15 Best Bike Cable Cutters 2024 – Swap Your Bike Cable Easily

Replacing or swapping your bike cable is an easy job that you can do at home. It is part of the regular bike maintenance to keep it at the optimum operation. When you notice that there is a frayed cable particularly beside the cable anchor, your bike cable would already need replacement.

Editor's Pick
Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
Good Choice
Cal Hawk Tools CPLWC8 7.5" Steel Wire Cutter
Don't Miss
Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow
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Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
Cal Hawk Tools CPLWC8 7.5" Steel Wire Cutter
Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow
IceToolz Cable and Spoke Cutter | Pro Shop Tool for Shimano SIS SP | Inner Wire and Outer Casing Reconditioner
Editor's Pick
Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
Good Choice
Cal Hawk Tools CPLWC8 7.5" Steel Wire Cutter
Cal Hawk Tools CPLWC8 7.5" Steel Wire Cutter
Don't Miss
Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow
Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow
Also Consider
IceToolz Cable and Spoke Cutter | Pro Shop Tool for Shimano SIS SP | Inner Wire and Outer Casing Reconditioner
IceToolz Cable and Spoke Cutter | Pro Shop Tool for Shimano SIS SP | Inner Wire and Outer Casing Reconditioner

Replacing your bike cable can be very simple using the right and effective tool. When the cable gets worn out, sticky, and frayed, replacing and cutting it loose are the best option. You need the basic tools including new cables, ferrules, and bike cable cutter to get the job done right.

Thus, the best bike cable cutter we listed below will make your task easy and simple. With these cutters, you can experience a clean and fast cut when repairing your bike.

Best Bike Cable Cutter Reviews

1. Park Tool CN-10 Bicycle Cable Cutter

The Park Tool cable cutter is every biker’s favorite repair tool. It is in our top list because of its precise and clean cable cut. It has an excellent cutting power making your work easy and fast. Moreover, it is engineered for both cable and housing, especially the hard-to-cut shift housing.

With its impressive cutting jaws, cutting your bike cable is a no-sweat experience. The cutter’s jaws are cold-forged for high-precision and exceptional cutting. It is built for strength and exhibits a high-level of durability even bike service centers prefer using this cable cutter. Since it is durable, the product tends to be heavy to use.

Another thing to like about this bicycle cutter is it featured heat treated steel handles. It helps to improve grip and strength for precise and accurate cutting. You can never get injured using these handles because it is easy to grip and press.

This best bicycle cable cutter has a built-in crimper intended for cable end caps. You can also use this in forming holes for your housing ends and ferrules. Furthermore, the cutter features a wire latch that keeps the jaws together when not in use. You are ensured of the safety of this cutter even in idle mode.

It is the best bike cutter you can find in bike shops or even online. The cutter can be used at home and also recommended for professional bike service shops. Repairing your bike is easy with the performance this bike cutter exhibits.
  • Ideal for both cable and housing
  • Cold forged feature for powerful cut
  • Clean and accurate cutting
  • Safe to use
  • Can be heavy to use
This cable cutter continues to be the top bet of every professional biker. It gives an outstanding performance without stressing you out when cutting. The clean and detailed cut it creates made biking enthusiasts choose this tool again and again.

2. Cal Hawk Tools CPLWC8 Wire Cutter

The next product in this list is the Cal Hawk bike cutter. It comes in red color with 2.032cm x 8.89 cm x 24.892cm dimension. The product can be heavy with a weight of 1.5lbs. But the overall appearance of this cutter is the perfect combination of a red rubber handle and black steel jaws. You can see at the other end of the grip handle, the company’s name printed in white.

Even though it is a cheaper variant of bike cutter, the quality is not compromised. This steel wire cutter has powerful hardened blades that ensure a precise and perfect cut. You will notice jaws’ cutting edges have a unique shape making the cutting performance smooth and fast.

The greatest quality of this bike cutter is the overlapping hardened blades that give sheer and absolute cut. You do not need to worry about the imperfect and unflattened use of this bike cutter. This cutter can keep your cable from flattening, fanning and splaying. It is the ideal cutter to use when you want to repair your bike at the comfort of your home.

Since the cutter tends to be heavy, it also ensures a force exerted when cutting the cable wire. The weight of this cutter adds strength and power when performing your cut. The non-slip handles will make your grip better using this bike cutter.
  • Affordable
  • Makes powerful cut
  • Smooth and fast cutting performance
  • Comes with non-slip handles)
  • Tends to be heavy
If you are tight on a budget but do not want to compromise quality, this cable cutter for bikes is a good pick for you. With its efficient and detailed cutting performance, repairing your bike cable will always be fun and easy. The non-slip handles also make your cutting job convenient and more comfortable.

