12 Best Mountain Bike Stems 2022 – Sharpen Up Your Steering

Welcome to the world of mountain bike stems. This list will review the mountain bike stems you can find in the market today. This particular bicycle component might look simple, minor, and insignificant, but don’t let its small structure fool you. This little piece of metal can make or break your whole riding experience.

Best Choice
Bike Stem 31.8 × 45mm WAKE Mountain Bike Stem Bicycle Handlebar Stem Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike (Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable, Black)
Good Choice
FOMTOR 25.4 stem 60mm 35 Degree Bike Handlebar Stem Riser MTB Stem for Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB
Don't Miss
Wake MTB Stem 31.8 110mm 60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear,...
Also Consider
FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for 1-1/8 Steer Tube 31.8mm Handlebar, Short Handlebar Stem for All Mountain, MTB, Downhill,...
Bike Stem 31.8 × 45mm WAKE Mountain Bike Stem Bicycle Handlebar Stem Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike (Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable, Black)
FOMTOR 25.4 stem 60mm 35 Degree Bike Handlebar Stem Riser MTB Stem for Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB
Wake MTB Stem 31.8 110mm 60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear,...
FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for 1-1/8 Steer Tube 31.8mm Handlebar, Short Handlebar Stem for All Mountain, MTB, Downhill,...
Best Choice
Bike Stem 31.8 × 45mm WAKE Mountain Bike Stem Bicycle Handlebar Stem Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike (Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable, Black)
Bike Stem 31.8 × 45mm WAKE Mountain Bike Stem Bicycle Handlebar Stem Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike (Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable, Black)
Good Choice
FOMTOR 25.4 stem 60mm 35 Degree Bike Handlebar Stem Riser MTB Stem for Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB
FOMTOR 25.4 stem 60mm 35 Degree Bike Handlebar Stem Riser MTB Stem for Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB
Don't Miss
Wake MTB Stem 31.8 110mm 60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear,...
Wake MTB Stem 31.8 110mm 60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear,...
Also Consider
FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for 1-1/8 Steer Tube 31.8mm Handlebar, Short Handlebar Stem for All Mountain, MTB, Downhill,...
FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for 1-1/8 Steer Tube 31.8mm Handlebar, Short Handlebar Stem for All Mountain, MTB, Downhill,...

Choosing the right stem is essential to ensure a smooth riding experience. If you have the wrong kind on your bike, you will never have a good and comfortable ride. Shoulder pains and backaches will result because of the unbalanced stem. It is wise to choose the right stem for your bike.

With that, it is crucial to find out which bicycle stem offers the best performance for your gear. Let’s read on my list of the best mountain bike stems in the market to discover which stem is the best fit for you and your bicycle.

Best Mountain Bike Stem Reviews

1. Wake Mountain Bike Stem

Wake is a lighter and shorter stem for most bicycles. With a handlebar diameter of 31.8 mm, a steerer tube diameter of 28.6mm, a 45mm mountain bike stem length, and a 130g weight, this universal short mountain bike stem is worth taking a look.

As I see, this bike stem is compatible with road bikes, fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes or MTB, downhill bikes, BMX, etc. It is manufactured with a 6061 T6 aluminum alloy by a durable and high-strength CNC machined.

For easy installation, I connected the original and standard front fork steerer stem with the four-bolt bar clamps to hold the mountain bike handlebar stem safely and securely in place. Even with its easy-to-install system, I still feel safe when using it because of its sturdiness.

I think these top-rated mountain bike stems are ideal for modified, DIY, or upgrade projects. When riding downhill and climbing, I always feel comfortable and safe using these handlebar clamps as it keeps my handlebar secure.

I am a collector, and I have several different colored bicycles. So I am pleased that this product has five different colors that I can use for all my mountain bicycles.

One thing I don’t like is the exposed steerer tubes. I am worried that it might rust over some time.
  • A one-size-fits-all stem
  • Easy to install
  • Safe and sturdy for strenuous rides
  • Variety of color choices
  • Possibility of rusting due to exposed part
Overall, this mountain bike stem is a good deal and a bang for your buck because its price is reasonable. Plus, the color choices are attractive and eye-catching that will genuinely make your bicycles pop when you go on the road.

2. Fomtor Handlebar Stem Riser

The Fomtor 35-degree handlebar stem rise is the perfect solution to make my bike more comfortable. It can help you adjust the bar height of your handlebar up to 35-degrees. It will bring the comfort you are looking for without having to compromise the cables of your bicycle.

