12 Best Carbon Handlebars 2023 – Increase Your Bike’s Performance

Handlebars are a crucial part of the bicycle as they control steering and dramatically affect the bicycle’s performance. A handlebar going awry is quite scary, as it may lead to accidents and injure the cyclists. To prevent this, one must be circumspect when choosing a replacement handlebar.

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Riser Handlebar 25.4 Handlebar Carbon MTB Handlebars MTB bars RXL carbon bike handlebars mountain bike riser handlebars for Cycling Riser Bars 25.4...
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BUCKLOS 25.4mm/31.8mm Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars, 660-760mm Extra Long Flat/Riser Bar MTB Handllebars, Black 3K Matte Bicycle Handlebars...
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Carbon Handlebar Road Bike RXL SL Drop Handlebar Carbon Fiber Bike Road Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 rxl sl Road Carbon Handlebars Drop 40cm Carbon Drop...
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Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Black, 10Mm Rise
Product Name
Riser Handlebar 25.4 Handlebar Carbon MTB Handlebars MTB bars RXL carbon bike handlebars mountain bike riser handlebars for Cycling Riser Bars 25.4...
BUCKLOS 25.4mm/31.8mm Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars, 660-760mm Extra Long Flat/Riser Bar MTB Handllebars, Black 3K Matte Bicycle Handlebars...
Carbon Handlebar Road Bike RXL SL Drop Handlebar Carbon Fiber Bike Road Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 rxl sl Road Carbon Handlebars Drop 40cm Carbon Drop...
Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Black, 10Mm Rise
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Editor's Pick
Riser Handlebar 25.4 Handlebar Carbon MTB Handlebars MTB bars RXL carbon bike handlebars mountain bike riser handlebars for Cycling Riser Bars 25.4...
Product Name
Riser Handlebar 25.4 Handlebar Carbon MTB Handlebars MTB bars RXL carbon bike handlebars mountain bike riser handlebars for Cycling Riser Bars 25.4...
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Good Choice
BUCKLOS 25.4mm/31.8mm Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars, 660-760mm Extra Long Flat/Riser Bar MTB Handllebars, Black 3K Matte Bicycle Handlebars...
Product Name
BUCKLOS 25.4mm/31.8mm Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars, 660-760mm Extra Long Flat/Riser Bar MTB Handllebars, Black 3K Matte Bicycle Handlebars...
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Carbon Handlebar Road Bike RXL SL Drop Handlebar Carbon Fiber Bike Road Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 rxl sl Road Carbon Handlebars Drop 40cm Carbon Drop...
Product Name
Carbon Handlebar Road Bike RXL SL Drop Handlebar Carbon Fiber Bike Road Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 rxl sl Road Carbon Handlebars Drop 40cm Carbon Drop...
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Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Black, 10Mm Rise
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Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Black, 10Mm Rise
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Handlebars are made from various materials, with carbon being one of the most reliable. But with so many varieties out there, the search for the most dependable brand can be daunting.

Here, we review the best carbon handlebars to guide you when out to furnish your bike with impeccable gears.

Top Reviewed Picks

1. RXL SL Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar

On top of providing dependable leverage to control the bicycle’s direction, this handlebar from RXL SL also provides a perfect spot for the rider to rest the hands while biking.

If you are up for aggressive rides, you definitely can trust RXL SL for optimal performance. This sturdy product works well in resisting pressure, so it doesn’t detach even when the ride gets more challenging than expected.

As a cyclist, I’ll never know what type of trail lies ahead, and so I find it necessary to always ensure every gear of my bike is performing on a topnotch level. And this brand does that.

I am impressed by this carbon handlebar as it allows me to engage my hands correctly, thereby preventing hand strain. The length is perfect even for taller men and allowed me to position myself comfortably. You will have to find support from the handlebar at some point, and you’ll thank yourself for equipping your bike with a reliable handlebar.

Since it is made from carbon fibers, it weighs lighter than other handlebars made from aluminum alloys, which is another advantage of this brand. Bicycle experts have been looking for ways to lighten the bike’s weight to produce less drag. The handlebar’s weight does not negatively affect overall performance.

