two spring suspensions that absorb shock
  • Optimized with a width of 10.5 inches to perfectly accommodate your bums.
  • For both men and women
  • Fits almost all bike types
  • Installation may become a bit challenging on non-standard poles.
All in all, this cushion is a worthy buy. You should try this out to experience what I am talking about. The comfort and the multifunctionality of this product are sky-high.

14. SELLE ITALIA Diva Gel Superflow Saddle

Behold – the first women’s saddle that I review in this article. The SELLE ITALIA Diva Gel Saddle features an anatomic cut-out of combined gel layers. I really find this feature handy because not only does it give comfort to my bums, but it also makes for greater flexibility that allows me to switch angles with no worries.

I love the thin layer of silicone gel with other gel layers because it absorbs shock from all the bumpy roads. No wonder I haven’t experienced any vibrations even when I go uphill. The gel material also makes this saddle have lighter weight and greater sturdiness.

You can position your body correctly and firmly with the saddle’s extra padding. It also ensures that you will be free from skin inflammation caused by rubbing. Because it prevents inflammation, I can now travel on long roads with no worries. Another thing that I love about SELLE ITALIA is that they make a purchase risk-free with their warranty.

The rails are made of Ti alloy, so you should expect a mixture of good things and bad things. The saddle rail has higher strength and lower weight due to the Ti alloy. It is also more long-lasting compared to steel-made saddles. However, Ti alloy bike saddles are a bit more expensive than steel-made products.
  • Features an anatomic cut-out of gel layers that makes me comfortable
  • Can switch angles with no worries due to this flexible cushion
  • Thin layer of silicone gel absorbs shock from bumpy roads and potholes
  • Lightweight and sturdy saddle
  • Easy body positioning and no skin inflammation
  • Risk-free purchase because of SELLE ITALIA’s warranty
  • This product may be a little bit expensive because of the ti alloy material
This is one of my favorite go-to bicycle cushions! If you love to invest your money in a fine bicycle saddle, I highly recommend this cushion because I can guarantee that your money will not be wasted.

15. LERWAY Comfortable Gel Mountain Bike Saddle

If you are looking for a cushion with excellent padding and saddle shape, then this is a good cushion to choose. The fine gel padding combined with high-quality air foam provides the rider with good anatomic support. It gives even pressure and weight distribution for a pain-free ride.

To keep you smiling, this cushion is also powered by technology. It comes with a unique design that perfectly catches my seat angles. I love this feature because I can switch positions with no worries. Plus, the full cut-out design also gives good ventilation and allows my bottoms to breathe. When I use this saddle, I always have a sweat-free ride.

This gel saddle offers optimum durability. Mine lasted for years with no problems. If you love to bike in gloomy weather for a cool breeze, this saddle is ideal because the sealed PU leather is water-resistant. You do not have to worry when the rain pours down while you cycle. This is way easier to install as it comes with a wrench to aid you.

Now that I introduced this almost-perfect product, you must be wondering what’s not to love about it. Well, all products are not perfect. Every saddle comes with pros and cons. For this, the weight is a bit heavier than my previous bike seat. But this issue is understandable given its durability. Besides, it’s still comfortable even if the weight is a little hefty.
  • Has fine gel padding with air foam for good anatomic support
  • Technology-powered item with a unique design that catches all seat angles
  • Provides good ventilation to your bottoms for a sweat-free ride
  • Guarantees optimum durability that can last for years
  • Comes with a wrench to make your installation easier
  • Weight is a little bit heavy compared to other saddles.
You should try out this product, and I guarantee that you will not get enough of it. All of the features are worthy of every penny that you’ll spend on this saddle. You won’t have any regret!

What to Look for When Buying Mountain Bike Saddles


People often search how to choose a mountain bike saddle on the internet, but this article will save you from doing such research, as we have come up with some shopping tips.

The first thing to check out is the shell or cover. It usually comes in synthetic leather as it promotes comfort and can last long enough, just like ergon products. Padding is also vital as it reduces stress on delicate parts and improves overall comfort.