This stem, with a 60mm mtb stem length option, is suitable for the 25.4 mm handlebar stem and handlebar diameter of 31.8 mm. I like that this bicycle part is half as light as most of the adjustable mtb stems on the market. It is manufactured with CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy making its high-strength and sturdiness note-worthy.

It is one of the most favorite mountain bike stems for mountain bicycles, track bicycles, BMX, and MTB. What I enjoy most besides the comfort it gives me during my rides is that it is easy to install. I connected it easily to the regular front fork steerer clamp stem using four bolt bar clamps to keep the handlebar secured. This simple installation saved me plenty of time so that I could focus more on complicated tasks.

I also like this product due to the noticeable change in my posture when I ride my bicycle. More extended handlebars caused stress on my back and hands when riding. But after I switched to this handlebar stem rise, the difference was huge. My back and hands now do not feel strained or uncomfortable.

Since it is small and lightweight, it is better not to use this during extreme rides or going off-roading. It works best on leisurely rides only.
  • Adjusts handlebar and bar height up to 35-degrees
  • A noticeable change in posture while using
  • Lighter than most adjustable handlebar stems
  • Made of high-strength and sturdiness aluminum alloy
  • Reduce stress on the hands and backs when riding
  • Not ideal for cross-country training
Overall, this is one of the top-rated mountain bike stems I have tried. I think it has all the core features to live up to your expectations for a good mountain bike stems.

3. Funn Mountain Bike Alloy Stem

Although the Funnduro mountain bike alloy stem can be compatible with a 35mm MTB stem, this product is only available in a 31.8 mm one. But I love to put it on my list as it is a meticulously engineered bike stem for endurance training, trail riding, off-roading, mountain biking, and downhill rides.

This bike stem is light but challenging because of the high quality equalizer that is featherweight but stable and durable enough to last in the harshest terrains and conditions.

It is an all-around shorter stem that is safe and efficient for riding in different types of situations. I love that its price is lower than most bike stems in the market, but it feels, performs, and looks like an expensive piece.

I like how I get to choose the color I want to match my taste and my bike. This bike stem is available in five eye-catching colors perfect for any style and mood.

The Funnduro bike stem is designed by a team of experts and tested by world-class cyclists and riders to create the perfect product for adventures. So I think it is as rugged and reliable when you use it for bike racing.

Something that bothered me a bit was that there was damage to the packaging and the stem had a small dent when it arrived. But I don’t think this was the manufacturer’s fault but rather the delivery process instead. Other than that, everything was great. It is not something worth complaining about.
  • More affordable than most brands
  • Heavy duty but light
  • Can handle extreme conditions well
  • Slightly damaged during delivery
With its excellent quality material, good color choices, and bang for the buck, this stem is easily one of the most favorite mountain bike stems I have purchased.

4. RaceFace Mountain Bike Stem

For a better riding position, I think the RaceFace mountain bike stem is perfect. I like it as this product is forged, molded, and blasted with 6061 aluminum to make it heavyweight and stress-resistant at an acceptable weight.

Its purpose is to transfer or shift more load and weight through the stem body with its interlocking and intertwining U-shaped handlebar clamp diameter geometry instead of going through the bolts to avoid damaging the bike. It also has a faceplate that helps eliminate “stress risers,” which leads to your handlebar to bend, snap, or break.

This stem is relatively easy to install because it bears a four-bolt bar clamp diameter that holds the handlebar securely and firmly in its place. It also comes with an instruction manual, which came in handy for me since it was my first time installing one on my bike. The hex bolts came in prepped and grease, so that was a pleasant surprise.

After installing, I took my mountain bike on a 10-mile ride, and I noticed the change almost immediately. Steering was more responsive, and the handlebars were in a more comfortable position being much closer to me. After the ride, I did not have any neck or back pains because my posture and sitting position changed due to my bicycle’s bar height.

This product does its job as advertised, but I am not too fond of the physical look of the bike stem. It looks bulky and a bit heavy compared to other products in the same price range.
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Easy to install bar clamp stem
  • Race Face stem helps give better riding posture
  • The stem looks heavy and bulky
Race Face mountain bike stem riser is a significant part of adding to your next mountain bike build because of the way it does to your body as you ride it. This product is one of the right mountain bike stems I have tried so far.