3. Muzata Stainless Steel Cable Cutter

The Muzata stainless steel cable cutter is another product with a red and black design combination. It is a great color duo that can easily blend with your other biking repair tools. It is specifically engineered to cut steel wires of up to 5/32” that can result in sharp and clean wire cuts.

With this cable cutter, you can repair your bike, replace the cable and cable housing using this impressive tool. It is practical and durable to use making the cut clean and accurate. You will notice that the cable no longer frays and the end is impressively flattened when you use this as a cutter.

It is also very versatile. Aside from cutting a bike cable, you can use this to cut ripcords and remove grommet. Even though it is not ideal for professional cutting, it is a perfect cutter for some of your household wires, too. You will no longer need different cutters to cut other wires at home. This cable cutter is a perfect household tool for every cable and wire that needs repair or replacement.

Using this cutter has never been easy. You just need to secure the cutter surrounding the cable, and press, hold and grip. You will see a clean and sheer cut once you complete the cutting. It makes your life easier, and allows your bike to perform at its optimum speed after replacing its cable and cable house.
  • Versatile
  • Clean and accurate cutting performance
  • Easy to use
  • Secure handle
  • Not suitable for professional cutting
If you are looking for a bike cable housing cutter, you can never go wrong with this cable and house cutter. It is packed with all the important features you are looking for. It has secure handles, sharp blades for clean cutting, and durable materials, as well.

4. Panorama Cable & Hardware Cable Cutter

This cable cutter is another reliable cable cutter in this list. It is slim, sleek and simple in terms of design. It comes in a yellow shade that can easily be recognized when stacked along with your other bike repair tools. The overall structure of this bike cutter shows that it can provide easy and clean cable cut.

It is made of rubber handles to keep the grip on your hand. Both sides of the handle have a curve design to allow a better and simpler grip when cutting cable or cable house. It looks handy while the edge of the cutter is round intended for the bike cable cutting tool.

When you use the proper tool, specifically this cable and house cutter, you will notice that it gives accurate and proper cut. It is also versatile as it can cut different types of cable. You can cut square, round, and cold cables and still result in a high-quality cut. It is made specifically to cut bike cables only.

Further, the metal cutter with sharp edges prevents your cable from fraying. Since it provides a thorough and absolute cut, repairing your bike has never been easier. It is also lightweight and only measures 11.2 ounces and 10.4x3x1inch dimension. It is portable which you can bring along with other bike accessories.
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Sharp edges
  • Specifically made to cut bike cables
If simplicity is valuable for you, this brake cable cutter for bicycles is a perfect choice. With its sleek and lightweight design, cutting your bike cable is so much easier. You will be surprised that your bike cable no longer frays with its efficient cutting performance.

5. Pedro’s 131839 Bicycle Cable Cutter

If you are looking for an affordable but highly dependable bike cable cutter, this Pedro’s bicycle cable cutter is a perfect pick for you. At a lower price, you can get both quality and durability from this product. It is designed to have a power cut to make your bike repair activity easy and clean.

This cutter is also versatile as it can cut both brake cable and bike cable housing, at the same time. It is a sleek and well-made cable cutter intended for regular bike cables. However, if you use this for shift housing, it can have a clean and splitting cut, not the flattened cut you want to achieve.

In terms of blade and cutting edges, this cutter does not disappoint. The blades are sharp enough to penetrate through the hard cable material. Since it has a rubberized yellow handle, the grip is secured even when you are cutting a tough cable material.

It is safe to use, too. It has a lock system design that can easily be controlled in one hand. The other hand is free to use to keep the cable in place while cutting. In this way, no injury occurs, especially flying cut cables, thereafter. At a very affordable price, it gives average performance perfect for bike home repair and maintenance at home. It is not used for professional cutting, especially for bike service centers, as it can easily be worn out because of frequent usage.
  • Affordable
  • High quality and durable
  • Sharp and reliable cutting edges
  • Non-slip and rubberized handles
  • Gives split cut to harder cable material
Another affordable product in this list. You can pick this bike brake cable cutter when you are looking for affordability and durability. It is a handy tool especially when you often encounter frayed and disorganized bike cables. It is a go-to tool for every cyclist who does not want to sacrifice quality even at a lower price.

