10 Best Bike Saddles to Prevent Numbness 2023 – Protect the Perineum

As the saying goes, “Health is wealth.” Many people nowadays enjoy biking to stay fit and healthy. While riding for an extended period, some cyclists feel tingling or numbness due to a poorly designed saddle.

Best Choice
Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- Men
Good Choice
Hobson Original Easyseat Split Saddle (Black)
Don't Miss
ISM PN3.1 Performance Narrow, Unisex, Black
Also Consider
Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- Men
Hobson Original Easyseat Split Saddle (Black)
ISM PN3.1 Performance Narrow, Unisex, Black
Best Choice
Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- Men
Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- Men
Good Choice
Hobson Original Easyseat Split Saddle (Black)
Hobson Original Easyseat Split Saddle (Black)
Don't Miss
ISM PN3.1 Performance Narrow, Unisex, Black
ISM PN3.1 Performance Narrow, Unisex, Black
Also Consider

It is beneficial for us cycling enthusiasts to consider the best bike saddle to prevent numbness—this helps us enjoy long term comfort and gives anatomic relief to our body.

When choosing the best bike saddle for numbness, it’s imperative to consider the long-term benefits and best preference for our body. So you can choose the best saddle that will best fit you carefully.

Best Bike Saddle To Prevent Numbness Reviews

1. Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Black Bike Seat

The Planet Bike A.R.S. classic, best known for its anatomic relief saddle design, comes with advanced features. This makes it durable even after a thousand rides. It also provides unparalleled comfort no matter how far your journey is, making this bike seat highly reliable and well suited for commuter duty.

If you are fond of biking, and you don’t like to use padded shorts, this could be the best saddle that you are looking for. This is one of the highly-chosen bike parts out there as it correctly prevents cycling numbness. It has excellent and wider padding, offering complete protection to the cyclist.

It has ideal firmness that relieves my back and prostate pain. Thanks to this model, there’s no tingling while riding.

I have experienced undesirable events, but still, there were no abrasions or tears on the saddle. The price is also very affordable, and the installation is easy. I’m absolutely a happy rider.

On the other hand, I have found out that the decals rub off quickly, but it doesn’t affect the saddle’s overall function.Plus, its weight of 413g is a bit heavy for competitive road or mountain use.
  • Offers a sufficient amount of support with the ideal firmness
  • Offers a very comfortable ride
  • The definite solution to your numbness and tingling when riding
  • Durable, tear and wear-resistant
  • Price is very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Decals rub off quickly
  • A bit heavy, not suitable for competitive road or mountain use
This will be your best option if you experience perineal numbness from cycling and tingling when having a long ride. Say goodbye to all your discomfort with this highly reliable saddle.

2. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat

If you want to make your bicycle look as new with a cool design and a feel-great saddle, you must consider this product. This is one of the best bike seat for your balls, especially on long rides. This road bike saddle for long rides offers extraordinary comfort with no pain and pressure.

You will love how it eliminates bone pain immediately due to its convenient support and proper pressure distribution from your back across the surface of the saddle. This feature makes it one of the best bicycle seats that protect the perineum. It also allows for a longer ride with no pain and soreness.

The design meets the protection needs of cyclists in their sensitive areas. It comprises high-quality and incredibly soft foam padding, artificial bicycle seat leather, and stainless steel rails. Besides that, it is also highly versatile and easy to mount. It allows you to accomplish your cycling goals with no worries.

This saddle is perfect for mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, racing bikes, and even stationary exercise bikes. However, I can’t say this product is perfect because it has low durability and probably won’t survive crashes. This saddle also works for small riders but not for the bigger ones.
  • Comes with a cool and feel-great design
  • Has high-quality foam padding, leather, and stainless steel rails
  • Easy to mount
  • No pain and soreness
  • Supports and distribute pressure from your back across the surface
  • Perfect saddle for many types of bikes, such as stationary exercise bikes
  • Not very durable
  • Not suitable for a bigger rider
If you have friends and relatives looking for the best replacement for their bicycle seat, this is it. This is the perfect saddle that helps you to improve your cycling exercise, indeed an excellent investment.

3. Hobson Easyseat Ergonomical Bicycle Saddle

It has promising features, such as preventing pain and offering an extraordinarily comfortable long ride adventure. The pains and health issues experienced when you have a ride will be eliminated once you try this fantastic product. It is useful as it functions exactly as how it has been advertised.

This is the best ergonomic seat that comes with highly flexible pads that rotate as you pedal, continually supporting your biking style. Aside from that, the saddle’s material’s composition is rubbery and grippy, and incapable of absorbing water. Therefore, I can say goodbye to moist bums after the rain.