5. Wake Adjustable Mountain Bike Stem

The reason why I put it on my list is that this product works and feels well-built for its very affordable price. With its hollow and universal design, this adjustable 110mm long mountain bike handlebar stem works best and is suitable for most bikes like road bikes, fixed gear bikes, and mountain bikes.

I am pleased to find out and experience first hand that this product is one of the right mountain bike stems I have purchased.

I was worried that it wouldn’t fit nicely on my bike since it is not a stock part. But once I tightened the stem on its four bolt bar clamp diameter, it did not budge or move. I’m sure to say that it is stable and very secure. Let me add that it is relatively easy to install. I did not have to search for ways to do it because it was pretty straightforward, and everything I needed was right in front of me.

I believe this particular mountain bike stem is ideal for tall cyclists. Its up to 60-degree adjustable feature is perfect for tall people and their postures while riding their bicycles.

Although the bike stem is hollow, this product still feels heftier and heavier than most like-items. If you don’t mind that kind of weight, this product is the perfect mountain bike stem for you.
  • Cheaper than other mountain bike stems
  • Ideal for tall bicyclists
  • Compatible with most types of bicycles
  • Heavier and weightier than other mountain bike stems
The workmanship is of high quality that goes hand in hand with its competitive pricing. If you are in the market for an affordable but reasonable quality mountain bike stem, I think these mountain bike stems are perfect for you.

6. Fomtor Mountain Bike Stem

I love this product as this 70mm MTB stem has a 28.6mm front fork steerer clamp with a 35-degree angle to help adjust the handlebars’ stack height and bar height for your convenience. It is also considered one of the lightest mountain bike stem sets on the market with a 140-gram weight.

This stemp is manufactured and constructed with high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy ensuring safe and secure bike rides on any conditions, even cross country and mountain biking. I’m pleased that this heavy-duty product is ideal and compatible with most road bicycles such as mountain bikes, trail bikes, MTB, BMX, carbon fiber bikes, etc.

It is a perfect replacement for my non-adjustable mountain bike stem making my bike rides more relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. My mistake was I did not purchase this item sooner. Fomtor offers one of the top-rated mountain bike stems I have tried.

Installation was also a breeze for me, I was just a beginner and had not tried to build and customize plenty of bicycles yet. I set up and connected the original fork steerer stem on the four-bolt bar clamp, which held the handlebars securely and carefully in place.

I have noticed that this product is light, but it appears chunky on the bike. To some, the aesthetic and the look of the bike are more important than its functionality. Luckily, I care more about comfort and the huge difference it made as I ride my bike.
  • Adjustable mountain bike stems
  • Professionally made product
  • Easy to install the handlebars
  • May appear chunky and bulky on the bike
If the appeal and the excitement of riding MTB are starting to fade because of sore backs, this product will help you bring back your love and passion for the sport. The comfort it brings as you ride your bicycle will remind you how much you love riding again.

7. Bavel Mountain Bike Stem

If you are searching for a product that can bring the bars closer to your body to help change your posture while riding, I would recommend this Bavel fixed mountain bike stem. With these mountain bike stems, you can avoid body aches and back pains after your ride.

With its 35mm length, I used an MTB stem length calculator to make sure that this handlebar perfectly fit my mountain bike. Due to its affordable price, I also gave this product to my friends because these best stems can be compatible with a wide array of bicycles.

During the installation, I made sure to grease all contact points to ensure everything works smoothly. I also ensured all holes were hollow and checked for machining debris left behind before inserting any of the titanium bolts.

After installation and positioning the handlebars, you should clean up any excess dirt and grease to prevent any debris and foreign pieces from seeping in. You can use a torque wrench on all the bolts to evenly clamp and bolt them in place.

What I like most is that this item is much cheaper than most handlebars stems on the market. Since this bike part is of high quality materials, I see that it holds the handlebars and the fork tube well and adequately.

For me, it is heavier than most handlebars. I was surprised when I first received this product because it weighed three times more than my last one. But I quickly got over that minor detail after I installed it because of its functionality.
  • Improves and promotes better posture
  • More affordable than other stems
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Much heavier than other brands
Overall, this product performs just as well as other well-known ones but at a more affordable price range. If you are on a budget but still want comfort and functionality on your bike, this is the one you are looking for.