The anti-shock is also as effective as it can get. In off-road biking, the bicycle becomes subjected to extra forces due to rigorous trails and even accidents. Because of this sport’s rough nature, one should be very attentive in choosing which gears to equip your bike. I’m glad I had mine fitted with the RXL, as it has indeed served me well.

However, mine arrived with blemishes on it but was able to remove them with wipes.
  • Made from sturdy material to resist pressures
  • Allows proper hand positioning to prevent hand strains
  • Perfect length even for taller men
  • Lightweight and produces minimal drag
  • Topnotch anti-shock mechanism
  • May come with a blemish
You’re genuinely up for a comfortable ride with this RXL SL handlebar.

2. EC90 Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar

If you love doing amateur tricks with your bike, then you better have a handlebar that’s firmly built, such as the EC90 Full Carbon handlebar for mountain bikes.

Bunny hops, fishtails, and jumping curbs are just some of the basic tricks that I do with my bike that is mounted with this handlebar. Surprisingly, it holds pretty well for a price that’s way lower than the market’s mainstream. Why opt for the more expensive handlebars when a more affordable brand offers the same durability.

Even as I didn’t use grease on the bars just yet, I heard no clunking and scraping, which is a good start for a handlebar like this. More than two months after installation, it still works superbly when I’m on the road, without any fuss and issues, so I must say it’s a reliable brand.

While other handlebars are lightweight, EC90 falls on the super light category, which is why I like this model. Being almost weightless at 165g, it doesn’t add up on my bike’s weight, which is excellent to sport for amateur races.

If you’re using other types of handlebar before, it’s easy to feel the difference, and you’ll never want anything other than this ultra-lightweight bar.

And aside from being lightweight, the bar itself is impressive as it is well-polished and without bare seams so that you won’t feel any roughness on the surface. It’s essential to have your handlebar smooth in all parts to keep your grip comfortable at all times.

But while it’s a pretty decent handlebar for daily rides, it’s not for rugged, heavy-duty use.
  • As durable as more expensive brands
  • Do not need initial greasing
  • Super lightweight great for a long-distance ride
  • Sleek and well-polished for a comfortable grip
  • Not ideal for rugged use
For a dependable carbon mtb handlebar that can withstand tricks and rough trails, take on EC90 Full carbon handlebar.

3. RXL SL Carbon Handlebar Road Bike

From comfort to control, this cycling bent bar by RXL SL is another cyclists’ top favorite. When out to purchase a replacement handlebar, always choose one that provides the most comfort and control.

I love RXL’s bent bar because every part was designed to match its auxiliaries perfectly, leading to a seamless assembly.

The handlebar’s tortuosity, for example, was custom-made to connect correctly to the brake system. The makers also applied granule paint to enhance the wrap between the brake grip and handlebar for a safer riding experience.

But comfort is not all that matters because aerodynamics is another must-have component in any handlebars. This handlebar is made from T700 carbon fiber, which is known to be a light material. It only weighs a little more than 200g, and its diameter and reach are ideal in improving any bike’s aerodynamics. The overall design makes this bar a windbreaker.

It also has quite an efficient anti-shock mechanism so it can withstand unexpected, challenging trails. On top of that, it went through a tough impact test and passed with flying colors. The joints went through high-temperature treatment so that it binds impeccably.

I also like how the makers chose to expand the handgrip because it allows me to rest my palm on it with greater ease. Long-distance cyclists like myself like our bikes to be genuinely comfortable to help us sustain the already exhausting ride.

This handlebar doesn’t only boast about its performance, the aesthetics are just as impressive. It comes in a velvety black with streaks of bright colors for a more appealing look.

A downside of this product, though, is the lack of enclosure for the cable router.
  • Parts match perfectly for a safer, more comfortable ride
  • Lightweight and improves bike’s overall aerodynamics
  • Highly functional anti-shock mechanism
  • The expanded grip provides extra comfort to the hands
  • Neat-looking velvety black with streaks of bright colors
  • No cable router casing
To get full control of your steering and direction, sport your bike with this reliable handlebar.

4. Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Handlebar

If you are an avid fan of motocross or loves motorbikes in general, then you are no stranger to Renthal. The brand has recently entered the realm of bicycles, and does not disappoint.

They produce one of the best carbon mountain bike handlebars in the market. I am impressed by how this Renthal design allows the rider to have an extreme stance for more straightforward navigation of the terrain.

If you are a rider that loves the scenery and the challenge of off-road biking, then this handlebar will be an excellent match for you. It is modifiable and lightweight. If you ever had trouble maneuvering during a ride due to flimsy stock handlebars or wobble issues, this Renthal handlebar will not fail you.

This handlebar’s dimensions can be altered to fit your body frame and your bike without sacrificing its efficiency. The unidirectional orientation of its design gives it a sturdy placement on your bike despite being lightweight.

Notably, its seven-degree backsweep and five-degree upsweep enable you to position powerfully on your bike. Renthal has fine-tuned its handlebar flex for you to have that pleasant ride when encountering rough tracks.

The only thing you must note before buying this handlebar is the measurement of your bike and body frame. The width of this bar measures 780mm-800mm. You might have to cut it down a little bit to match your desired riding feel.
  • Facilitates easy navigation of the terrain
  • Can be modified to match your liking
  • A lightweight handlebar
  • A seven-degree backsweep and five-degree upsweep for a powerful position
  • Very well-tuned handlebar flex for rough tracks
  • Might have to compromise for its handlebar width size
All in all, this carbon handlebar will lessen the weight of your mountain bike and will also decrease that buzzing feeling on your arms. If you are looking for a bar that will enable you to unlock your full riding potential, then this will be a great pick.

5. TOSEEK Aero Integrated Carbon Handlebar

Riding bicycles has become a lifestyle and a trend nowadays, and more people are just getting into it. The TOSEEK aero integrated carbon handlebar stands out among others as it provides a safe and reliable design for road bike lovers.

TOSEEK offers different handlebar sizes to match the variety of road bike built. The weight of the handlebar is proportional to its size.

This bar’s built is aero integrated, meaning there will be less air resistance as your speed increases. It also includes a mount for a cycling computer to quickly monitor your speed and distance traveled. Since road bikes are purposely used for long rides in less time, the handlebar plays the most significant role.

If you are an experienced rider, then choosing this best aero handlebars makes excellent sense. Road bikes easily accumulate speed due to its design and frame, so it is vital to have a handlebar to complement your bike. The reliable and lightweight build of this bar dramatically improves bike handling.
  • Aero integrated carbon handlebar with a safe and reliable design
  • Weight of the handlebar is proportional to its size
  • Three different aesthetic colors: black, red, and grey
  • Includes a mount for a cycling computer
  • A lightweight build and less air resistance for improving bike handling
  • Size details are susceptible to customer miscalculation.
This model is undoubtedly one of the best carbon road bike handlebars that elites should never miss out on.

6. IRON JIA’S Carbon Bicycle Handlebars

The IRON JIA’S brand was initially started for motorcycle protective gear that ventured into the world of bicycle gears due to the high demands. One of their products is the carbon fiber lightweight handlebar.

This model is one of the best road bike handlebars on the market and is one of my favorite picks due to its durability.

What I also like about this bar is its lightweight and the feel of it. Hence, it is excellent for long rides and not very straining to the arms. The dimensions also come in different measurements, so you can have the option to choose what suits you best.

One of the best features of this handlebar is the stem length, which varies from 9 to 12 cm. Some handlebars on the market do not have this option. With size to choose from, you can achieve an optimal tucking position. The shape also allows you to take advantage of its aerodynamic capabilities, thus, performing well on rough road terrain. It also minimizes the shakes on your arms for a more convenient ride.

Although this product seems spotless, it is only limited to those road bikes that houses its dimensions. It is significant to know the perfect fit for your road bike to have a safe and smooth ride.