6. Zoostliss PF-112Z Stainless Steel Cutter

The Zoostliss stainless steel cutter is a great product intended to cut 5/32” wire and cable. It is made of stainless steel material making the entire product durable and powerful. The edge of the cutter is sharp for right and proper cutting. It comes with a special heat treatment that stabilizes friction between the metal and the cutter. This heat treatment technology is perfect for professional cutting for bike cables and wires.

This bike cable cutter is designed for repairing your bike cable or cable housing. You will notice that your bike cable rarely frays and smashes on the ends after using this product. It is also versatile which you can use to cut cable, ripcords and grommet removal.

The cutting metal and edges are made of hardened steel blades that are sharp enough to cut any type of wire. It has a well-countured and rubberized handle for a secured grip when cutting. You wont get hurt as the handle is also cushioned providing comfortable cutting.

Aside from the strength and durability it provides, it comes with a spring roll design for easy and precious cutting performance. It is engineered for one-handed operation, allowing the other side of your hand, free to support the cutting activity..
  • Has heat treatment technology
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip design
  • Comes with hardened steel blades
  • Intended for bike cable and wires only
This cable and housing cutter is another impressive product in our list. With its heat treatment technology, you will no longer worry of getting burnt and injured. The heat stabilizes even there is a higher level of friction building up. You can say that this cable cutter is one of the safest tools that you can use.

7. FELCO F C7 Cable Cutter

If you are looking for a trusted and proven brand for a high-quality cable cutter, FELCO is the best brand for you. This brand has mastered the design and technology to make topnotch products for more than 70 years already. It is guaranteed that the products from the brand can last for a really long time.

This FELCO cable cutter is the first in our list with an ergonomic cutting design. It provides comfort to your hand, giving you the most convenient grip when cutting. Even though it is at a higher price range, the cutter is made of top-level material to provide the best cutting performance. This bike cutter is made of premium steel components to ensure the maximum level of durability.

You are ensured that this bike cable cutter will last long as it is engineered and designed in Switzerland. The country is known for creating high-quality products worldwide. The high-grade steel component is coupled by an impressive handle to make cutting more comfortable. Moreover, the handle is a plastic non-slip grip which you can hold better for harder and stubborn bike cables.

This bike cutter can be maintained easily using the synthetic lubricant as part of the brand commitment. It keeps your cutter at the maximum level of performance even when frequently used. It is also adjustable which you can use for cables with different sizes and diameters.
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made of top-quality material
  • Comfortable handle-grip
  • Pricey compared to other cutters
Never underestimate the power of this brand. This bicycle cable housing cutter is one of the best products in this list. With its impressive material components, you are ensured that this product is for long-term usage. Even when you use it frequently, the cutting performance will not disintegrate. You just need to make sure that you can maintain it with the synthetic lubricant.

8. Glarks Bike Cable End Caps

If you are looking for the perfect set of cable end caps and cable cutter, this Glarks product is the most suitable pick. The set has 120 pieces of cable end caps and an 8-inch stainless steel cutter. The cable cutter can cut up to 5/32” cable wire diameter.

This product is very durable particularly the cable end caps made of premium aluminum alloy. The end cap set comes in different colors making your bike bright and colorful. All end caps in this set are strong and durable intended for long term use. They are lightweight and easy to carry without putting in much weight when biking.

On the other hand, the bike cable cutter does not disappoint, too. It has enough sharpness and durability ensuring precise and accurate cut. The cutter is hard enough because of the high-quality stainless steel material used. Using this cutter when repairing your bike is simple and convenient.

Designing and repairing your bike will be fun and enjoyable when you use this set. It is a perfect package when you want to overhaul the appearance of your bike. You can have fun while ensuring that your bike can run at its optimum performance.s.
  • Complete set of end caps and cable cutter
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Provides impressive cutting performance
  • Some may not need to much end caps
This bike cable cutter alternative may seem to be more complicated compared to others. But it does the job well and right. Moreover, this comes in a set, you need not worry of looking for bike cable end caps anymore. The array of colors to choose from makes repairing a fun activity for you.

9. IceToolz 67A5 Cable Cutter

If you are looking for a highly versatile cable cutter, this IceToolz cable cutter is a good choice for you. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor bikes. It is a helpful tool to add to your bike repair and maintenance kit.

This product has a simple black and metal design with a printed manufacturing name on one side of the handle. It has a spring suspension in the middle to control the movement and force when cutting. At the end of this cable cutter, there is a silver metal for locking purposes. The handle is ergonomic with layers of curves to make your job more comfortable.