8. Wake 60mm Mountain Bike Stem

Wake 60mm universal short stem handlebar clamp is one of the best mountain bike stems in my stem length category. I’m impressed that it is suitable, applicable, compatible with a road bike, fixed gear bike, mountain bike, downhill bike, track bike, MTB, and BMX.

The length and angle help optimize and augment the bike frame fit for a more comfortable riding position and posture. I noticed immediately upon using my new mountain bike stem that it is much comfortable and relaxing riding even on challenging terrains. I was not leaning too forward, which usually causes a strain on my back.

The aerodynamic advantage is a big plus because I do not have to think about having any pain while enjoying my favorite hobby.

I like how this bike stem is made well because as soon as I installed it, the bike part fit as it should. It also tightens securely, giving me peace of mind without fear of loosening up and causing an accident. Another big plus for me is that this bike stem and its clamp design look aesthetically pleasing and match well with my mountain bike design.

The price and quality of this mountain bike stem fit perfectly together. As I use it, I know that I am getting my money’s worth. This product is a straight MTB stem for the money. This brand is one of the right mountain bike stems I have found.

When I received this product, the bike stem had little nicks on the black powder coat finish. I did not mind it that much because it did not affect this bike part’s functionality and reliability.
  • Great value for money
  • Compatible with various bike types
  • Excellent posture advantage
  • Slight scratches on its coat finis
This mountain bike stem is a quality product that is excellent value for money. I believe these mountain bike stems are ideal for beginners and hobbyists who enjoy long rides on different types of conditions and terrains.

9. Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Stem

If you are looking for a lightweight stem, you can consider this product. With a 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy and full-machined mountain bike stem, this stem is one of the lightest MTB stem sets on the market today – just 132 grams along with 31.8 mm handlebar clamp diameter.

The 35mm and 50mm stem feature a CloseGap faceplate for a more straightforward and effortless installation. I just need to place right under its bolt and tighten the torque for extra security.

This aluminum alloy bike stem looks sharp and eye-catching. It suits my bike’s style, adding to the aesthetics fittingly. I am so glad that this bike stem comes in five bright and vivid colors, so I could choose which one looked best on my mountain bike.

If you are planning to build a new bike, you don’t have to consider the color since this mountain bike stem has all the colors you need to make your bike look sharp, fresh, and chic. It comes in colors like black, blue, green, purple, and red.

I can’t believe how relieved I felt after changing to this new bike stem. I used to have a longer bike stem, and after rides, I would have aches and pains in my shoulder and back.

But now, I can enjoy hours of riding since my elbows are bent adequately while riding. It changed my riding position immensely. I do not feel any unnecessary pains after riding my bike in any riding conditions.

I have noticed that this product is a bit on the pricier range compared to other like-products from other brands. Although the performance is unbeatable, I am willing to shell out a few dollars for the convenience it gives me.
  • Wide color choices
  • Lighter than most brands
  • Effortless installation process
  • Allows good posture while riding
  • More expensive than others
This light and reliable mountain bike stem will help you ride extreme bike trails with ease. Now I can say goodbye to unwanted and unnecessary shoulder and back pains after rides.

10. Fomtor Mountain Bike Stem

I love to put this product on my list as this handlebar stem and clamp design are compatible with most bicycle types like folding, mountain, road, MTB, and BMX.

With its adjustable 7-degree handlebar, a 31.8 mm handlebar diameter, a 28.6mm clamp diameter, and the 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm length options, I’m sure to say this universal handlebar stem is one of the best bikes’ stems for customizing your bike.

Considered as the best enduro stem by professionals and hobbyists alike, this durable and reliable stem helps me enjoy my rides safely and securely in a more comfortable riding position. The quality is outstanding, and the price is very affordable.

It weighs 115 grams and is constructed and manufactured of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. I can simply install it. I just connected the factory and original fork stem to the four-bolt bar clamp, and it is easily held in place. Make sure to put grease on the bolts for added protection.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of colors to choose from when it comes to this product. But I am willing to get past it because of its unrivaled performance. It is a reliable and durable product that helps make me feel safe when I ride.
  • Great quality materials
  • Affordable price
  • Universal handlebar bike stem
  • Comes in one color only
With its high quality materials and its very reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with choosing this handlebar bike stem. The comfort and security it brings as you ride in any riding conditions are irreplaceable.