Overall, this carbon fiber lightweight handlebar of IRON JIA’S is thoroughly built for your needs. If you think this is the handlebar for you, then you are in for a treat.
  • High-quality materials are used for durability
  • Lightweight handlebar for long rides with minimum arm strain
  • Compatible with most road bikes with multiple size options
  • Optimal tucking position to minimize shakes on rough terrains
  • Exclusive to road bikes
Every inch of this cycle handlebar is a perfect fit if you’re looking for the best carbon road handlebars.

7. OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar

With a premium handlebar from OneUp, you are guaranteed a much more comfortable ride in a day of rough trails. Check out the OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar.

This product has become quite common to see 35mm clamp diameter handlebars sporting mounting bikes these days, but let’s admit how inept it may still feel at the end of a long rough trail. But whatever you may have against a 35mm on a mountain bike is a thing in the past now, as OneUp improved the handlebar design for a more comfortable ride.

The makers combined the lightness of 31.8mm and the stiffness of 35mm in their one-of-a-kind handlebar design that comes in a distinctive flattened oval form. This innovation results in a lightweight bike that can still manage maximum steering capabilities. Plus, the design lessens the vibration you get in your hands, so you don’t feel sore even after a long day’s ride.

The rise is ideal for biking on steep terrains as it allows you to rest your weight at the back of the bike, which is crucial so as not to fatigue your hands during a steep descent. I also find it easy to find my comfortable position with the degree of its back sweep and up sweep.

Yet, some users notice that this handlebar might to too wide for some types of rails.
  • Innovative handlebar design results in more precise steering
  • Lightweight and easy to navigate
  • Less vibration reaches the hands
  • 35mm rise ideal for steep terrains
  • Bikers can easily conform due to the ideal degree of upsweep and back sweep
  • May be too wide for some types of trails
OneUp carbon mountain bike handlebars truly provide bikers with the best possible biking experience in terms of handlebar contribution to overall performance.

8. Funn Black Ace Riser Bar for Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for the best handlebar that strikes the best balance between strength and lightness, the Black Ace Riser Bar from Funn certainly does not disappoint.

Even if you race across the most rugged trails, you can expect every part of this handlebar to hold up, owing to the premium material where it’s made of – the UD carbon fibers. On top of being responsible for the brand’s strength, this material also makes it lightweight, so you can easily steer the bars on tough road conditions.

What I specifically like about this brand is how the handlebars were manufactured using hydroforming technology. This method allows uniform thickness in all parts of the tube to ensure balance and lightness. Hence, it takes the ease in maneuvering to a whole new level, benefiting greatly even new cyclists.

Bikes sporting this handlebar can best absorb tensions experienced during vigorous biking, sparing the biker from unnecessary strains. Its anti-shock mechanism is almost flawless, making tough rides so much bearable. That is why this handlebar is a safe choice for smooth and rough terrains alike.

The quality control in producing this brand is superb. Each production batch undergoes a thorough strength test both in the labs and in actual off-road trails. So you do not have to worry about its performance in the long term.

However, the application is limited to a 31.8 mm bar clamp stem. Make sure that such a clamp size is well-fitted to your current bike.
  • Made from sturdy UD Carbon to endure challenging terrains
  • Lightweight for better steering control
  • The production uses hydroforming technology to achieve a precise form
  • The anti-shock mechanism effectively absorbs tension
  • Passes high-standard quality control
  • It only suits 31.8 mm bar clamp stem
The Black Ace has all the features that elite riders are looking for as it is among the best cycle handlebars money can buy.

9. RXL SL Ultralight Carbon Handlebars

An almost weightless handlebar with tortuosity designed for utmost performance is what the RXL SL Ultralight Carbon Handlebars can offer.

This bent handlebar design is ideal for contemporary road racing bikes, ergonomically bent to ensure bikers’ maximum comfort and performance. And since it’s super lightweight, you can easily navigate the handlebar even on rough terrains and uphill climbs without losing full control of steering.