It is not the most affordable in this list, as the cutter is pricey. However, it performs its job well. It is ideal for cutting both casings and cables. This cutter gives you a clean cut with a very functional reconditioner. You don’t get stressed when repairing the casing ends as the cutter is good for rounding out the cable casing ends.

As it is made to be versatile, you can use it for road, racing and even mountain biking. You will never worry about your bike cable fraying when you use this impressive cutter. It has an exceptional performance that makes repairing your bike become easy and enjoyable.

  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic
  • Impressive clean cutting performance
  • Comes with spring suspension for controlled cutting
  • Pricey
If you want to cut your bike’s derailleur cables and housing, you can rely on this highly-effective cutter. It is safe to use with a cushion grip handle and can provide you a reliable cutting performance.

10. SHIMANO Cable Cutter

If you notice that you already have a worn out bike cable and cable housing and you need them to be replaced, you can use this Shimano cable cutter. It is an efficient cutting tool that you can use when repairing your bike cables. It is engineered to provide superior cutting performance with its sharp and powerful blades. However, it is still at the higher price side.

This cable cutter comes in black and silver cutter and equipped with a liner needle. It looks sleek and simple with curves in both handles. The handle is made of rubberized material as a non-slip feature. You can hold it together even when cutting an extremely hard bike cable.

It is an improved version that features sharper blades using a chrome-plated carbon steel material. This is to ensure that you can use it for a long time because of the materials used. It has better longevity compared to the older version made by the brand. You can keep it in your toolbox for an extended time.

When you look closely at the product, you will notice that it has a built-in crimper and a needle for polishing and reshaping your cable housing after the cut. This product is really worth your investment given that it can provide you clean and exceptional cutting performance.
  • Comes with sharp and powerful blades
  • Has built-in crimper for reshaping
  • Easy on the hands
  • Provides efficient cutting
  • Expensive compared to other
The best way to cut and repair your bike cable and housing is using this Shimano cable cutter. It may be the last in this list, but it will certainly not the least. With its impressive cutting performance, cutting will be stress free. You can resolve your cable fraying in a matter of minutes.

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Cable Cutter

Bike Cable Cutters


When buying a cable cutter, the number one consideration is the material used. Cable cutters are one of the most crucial tools in maintaining your bikes or MTBs. It is vital to find a high-quality bike cable cutter that can stand the test of time. Meaning, the metal should not rust, can handle complex and hard cables, and is durable. Most cable cutters you see in the market today are made of stainless steel material.


The best cutter for your bike cables is the one with impressive sharpness. You would not want to buy something that cannot perform its job. Cutters are made to cut hard and powerful wires, it is just important to consider the sharpness of the tool. It will also make you fast and easier when it is sharp. You want to achieve clean and sheer cut performance, and it heavily depends on the sharpness of the tool.


Another essential feature to look for when buying bike cable cutters is the handle. Cable cutter handles provide a convenient cutting experience and are comfortable. Search for handles with cushioned and rubberized designs to add a layer of comfort when cutting cables and cable housing. You can also include a non-slip feature of the handle so you can keep holding the cutter even when cutting very hard and strong cable or wire. Other manufacturers include ergonomic and heat treat technology when making handles for cable cutters.

How Do I Cut my Bike Cable Housing

Cutting your bike cable housing is simple and easy. Given the right tool and knowledge, you can do it at the comfort of your home. It is important to wear eye protection before performing any work on your bike. When you have the right gear, you can now proceed to the job.

Initially, you have to put the cable at the jaw of the table cutter. The cutter will envelop the cable to prepare it for cutting. When you cut the shifter housing, grab and steadily hold the housing close to the cutter’s jaws. To ensure a clean and precise cut, you can hold the housing perpendicular to the jaws and squeeze the bike cable cutter and crimper strong and quick. Afterwhich, inspect the cut and ensure that it made a precise, flat and clean cut. Once you are satisfied with the cut, you can now install the end cap and new cable to your bike.

How Can I Cut my Bike Cable Without a Cable Cutter


A Bike cable housing cutter is a special tool when replacing your bike’s cable or cable housing. It provides you with precise and easy cutting to regularly maintain your bike. Most amateur bikers would resort to reliable mtb cable cutters, but some would not need a special tool when replacing bike cable.