11. Sanzhi Mountain Bike Stem

If you are seeking a product to make your steering response more accurate and quicker, I would recommend this Sanzhi adjustable mountain bike stem. With up to 60 degrees head angles of adjustable and movable handlebar bike stem, this is also one of the most favorite mountain bike stems to help you improve your posture while riding.

With a 110mm stem length, this bike stem is compatible with bicycles that have a significant stack height. The handlebar height will be significantly taller. This mountain bike stem is compatible with most bike types such as road bikes, fixed gear bikes, carbon fiber bikes, etc.

It is sure to be durable and robust of forged alloy construction and manufactured with a CNC clamp design. This bike stem can keep my bike secure and safe when I ride in all kinds of extreme terrains and conditions.

Installation is a breeze because all I had to do was connect the four clamp bolts into the clamp stem and bar clamp area from holding it securely in place. I always use high quality grease before tightening any clamp bolts to ensure that the steering response remains seamless and smooth.

This best mountain stem has a design that will make anyone know right away that this stem is heavy duty and of excellent quality. I’m also pleased that the stem and handlebar clamp design can withstand all types of weather and harsh conditions.

Considering its size, I think this best mountain stem for bicycles is still quite heavy. With a 280 gram weight, this mountain bike handlebar stem is heftier and more massive than most bike stems on the market.
  • High-strength mountain bike stem
  • Accurate and faster steering response
  • Adjustable handlebar stem for improved posture
  • Heavier than most bike stems
All in all, if you are looking for a heavy-duty mountain bike stem to help lessen body pains while riding, I believe these mountain bike stems are the perfect products for you.

12. Fureey Mountain Bike Stem

If you like to modify your bicycle with ease, you can opt for a Fureey short stem handlebar. Considered as the shortest bike stem in the market today, it houses a 50 mm length, 31.8 mm clamp diameter, and a 28.6 mm steerer tube diameter that weighs 200 grams only.

I think this product is great as it’s made and manufactured with high-strength CNC machined 7075 aluminum alloy, its close gap faceplate design allows a more comfortable and stress-free installation. I tighten the titanium bolt connected to the bike’s original fork and clamp stem.

I always make sure to grease the titanium bolts to ensure that it works smoothly and with zero issues in the future in the bar clamp area.

What I like most is that this universal short stem is compatible with most road bikes, fixed gear bikes, MTB, DH, BMX, etc. I also enjoy using it on different riding conditions like climbing, trail riding, downhill, and off-roading.

These activities are easy for me because this product houses an interlocking U-shaped handlebar clamp that transfers and distributes the load and weight through the clamp stem body instead of the nuts and bolts.

On top of everything great about this product, this company also has a responsive customer service hotline where you can clarify all your queries regarding the size, length, weight, and design of this aluminum alloy bike stem.

When I received this product, it had some chips and nicks on it, but it was not that noticeable, so I did not pay much attention.
  • Short stem and lightweight handlebar stem
  • Compatible with most types of bicycle
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • A bit damaged when it arrived
Overall, I can say that this is one of the top-rated mountain bike stems I have tried on my bicycle. I would recommend this product to my family and friends who also enjoy mountain biking like me.

What to Look for When Buying Mountain Bike Stems


When it comes to the top-rated mountain bike stems, the right choice for your bicycle will always rely on a few factors. The most important ones being the type of materials, dimensions of the stem, and the stem type. Here are a few things to consider and study before purchasing the right stems for you.

Stem Type

The majority of road bike stems on the market today are threadless stems which bolts and connects directly onto the fork’s steerer tube. At the same time, the plug-in quill design is on older or cheaper bicycles.

Some stems are designed with extra features like the adjustable rise or computer affixes. In contrast, some for triathlon and time trial racing may be integrated or directly mounted into single stem units.

Stem Materials

Aluminum alloy is still the most common and conventional stem material in the low to mid-budget stems. However, carbon fiber models are also a popular and preferred choice for racers, professionals, and riders and hobbyists looking to shed weight from their bike and add a little more comfort and convenience.


Stems are available to fit a wide range of different sizes of steerer tubes with 28.5mm being by far the most common.

A wide variety of clamp sizes is also available to fit the varying handlebar diameters with 25.8mm, and 26mm. They are the standard and regular standard road sizes. Although, in recent years, these have been largely superseded and outmoded by the MTB-inspired oversized 31.8mm bar.

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is a mountain bike stem?