This is considered one of the best in the market because it is a very comfortable bike seat. Aside from the previously-mentioned features, it is super versatile and perfectly fit men and women. This saddle’s price and value are also just right, as it comes with worthy and excellent benefits.

The only disadvantage of this saddle is it is quite heavy compared to other saddles. This issue makes the product hard and inconvenient to install. Besides that, you will also have a more extended adjustment period before you can attain maximum comfort while riding. You just have to be patient in installing it.
  • Prevents pain and offers an extraordinarily comfy long ride adventure
  • Ergonomic and flexible seat design
  • The rotating pad conveniently supports any biking style
  • The rubbery and grippy material is water-resistant
  • For both men and women
  • Its price is right for all the excellent value it offers
  • Quite heavy, making it hard to install and adjust
This product is definitely worth it and might be the best for you. It can perfectly accompany you on your everyday ride. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and get yours now!

4. Cloud-9 Comfort Men’s Saddle

This is one of the best saddles ever that render perfect comfort due to its superb cushion seat, which is also ergonomically designed. If you are looking for comfort in your biking adventure, this one might be the best fit for you. Thanks to its waterproof feature, this saddle is ready for any weather condition.

Moreover, it comes with steel rails that are useful in absorbing road vibrations, which may cause discomfort. It has a special channel that alleviates pain, giving fantastic relief to my perineum nerves. It is also durable with its tough protective bumpers, making it the ideal bike saddle, especially on long trips.

You’ll be surprised at the convenience of its installation. You can say goodbye to the hassles when installing bike saddles. The brand also offers consumers two options: Tri-color Emerald and Tri-color Lycra bike seats. The former is made of vinyl, while the latter is 70% cloth.

The size is appropriate for a person that is not too big and not too small. As a result, it gives a limit setback on this product where this saddle is not recommended for riders beyond 165lbs.
  • This saddle is waterproof and ready for any weather condition
  • Comes with steel rails, which are useful in absorbing road vibrations
  • The cushion offers perfect comfort while relieving perineum nerves
  • Has tough protective bumpers, good for long trips
  • Installation is convenient
  • Has two material options
  • Not recommended for people who weigh beyond 165lbs
Ditch your old and excruciating bike saddle and say yes to this one of a kind bicycle seat for men and women. Grab yours now and experience the best comfort on your trip.

5. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

Picking a new saddle for a bike can be challenging, especially since looking for comfort is very subjective. Gladly, this product provides all the things you would want in a saddle. Besides its product quality, you will also love its unique accessories that are perfect for long ride trips as it gives luxury and comfort.

It has dual shock-absorbing balls in the bottom of the thickened cushion pad to deal with rough terrain, making it ideal for off-road trips. Its good elasticity and high durability make it the ideal bike saddle for heavy rider. Look no more as this saddle is suitable for both small and big cyclists.

As a cyclist, an airflow vent in the middle is all I need to speed up and enable air circulation. The long soft nose design does not obstruct the thighs’ movement, alleviating scuff and pain in long journeys. I also like the carbon steel metal frame and artificial PU leather that add to the saddle’s durability.

With these features, you are assured that it is wear-resistant and anti-scratch too. Therefore, it will last for a long time. It also has a reflector sticker. However, there’s one setback, and it comes from the sticker’s material. This feature makes the sticker not long-lasting and gets damaged quickly.
  • It is the ideal saddle for long rides and off-road adventures
  • Has good elasticity
  • Suitable for small and big cyclists
  • Comes with an airflow vent that allows better air circulation
  • The long soft nose design helps minimize the pain of your legs
  • The saddle comes with wear-resistant and anti-scratch features
  • The reflector sticker is not durable
Enjoy the amazing transformation of your bicycle seat with this product. It is highly recommended, especially if you are planning for long rides and off-road adventures.

6. Selle SMP TRK Medium Saddle

You’d better try this one because it is already proven and tested as one of the best saddles for numbness. It’s comfortable owing to its soft padding designed to meet many cyclists’ needs, like recreational and sporting activities. Its ergonomic shape relieves pressure points and nerve compression while riding.

The bike’s ergonomic shape is ideal for me, giving plush padding and a steel rail that absorb road bumps. There is also a dropped nose designed for stability and support. This saddle will eliminate crotch numbness and pressure. This is the answer to your problem if you’re experiencing discomfort in your sit bones.

The price is also as good as the quality of this product. You will love this model, especially if you have an interest in biking and it is truly your passion. It is one of the best selle saddles you will find out there. So, it is a worthy product to check out.