The makers had also meticulously tweaked the handlebar area where the brake attaches, layered it with granule paint to enhance the friction between the handlebar and the brake handle. This leads to a more secure and more comfortable riding experience.

And with the brakes fitting the bar to a tee, you are guaranteed seamless installation of the brake system, which is another plus factor for me.

Its aerodynamic design works efficiently in internally directing the air, so the biker feels much-reduced wind resistance. And aside from effectively defying wind, it can also withstand harsh biking conditions. Each of its joints is treated with high temperature to ensure it passes rigorous impact tests.

This handlebar is also fitted with an anti-shock mechanism to lessen the vibrations reaching your hands, thereby preventing hand soreness. On top of that, the upper hand grip features a more expanded bar for you to rest your hand comfortably and to avoid exhaustion during long rides.

However, the 400 and 420 mm variety of this handlebar does not allow clipping of aero bars.
  • Tortuosity is designed for better ergonomics
  • Easy to navigate and steer on tougher terrains
  • Facilitates seamless installation of the brake system
  • Effective at breaking wind resistance
  • Can withstand rough conditions
  • Has anti-shock to prevent hand and body soreness
  • Some designs do not allow aero bar clamping
With such great features, it’s truly hard not to reckon this brand as one of the best there is.

10. KABON Carbon Fiber Handlebar

Whether it’s durability, design, or compatibility that you are looking for, the KABON Carbon Fiber Handlebar caters to it all.

Durability-wise, this handlebar is made from T800 carbon fiber, a blended material known for its low density, ultimate rigidity, and impressive strength. Hence, you can expect this brand to be lightweight yet superior in toughness to challenge long bike rides.

This bar’s design is impeccable, with so much focus given on its tortuosity. And rightly so as this is one of the most crucial arrangements of any handlebars. Its design conforms to wind-breaking dynamics, absorbs shakes during rough rides, and ensures optimal control and functionality.

The drop is ideal at 139 mm for better aerodynamics, versatility in hand positioning, and squeezing your way in tight spaces.

When it comes to compatibility, it’s a pretty flexible handlebar that you can use seamlessly on fixed-gear bikes or road bikes. Its clamp diameter comes at 31.8mm with a center-to-center bar width of 420/440mm. So whether you’re into rough rides and group bikes or winter riding for fun and leisure, this handlebar works just fine.

The company has full confidence in their product. They’re willing to return your money or provide replacement should the brand fail to satisfy your needs for a highly functional and reliable handlebar. Truly, there is nothing to lose by opting for Kabon handlebars.

Beyond that, some bikers find the bar not as long as expected.
  • Made from T800 carbon fiber, lightweight and tough
  • Tortuosity is designed for optimal performance
  • Ideal drop bar for enhanced functionality
  • Flexible use on different types of bike
  • Offers money-back guarantee or product replacement
  • The bar may be too short for some bikers
Kabon certainly has the features of a dependable handlebar that you need, whether it’s a road bike or a fixed gear bike you have.

What to Look for When Buying Carbon Handlebars


The importance of sporting your bikes with the best carbon handlebar is not overrated. In fact, it is just right to be circumspect when choosing gears, as each one contributes to the overall performance of the bike and the biker.

But with many types of carbon handlebars, such as the Nukeproof Warhead Carbon Riser, and Prime Primavera Carbon Handlebar, among others, the options can be confusing. To help you with the task, here’s what you should consider when buying carbon handlebars.

Type of Carbon Material Arrangement and Layup

Not all carbons are made equal, and when it comes to handlebars, the following are your options.

  • 1K/3K/12K/18K Carbon – This alphanumeric combination stands for the number of single carbon filaments in each carbon thread. A 1k carbon means there are 1000 single filaments.

But how does this number translate to functionality?

The lower the number of monofilaments in each carbon strand, the lighter the weight will be. But lower K carbons are pricier due to the intricate weaving method used to produce each carbon bundle.

It’s also less stiff. Utility-wise, the number of monofilaments used in each carbon strand does not affect a handlebar functionality. Still, the significance may be seen in its capacity to resist damage and fatigue.