A mountain bike stem is a bike part or piece that affixes and connects the handlebars to the fork or bicycle steers. They come in varying lengths, sizes, and rises. The latest stems are usually between 30 mm and 70 mm long with a bolt at the end and four bolts in the front.

How does it work?

The best stems offer a fundamentally straightforward job. Its purpose and use are to ensure that the handlebars are securely and safely clamped and connected to the fork steerer.

The stem type, dimensions, and materials play a vital role in how a bicycle rides and handles, so it is critical to choose your bicycles’ right ones.

What are the different types of mountain bike stems?

  • Cross-Country Race Stem

An MTB XC stem is usually about 100 to 120mm long. It is mounted flat and directly to allow the rider to obtain the stretch-out posture that is optimum and essential for racing. It may be made of carbon fiber to subtract additional weight.

  • Trail Stem

A regular trail stem is mid-length with 60mm to 80mm in size with a slight degree of rising about six degrees for a more upright riding posture and quicker steering responses in high-speed and technical single tracks.

A shorter or lesser stem also makes it easier for the rider to transfer their weight over the back wheel when going downhill. Most trail stems are of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy.

  • Downhill Stem

The right mountain bike stems for downhill or DH racing are short, can be from a 30mm mtb stem to 50mm mtb stem for rapid and speedy handling and steering responses. Many DH stems are directly mounted or integrated to match certain types and kinds of suspension forks that they bolt precisely onto the top clamp of the downhill forks rather than onto the steerer tube.

Most downhill stems house aluminum alloy, but carbon fiber options and models are available at the top of the market.

Why do you need an MTB bike stem?

Using an MTB stem allows the bicycle to have quicker and speedier handling characteristics and features.

Using a shorter stem gives the bike quicker handling characteristics and attributes and a more responsive feel. Longer stems shift the rider’s body weight towards the front of the bike and put the person in a better and more comfortable pedaling position, especially on those steep and extreme climbs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted mountain bike stem brands?

Despite being a slightly new option, the Race Face Chester stem sells like hotcakes on the market right now. Two things come to mind: the price is unrivaled for a good quality 35mm stem plus, it helps that it is pleasing to the eyes.

If you are looking to upgrade a bike part, this product will make you feel upgraded. It works great on older bicycles as well as your new high-end dream build. The design and performance are backed with an affordable package that is irresistible to most consumers.

It comes in different size and length options suitable for various needs and other types of people. Their most popular and most trusted stem is their 40mm length x 35mm bar clamp.

Next is another Race Face product, and it is called Race Face Atlas. It comes in red and black making it more attractive to consumers. It houses large vents for maximum and utmost temperature control and air circulation.

It also comes with stress risers that helps prevent the bar from bending and breaking. Race Face Atlas’ functions relieve the bar from excessive stress.

Fifty-Fifty is also another go-to brand for most professional cyclists because of its first-rate components at a budget-friendly price. This product does not bend nor break in extreme weather conditions.

The heat-treated materials provide a durable and reliable riding experience in different types of terrains and settings.

Lastly, the Funnduro stem is reliable and created for the rider’s comfort. So if comfort is your priority, this is the product for you. This item has different height options that you can choose from, such as 35mm, 45mm, and 60mm.

You can also choose the weight of the stem following your preferred riding requirements. With everything mentioned about this product, this is the perfect match and combination for any bicycle. This brand is one of the highest-ranking mountain bike stems amongst other prevailing stems in the market.

What does a shorter stem do to an MTB?

Shorter stems provide the bicycle faster, propper, quicker handling, and a more responsive and adaptive feel. They are changing your stem’s length into a shorter one that impacts the fit and comfort of your riding experience. Shorter stems also result in snappier steering. This type of stem is interchangeable and tailored depending on the rider’s preference.

Are all MTB stems the same?

One thing I can share with you through this mountain bike stems review is that these stems come in different types and sizes. Each type of stem type is for a particular purpose – for riding downhill, racing, or just a leisurely ride around your neighborhood. You can also choose from different sizes, so make sure to measure your bicycle before getting a new one.

This simple component can change the whole dynamic of your bicycle. Choosing the right mountain bike stems for your MTB depends on its fit and the kind of stem you get for it.

What is the shortest mountain bike stem?

The shortest stem for mtb you can get in the market now is measured 30.5 mm or 31 mm. Although, there are some unconventional and atypical options like the ones of the OnOff Stoic stems with 10mm and 20mm. Another brand called Works Components also manufactures reach adjusting headsets that shorten stems by 5mm.