If you lack cable cutters, and need to replace your bike cable, you can do so. All you need is a pair of lineman pliers or wire cutters to do the job. Once you get the plier, place your bike cable inside the plier’s cutting surfaces. Give a purposeful cut using a hammer to get the clean cut.

How often Should Bike Cables be Replaced

There is a proper time to replace your bike cable or housing cable. Your bike cable should be regularly inspected for fraying. Every 1000 to 1500 miles, you should already pay attention to your bike cable especially when you are running 10 or 11 speed.

You will notice that the cable needs repair or replacement when the shifting feels soft and the chain begins jumping between cogs even when adjusted constantly. It is simple to identify when to replace the cable because you can easily notice cable fraying or shifting problems when biking. In a normal circumstance, brake cables should be replaced 2 to 3 years.

On the other hand, you can also change the rear part of your derailleur housing when you plan to change the bike cable. When you want to replace the entire housing, it can be changed every 2 years or when you reach 5000 to 7000 miles.


Fraying cables and ageing cable housing are hard to address without the right tool. With the best bike cable cutters we listed above, you are given wide selections of products you can choose from. We have affordable products for you that can deliver optimum cutting performance.

We also considered extra features which we believe are equally important. There are products with ergonomic handles, safety latch and heat treated technology. It is up to you to pick the ones that fit your needs and personal preferences.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Muzata Cable Cutters Wire Cutters Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Rope Seal Cutter Aircraft Up to 5/32" for Deck Railing Bike Housing Metal Wire Fence...
  • High Quality Cable Cutter - This cable cutter works excellent in cutting up to 5/32" wire rope cable of all kinds. It is widely used in industrial and...
  • Clean Cut - The blade of this wire rope cutter is quite sharp and durable since the blade is made of chrome vanadium steel and has been hardened by...
  • Safe and Easy - The safety lock prevents accidental opens and cuts that might hurt you. The ergonomic one-hand operation and non-slip rubber grips...
  • Advice for constructing a system - To help you build a cable railing system, we recommend the following product combinations from Muzata, including...
  • Why Choose Us - MUZATA has helped millions of families with their cable railing projects during the past years. We believe that home renovation should...
Bestseller No. 2
Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
  • Cold forged, heat treated steel handles for strength
  • Precision ground cutting jaws for a clean cut on every cable
  • Built in crimper for cable end caps and forming hole for reforming housing ends and housing ferrules
Bestseller No. 3
Bike Cable Cutter, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Cutter, Wire Rope for Deck Stair Railing Strong Thick Seal Metal Fencing Bicycle Bike Brake Cutter...
  • Excellent Design: Our cable cutter is designed for cutting steel wire, It can cut up to 5/32" hard steel cable, aircraft cable, copper cable, aluminum...
  • High Quality Material: This wire rope is made of carbon steel, has been hardened by high-frequency quenching, durable and can cut quickly. The cable...
  • Labor Saving: You can use one hand to operate easily as it has a labor-saving spring. This wire cable cutter can make very precise, very clean cuts...
  • Widely Used: Recommended for installing 1/8" cable railing projects, bicycle cable, stainless steel wire rope, aircraft cable, copper cable, aluminum...
  • Package Detail: Includes an 8 inch stainless steel wire cutter for cutting steel wire which up to 5/32”, 10pcs bike brake cable end caps, 5 blue and...
Bestseller No. 4
mankk 73PCS Universal Bike Brake Cable Kit and Housing Replacement Kit Stainless Steel Bike Cable Cutter Wire Cable Cutters with Cable End Caps and...
  • Universal bicycle cable and housing replacement kit,Specially designed for bicycles, suitable for most bicycles, such as mountain bikes, leisure...
  • Product Specification:cable cutter total length:190mm/7.5", opening width:6mm/0.04".Shift cable:2m/6.5ft;Brake Cables:1.75m/5.7ft.
  • Quality Materials:The cable cutter is made of CR-V steel,Hardened by quenching,stronger .The shift cable and brake cables is made of standard...
  • Product Features:The cable cutter can accurately cut hard cables, and the cable ends will not be worn or crushed, and can be used to cut cables, wires...