The only concern that stops me from giving this saddle a perfect review is that you can never leave it under the sun’s 90 degrees heat as it may get damaged from the exposure.
  • This saddle is extremely comfortable due to its soft padding
  • Carefully designed to meet the needs of cyclists
  • Ergonomic shape relieves pressure points and nerve compression
  • Absorbs road bumps
  • It has a dropped nose design that guarantees stability and support
  • This high-quality product comes at an affordable price
  • Cannot stand under the 90 degrees heat of the sun
It is carefully designed to give fantastic support and help cyclists who require the best saddle for numbness. Overall, it is an extremely reliable product that may perfectly meet your needs.

7. ISM Pn3.1 Saddle

Having numbness or losing feeling, especially when riding a bicycle, is not normal. In the future, this will result in sexual reproductive and other health problems. Luckily, I found the ISM PN 3.1 that medical professionals highly recommend. It has a design that gives outstanding performance for cyclists.

This ism saddle perfectly delivers the best comfort that a rider needs. It has high-quality tapered edges with added extra padding. This feature helps riders experience softer rides. The nose-less design eliminates pressure on the soft tissue and maximizes blood flow circulation for a healthier trip.

Aside from the above features, the seat offers an automatic racing air vent chassis that enables me to move my body freely around the seat. It also guarantees excellent airflow, giving me a great dive in a fast corner. I love how this saddle perfectly fits on my road bike, triathlon bike, and time-trial bike.

It also has two colors: black and white, which will look nice on most vehicles.

I love this bike and all its useful features. However, despite the many benefits, it still comes with a setback that cyclists should consider. This model from ISM is expensive, so it’s not the best choice for those on a budget.
  • Medical professionals highly recommend it
  • Eliminates pressure on soft tissues and maximize blood flow circulation
  • The tapered edges with extra padding add more comfort
  • Automatic racing air vent
  • Available in black and white
  • Commonly used and perfectly suitable for many types of bikes
  • Has an expensive price
Enjoy a healthier and more comfortable ride with this saddle’s high performance. It is perfectly ideal for all the needs of cyclists. Trust me. This is worth it.


Worry no more, as this is the kind of saddle that you are all waiting for. If you’re looking for a new design, the AEROELASTIC AE Saddle is the product for you. This saddle has a low nose for a frictionless ride. So, you can say goodbye to the pain and pressures you experience on your groin area.

Aside from that, you will love its user-friendly and prostate-friendly saddle seat that adds additional comfort and luxury. This feature dramatically helps cyclists who have prostate problems. Thanks to its incredibly soft padding, you will be more comfortable and pain-free. Bid goodbye to your worries and enjoy your long ride.

Besides the bicycle’s soft seat feature that makes your trip relaxing even for a long ride, I also find its price reasonable. The bike saddle’s price is affordable to many people. This feature made me love the product more as I enjoyed a comfortable ride without damaging my pocket as I purchased.

On the contrary, this saddle is hard to install and adjust. You would have to dedicate time and effort to make its installation successful. In some cases, a cyclist would need professional help for the installation alone. But, the rainbow comes after the rain. When you are finished with it, you will find its promising benefits.
  • You can experience a pain-free journey with this bike saddle
  • The prostate-friendly saddle seat adds comfort and luxury to the user
  • It comes with very soft padding to make your journey more relaxing
  • The price is reasonable
  • The saddle may be challenging to install and also takes time to adjust
If you want to experience a more enjoyable and healthy bicycle life, the AE bicycle saddle is worth trying. With this saddle, you don’t have to cope with painful riding anymore.

9. PIONEERYAO Comfortable Bike Seat

This is one of the best saddles ever as it has all the components for a highly functional and comfortable bike seat. It comes with an ergonomic and breathable design made up of high quality and smooth foam padding with an anti-scratch feature. Check out more about this reliable and attractive bike seat.

You will love its steel rails that come with high shock absorption. It offers maximum comfort as it reduces pain and pressure when you’re having prolonged rides and adventures. If you’re a large and hefty rider, you will benefit from the extra deep cushioning and the flexible base.

What makes this saddle so good is the central cutout positioned just under where your perineum goes. It lowers riding pressure and ensures dryness, giving you a more comfortable experience. This split bicycle seat also has an ergonomic design that is easy to install and is highly suitable for most bicycles.

However, the product is not the most durable one out there and will tear after heavy use. But with the price it’s available at, I think it’s acceptable.
  • Comes with a breathable, attractive design that ensures dryness
  • High shock absorption, pain and pressure reduction
  • Suitable for big and heavy riders, thanks to the extra-deep cushioning
  • The smooth padding guarantees a comfortable trip throughout
  • This reliable bike seat comes with an anti-scratch feature
  • It has an ergonomic design with high compatibility that’s easy to install
  • The product is not durable enough to withstand heavy use
This product made it on our list thanks to its many desirable features. If you want to have a reliable bike saddle that offers optimum comfort, this one is definitely worth a try.