How to install?

Once you know and purchase the right handlebar stem for your bicycle, it is time to remove and replace your old stem. Here is a step by step on how to install your new mtn bike stem:

Start by removing the old stem. Take out the faceplate bolts while holding the faceplate in position. As soon as you take out the faceplate, the bars will be hanging loose. It is good to use a toe strap to suspend the bars and keep the cable and housing from coiling.

Unfasten the pinch bolts at the steerer tube. Usually, a whole turn is more than enough. After that, remove the top cap by removing the top cap bolt. Pull the stem free of the steerer tube.

Install the new stem and its spacers. Place the bicycle on the ground and ensure that all components and parts are entirely placed without any gaps. Align and configure the spacers and stem to your desired height.

The stems should be a bit above the steerer tube by 3mm. Apply additional spacers to achieve your ideal height. In case the new stem is taller than you like, you may remove a spacer.

Put grease to the top cap bolt before installing the top car. Do not tighten the bolt yet because we need to check a few things first. Before pulling the bolts, stand over your bike to set the bar height to your preference. Check if the bars are centered in the stem. Use a ruler if necessary to check if the handlebars are straight and aligned.

Tighten all the bolts and test if it is snug and to your liking. If you feel a little play, loosen the pinch bolts and retighten it. Continue this step until the shaking is gone. Lastly, check if the bars turn freely and with minimal resistance. Finally, torque the pinch bolts.


With all the factors mentioned in this review, it is not a walk in the park building and customizing if you do not have the know-how. I hope that as you end this best mountain bike stems review, you have a much clearer idea of what you are looking for.

Factors like handlebar width, bar diameter, clamp design, and rise are some of the considerations that you need to focus on to ensure a smooth ride in the future.

The above listed 12 products are selected based on their performance. I have tried them and found that they are the best ones on the market. Choose one of these stems bike sets, and you will not regret it.