  • Package include:1Pcs Cable Cutter,6Pcs Brake Cables,6Pcs Shift Cables,12Pcs Inside O-Rings,12Pcs Silver Aluminum Cable Cap End,12Pcs Black Aluminum...
Bestseller No. 5
Bynccea Bike Tool Cable Cutters Bicycle Wire Nipper Cutters Cable and Housing Cutter for Bicycle Wire and Cables
  • Soft: PVC coated handle ergonomically shaped to your hand for the best grip
  • Sharp: Blade is made of high quality steel, quite sharp and durable
  • Safe: Cable and Housing Cutter with safety lock, and telescopic spring to convenient for you to use and protect your safety
  • Features: requires less effort, safe and durable, covenient to use, portable
  • Widely Use:Bicycle Wire Nipper Cutters can cuts for aluminum, copper, communications cable etc.
Bestseller No. 6
PRO BIKE TOOL Cable Cutters - Heavy Duty cable cutter for bicycle wires and cables.
  • No Frayed Cables - Thanks to the hard metal blades, they are not only sharp, but durable. This ensures they provide a clean cut time after time and...
  • A Cyclists best friend - Make bicycle maintenance a breeze and cut your cables clean every time. Also great for general use around the house, DIY and...
  • Ergonomics - The soft PVC coated handle provides plentiful grip for great leverage. Handles ergonomically shaped to your hand for the best grip.
  • Spring loaded! - The pliers can be locked together with the safety lock when not in use, or unlocked meaning the pliers will spring outwards ready for...
  • Pro Quality – We are so confident about the quality of our products that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a...
SaleBestseller No. 7
weideer 87 Pcs Stainless Steel Wire Cutter Bike Brake Cable Housing Shifter Cable Housing Universal Bike Cable Kit Bicycle Brake Cable Shift Cable...
  • Package Includes: 8 inch stainless steel wire cutter.6pcs bike brake cables.6pcs bike shift cables.2.5m Bicycle Cable Housing.2m Bicycle Shift Cable...
  • The cable cutter is made of stainless steel.Sharp edge, smooth cut. It makes precise and clean cuts without fraying or breaking the ends.This cable...
  • Bike brake cables are 1.7m/5.5FT. The shift cable is 2m/6.56FT. Universal bike cables are made of stainless steel and standard zinc plated.2.5m Brake...
  • The various end caps we have equipped are mainly applied to the end of the brake cable and the end of the shift cable, which can prevent the brake...
  • These bike cables and cable cutter sets are widely used in road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, recreational bikes.
Bestseller No. 8
Zacro 94PCS Stainless Steel Bike Cable Cutter, Universal Bicycle Front and Rear Brake Cable and Shifter Cable with End Caps, V Brake Noodle Cable Kit,...
  • 94-Piece Bicycle Cable Kit with Cutter: This kit includes 8" cable cutter, 8Pcs bike shift gear cables (2.1m/6.9ft), 8Pcs bike brake cables...
  • High Quality CR-V Steel Cable Cutter: This line cable cutter works excellently in cutting up to 5/32" wire rope cables of all kinds. It makes exact...
  • Bicycle Brake Cable and Shift Brake Cable: 8Pcs bike shift cables ( 2.1m/6.9ft) and 8Pcs bike brake cables ( 1.7m/5.6ft) are expertly crafted from...
  • Complete & Practical Accessories: Our set surpasses others with a range of essential components, including O-rings, aluminum and plastic cable end...
  • Versatile Use & Wide Application: Suitable for most bicycle types and cable-related requirements. Ideal replacement for mountain bikes, road bikes,...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow
  • Made from heat-treated tool steel to ensure the ultimate in strength and long-lasting performance
  • Ergonomic, cushioned grip, and high leverage design for comfort and ease of use
  • Quickly and cleanly cuts brake and derailleur cables, housing, and other wires
  • Sport type: Cycling
  • Color: Black / Yellow.Package Dimensions: 2.311 L x 25.908 H x 9.398 W (centimeters)
SaleBestseller No. 10
weideer Bike Cable Cutter Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cutter Up to 5/32" Aircraft Steel Wire Cutter with 8Pcs Bike Cable Cap End Tips for...
  • The main body of the cable cutter is made of chrome vanadium steel.After high-frequency quenching, the texture is hard. Sharp edge, smooth cut. It...
  • Heavy-duty wire cutters have safety lock. The safety lock prevents accidental opening and cutting that could injure you. Easy to store, easy to carry....
  • Non-slip rubber grips. Ergonomically designed handle for palm grip. reduce fatigue.No sweat, no slippage. The use of high-elasticity rebound springs...
  • This cable cutter can cut up to 5/32". Widely used for cable railings, fences, bicycle shifter hoses/brake hoses/brake inner cables/shift inner cables...
  • Package Includes: 1Pcs heavy duty cord cutters and 8Pcs Bike Cable Cap End Tips