10. DAWAY Comfortable Bike Seat

If you are searching for the best seat for bicycle riding, you may consider this one. It has fantastic protection for your hip that gives comfort even on long trips. You will also love its soft, elastic, and wear-resistant features that add more comfort. Scroll down for more good things that this product has to offer.

This bike seat is well padded with high-density memory foam. This feature makes the bike soft and comfortable during the ride. I love how it’s carefully designed for men, women, and even kids. It also fits most bikes such as road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, and many more.

It has a waterproof bright tail light that comes in a unique, eye-catching design. This feature guarantees safety when riding at night or during rains. Its three lighting modes offer optimal visibility for safe cycling as it solves the problem of buying and installing tail lights.

The ergonomic design is narrow from the front sides, allowing freedom of movement and avoiding any rubbing against your thighs. However, you might need to spend some time to determine the angle of the seat. It took me a few times to figure out the most comfortable position while installing.
  • This bike seat is soft and elastic, giving you comfort on your long trips
  • Designed for men, women, and kids
  • Fits road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, and more
  • Waterproof tail light with three lighting modes
  • Its wear-resistant feature adds up to its durability and convenience
  • The ergonomic design makes the bike comfortable to ride
  • Determining the most comfortable seat angle might take time
This super-comfortable saddle with high-density foam padding is one of the best models out there. Experience exceptional trips with this bike saddle.

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Saddle to Prevent Numbness


There are many things that a buyer needs to consider when choosing the right saddle. It’s a very challenging task to do. It would help if you had extra effort and determination to make a successful choice. Various brands offer comfortable saddles with no numbness, such as fizik saddles.

If you are eager to know more about the things that prevent numbness, I will lay out some. Take a look at some handy tips you must consider in buying a saddle to prevent numbness.

The cover material should be durable. It would be best if it comes from real or synthetic leather. You should also consider the shell and their various widths and find out which suits you the best. Most of the saddles have a Nylon shell, while others have a carbon reinforcement.

The cut-outs are designed to reduce pressure in the most sensitive veins and nerves, so you should also look for products with them. The padding is also an essential factor that gives you comfort as a cyclist. It distributes pressure from your behind across the surface of the saddle.

Some manufacturers construct rails for seat post clamps with steel alloy, which is heavier than titanium or carbon, both of which make a lighter saddle.

You also need to think about what kind of riding you are doing. The type of riding and your riding style will affect the saddle shape that you need.

You must also take into consideration your gender. Males and females have different builds with different needs. There are specific kinds of saddles that are better for females than males.

Lastly, saddles can range from very reasonably priced to costly depending on their intended use and manufacturing materials.

Many saddles come in various shapes and sizes. Since they are designed to support your sitting bones, you should make sure they fit you perfectly.

How Do I Stop Numbness When Cycling


When you search for the best bike saddle to prevent numbness, it is similar to finding your perfect mate. It takes time, especially trial and error, to find the best that fits you. Some may find it quickly, but others may find it difficult for them, and at some point, it takes months or even years.

If you like to understand more about preventing numbness, keep scrolling as I lay out some of the fantastic tips you must keep in mind when buying a bicycle saddle.

First, you should search for a perfect saddle with the right shape. It is essential to consider because a saddle is designed to support your sitting bones. Different saddles have different shapes and sizes, which can be compatible with different body shapes.

Just about every saddle brand has its proprietary fit system to help you find the right saddle in its range. It is also good to use various methods to determine the width of your sitting bones. This dramatically helps you in determining the right bike saddle with a suitable wideness. There are good bike shops that have handy tools to assist you.

Second, aside from considering your saddle width, it would also be best to think about your position on the bicycle. Less flexible people tend to shift around on their saddles. Therefore, a more rounded saddle is better for them.

On the other hand, a flexible cyclist has a more stable position on the bike and sits more comfortably on a flat saddle. The very flexible cyclist benefits more from a slightly curved saddle. Choosing a saddle that fits your riding position lightens the pressure on crucial parts of your body.

Third, set the right height for your bike seat. This will contribute to a more efficient pedal stroke and help to prevent numbness or discomfort.

The last thing to consider is the saddle position. You must ensure that your saddle is horizontal. If it’s not, it would be best to make a minor adjustment to your position.


It can be challenging for you to choose the best bike saddle to prevent numbness that will suit your needs. The best bicycle saddle has different unique features and exciting designs. You just have to analyze and understand each characteristic to know what to choose.

Before making any purchase, you also need to consider this vital reminder when buying a bicycle seat. See to it that it comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. This feature enables you to return the product without any hassle.

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