When it comes to this spec, it’s not a matter of the higher, the better. Your choice should depend on your specific needs and your priority feature.

  • Unidirectional (UD) Carbon UD or unidirectional carbon handlebars are known to be durable, super lightweight handlebars. Because the carbon strands are arranged in a single direction instead of cross-sectional, there are no gaps between the fibers. This leads to better tensile strength.

Further, UD carbon is easier to control during molding, allowing the production of highly precise handlebars. But they are not great for absorbing tensions from all directions since the strength goes with the strands, which is only one-directional.

So handlebar makers have laid up UD carbons in various orientations or added woven fabrics to solve the directional strength glitch. This way, handlebars remain rigid with different movements while preserving lightness in weight.

  • Woven Carbon – The carbon is arranged in a cross-sectional manner for woven carbon handlebars. This type of arrangement is better at resisting forces from all sides. It also looks more beautiful than UD bars. However, it can be heavier.

It is common to see handlebars using both UD and woven carbons to complement each other’s strengths.

  • T300/T600/T700/T800/T1000 – If you see this alphanumeric naming in carbon handlebars; it only means the type of carbon material used in the production. Each type has different tensile strength and modulus. Tensile strength is the ability to resist tensile force, while modulus refers to the hardness of the material.

The higher the number, the greater the tensile strength and modulus of the handlebar.

Are Carbon Handlebars Worth It


The carbon fibers handlebar has tons of advantages over its aluminum contender. First, carbon fiber is a lot stiffer, highly tensile, more chemical-resistant, and can better tolerate high and low temperatures, making it more durable. Second, it is lighter in weight. No biker would want to be weighed down by anything while racing or casual biking.

These factors are definitely what every biker are looking for, aren’t they?

Money-wise, the price of the carbon handlebar will depend on the type of carbon used. The price can range from affordable to pricey. But one thing is undebatable; carbon handlebars do not fail in quality. And when coupled with other quality bike gears, you can expect excellent bike performance.

When should you replace carbon handlebars?

Some people might think that carbon handlebars need periodic replacement. This isn’t accurate as handlebars can still work just as fine, years after installed on a bike. Handlebars are best replaced when there are obvious signs of damages that have compromised the bike’s performance and functionality.

The following are telling signs that your carbon handlebars need to be replaced.

After a crash

A bike crash can lead to damages to the carbon handlebar, and all too often, there will be marks. Damages to carbon are easy to identify; they will appear as severed fibers or delaminated surfaces. When you see these signs, it’s high time to replace your bar.

But some accidents do not produce defacement and still affect the bike’s performance. If you think the accident had been significant, it’s best to replace than take chances on your safety.

After thorough routine inspection reveals covert damages

While routine replacement is not necessary, periodic maintenance is. If you’re always on your bike, you might want to do a thorough inspection and cleanup biannually.

Carefully run through each part of the bike and pay extra attention to areas where components are clamped. This is where obscure damages are festering. Remove and clean each part to reveal the true physical condition.

When performance deteriorates

To a cyclist, the bike becomes an extension of the body when they’re on it. And so it’s easy to know when something is wrong with any of its parts. There might not be obvious signs of wear and tear in some instances, but you can feel when performance is compromised. Driving a bike with unconditioned parts can be risky. To avoid second-guessing, replace your handlebar at once.


Carbon handlebars are one of the highest quality and most sought-after types of bars in the cycling world. Whether it’s durability, performance, compatibility, and aesthetics you’re looking for, carbon handlebars can cater. It allows you to have a safe yet thrilling adventures with your bicycles.