Most brands now produce seats in different saddle widths, as what you see in the sqlab 611 ergowave, wtb volt, ergon sm, and other ergon products. This helps match a slimmer range of sit bones. But this is not the only feature that impacts comfort, as the total shape, length, and angle of your sitting position are also factors.

Getting the exact size is good as a starting point, especially for beginners. It’s always a good idea to venture into each shape and try a thinner or broader saddle if yours is uncomfortable for you. Some saddles with a good shape are bel air and ergon models. Each possesses a way slimmer shape than others and is lighter in weight.

The next thing to consider is the saddle’s height. Saddles come in various heights between the handrails and the cushion. The good thing about low-profile saddles is that they let you run a longer dropper post, and some also cut at the tail to give extra tire clearance when the saddle is dropped.

The base, which is usually made in injection-molded plastic, adds coziness and relieves pressure. Flexibility and comfort can also be boosted by offsetting the rails on the base or mounting them on small elastomer bumpers.

Lastly, the rails should be examined. Low-priced saddles come with steel rails and are therefore the heaviest. However, you can save the burden with hollow titanium or composite rails. Most saddles have 7mm rails that fit most seat posts on the market. It doesn’t matter if the body is made of titanium, carbon fiber, or carbon shell.

Why are Mountain Bike Seats so Uncomfortable

Mountain bike saddles are usually small. This feature can make your trip rough, especially if you sit on them for extended periods of time and do not stand up more often. Uncomfortable saddles can also come from wrong adjustments. Plus, not sitting properly and dressing inappropriately for your bike trip can be a factor, too.

Choose a good dropper post to go with your saddle. It adds comfort to your trip. Look for something that provides more rearward support, too, like the sqlab 611 ergowave. The sqlab 611 ergowave saddle utilizes a pressure relief channel to keep you at ease. It joins the list of reliable mtb saddles, along with the ergon sm saddle.

What Size Mountain Bike Saddle Do I Need


Searching for a cushion with the accurate size for you typically has something to do with the saddle’s width and size and how good it aids your sit bones. You would like a saddle that is wide enough to give excellent support but not too wide that it causes soreness and chafing.

The size and width of the mountain cushion depend on the user’s preference and flexibility, too. Make sure to get something that evenly distributes pressure on your sit bones. If you found a product that keeps you comfortable no matter how long the ride is, keep it.

How to Change a Mountain Bike Saddle

Like the Ergon sm, bel air, and wtb volt, some saddles usually have the same component and shape. Even the fabric, weight, and width of some are similar. That is why changing your saddles is easy as long as you know the right steps.

First, put your bike in a stand to stabilize it. If you don’t have a stand, just lean your bike against a wall.

Next is to find the saddle clamp, which spans the two rails under the seat in the back. Older bikes usually come with only one set screw, while newer saddles come with two set screws. This feature efficiently locks the two halves of the clamp all over the rails.

For one set screw saddles, the top half of the clamp can be turned to 90 degrees. But if your clamp comes with two set screws, you can turn the seat sideways and lift the seat from the loosened clamp.

You can then insert the new seat in the middle of the two clamp halves if yours come with two set screws and at the bottom of the clamp if yours has one set screw. Semi-tighten the set screw using a wrench and test ride it for a few minutes to check the fit.

Is a Wider Saddle Better

Wider saddles are more comfortable, so it is advisable for long rides. But you have to be extra careful. If the bicycle cushion is too broad, it can chafe. In contrast, an extra-thin body with a thin width and less weight can put a lot of pressure on soft parts.

Let me give you a heads-up on some good saddles. If you love to go downhill, you should opt for a versatile one such as the wtb rocket race mtb saddle or the wtb volt mtb saddle. Plus, this brand is rated as one of the most reliable brands in Australia. So, you know you can never go wrong with it.


Now that you know how critical a cushion is, consider each product in this review and get the best mountain bike saddle that perfectly suits your riding style. Remember some factors that affect your trips’ comfort, such as the shape and fabric. Once you know some of the necessary info before upgrading your saddle, having the finest one is a breeze.