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Bike Stem 31.8 × 45mm WAKE Mountain Bike Stem Bicycle Handlebar Stem Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike (Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable, Black)
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm (1-1/4"), Tube diameter: 28.6mm (1-1/8"), Length: 45mm (center distance of the two holes), Weight: 130g
  • Universal short handle bar stem suitable for most road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bikes, downhill bike, track bike, MTB, BMX, DH, etc.
  • Constructed of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Easy installation, just connect up the original front fork stem. Four bolt bar clamp holds bar securely in position
  • Suitable for modified, DIY, upgrade the bike. Downhill, Chongshan, climbing, with them very comfortable.
Bestseller No. 2
Wake Bike Stem Riser Bike Fork Stem Extender Bicycle Handlebar Raiser Head Up Adapter Suitable for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie...
  • Maximum Height Extension: 70mm (2.7 inch). Include 4 gaskets, 1 x 10mm (2/5 inch) and 3 x 5mm (1/5 inch). Can freely adjust the gasket to fit your own...
  • Easy installation, just connect up the original front fork stem
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy Material with polished anodized finish, Solid, Secure, Durable.
  • Suitable for Most bike with 1-1/8'' threadless headset
  • Handling more flexible, light weight, easier to force when climbing, operation is comfortable
SaleBestseller No. 3
Wake MTB Stem 31.8 90mm 0-60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear,...
  • Stereer Tube diameter: 28.6mm (1-1/8"), Handlebar Diameter: 31.8mm (1-1/4"), Length: 90mm, Weight: 260g, Degree: 0-60° Adjustable
  • Hollow design, Light weight. Please Confirm Your Size Before Your Purchase
  • Four bolt bar clamp holds bar securely in position.
  • Easy installation, just connect up the original front fork stem.
  • Universal short handle bar stem suitable for most road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bikes, etc
SaleBestseller No. 4
LERWAY Bike Stem Riser Extender MTB Handlebar Stem Adapter with Hex Key for 1-1/8" 28.6mm Fork Aluminum Black
  • 🚲【Perfect for Most Bikes】The stem riser is suitable for most bike with 1-1/8''(28.6mm) threadless steerer.Your bike can do more with this...
  • 🚲【Adjustable Height】The bicycle stem riser offers up to 85mm stem height increase, you can customise your new riser stem height perfectly for...
  • 🚲【4 Spacers Included】The stem riser adapter comes with 4 spacers (1×5mm & 3×10mm), so you can adjust the height of the riser stem by swapping...
  • 🚲【Easy to Install】Just slide the stem extender onto the steerer tube and tighten it.This bike stem extender is very easy to fit.
  • 🚲【Aluminium Material】The steerer tube extender is made from forged 6061 aluminium alloy, super strong and lightweight. A durable bike handlebar...
Bestseller No. 5
FOMTOR Bike Stem 31.8mm 35 Degree 70mm Bicycle Handlebar Stem Riser Suitable for BMX MTB Road Bike Mountain Bike (31.8 x 70mm)
  • Handlebar diameter 31.8mm (1.25''), front fork stem diameter 28.6mm (1-1/8"), Length: 70mm (center distance of the two holes)
  • Angle: +/- 35 degree.help to up or down the heigth of handlebar.
  • Light weight and durable. Weight.140g(0.3lb)
  • Constructed of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Suitable for most road bike, mountain bikes, track bike, MTB, BMX, DH, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 6
ZUKKA Bike Fork Stem Extender,Bicycle Handlebar Stem Riser-Adjustable Bike Stem Riser,Aluminium Alloy Head Up adapter1-1/8 inches Bike Neck...
  • ADJUSTABLE:The product equip with 5 gaskets,5x10mm,can increase the height up to 100mm(3.93").It can adjust the gasket to fit your need...
  • HIGH STRENGTH: This Bike handlebar riser is made of aluminium alloy material with polished anodized finish,solid and durable.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE: Don't worry about buying a handlebar adapter that doesn't fit your bike.Our Bike Fork Stem Extender suitable for most Bike 1-1/8...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Just connect up the original front fork stem extender.Handling more flexible, light weight, much easier to force when climbing.
  • PRACTICAL:High toughness handlebar extender that is hard to loose, more safety when use.Work on Mountain Bike, Road Bike, MTB, BMX,and more.
Bestseller No. 7
31.8 Adjustable Stem 110mm 0~60 Degree UNO 31.8mm MTB Adjustable Handlebar Stem for Most Mountain Bike Road Bike (Fit for 1.25'' Handlebar)
  • Only Fit for Handlebar diameter 31.8mm (1.25''), front fork stem diameter 28.6mm (1-1/8"), Length: 110mm (center distance of the two holes).This...
  • Adjustable angle: 0° ~ 60°.Maximum height extension 90mm.
  • Weight:285g. Constructed of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.strong and durable.
  • Suitable for Mountain bike, Road bike, MTB, BMX etc..Please confirm your handlebar is 31.8mm(1.25'') before you buy it.
  • Easy to install.just connect up the original front fork stem. Four bolt bar clamp holds bar securely in position.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Joy Ride MX Bike Bumpers Stem/Handle Bar Pad Set, Purple
  • This product is of Constructed from synthetic leather, reflective fabric and high density foam
  • This Product is Easily fits handlebars of most 16-20" bicycles
  • Made in China
Bestseller No. 9
UPANBIKE Road Mountain Bike Bicycle Stem Riser Adapter 1 1/8" φ22.2mm 25.4mm 150mm
  • Raises the height of your handlebars by increasing the height of your stem.Material:Aluminium Alloy
  • Converts a threaded quill setup to threadless
  • Base Diameter(Upper diameter): 1 1/8” (28.6mm)
  • Total Length:150mm
  • Steerer tube diameter:22.2mm/25.4mm
Bestseller No. 10
12 PCS Bicycle Headset Spacer Bike Handlebar Stem Spacers Threadless Aluminum Alloy Headset Stem Spacer Set Fit 1 1/8-Inch Stem For MTB BMX Mountain...
  • Package:12 PCS bike handlebar spacers in 4 sizes 2mm / 3mm / 5mm /10mm,3 PCS each size, provide various combination to adjust height of handlebars...
  • Material: Bicycle headset spacers threadless are made of black anodized aluminum alloy material with smooth surface and exquisite workmanship,...
  • Size:Stem spacers road bike inner diameter is 28.6mm,1-1/8" headset spacer set, compatible with 28.6mm front stem fork of MTB, BMX, mountain bike,...
  • Feature: Aluminum headset spacer is lightweight and easy to install, resistant to corrosion, more sturdy and durable than carbon fiber headset...
  • Notes: if you go for heavy duty off road ride, you should use aluminum spacers other than carbon spacers, durabale due to automatic cutting, smooth...