The best carbon handlebars are genuinely worth the money you spend for it.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Bestseller No. 1
Oneup Components Carbon Handlebar Black, 35Mm Rise
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Rise: 20, 35mm
  • Sweep: [back] 8-degree, [up] 5-degree
  • Width: 800mm
Bestseller No. 2
BUCKLOS Full Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar 25.4/31.8mm 660-760mm Flat Bar Riser Bar MTB Handlebar, Suitable for Cycling Racing XC DH Bicycle...
  • 【Material】 BUCKLOS mountain bike handlebar are made of full carbon fiber 3K matte, strong and beautiful, and black tooling matte bicycle...
  • 【Size】 Diameter: 25.4/31.8mm; Shape: flat/riser bar; Length: 660-760mm, weight about 165 grams (31.8*760mm)
  • 【Applicable situation】Flat handlebar has a low center of gravity and is directly suitable for climbing. Riser handlebar has good operability and a...
  • 【DESIGN】Ergonomic structure, CNC precision bending. Comfortable and non-slip. Best choice for riders who need more control on their bicycles.
  • 【Multi-application】 Most mountain bikes, road bikes and off-road vehicles
Bestseller No. 3
Alfa Pasca Carbon Handlebars Mountain Bike 31.8mm Riser Handlebars Carbon Fiber Mtb Handlebar 3K Matte 760mm
  • 1, carbon mtb handlebar diameter: 31.8mm; bar end diameter: 22.2mm; appearance: 3K glossy / 3K matte / UD matte, flat bar: 620/640/660/680/700/720/740...
  • 2, carbon fiber mtb flat handlebar, carbon fiber is comparable to aluminum alloy: lighter, more beautiful, brighter, stronger in pressure resistance,...
  • 3, Install the carbon mtb handlebar correctly, follow the specified tightening torque (4 Nm); it is recommended to use a hex wrench to tighten the...
  • 4, the best torque of the carbon handlebar riser is 4Nm, maximum torque of 5Nm. Just gradually tighten the handlebar, tighten until the handlebar...
  • 5, carbon mountain bike handlebars choose the size: The width of the mountain handlebar is not really related to the size of the wheels, but it...
Bestseller No. 4
Oneup Components Carbon Handlebar Black, 20Mm Rise
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Rise: 20, 35mm
  • Sweep: [back] 8-degree, [up] 5-degree
  • Width: 800mm
Bestseller No. 5
RXL SL carbon fiber road handlebars Carbon Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 Handlebar Carbon Fiber bike parts lightweight 420mm carbon handlebar drop bar Aero...
  • 1.Material: T700 Carbon Fiber,Weight:Approx 210g±10g;Color:Black/Red/Grey
  • 2.Size:31.8*400/420/440mm;Drop:127mm;Reach:104mm
  • 3.Carbon Fiber compares to Aluminum Alloy:Lighter in weight.Much more beautiful in appearance. Brighter in Color. Stronger in pressure resistance....
  • 4.This style is one of the standard mold of modern road racing bike,its tortuosity is especially made to fits the brake system, and in the position of...
  • 5.The corner is high temperature joint treated, passed impact test, adopted wind-breaking design and internally routing to reduce the wind resistance...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 Black, 30Mm Rise
  • Material: uni-directional carbon fiber
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Rise: 10, 20, 30, 40mm
  • Sweep: [back] 7-degree, [up] 5-degree
  • Width: 800mm
Bestseller No. 7
Mountain Bike Handlebars, MTB Handlebars, Carbon Fiber 31.8 Handlebar, Black 3K Glossy 680mm Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars MTB Bars, Lightweight...
  • CARBON FIBER FLAT BARS: The mtb handlebars are made of high-strength carbon fiber material and anodized finish. Lightweight and stiff, Non-Slip and...
  • COMFORTABLE FOR AN UPRIGHT POSITION: The flat mtb handlebar will support you to ride the bike in an upright position so that you can keep your...
  • EASILY CONTROLLED: the Flat carbon fiber handlebars mountain bike is even easy to handle for beginners because they will have more handgrip while...
  • GOOD FLEXIBILITY: The straight handlebar is more flexible than the swallow 31.8 riser handlebar, carbon fiber mountain bike handlebars is easier to...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: When installing rxl sl carbon handlebars, please measure and confirm the diameter before ordering. The diameter of carbon fiber mtb...